Reviews: Cash Cab

A "sometimes" show at best

The first time I watched this show, it was very interesting; definitely not your average game show. It took place inside of a moving vehicle instead of a building, for one. My mom and I were both interested in this show and wanted to watch it more often.

However, while my mom continued to find enjoyment out of this show as we watched more episodes, I became less and less interested.

This show has two big problems working against it. The first is the incredibly rigid structure of the show; with the exception of the trivia questions, you practically know every single thing Ben Bailey, the host, is going to say before he actually says it. The Red Light Challenges and the lifelines offer a little bit of diversity, as do the show's two separate formats (which, even then, only differ from each other in the time of day and the dollar amounts offered), but it's not enough to prevent the show from being very formulaic.

The second problem is that every half-hour episode has three instances of the game. Thus, it becomes much easier to notice how repetitive the show is, and it becomes old very quickly.

In conclusion, Cash Cab is a show that's best watched once or twice on occasion; if you watch it more often than that, there's a good chance you'll get burned out (unless you like your shows to be extremely repetitive).