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The Reason You Suck Speech: Web Original

  • This is something that one can expect in FlameWars
  • In [1], the episode "The Ex-Boyfriend," Billie and her ex exchange these with her ex pointing out the facade she was pulling (trying to pass off the Russel mansion as her house and Gene as her maid), and saying Gene pities her, and should. Her response?
    Billie You know, maybe I am just an employee. I'm a nanny, actually. I'm not rich, and on the back of my own book jackets-which doesn't make sense, cause books don't get cold. But at least I'm a good person. And that is something you'll never be.
    Dobbs How many times you rehearse that?
    BillieDammit! Fuck you, you look like Winona Ryder.
  • Slowbeef gives one of these to Quadraxis14 in the SNES9X Retsupurae. Here is the speech without the Verbal Tic:
    Shut up! There are no viewers. No one watched this to the end except me. It is a seriously horrible video, Quadraxis14. There is no skill in replaying the same thing over and reloading save states over and over again. A monkey could do this. A kid can do this. It doesn't matter. I don't know what the point of the video is. I don't know why you're doing it. It will not make you popular in school. It will not get you girls or anything. It's a waste of time. I'm sorry. I'm taking away from "On Liberty".
  • Atop the Fourth Wall example: Mechakara masquerading as the genuine article delivers a particularly chilling one to his entire fanbase:
    Well, I think it's obvious whose fault Ultimates 3 is. You. Yes, you. The audience of this show. You sycophantic worms will buy anything dished out to you. They told you this garbage was gold and you believed it. Just like if I had said something was good or bad, you'll believe me instantly. So go on. Continue being the mindless, dreary-eyed, ugly bags of fat that I can call my fans.
    • Later, Linkara gives a vicious one to Spider-Man, based on the fact that, for all of his speeches about how with great power comes great responsibility, he never learns from his actions or takes responsibility.
    Linkara: "Allow me to share a revelation I've had. For all of his bluster about "with great power comes great responsibility", Peter Parker is one of the most irresponsible superheroes ever. He never learns from his mistakes. He never takes into consideration how his life as Spider-Man affects everybody else.

    "Now, some would point out that's the core concept of the character: the constant struggle between the mask and the man. But, he never gives any consideration to the man, preferring to make excuses about it. He disappoints people around him all the time because of "something more important" with Spider-Man. But, instead of trying find ways to balance his two lives properly, he'll go out of his way to make excuses, and just be sad that being Spider-Man hurt his personal life. If he places more importance on being Spider-Man, he should distance himself from relationships that would hurt that. If he places more emphasis on being Peter Parker, he needs to sacrifice his time being Spider-Man.

    "Now, that's not always going to be the case for everyone in the real world. But, Peter never actually changes as a result of his actions. He just makes the same mistakes over and over.

    "During a story called "The Other" (this was also written by JMS by the way), he admits he doesn't even have life insurance. Peter has never made a plan about what would happen to his family if he where killed by a super-villain. He's never thought about the repercussions of his life if he were maimed or killed while wearing the costume to his wife, or his constantly-dying aunt.

    "In a recent issue of Avengers Academy, a group of teenage super-heroes thought of several ways how he could capitalize on being Spider-Man without revealing his identity to anyone. Now admittedly, he was just a young, dumb, teenager when he started out and didn't think of those things. But Peter has been an adult for decades now. Forget about liking Spidey married or not, the character himself still seems to operate like he is in high school: never growing up, never seems to recognize adult relationships, and never taking responsibility for his life and the choices he made. This is one of the reasons I decided to review One More Day. The deal with Mephisto is symptomatic of a bigger problem for the character and the people who write him. The unwillingness for the character to become an adult. He's supposed to be roughly twenty-five years old at the time of this story, maybe closer to thirty. And he repeatedly approaches his problems like a sixteen-year-old would, and is never actually prepared to act like a mature adult.

    "I made several jokes in the last two hundred episodes about how Peter Parker's life is an endless spiral of shame and misery, with his friends and loved ones dying all around or becoming super-villains because of his life as Spider-Man, and I mean it! The truth is that if Peter Parker ever cared about taking responsibility for his actions, he would have given up being Spider-Man a long time ago.

    "But hey, maybe that's just the reasoning of a jaded individual looking at this stupid-ass comic in hindsight; of course I don't want Peter Parker to stop being Spider-Man. What I want is for him to be written as a goddamn adult already. But the writers - and Marvel editorial - seem to steadfastly refuse to let that happen. Spider-Man is just escapist fantasy to them. The reason why they don't think there's "drama" in marriage is because marriage is an aspect of real life, and they don't want the escapism of Peter Parker swinging through the air and stopping bad guys being infected with the drama of things that people have to endure in the real world.

    "And that's just hilarious, since Spider-Man is supposed to be the character who does face the real life challenges of the real world. That was what made his character so appealing to begin with. His ability to relate to the reader. But the truth is the reader has grown up, got married, had kids, has relatives that die and has to move on. The reader changed, but Peter Parker has not.

    "You know, recently there was a rumor that Marvel was doing its own reboot to compete with D.C. did last year. They're not, of course, they're just releasing whole bunch of new number one's. But you know what? Maybe they should reboot Spider-Man. After all, if the creative teams are unwilling to let him get out of his high school life, then why the hell isn't he still there?"

    "Robinson later said that he was glad that people got angry about it; that it shows that we care. The problem is that we know who to blame for this and who to be angry at. In a good story, we're angry at the villain. In a bad story, we're angry at the creators! We're pissed off, Robinson, because YOU failed US! You failed your readers who trusted you! You failed the characters that DC claims to be guardians and shepherds of! You failed as a writer! We care alright and because we care, we're ashamed of you and ashamed of ourselves for believing you could pull this off."

    • In his 300th episode, he delivers one toward Holy Terror and why he hates it more than any other book he's reviewed.
    Linkara: " You know, I sometimes get asked why Camelot of all films is my favorite movie. The reason is because it changed my life, or at least focused my beliefs into something that was a good foundation for a personal philosophy. Those who have power should use it to do good, that violence is not strength, compassion is not weakness, that revenge is utterly pointless. Superheroes are basically the equivalent modern-day knight errants; they go out, help people, and fight injustice. The best kinds of superhero comics are not the ones not actually about superheroes hitting supervillains or anything like that. It's the ones that show superheroes are about kindness and decency and something far more noble than the adolescent power fantasies that people often critique them as. "

    "I think I hate this comic more than any other I've ever reviewed because it is the complete antithesis of everything I believe in. Holy Terror says that you should be unkind, it says you shouldn't trust people, it says compassion will be repaid with violence, that violence can only be answered with more violence, and that violence is strength. That hurting others is not only enjoyable and desirable, but that it should be employed first when dealing with threats. It says if you have power, you can lord that power over others and do harm to them. It says that revenge is a worthy cause. It treats women as either victims or enemies. It tells us we should fear the other, the foreigner, the dark-skinned, the religion that's not your own. And you know what the damndest thing of all is? I am, honest to god, afraid of terrorism."

    "Terrorism is real. There are people out there who want to kill me, either because I'm from a different country or just because they're some angry misanthrope with a gun. That applies to both foreign and domestic terrorists. Terrorism is about making someone so afraid that they'll do what you tell them to, and the grand message of Frank Miller's Holy Terror is: Be afraid. Be Terrified. Let's give into that fear and embrace every dark, sick, and inhuman part of our souls as a result, and do everything to them as they will do to us. Frank, you must be so proud."

  • Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has Captain Hammer deliver one disguised as a Rousing Speech with the song "Everyone's A Hero". Pretty much everyone in the audience is fooled save for Penny, who openly looks shocked at the context of the song.note 
    Iím povertyís new sheriff
    And Iím bashing in the slums
    A hero doesnít care
    If youíre a bunch of scary alcoholic bums! Everybody!
    • Dr. Horrible delivers a subsequent one with "Slipping", calling Captain Hammer's audience out on their devotion to their hero.
  • The Spoony One did one for both Final Fantasy VIII and its fans.
    • He also did another for the people who didn't like Mass Effect 3's ending.
  • Inverted in an Over The Gun Let's Play of Braid where he gives one to himself after losing a (rewind-immune) key to a Mook.
    It's only me that could manage to do that! Oh, he's such a cock! I- I want me key off you, mate, but... but I dunno how I'm gonna do it, though! It's okay me saying I want it back off ya, but you've got my number, haven't you? That's not good news. That's a goomba with a look on his face, as if to say "I am protected by these weird mechanics. I am gonna jump off your head. Not only that - I have got your key." He looks quite, quite serious... he doesn't look phased by the fact I'm stood underneath him; he's gonna stomp my face through. This is the first time in twenty one years of gaming that I have been bested by a goomba.
  • 4chan has this to say to the furry community.
  • The Irate Gamer ended up spawning many of these directed against him, most notably Linkara and the now-defunct Armake21.
  • In I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC, The Joker delivers one of these to Darkseid after his explanation of Stan's Place is rejected due to Darkseid having "no interest in the world of fiction."
    The Joker: You don't know... (Begins to laugh hysterically)
    Darkseid: What? Another Earth joke?
    The Joker: The biggest one ever! The mother of all jokes! And the best part is, you're the butt of it! Oh, I hate to break it to ya, pallie, but I'm afraid the only reality you know is the world of fiction!
    Darkseid: Ah, so it's madness. Not an uncommon reaction to one's impending doom. Still-
    The Joker: Oh, I was mad long before you came along, oh Lord of Pain and Suffering and... Blue Shorts. And even I have a better grip on reality than you. Those other realities that Stan's Place links to? They're all comic book universes- just like this one! All the heroes meet up at that bar so they can shoot the breeze about who's getting a movie next. And no wonder you're so interested in Stan- he's the one person there who's not a comic book character. If there's anyone dominating reality, its him, not you. In fact, what was it you said about comic books before? Ah yes, they're "insignificant endeavours in entertainment on a pathetic planet"- of which YOU are one! (Laughs hysterically before Darkseid vapourises him.)
    Darkseid: [White hot fury] That's. Not. Funny.
    • In the first season of "After Hours," Lex Luthor gave one to Superman in an attempt to recruit him in joining him in his plan to retgone the Marvel Universe:
      Lex Luthor: The Marvel Universe has corrupted everything you stand for all in the name of high drama. Think about it Kal-El. Your job is to be an inspiration for people, someone they can look up to, someone they can aspire to be like; in steadfastness, in character, in ideals. And what did Marvel offer? They said donít worry; you donít have to aspire to anyone in our books. You just have to relate to them. And now we have an entire culture that thinks that who they are is just fine and how dare anyone suggest they can improve themselves? Why aspire to be Superman when itís so much easier to relate to Spider-Man? No one wants to look up to you anymore, Superman. They donít want to strain their necks. Instead they look straight ahead at the compromised heroes in front of them and say "Thatíll do just fine".
  • Dr. Loomis gives one to Michael in the Halloween fan film, The Last Halloween. Michael doesn't take it well.
  • The Nostalgia Critic already has great disdain for Michael Bay, but he really gives it to the Bay for his tasteless and shameful depiction of Pearl Harbor.
    You know...dick. Cause that's what you are, a fucking dick. When you show this image of the American flag destroyed, you're not just showing your dollar store symbolism that says "ooh, America's hurt." But, it's very clear that what is important to you is not how you view America. What is important to you is how others see you viewing America. So, you can make up whatever you want. You can fabricate things, you can lie about history. You can exaggerate, you can glorify, you can demonize, you can distort the facts. You can make up the truth. Make up the truth about people who lost their lives in this great tragedy. Why? Because you're doing it in the name that you fucking love America. I'm sorry! I-I-I don't fuck around with this shit! I don't, okay? These are people who lost their lives, people who have been drafted, people who volunteered, people putting their asses on the line, and many of them don't come back! You're taking it upon yourself to show that! And, I-I know what you're thinking, yeah, you're thinking, "Well, I'll just make up people because they weren't really there so I can do whatever I want with them, I can make shit up." And granted, you don't deserve the responsibility to show real events. You don't live in the real world! But what happens is that when you take it and base it on a real event, you have to show these real people. You have to get it right, Michael Bay! You have to get it right! Because this isn't Transformers, okay? That's kid's shit, you can do whatever you want. It's not the Rock! It's not Sean Connery saying "winners fuck the prom queen!" No, it's fucking Pearl Harbor! Reality! It actually happened! And I know you're thinking, "Well it's Hollywood, we take liberties." Fuck you, it's not Hollywood! When you take it upon yourself to represent something that really happened and is still painful, and hurts a lot of people, that means you have to do two things. One, you have to grow up and be an adult! Two, you have to actually represent these people as best as humanly possible, YOU SON OF A BIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!
    • His top eleven dumbasses in distress video counts too. Especially in his rant towards Bella from Twilight, who he hates more than Jar Jar Binks.
    • He gives another one to TMZ and another who has ever watched it in his Top 11 South Park Episodes.
  • In Kickassia, The Nostalgia Critic recieves one from dream!Ma-Ti. He gets told such pearls of wisdom as:
    "Stop being a douchebag! It's totally going to backfire!"
    "Are you willing to let down the people that got you here? Your friends? Your allies!"
    "You're a fool, Critic! A damn fool! You cannot change your destiny! You can only choose to meet it!...and you will fail."
  • In Egoraptor's Sequelitis on A Link to the Past vs. Ocarina of Time he does a seething rant against The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, portrayed as a talking game box.
    Egoraptor: "There is no mystery in modern Zelda games."
    Skyward Sword: "Hey man, I'm mysterious!"
    Egoraptor: (whistles like a kettle) "God, shut up!! Seriously! You want all this attention like you care, like you really gave it your all, in a new innovative Zelda experience, but instead you lead Zelda into a frustrating monotony! Y'know what started the franchise was like this sense of wonder, and what is this far concluded the franchise as a sense of formality; a predictable. Time-consuming, mess that asks you not of your sense of adventure or even your wits, but instead your ability to listen and follow directions. You ask of us our ability to point something at something else, and then walk towards it. You ask of us our willingness to get another bow and arrow, fight another boss with another giant glowing eyeball. Gee! I wonder how to fucking beat it! I fucking WONDER, Skyward Sword!! You ask of us to get a cat from the top of a roof and carry him over to some guy who says 'Thank you'. The Adventures of Link: Cat Delivery Man! Is that your title?! What's the tagline in the ads?!; 'Cat's outta the bag! And onto the roof!' -Ten outta ten! No Wiimote Motion issues here that could possibly cripple the entire experience! Best in the series! You're like a spoiled rich kid, who gets everything bought for you your entire life, and then when it comes to making it on your own, you can't take it! You expect everyone to love you, because you are who you are, part of the illustrious Zelda lineage. Nothing could possibly be wrong with you!! You look just like a Zelda! But you're not one. You're a pampered, doughy snob wearing nice clothes, expecting to gradutate scot free, because your daddy's an Alum. Why would you need to improve? Why would you need to get any better? Everyone just agrees with your shitty ideas, because you're a Zelda! Fuck You, Skyward Sword! FUCK YOU!!!"
    Skyward Sword: (sobs loudly)
  • In Arby 'n' the Chief, Arbiter dishes one out to Master Chief in Season 6 for just how much he has de-volved in emotional growth, only for Chief to return the favor by pointing out all of Arbiter's flaws as well.
    Arbiter: "...You've always been an utter moron, but there was a time when it was at least somewhat charming. You didn't know any better. It was innocent. But now it's like you're self-aware to some degree. Instead of shouting outrageous things in sheer ignoreance it's like you're genuinely out to antagonize and hurt people. It's not funny anymore...
    Master Chief: "wat, u think ur n e funs 2 lived w/? ...when ur not paraeding around h33r pretending 2 sound samrt ur sitting arond all :( drinking all teh bewze whining liek a little cunt about hao much dick ur lief sux..."
  • The Webshow TV Trash features a series of episodes where Chris "Rowdy C" Moore watches three of the most controversial Family Guy episodes ever. After sitting through "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" (arguably the most despised episode among Tropers), Rowdy concludes "Family Guy Month" by "talking" to Seth MacFarlane.
    And so, after a full month of pointing out some of the worst "Family Guy" has churned out, what else is there to say? (shows a picture of Seth MacFarlane; cuts back to Rowdy) Fine, I'll tell you. You have become one of the worst examples of comedy out there. You've not only made all your characters as unlikable as possible, but you do nothing but pile on insult after insult of anyone out there that's more famous than you, and rail against nearly every TV show that paved the way for yours, giving hardly any evidence other than "Trust me, it sucks." Yeah, I insult TV shows, but I try to back it up with logic. I also give examples of good stuff that hopefully show I'm not just some bitter jealous comedian who goes around hating everything that comes out of Hollywood like you. I don't go around claiming that dead children's entertainers hate all Jews with no proof. What if I were to suggest that you're just bitter at Disney because they poached your best director? God, you're a hypocrite! You know, I can respect you for going after Fox News, but saying it's okay for the Left to be a bunch of liars and frauds because they're your people doesn't work. Oh, and you had to go off on big businesses taking away jobs, but you go and snatch up almost every piece of Fox's Sunday night lineup once another show gets dropped. And then there's the little fact that your animation is made in KOREA. You want to help American jobs? HAVE YOUR DAMN SHOW DRAWN IN THIS COUNTRY!! And by the way, insulting Southerners doesn't make you better than them. What happened to you claiming they were good at heart in "To Love and Die in Dixie"? Oh, right, that was during the time when network executives could put you in your place! But I could forgive all of that if you just weren't so unfunny. That's what you areóa bitter, preachy, unfunny ASSHOLE!!"
    • For those who do not know, this speech is a parody of Quagmire telling off Brian in "Jerome is the New Black"
    • He slams one down to the Saban executives in his review of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, after watching how badly they messed up the crossover between the Turtles and Power Rangers in Space. After watching the teams fight each other, he excuses himself to go into the bathroom, leading to this.
      (Screaming at the top of his lungs) "You goddamn Saban S.O.Bs! I watched Power Rangers for four years, and you repay me by crapping over my generation's superheroes? You want to know why so many Turtles fans hate Power Rangers? That's why, you S.O.Bs! YOU CAN ALL BURN IN HELL!!!!!! (Exits bathroom, and goes back to his studio.) So yeah. I'm not thrilled."
  • Youtuber The Mysterious Mr. Enter gives one to the writers of the spongebob episode Suck in the Wringer after the ending
    Isn't it great that they're trying to teach kids such VALUABLE lessons in life? All right you three— what's the word I'm looking for— dipshits? No that word is too good for you. Assholes? That's not quite right either. Fuckers? No. I'm just going to call you three excuses for humanity until I can find a description that properly suits your crude, idiotic, and juvenile talentless ASSES! What reality do you three live in? I'd really want to know. I'm genuinely curious. In this reality, it's conventional wisdom that it actually takes an adult, to write for children. What am I saying, that's not fair. Children would make better writers than you three. Hell, infants would. My DOG would, you mindless, degenerate, hacks. You three may want to thank the lucky stars, every second of every day, that whoever you sold your souls to was stupid enough to give you your jobs. Because if you lose your jobs writing this trite shit, you most likely will never work again. Not just in Television, but in ANY job. I don't know anyone who would lower themselves so substantially, to even reluctantly want your demented, poisoned minds around. Just leave us all alone, and go back to the fucking sludge you came from.
    • Another one occured to the corporate executive of Nickelodeon In response to Breadwinners being the highest Rated show for kids 2-11 and the the statement that nickelodeon puts kids first in everything they do.
      memo: Breadwinners, the latest original animated comedy from Nickelodeon's Burbank studio, has risen to the top-rated show for kids 2-11 in only its 4th week on the air.
      Mr. Enter: H-HOW? No seriously, someone tell me, someone just fucking tell me, how the fuck is this possible? It's not possible. Are people, really, this fucking stupid, or am I just going fucking crazy? Maybe I've died, and gone to hell, because this is just what I fucking expect!
      memo: It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does
      Mr. Enter: That's just a pathetic, vile lie that's not even worth laughing at. Yeah insulting their fucking intelligence. Pandering bullshit. Exposing them to infected splinters, driving their favorite characters to suicide, rehashing the most heinous stories ever told. Sending down any quality that manages to slip through under their watch. Yeah that's really putting kids first. No at best, they only care about the bottom fucking line. And at worst, they're actually fucking malicious! "They put kids first", you couldn't be anymore insulting if you spit in my face after slaughtering my dog in front of it. Even a cursory look will reveal that bullshit lie for what it is. You are BLIND AND STUPID IF YOU BELIEVE THIS! No, I'm gonna go on. When the dog shits on the carpet, you rub their noses on it, and show them exactly what they did wrong. Sara Bibel, isn't that a fitting name? If ANY of this shit is putting kids first, I'd hate to think how kids are under your care. Nickelodeon is one of the worst fucking companies in existence. Maybe that's because of Viacom, maybe it isn't, I don't fucking care. This honestly makes me feel like what I'm doing is completely in vain. Yeah, I know I'm not going to break through the thick skulls of people like Casey Alexander, but, it's the kind of moment that makes you realize that I've been shouting at a hurricane this whole time. I can yell, and scream, as loud as possible, and it won't make a fucking difference. Nick is gonna keep making these atrocities, and keep making them worse, and considering that this is the shit that people apparently WANT to see, who am I to complain? You'd think something would change by now, but, it's impossible. It's impossible, to change anything
  • On the American Idol forum idolforums a poster laid into an overzealous fan who attacked one of the other contestants
    I agree people have the right to express their opinions, but I have the exact same right. The irony is I actually like both Jessica and Hollie, I may have defended Hollie more lately because of my perception she's being kicked while she's down. I'm sure this is something you can now relate to after Thursday. Quite honestly I should see this as flattering because you and others must have much more faith in her making a come back than I do. I hope IDF represents only a really small percentage of the Idolverse's perceptions, because you're not doing yourself any favors, when Hollie finally does leave her votes are gonna go somewhere and perhaps not where you'd like. But somethings never change and you guys can do what you like and I'll respond when I feel the need
  • Near the end of Red vs. Blue: Revelation, Tex delivers a short one to Church after she shoots him to betray their location to Washington and the Meta:
    Tex: I didn't ask to be paired with you. I didn't want to come back. But I'm here now, so I'm gonna put an end to this.
    Church: Tex, I would have helped you.
    Tex: You can't even help yourself. That's why you made me, Church. You made me to take on all the things you can't handle. Just like you always have. Well guess what, I'm gonna handle it.
    • Church himself delivers a big one to the other members of the Blood Gulch Crew, after they refuse to help him and Carolina take down the Director.
    Church: So that's it? You're just going to turn your back on us?
    Washington: Epsilon, I know that it-
    Church: No, you're right. I guess I should have seen that one coming. It's not exactly like you're new to the concept, is it?
    Sarge: That's a little harsh.
    Church: But you guys, after all the shit you've put me through, I really thought at least you would have my back.
    Grif: Us? What the hell did we do?
    Church: You shot me through the head, you put a bomb in my gut, you killed me with my own damn tank, and that's just how we met!
    Tucker: Church, calm down! What's your problem?
    Church: You're my problem! You've always been my problem! Each and every one one of you is just a problem that I have to deal with on a daily basis!
    • Later Sarge combines one with an inspiring piece to Washington when convincing him to help them go back to help Carolina and Church.
    Sarge: You know, there's one thing you Freelancers always seem to forget. And that's the fact that we've managed to kick your ass time and time again. Oh sure, you've got all your smart plans, and your fancy technology, and your advanced training, but, in the end, what has that gotcha? Without a team you can count on and your fellow soldier by your side, all that doesn't really amount to squat, now does it? So instead of standing there bellyaching all day, just tell us, are you gonna keep playing it safe...
    Sarge: or do you wanna get a little reckless?
    • The finale for Season 10 sees Church deliver another large one to the Director, calling him out on everything he's done:
    Church: No! You've had your fucking time. You have to answer for what you did. To the Meta, to Washington, to Carolina, to me and to her! To Texas!
    Director: Hello, Epsilon. You came all this way just to see me?
    Church: I'm here to remember what you've done. Somebody has to!
    Carolina: Church...
    Church: Not all of us got off scott-free, Carolina.
    (Church begins to change into the different AI fragments)
    Delta!Church: He was brilliant...
    Theta!Church: ...and we trusted him!
    Gamma!Church: But he lied to us. He twisted...
    Omega!Church: ...and tortured us, and used us!
    Sigma!Church: Manipulated us for his own purposes, and for what? For this? This...shadow?!
    Church: I don't know what I am, but I do know this — I'm more than just a copy of you. I'm better than you.
  • In the online horror series Marble Hornets, the protagonist—Jay—documents his entire life as it spins out of control through the influence of the Slender Man. This is all well and good, except for the fact that everyone Jay seems to film on his quest for answers ends up having something horrible happen to them. In the end, one of these people, Tim, a mentally unbalanced man whose life has been hell for years as he battled split personalities can take it no longer, accusing Jay of ruining his life just as he was finally starting to recover with therapy and medication. Finally, Tim accuses Jay of not having any plan besides "film everything, find answers and then see what happens." It's a truly brutal speech, and the worst part is that he's absolutely right.
  • Internet comedian MK hands these out like candy on his "MK Loves" series of videos, but the two most savage (and sincere) are directed toward Lil Wayne, for being more concerned about his image and exposure than the quality of his music, and to fans of Hip Hop in general for the genre's current state.
    MK: Everybody likes to place blame on who's responsible for the deterioration of hip-hop. "Oh, it's Lil Wayne! Oh, it's Soulja Boy! Oh, it's Waka Flocka! No, these people were the nurse who contributed to hip-hop becoming fucking retarded. Who originally put hip-hop in a coma? You did. The consumer. You ALLOWED hip-hop to become what it is by just accepting the shit music your favorite artists were putting out! You never said, "Well, this isn't anything like you, 50 Cent, or Lil Wayne or Kanye West! I'm not going to support these moves you're making!" Instead, you said, "Aw, he gots ANOTHER album coming out about poppin bottles in a club? I'ma cop that shit!" And because these talented rappers started turning out untalented albums, untalented rappers came along and started turning out complete shit. Stop blaming them, blame yourselves. You let Hollywood tell you what was good and you didn't question it. If you want things to change, support talented artists. Simple.
  • In the web-exclusive BIONICLE story The Kingdom, Alternate Universe Matoro gives one to Alternate Makuta, after the latter consumed him but failed to suppress his mind.
    Alternate Matoro: No, Makuta. You once told the Toa Mata that you could not be destroyed, because you were nothing. You were wrong Ė it is because you are nothing that I can destroy you. You have no heart, you have no spirit, you have no reason to exist Ė even your hate is a pale reflection of what once burned in you. You survive out of habit, monster, and habits ... and minds ... can be broken.
    • The speech gave Matoro enough strength and weakened Makuta so much that his mind actually succeeded in killing both of them.
  • NickonAquaMagna2 is known to review Sonic's biggest titles. After Game Informer gave out its controversial review on Sonic Generations, he gives out a lengthy speech to them, that can possibly rival Quagmire's speech against Brian, or even top it, in his review of the same game:
    NickonAquaMagna2: What pisses me off most, concerning the levels chosen to be featured in this game, is when people bitch and moan about the later stages, most notably, Crisis City of Sonic '06. "Wah wah wah, this represents a bad time for Sonic! They give us bad memories way back when, it's bad that this game is forcing those bad memories to come up again! They're a constant reminder of how far Sonic has fallen in recent years, and it's impossible to have fun in these places because of what they stand for!" Get over yourselves, guys. This is about Sonic's history. Granted, they can't carve a level from every Sonic game ever made in there, but they have to include those from his bigger titles, regardless of how hated some of them can be. It's silly to expect them to brush aside certain games just like that. This isn't "The History of Sonic, minus this game or that game 'cause nobody liked it." That said, while I do despise '06, it hasn't left nearly as big a scar or deep a wound on me as it has on most others. So maybe I don't understand the depths of their pain. But I actually loved Crisis City in Sonic Generations. Judging it by the same standards I used to judge any other stage in this game, is no worse than any of them. It's a solid stage. I haven't even encountered glitches here. Plus, it's just awesomely surreal to see cutesy little Classic Sonic running around in this apocalypse. Would you be more comfortable in this stage if all the textures and visuals were changed so it looked more like Green Hill Zone? I honestly think that Crisis City, in both acts, is much better stage than Green Hill Zone is in this game because of the gameplay. I know this is supposed to rekindle fond memories of Sonic's past, so in some way, simply acknowledging this time in his history does kinda defeat that. But they did their best to remake it for the better, like everything else in this game, and I think they did a commendable job. And hey, while I can't stand the Daytime stages, I still really like the new Rooftop Run. I know it's not quite the same, but still. If this was about Crisis City's mere existence not making sense, due to it being wiped clean from the canon alongside the rest of '06, that I understand. But, having a grudge with it? Come on, that's just stupid. My point is, those of you at Game Informer, and anyone else who can't stand the later levels are just biased. Letting the simple inclusion of this stage, and those that follow it ruin the experience due to "bad memories," is being totally unprofessional, and you should be ridiculed and feel bad for being so petty, and yes, I am actively making a point to be particularly bitter here, to take a spiteful jab at you guys. But I'm just making a point. If you can't get over Sonic '06 after so many years, shame on you. And to think, people call me biased.
  • TJ Omega gave a forty minute long one to the staff of Shadocon 2012 staff for their gross incompetence (sadly, it's no longer up). Crosses over with Real Life as TJ's anger was completely genuine. In particular, he called them out for treating their performers like dirt and the blatantly dangerous working conditions they put them through.
  • The CWC Wiki is an entire The Reason You Suck Website dedicated to Christian Weston Chandler, creator of the infamous Sonichu webcomic. It includes multiple speeches wherein Chris-Chan has been repeatedly told by multiple parties just why he sucks so much. It got so bad that, eventually, there was a backlash against people taking it too far, and reminding people that, in the end, Chris is not Hitler, and making poor-quality Sonic The Hedgehog/Pikachu comics, or being easily angered, gullible, and over-obsessed with finding a girlfriend, makes him easy target, not evil... maybe a jackass. The only crime is doing stupid things on the internet, and thus, being mocked on the internet is the only just punishment.
  • After going through much Break the Cutie, Donnie from Demo Reel called out the family holding him hostage for obsessing something over painful from the past and making it their lives. It's clear on a meta level that he's shouting at The Nostalgia Critic too.
  • In the YouTuber The Orange Insanity's review of The Cat in the Hat, after much Sanity Slippage and several attempts to understand what kind of person would make a film like that, he delivers a surprisingly calm speech, describing the makers of the movie.
    The Orange Insanity: (laughs maniacally) "I have figured it out! I have figured out what you are... You are a leech. A blood-sucking parasite, clinging at the vein of something far greater and more worthy of praise than you have ever imagined. And just like the sponge you are, all you do is take and take, without giving anything of beauty or value in return. All you intend to do is devour. And what is it you crave? It's so simple. Money. All you want is money. You have followed every single tired trope, every insipid idea— the sole reason why you made a movie based on The Cat in the Hat is so you could hit the lowest common denominator... so you could rake in more green. There is no art in this. No beauty. No value. There is just nothing worth experiencing. And, y'know, judging by the fact that you put 109 million dollars into this, that could easily have gone to a more worthy cause, this is the only conclusion I can come to. And I'm not wrong... am I?"
  • Bunny gives one to an obese Madgie in this story. Here's the conservation leading up the reason as to why you suck speech:
    *Bunny: Well, you're so damn fat that Toki's had to buy you maternity clothes."
    Madgie: Any more?
    Bunny: Well, youíre so heavy that youíve smashed your bed and caused me and the littlelings to be moved into a bigger room, you wheeze before and after you talk, your breathing is labored, you find doing even the littlest of things tiring, youíre always sweaty, your voice is heavier than it should be, you wobble here and there whenever you move, you broke, well, actually, smashed one of the chairs and crushed a metal one, even one made out of steel could hold you, and it is a mystery on how you could walk, let alone stand, when one would be rendered immobile.
  • Cinematic Excrement contains one particular blistering rant towards two certain characters in Breaking Dawn. For context: Jacob has invited Charlie to come see his daughter, Bella, who has recently been turned into a vampire. Edward is, of course, outraged, and starts laying into Jacob, asking him if he even considered the physical pain being in Charlie's presence will put Bella through, since since being in a human's presence will only increase her vampiric thirst - like having 'a red hot poker shoved down her throat', in Edward's words. In any other setting with any other characters, we might justnote  possibly note  be on Bella and Edward's side. Here?

    Oh...oh, you glittery douche nozzle!!! 'The physical pain you'll put Bella through?' Fuck Bella! What about Charlie? what about the pain you're gonna put him through? The pain he's already been through? Did you ever think of that, you diseased heap of rat rectum??? This man has loved and cared for his daughter ever since she arrived in Forks; sure, he's not a perfect father - I don't think there is such a thing - but given the circumstances, I'd say he's done a damn good job. Not once have I doubted that he truly loves Bella and would do anything for her. And in exchange for his love, Bella has done nothing but treat him like absolute shit. Remember the time she up and left him with little warning in the first movie? Or the time she up and left him with no warning in the second? And now, after the last few weeks of putting the poor bastard through hell, while he worried about his daughter's health and well being: 'Sorry Charlie, your daughter has died at the ripe old age of eighteen and you will never see her again.' Imagine what that's going to do to the poor man?!?! And not just him; what about Bella's mother? And her stepfather? And her friends? You think they may just be a bit broken up by her passing?

    But no. They're apparently not the ones we should be concerned with. We should only be concerned with Bella. We should care about Bella's pain. Because that's pretty much been the theme for this entire saga, hasn't it? It's all about what Bella wants, it's all about what Bella thinks, Bella Bella Bella Bella can kiss my hairy white ass!!! After four movies unchange of this self-absorbed twat-waffle, constantly looking out for herself and screw anyone else, whining and bitching and moaning until she gets her way - and she always gets her way, because oh, god forbid the heroine should get exactly what she wants without consequence, no, can't have that - after all of this, you, sir, have the balls, the BALLS, to suggest we should consider Bella's pain?

    You know what? Let me show you something. Take a look at this. (Shows empty hands.)... What you see, right here, in my hands, is all the fucks I give about 'Bella's pain'! After everything she's done in this series, maybe that bitch could use a hot branding iron down the throat; I'll shove it down there myself if you let me! Fuck Bella, fuck her self-serving attitude, fuck everything she stands for, Team Mustache Dad for LIFE....I think I almost burst a blood vessel.

  • YouTubers Akuago220 and NightBlader of Ze Pyromancers Deliver 3 of these to Dylan Guptill while they were commentating on Guptill's response to YoungBlood's commentary (Don't let that hurt your head too much). This quote on the page will be the last speech from the video. For the other two, go here (link will automatically take you to the first one).
    Akuago220: Before we close off, Night, give your final thoughts about this, and I'll follow.
    NightBlade: Guptill, did it ever come across your mind, why there are so many commentaries on you? Did it ever come across your mind, that you might be wrong? Did you THINK, for ONE second, to STOP these rants?! Nobody is going to take your advice! Because despite what you MIGHT believe, YOU'RE wrong, and you don't know what the HELL you're talking about! You know what?! I'm gonna give you some advice! Shut the FUCK up, and go back to your wretched easter egg videos, because everything you touch turns to SHIT! You CAN'T rant, you CAN'T animate, and you CAN'T repute anybody! And knowing you, you going to ignore everything I say, and keep assuming you're right, because you're so GODDAMN ignorant! Just listen for once, and maybe you'll learn a thing or two! Grow a pair, and take what people say like a real man, or stay in the corner, like a GODDAMN PUSSY!!!
    Akuago220: Now for my final thoughts.'ve done it again. *starts clapping slowly* You have shown to the digital world just how incapable you are of refuting a user, and defending your points. First you complain about the Sonic fanbase's reaction to the voice changes since 4Kids Entertainment took over the voice back in 2005-2006, then about Ray William Johnson's "Doing Your Mom" song, despite you of having apparently no problems with his revised title "Stalking Your Mom", and now here we are. You try to refute YoungBlood with baseless nitpicking assumptions, and try to mask it with a false professional seeming attitude, so that you would seem more valid to those who really don't know what you've done lately, or to those who have stuck with you since your easter egg videos. Your inability to think thoroughly into the economy in general is so apparent and evidential, that you make yourself look worse when denying and overall avoiding the general refutes against you, as proven in your comments on YoungBlood's short responses, and Savage Brodcast's personal message and review. And finally, for the last time, get off your goddamn high horse, and quit acting like you're smarter than our workers today! Nobody likes an egotist on the internet!
  • Voltalia gave one to a friend she had grown irritated with for some time via journal entry. While the CAPS LOCK portion seems like overkill, the rest is surprisingly well-written. Here's a chunk of it:
    But in all seriousness, Hope, I am sick of trying to steer you on the path and having the words go in one ear and out the other. It has become quite obvious: You don't care about criticism. You don't care for those who have different opinions than you. You only care about yourself. That's all I see. You are the biggest crybaby when it comes to criticism. You either take down the work or you B'AWW like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum because she's not getting what she wants. I felt torn about whether or not I should give you an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, but now that you're displayed yourself for what you really are, I should do it because you deserve to be ridiculed until you leave the Internet. Go ahead and block me. Say we made your life a living hell, but we know who the real culprit is: you. I'm sorry about what's happened to you in the past. I truly am, but I'm not sorry about your behavior towards your friends who liked this show with you until you decided to hate it for stupid reasons other than avoid embarrassment from your family.
    • She gave another one (this time a scathing kind which parodies Quagmire's RYSS speech to Brian) to a troll, also via journal entry.
  • Youtube User TheArchfiend is best known for either calling out or giving one of these speeches to "Youtube Whores." note  He gives iJustine note  a brutal one after the latter released a video about how she unintentionally got a little girl's video trolled off the internet:
    You don't understand iWhore why people would hate anything you promote? Here's a little clue since you're so ditzy that you can't understand this: You attract assholes on this website. You always will. You've been attracting them since Day 1 when you showed us your little 10ft thick iWhore iPhone bill. You've been attracting them since Day 1, iWhore. Anything you promote is gonna get that hate. And she's all stunned like "I can't believe people hated on her! Why can't they just love her, like they love me?" Here's a newsflash: People don't love you. You have a minion of fans that like you, but you have managed to alienate yourself against so many people on this website. You can call it jealousy or whatever, bottom line is: People. Don't. Like you. People don't like when you create some channel called "iWhore Gaming," and you're all like "Oh today I'm gonna play like Portal 2 and this is my walkthrough! Um, I dunno what's this button do? Uh, I dunno whats this button do? Ahaha! Look at this, I hit a wall, isn't that funny?" No, it's stupid! And every single person in the video gaming community hates you! They don't like you! Your walkthroughs are shit! And that's why they're getting thumbs down out the ass and that is why you're getting negative comments out the ass! Do you think when you promote something that everyone's going to be like "Oh this is sweet! A little girl pushing on a hamster on a skateboard! That's funny and silly!" No! People are going to take that opportunity to basically spew out the hate that you helped garner here on You Tube, that you help bring out in people, and they're gonna throw it up on anything you touch! And apparently you'll never realize that iWhore because you made that video yesterday, "Oh everyone go to this girl's channel and show her some love! People are being mean to her!" Screw you you ditzy blonde! You are the reason why the phrase "ditzy blonde" exists! And yeah I know you're gonna come like, you're gonna go "Oh well haters are gonna hate!" Oh by the way, I got a call earlier today. It was from the year 2002. They wanted their cliche catchphrase back. "Haters gonna hate?" Is that the best you can say, iWhore? You damn right haters are gonna hate and they're gonna hate you! And apparently you're not used to it and don't understand why it is the way it is. Here's a newsflash: It's the internet. People are assholes on the internet. People are more of an asshole when all they can do is talk behind their little keyboard or their little computer or their little iWhore iMac.
  • In episode 11 of The Most Popular Girls in School, after Deandra gets her arms ripped off, Trisha blames Ashley Katchadorian because she was not watching the door.
    Trisha: Do you know what these are, Ashley Katchadorian? These are a little girlís arms. A little girl with dreams, with legs, with a head. Sheís a pencil. Sheís a swizzle stick. You could use her as a pool noodle and now Iím holding up her arms. Arms. Iím holding them because you werenít watching the door.
    Ashley: I was at Pearl Harbor.
    Trisha: A girl lost her arms, Ashley Katchadorian. A girl lost her fucking arms. Do you not know what has transpired while you were at Pearl Harbor seeing the fucking Japanese museum? We had our own Pearl Harbor today. Oh my God! How could you do this to us? You literally bombed us. Like the Japanese you are. And me? Iím Ben Affleck. Iím Ben Affleck and Iím holding up two fucking girl's arms. And you? Youíre Cuba Gooding Jr. disappointing everybody. Live with that!
  • In Worm, Eidolon's Evil Clone gives one to the entire Protectorate, running down why everything they thought they knew was a lie, how they had been manipulated in being complicit to crimes against humanity, and finishes with this:
    Itís all been a ploy from the start. Every single one of you were deceived. For every one of you that bought your powers, there were innocents who died or became monsters for the sake of that formulaís research. No matter what good you might do, it will never make up for that. And the rest of you? Conned, brought in with promises of ideals and saving the world. Youíre fools.
  • Redditor veerserif gave a scathing one to The Amazing Atheist for his controversial rape remarks.
    veerisf: "I now know that, apart from being misguided, intentionally ignorant, and quick to resort to pathetic excuses, you are also a purposefully hurtful person with no sense of empathy, and no sense of remorse. Youíre not just unintentionally uninformed, you actively turn what you know against people who should be deserving of your sympathy."

    "I was mistaken before. I thought, maybe, just maybe, after the circlejerking and the giggling, I could try showing you the stuff you said I didnít highlight. I could show you what feminism has done for men, or maybe tell you about the existence of sex-positive feminism."

    "But thisÖ this is a whole new level."

    "Your reputation, in my eyes, has fallen so far that dragging it back up to ďmild disgustĒ would require nothing short of a miracle. You pretend to care about other people, but you really donít. You like to think that youíre a decent human being, but you fall so far short of that youíre practically on separate planes of existence."

    "Deliberately triggering a rape victim? Equating being called out on your bullshit to the trauma of rape?"

    "You know what you deserve? You donít deserve death. You donít deserve rape. You donít even deserve some cosmically mandated, hilarious schadenfreude which would not only be brilliant, but just."

    "What you deserve is for everyone to know this side of you. You deserve for anyone who thought you were a good person to know what youíve just done. You deserve your fansí adoration turning to hatred, you deserve the judging stares and looks that people will give you. You deserve to be reminded, every day, of what you do and what youíve done. You deserve to remember every day that there are people who suffer more than you, that there are people who are stronger and smarter, braver, more principled and better than you, in every way, until the day you realise exactly how wrong your actions have been."

    "I donít want to see bodily harm visited on you, because I donít want to see bodily harm visited on anyone. What I do want is for you Ė and, for that matter, every shitposter Iíve ever seen Ė to learn that anonymity is not an excuse."

  • Oddly, Cs188 does this to himself and his YouTube Poop viewers in [YTP] OMBABA'S NEW WORLD ORDER ACID TRIP.
    Barack Obama: Mr. Speaker. Mr. Bbbbbb~. Members of Caaaaaaa~. And fellow Poopers. Tonight, we meet at an urgent time. Millions have watched YouTube Poops and have spent months making their own, including some who are sitting here tonight. [cuts to view of "other Poopers"] They've seen the dick jokes too often. We continue to face YouTube Poopers like cs188 that have made things fucking worse. [audience claps] There are censored privates all across his work. Everything in here is the kind of shit that has been supported by young people with small dicks. [more clapping] Everyone knowns CS can't actually sentence mix. Dinner Warrior did the sentence mixing for everything in this video. So, for those who everyone who speaks so passionately about CS as the leader who saved YouTube Poop: shut up. cs188 is fucking overrated. [more clapping] More people have followed the example he set, making sex jokes and sentence mixing YouTube Poops. It's an outrage. We need to stop this right now. I want to see Poops with more EAR RAPE and random fucking shit flying back and forth. If you do the right thing, you can make it—everyone can make KevinTAckerman's Top Ten YouTube Poops of the Month. ALL of us will have to change the way we do Pooping. The only solution-lution-lution-lution is to let this crisis as an excuse to wipe out China!
  • From Project A.F.T.E.R.'s sporking of The Evil Gods Part I, there's an excellent "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Zeus to Percy Jackson after Percy, having joined the Prayer Warriors on their quest to kill all the Greek gods, denies that Zeus is his father.
    Zeus: ďThe fuck are you talking about boy! Iím not your father and I never was! Where the hell is this coming from anyway? Ever since you converted to Christianity youíve been talking nothing but nonsense and gibberish. Youíve killed your friends because this dumbass told you to and now youíre working with Luke! You do remember heís the host for Kronos right? Ouranos balls, heís probably deluded them all into thinking heís god. It would explain all the murder and deity killing. You donít even care, do you? You donít even care that youíre destroying the west and in the process, paving the road to the second Age of the Titans do you? Just go ahead and kill me boy, but when the Olympians are all dead and the Titans are destroying creation because of your stupid gullibility, just remember it was you who held the blade
  • In Z-Squared's review of Double Rainboom, the titular reviewer, after enduring what he considers a BAD, BAD, BAD "tribute" to one of his favorite shows, gives one to it's creator, Zachary Rich, after realizing he was the only writer. He has this to say to him:
    Z-Squared: "Okay...Zachary Rich, if that is your real name, which I bet it isn't, it is pretty clear now that what was important to you was not what the fans thought made the show a big hit, it was about what you thought made it a big hit. You got a lot of hard working animators and voice actors, you got a whole university to help you, you got our donations because we were so KIND to allow you to do this because apparently you were doing something for a good cause, and apparently that could do anything you wanted. You could...blow things out of proportion, you could lie, you could use that money for everything we did not want, you basic summary...give a rats ass as to EVERYTHING THAT MADE THE SHOW GOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! And why?! Because "this is a fan episode, you can do whatever you want". NO! YOU said this would be, accurate my FOOT. I'm sorry, but all the blood, sweat, and tears put into this were not worth it! For god sake, I feel bad for all the animators and voice actors involved! They are clearly trying to do their jobs! But NONE OF THAT will make up for how much you FLANDARIZED the characters as much as humanly possible, how you destroyed and obliderated our childhoods, how much you...PANDERED to us and made us all look like IDIOTS, and it will never, EVER make up, for how you LIED TO US! Oh, and you think my voice is acting up right now? Well it better! It pretty much shows perfectly how I've been holding back this anger for long enough! And now, I have the chance to put you in your place, ZACH! Sigh, just sharing your name makes me wanna puke. But let me elaborate on the pandering a bit. I don't think we needed that many references in one, episode! Did you at least ONE time think that was a bit overwhelming?! Well look, there is a difference between making a love letter, and having NO RESPECT FOR OUR INTELLIGENCE! But overall, I've noticed something. Let's see. Ridiculous hype, lots and lots a' lies, an almost non-existent and laughable story, flandarized characters, lots of references that don't need to be there in the first place, what does this remind me o-oh, I know. Zachary Rich, you have not. Made. A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode. No. You have made a monstrous combination of a A SELTZERBERG MOVIE, AND A MODERN, SPONGEBOB SPECIAL! I! HOPE! YOU'RE! PROUD!!!!!!!!!!
  • In Ducktalez 7, Vegeta receives one from Scrooge after ruining the attempt at finding Scrooge's money bin.
  • Fall Of The Crystal Empire, a fan animation based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, has Princess Luna giving one to King Sombra when he provokes her into becoming Nightmare Moon.
    Luna: You think you've found an ally in darkness? Do you comprehend the powers you were gifted with, the same powers I was born into? Where do you think the shadows all go to hide from the precious light? Just who do you think stands against them? What you posses is a mere fraction of their might, the same might I stand unyielding against each and every night. You are nothing compared to them. You are nothing compared to me! You claim to know fear? I shall show you true terror!
  • In his Top 5 Best and Worst Animated Films for 2013, AniMat gave a short one to not only the people who worked on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, but to anyone who supported (i.e liked) the film as well, stating that they "should be ashamed of themselves, and even would need to reconsider their life." The resulting backlash was prominent, with many users on Facebook and YouTube calling him out for hating the film, and others for stating the comment in the video. He replied with on his YouTube page:
    "All right guys, before you go on your bashing after watching this, let's have a little talk. What's been going on seems to be getting a bit out of hand here. I'll admit, I might have gone a little too far regarding what I said about the people who enjoyed Cloudy 2. My hatred to those movies got me on a little ranting and often we all don't think much when we rant. I still think the Cloudy movies are a disgrace to the name of animation, but I might have gone overboard to comment about the people outside of those who worked on the films. But I will say this, what I said to the Cloudy lovers might be bad, but it doesn't surpass the the overreactions from you people. I don't think you guys understand the hard work I've made in order to make these videos for you guys, especially this one. There were so many people who were so eager and so exited to see this that they couldn't wait. I decided to do you people a favour and DELAYED the Epic Mickey Files in order to get this out first. So after all the sacrifices to give you what you wanted, this is the thanks I get? People whining and complaining over a little stupid comment I made that completely overshadows not only the other 19 minutes of the video, but the hours I've put into making this. I've handled crap like this before like in my Hotel Transylvania or Monsters University review, but this is something that you guys are taking way too out of hand.Look, this video and my review is meant to express MY OPINION on these movies. Sometimes you may agree with what I say, sometimes you don't. That's fine, even with what I said, it won't stop people from having their own opinions over Cloudy 2 or any other film in this video. However, saying that I'm wrong, a bad person or a hypocrite or whatever about an opinion I have over a movie is just a terrible way of thinking. Really think about it for a moment... will you let a little comment that took one second to say (over a movie none the less) completely destroy your enjoyment over the rest of the video or all the other videos I've made? You got admit, that's pretty weak.Whatever you guys do afterwards, rather if you keep on following me or not, is completely up to you, but remember this, I may look stupid when I rant about a movie and often, stupid things will come out of my mouth, but it's not even half as stupid as someone who rants and says stupid things over one person's opinion of a movie."
    • In response to this, several users would chew him out for the comment. Although several comments against him were manually deleted by him, eventually blocking comments entirely, some of these managed to be saved, one of these being this trope, explaining what was wrong, before they unsubscribed:
    "It wasn't your opinion, it was that you said, and I paraphrase, "Anyone who worked on/supported (ie liked) this movie, then they should be ashamed of themselves, and need to reconsider their life." Comments like these can rub people the wrong way, you were telling your subscribers "I don't like this movie, and you should too, or else, you're pathetic." I'm making it clear that it wasn't that you shouldn't have an opinion, it was you said people must have the same opinion as you on this movie, or they need to reconsider their own life. Now, I know you put a lot of hard work into your video, and I appreciate that, but with my assessments at school, I, at least, check with my teacher to see what I am writing to make sure it's up to standard. And even then, I'm happy to pass the assessment thanks to the help of my teacher, who helped checked beforehand before submitting it. You, on the other hand, didn't seem to either have a friend to check the video to make sure you didn't offend anyone, or, if you did, told them, even when they found that one line, that they are just complaining, noboby will notice. I tried to reach you on Facebook, explaining why I quit, you deleted the comment. I tried to reach to you on Deviantart, you blocked me. You may go ahead and say "It's pathetic that you guys are whining over that one comment that's my opinion, despite the fact that I'm disregarding yours, and my opinion is best, so kiss it", but it's even more pathetic when you don't fess up to your mistake, and chew out other people, claiming it's your opinion. Again, hard work, I know that, but look at Double Rainboom. A group of people put a lot of hard work into it, but reviewers all around the internet thrashed it for the content. People were excited for it, hyped for it, and it turned out to be a disappointment. Likewise, even though I respected your opinion, despite not agreeing with you, the line that I mentioned above pissed me off to no degree, and likely most others. And you're willing to say "Nobodies respecting my opinion! They SHOULD despite the fact that I told them they should follow mine or they should be ashamed of themselves for that." Bottom line Ani Mat. I'm sorry to say, but I've dealt with people like you before. The people who think they are better than others because they have a certain level of popularity on the Internet. I should've listened to the warning sign that you were one of them from the 'Walking With Dinosaurs' review, when you mocked him for asking about 'The Smurfs 2'. That one line in the video firmly cemented that, and that comment set it in for good. Go ahead. Reply that I'm pathetic for disagreeing with you all you want, how you delayed the Epic Mickey Files for this video, and how are you are allowed to have an opinion, it still won't change the fact that you are a generally disrespectful person for not allowing others to have an opinion themselves on that matter. I am sorry, but it is true. I'm honestly glad I unsubscribed. I am not willing to support a person who claims their opinion is law, and if you disagree with them you should be ashamed, but then complain about how he deserves to express his opinion himself. That, honestly, is hypocritical, you know it, but you are too scared to admit it. Now, if you need me, I'll search for other animated reviewers that actually respect others opinions, and don't go ranting about "But I worked hard on this video, don't hate it because I disrespected your opinion!" Goodbye."
  • This is the modus operandi of most trolls.

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