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Needs More Love: Western Animation
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series was a hilarious, cute, and well-written show, yet hardly anyone payed attention to it. Although the continuity was a lot different from the previous films in the franchise (Or the book), it still manages to be a great show, but was sadly eclipsed by the other shows played on One Saturday Morning at the time. Sharing the same timeslot with Animaniacs didn't help, either. It's a really good show that deserves a second look, but the edited versions of the episodes on Disney Junior don't give it any justice.
  • A Miss Mallard Mystery is a fun show with amazing 2D animation centering around a world full of ducks, one of them being a famous "ducktective" who solves mysteries with Willard (Miss Mallard is his aunt). Yet it only aired for one year—2000 to 2001—and to the light of day has no media release and was only aired in Canada. Guess your only was of watching it is Jaroo, and even that Web site overrules its videos with toy reviews for stuff little kids never even heard of.
  • Adventures from the Book of Virtues is a creative PBS animated series dedicated to teaching virtues to kids, with great animation and cool characters. Apparently, it's been so obscure in the past few years that people seem to forget it, even after being taken off the air...and yet, it's quite popular with the animation industry and the production company behind it still promotes it today.note 
  • American Dad! is often a victim of Complaining, simply because 1.) The family structure is similar to Family Guy, therefore it MUST be a clone and 2.) It's a Seth MacFarlane show, so it automatically deserves to be hated in the eyes of some. However, American Dad! has proven to have developed a unique brand of humor and is often praised for its writing and handling of hot-button issues. Too bad FOX refuses to promote the show as much as it does the other animated programs.
  • Birdz. Completely impossible to find outside YouTube. But it was a good show from the twilight of CBS' Saturday Morning Cartoon era and it got screwed over massively. Enjoy the characters and the writing that manages to offer morals without beating them over your head or shoehorning them in.
  • Blazing Dragons, a wonderfully funny and clever show that was cursed by a late-night time slot in the United States. I stayed up to watch it every night, though.
  • Bobby's World was a show on FOX Kids that has very little recognition anywhere despite its hilarity.
  • Bounty Hamster was a very sadly short-lived British animated series (only twenty-five 11 minute episodes were made) that was never aired in North America, only the UK and Australia (though you can download the whole series if you know where to look). With a ludicrous amount of hilarious Shout Outs, great animation and characters, and Phineas and Ferb co-creator Jeff "Swampy" Marsh in charge of storyboarding, it was a seriously awesome and funny show that shamefully never even broadcasted in the United States.
  • Braceface was a really funny and pretty realistic show with some pretty good storylines and great characters, but doesn't get much recognition.
  • Poor Breadwinners has received NOTHING but hate the moment it was announced. Nickelodeon's massive Hate Dumb and many a Caustic Critic has been quick to label the show as the anti-Christ of children's cartoons. In actuality, it's a clever show with a catchy, Dubstep-style soundtrack and 8-bit-inspired aesthetics. The Flash animation may not look great, but it has a bit of a charm to it and is quite bouncy and colorful at times (and it's NOT lazy, it's just Stylistic Suck). Heck, even professional critics don't think it's that bad, calling it So Okay, It's Average.
  • Camp Lazlo is just as funny as Joe Murray's previous work Rocko's Modern Life, but doesn't seem to get much attention.
  • CatDog, One of the better Nicktoons of the late 90s. It may not have been the best, but it was still rather good, had some inventive plots, was really funny, had great songs... It does not deserve the hate that it gets.
  • ChalkZone has an extremely small cult following for its quirks, hilarity, music, and being the first of two shows about a kid being in a world of other kids' imaginary creations (the other came quite a bit later). It was eclipsed by pretty much every other Nickelodeon show airing since its arrival. It was shown more during its first three seasons from 2000 to 2003. It was apparently so unpopular, that its next season would air new episodes too inconsistently (without advertising) taking TWO YEARS until Nick Toons took the next two seasons and Nickelodeon showed its Series Finale in 2008. Now Nick Toons has it again and slammed it in a 1:00-3:00 AM slot on Tuesday mornings and a 2:00 AM slot on Sunday Mornings. And unlike the other Nick shows in the blue entries above, no DVD has been created or even stated to be in production. And to drive the point home, other than having entries in the Crowning Music of Awesome for the theme song, ending songs, and Scrawl's songs, it isn't listed (or even mentioned) in Funny Moments or the like.
  • Clone High, full stop. An amazing, clever, stylish, and most of all, HILARIOUS show that was epicly Screwed by the Network, especially in the U.S. (In its native Canada it managed to get a fair showing by virtue of Canadian content laws and attract a niche following.) It didn't help that for a long time the only legal way to view it in the U.S. was to import the DVDs from far-off Canadia, making it tough to get a hold of even for those few who'd stumbled on it during its short-lived stint on MTV. You HAD to stumble on it, since it never received a regular time slot. It did eventually receive a quiet, totally unpromoted U.S. DVD release, long after those few who'd heard about it in the first place had forgotten about it.
  • Code Monkeys, which used to air on G4. It had solid ratings for its network's standards, but was only canceled after season 2. It has many funny moments, quirky and colorful animation, and memorable characters. The concept itself would be like Scott Pilgrim: The Animated Series. You can find the entire series (as of this post) on Netflix.
  • Cybersix had fantastic music, characters, plot development, and animation... and lasted one season.
  • Danny Phantom was once a big deal on Nickelodeon... until they decided to end it because Hartman spent more than they expected. Even though the third season was the weakest... it still has a loyal following hoping for a return.
  • Dan Vs. was a popular show on the Hub, but was put on an indefinite hiatus due to poor ratings (probably because My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic overshadowed it and Dan Vs. having a worse programming schedule than Gravity Falls.
  • Daria is often overshadowed and overlooked compared to the show it spun off of, but the show was brilliant in its own regards. It can even bring in viewers who missed the show nearly a whole decade after it ended due to how well it captures the overratedness of teenage life and high school. Also, it has one of the finest examples of Heterosexual Life-Partners ever between the title character and her best (and, for a while, only) friend.
  • Dave the Barbarian had endearing characters and some truly wonderful writing. It even had the critics on its side! There were actual reviews about a Disney cartoon that really raved about the show! Sadly, not even Disney will provide it the DVD treatment, nor reruns.
  • Dennis and Gnasher 2009 is a show that outside of Australia and the UK which the show is made in, it doesn't seem to get enough attention outside of those countries but even when it does, it ends up being regarded as Political Correctness Gone Mad which it isn't. The writing is decent, the animation is very appealling, the voice acting is pretty well done (in both countries) and it has a sense of enjoyability I haven't felt since The Simpsons. It only has 3 DVD releases of the series (which isn't even the whole series), and even though a new season is currently airing, I feel like the show should at least be given a second chance to look at the good things about it.
  • Eliot Kid does not even have a page yet! Well, the show is probably only known by those who have Netflix subscriptions...but anyway, this is a great show! It stars Eliot, a young boy with an active imagination who spontaneously has various Imagine Spots throughout episodes about how mundane tasks can be made into something awesome! The show is highly reminiscent of Rugrats or Jacob Two-Two in terms of how the episodes play out. The characters are quirky and fun, little Eliot and his friends are so adorable, and Eliot's dad is a lovable idiot. If you like wacky cartoons with cute, big-eyed characters and a colorful animation style, then you'll want to give this show a try!
  • The Fox And The Crow was a really interesting series, despite only about a handful of episodes. It definitely needs more love.
  • Fillmore! Was a parody of 70's buddy cop films and crime dramas that took place in a middle school. The show was littered with hilarious one-liners, action-packed chase scenes, and great characters and stories. A shame the show didn't make it past 26 episodes.
  • Fly Tales is a collection of animated shorts about an anthropomorphic fly that was only ever aired properly in Canada, France, and Eastern Europe. YouTube just may be your only shot at watching it.
    • This troper remembers this show airing in Australia.
  • Gawayn a troperriffic French/Italian cartoon that deserves a more attention than it has. But it didn't get as much as Oggy and the Cockroaches which still airs today everywhere, while Gawayn only aired to a handful of countries.
  • Glenn Martin DDS, which hasn't got half of the tropes appearing there written in its article and Nick@Nite doesn't like having adult shows.
  • Godzilla: The Series. Say what you will of the American 'Zilla, but the series itself was pretty much the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon, but better. And minus Godzooki, unless you count Nigel, who wasn't really annoying as just prone to always getting smashed. Still crossing my fingers for a full DVD release someday.
  • While a lot of people tend to look favorable at some of Greg Weisman's work, such as Gargoyles and the aforementioned The Spectacular Spider Man and his current series Young Justice, there's little love for his work with the second season of W.I.T.C.H.. He was able to fix a lot of the mistakes made during the first season, greatly improve what as mediocre storyline in the comics, "Nerissa's Revenge", and greatly expand on a lot of characters that the comic never dreamed of.
  • The pilot Joey To The World never got picked up by Cartoon Network even though it's part of it's failed Cartoonstitute anthology series. One main reason is the creator didn't know the cartoon was supposed to be for kids, and it mentioned condoms, rape, smothering from mothers, whorehouses, crackheads and many other stuff kids shouldn't know. It was actually pretty funny.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes is a recent Canadian animated series that's audience was severely limited by its distribution by Disney in the United States and United Kingdom, rarely promoting it and airing it at rather strange hours, likely due to even its mere existence and premise is Getting Crap Past the Radar (though Values Dissonance between America and Canada is really to blame for that). Which is a shame, because it's an excellent, hilarious show with great characters, extremely catchy music and some actually very nice animation done by the same studio that animates Wander over Yonder.
  • KaBlam! got little popularity due to Hey Arnold! premiering around the time. Matters were worse a few years later when Spongebob Squarepants premiered in 1999. Season four never finished and seasons five and six never saw the light of day.
  • Kenny The Shark is a fun, quirky cartoon about a sweet girl named Kat who adopts a pet tiger shark named Kenny. It is a slice-of-life cartoon in which Kat and Kenny have various misadventures, mostly due to Kenny disobeying or doing things his way. Didn't last very long, unfortunately, and isn't very well known either.
  • King Arthur's Disasters. It has colorful animation, the voice acting is excellent, and its antics have that nostalgic feel as they resemble that of Scooby Doo or any other old cartoon (ironically, one country airs it on Boomerang). It doesn't air in the United States. and not that many fans contribute enough to its "fanbase."
  • The Legend of Calamity Jane: Why has nobody mentioned this yet?! It's a lot darker and more mature than most shows, and it's very stylistic, but it got Screwed by the Network in the US after three episodes (it aired on Kids' WB!). Heck, even That Dude in the Suede says it needs more love!
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. Unfairly passed up by some as a clone of American Dragon Jake Long, but it has more than enough differences to stand out on its own. Sarcastic tone, great animation, strong voice acting (especially Lara Jill Miller as the title character), tons of pop-culture and Shout-Out humorÖ
  • The Little Flying Bears. It's nearly impossible to find a full episode of the cartoon in English and is only well-known by a few Canadian and European furries (as well as Nostalgia geeks).
  • Loonatics Unleashed does not, we repeat NOT deserve half the crap it gets. It needed some work to be honest, but it was by no means So Bad Its Horrible. Most of the haters of this series were simply sticklers for nostalgia and the old Looney Tunes, completely ignoring the main characters are descendants of the legendary LT characters.
  • The Magic Adventures Of Mumfie: Though it was popular in its home country of Britain as well as in the United States, Germany, Norway and Japan, the series has fallen into obscurity, unlike it's sister show Thomas the Tank Engine. Full of beautiful animation and great storytelling and being critically praised, it's a show people of any age can enjoy. It's also the highest-rated British animated series on IMDB as of October 2014.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was a surprisingly funny and awesome show that deserves more. Cartoon Network got rid of all the online episodes and stopped showing reruns the day after the finale aired. It has a pretty small fanbase, too. It's also worth pointing out that without this show, the likes of Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Disney's Gravity Falls would have never been picked up. The creators of those shows all worked on Flapjack and so their own shows could be considered Spiritual Successors.
  • Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers. A great direct-to-DVD feature lost amid the wave of "cheapquels" and compilation movies Disney releases. A solidly written film starring the stars of the Classic Disney Shorts. Very awesome...yet very underrated... though thankfully Square-Enix saw fit to give it representation in Kingdom Hearts!note 
  • The Mighty Ducks, one of cartoons of Disney's from the 1990s. Was an action/comedy that had endearing characters and some truly impressive action scenes. And it only lasted one season, most likely do to its unusual premise.
  • Mike, Lu & Og is perhaps the most underrated Cartoon Network show from the 1990s. While it did get some good reviews, praising it for being an international effort (between the U.S. and Russia) and having a tomboyish girl in the lead, it was barely promoted and now Boomerang airs it pretty much whenever they feel like it. Some of the characters are interesting, it had genuinely funny moments and it put a clever spin on the Culture Clash cliche.
  • Mission Hill is a absolutely fantastic animated series created by former writers for "The Simpsons", Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein in 1999 on "The WB", later appearing on "Adult Swim" in 2002. This show had remarkably three dimensional characters, many hilarious scenes, and a wonderfully unique art style with expressive, vibrant colors. Unfortunately, it lasted a mere 13 episodes before being canceled (with 5 extra episodes that were never finished). This show has largely been forgotten, but a small fan following does exist. The complete series has been released on DVD, and it's easy to find the episodes online.
  • Mr. Bogus was a really great and funny slapstick-filled show for its time. The show followed the adventures of the eponymous character, Bogus, a small yellow gremlin who always got into one scrape after another. What makes it even more endearing is that it is actually based on a series of Belgian claymation shorts that were created and aired back in the late 1980's. These shorts were even shown as part of the series' tie-ins to commercial breaks and returns from commercial breaks. However, the show only lasted for three seasons, and after it ended its run, it faded into obscurity like nearly everything else. All in favor of a DVD release of this show, say aye.
  • The Mr. Men Show it has all the elements of a great cartoon, quirky characters, good songs, and randomness that's just good. It lasted for 2 seasons even though fans were hoping for a 3rd.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: There are many reasons why to love this show. Funny characters, funny visual gags, a beautiful art style, and a badass robot girl with multiple weapons. It received positive reviews from both fans and critics, but was Screwed by the Network because of poor ratings. It would be awesome if we got to see a revival of this show.
  • My Little Pony Tales: It really makes me sad that many people don't like this or think it's an earlier G3 clone of MLP. I've seen all the episodes and while it definitely has its problems (like bad music, continuity errors, and one episode that should not have been made), it does tackle certain issues fairly, the characters have some personality and are flawed (though they could have gotten more development), and it does take its audience seriously. I personally liked it, though it's definitely no Friendship Is Magic.
    • All versions of My Little Pony, that aren't Friendship is Magic need more love. My Little Pony G3 especially, as it's obvious that most of the people who insult it have never seen it in full as it is actually very close to Friendship is Magic, or at least has all the things that makes FIM so awesome to those who love it.
  • Ninjago is actually pretty interesting and fun to watch for something that's Merchandise-Driven. It has characters with actual personality, and its not that cheesy as one might expect.However, there's been no reviews and the only people commenting on it usually are either 11 years old or care only about the toy sets.
  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures has a rather undeserving Periphery Hatedom. It's a clever, if somewhat goofy take on a 30+ year old video game that had literally no story to begin with, but still manages to stay pretty tongue-in-cheek and not take itself too seriously. The backgrounds are gorgeous, there are some excellent character designs in regards to the ghosts, and it's up there with Wreck-It Ralph for its completely unabashed love of the original game and classic gaming in general, in terms of Mythology Gags, homages and overall style.
  • Pelswick. Big time. The Audience-Alienating Premise (or just the art) made people either not watch or dislike it, but it was laugh-out-loud hilarious, mainly based on wit, had interesting and likable, yet flawed, characters, and was remarkably progressive for having a non-token, non-perfect, non-Woobie paraplegic protagonist, while simultaneously daring to mention that not all progress was good progress. Plus it had a great theme song. Now, it's one of the most obscure Nicktoons ever.
  • Pepper Ann was a hilarious and clever show, however, unlike the other "big three" One Saturday Morning shows, it wasn't merchandise driven or a cult hit with adults. It's also the least remembered, and the only one of the "big three" without a video or DVD release, as well as not being rerun as often as the other two, and when it was, it was usually during school or when people are asleep. And it had a great theme song as well.
  • The Problem Solverz is a funny and creative show that is widely reviled because of its crude animation style. It is also unpopular because it debuted around the time of Sym-Bionic Titan's cancellation, which led to the false rumor that that PS was Titan's replacement. Not even Adult Swim wanted it because it was too "mind-blowingly cute." It's also never rerun outside of its Monday night time slot.
  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Though still rather new, the fact it's hardly caught on at all yet is almost baffling if just because the character and art style designs were made by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. It's likely being overshadowed by the success of Gravity Falls and Motorcity, though it's made by the same studio as the latter. Still, so far it's an excellent series that loves playing with and satirizing the cliches of other Kid Hero shows, with very fun characters and fantastic animation and voice acting that will hopefully grow in popularity.
  • Dude, That's My Ghost!. Like Randy Cunningham, it's fairly new. It gets criticized for the main character sporting a similar hairstyle to another boy from a show with ghosts, though it's far from a Danny Phantom copycat. The characters are interesting, the backgrounds are beautiful, and the show has its own unique take on ghosts. It has its problems due to some broken continuity, some episodes out of order, and no actual pilot episode, but if you're looking for a quaint show with a bromance of a budding filmmaker named Spencer Wright and an undead popstar with a name like Billy Joe Cobra, this is the show for you.
  • Jonny Quest The Real Adventures which remains overshadowed by the campy original.
  • The animation company Rabbit Ears Productions had put out some really fantastic stories that had iconographic animation that was surprisingly good for the 1980s and the 1990s, had various celebrities narrating the stories and remained faithful to the stories they were telling such as retelling various fairy tales and folktales like The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship and The Bremen Town Musicians. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this series and even though the company has managed to put out DVDs of this series, it still goes by unnoticed by the fans with only a few videos showing up on YouTube.
  • Recess was really popular when it aired back in the late `90s to the early 2000s, but it doesn't get as much recognition now, despite being one of the funniest and well-writen Disney shows of its time.
  • Robot and Monster is prahaps the most underrated Nicktoon ever made. It had intresting characters, clever writing, and great voices. Sadly, no one watched it, because it looked like a rip-off of Fanboy and Chum Chum. Nick put the show on hiatus after the Christmas Special in 2012 with no telling of when it will come back. It returned in late 2013 on Nicktoons TV, though only two of the four remaining episodes have aired so far. (Including a half-hour special that was supposed to air as the series-finale) Surprisingly, the entire series will be released on DVD sometime in 2014. (Including the two episodes that haven't even aired!)
  • Robotomy was an enjoyable show about robots in school. With episode plots like a social networking site befriending Thrasher and Blastus, and Thrasher accidentally setting a war whilst babysitting Maimy's little brother. But Cartoon Network decided to yank it off the air since it hardly got airplay outside America and promotion, and was left in the dust of the success of Adventure Time and Regular Show. Shame, since it was funny and Patton Oswalt provided Thrasher's voice.
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends. A fantastic show saddled with a clumsy title. The show posits that all the monsters of old myth and legend are actually different communities of aliens living secretly on Earth for various reasons. Some like the Yeti are benign, while others like the Vampires and Lycanthropes are hostile to humanity. The show is arc-based and follows a The Men in Black-type organization as it deals with these creatures, though the male main character doesn't entirely trust the organization's motives. The best thing in the show is the Action Girl female lead, Shlain Blaze, a white-haired Goth banshee with sound-based powers and a cool Irish accent. The theme song was awesome, too. When it was rebroadcast for a short time on Saturday mornings in the U.S., the episodes were shown out of order, and they led off with the goofy giant ant episode that had nothing to do with the major plot arcs.
  • Ruby Gloom was fantastically animated with gorgeous Gothic scenery, likeable characters, and excellent writing. Unfortunately, there were only two seasons and it has never been aired in the United States.
  • 3 words. Sanjay and Craig. Sure it got a lot of decent ratings, but many viewers are acting like the show is a crime against humanity or something, when in reality, itís a really harmless show that has the vibes of 90ís Nick. (It helps that the minds behind stuff like The Adventures Of Pete and Pete are working on it.) It is easily the most misunderstood Nicktoon of all time.
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series: While it differs a lot from its live-action and comic counterparts (which is why people hate it), it's a very cute show with great storylines and characters. The spin-off, Sabrina's Secret Life? Uh, yeah...
  • The Secret Show is a British cartoon series that ran for two series. It has clever writing and lots of hilarious running gags, with a unique animation style and likeable characters.
  • Arguably the most misunderstood cartoon of all would have to be Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, unfairly treated as one of the worst things Cartoon Network ever produced, receiving criticism for its disgusting art style, nonsensical plots, immature characters and overabundance of grossout gags and toilet humour. It's also gotten bad rep for being a spin-off to a far more superior pilot Uncle Grandpa (now a show in its' own right), and the fact it was launched around the same time as The Problem Solverz, another flop for the channel with a similar visual style & humour, did not help matters. Its fanbase is almost non-existent, and even the network seemed to dislike it, as it was barely promoted, only a handful of episodes were broadcast and the rest were dumped onto iTunes and Netflix. It's an utter shame it's been so overlooked, as beyond its grotesque surface lies a very fun, colourful and refreshingly cartoony show filled with loads of clever visual gags and affectionate Shout-Outs to old movies, TV shows, music and 1930's theatrical cartoons. Heck, there's even an episode-long parody of the cult film Labyrinth that is worth hunting down.
  • The Spectacular Spider Man is possibly the greatest Spider-Man cartoon yet, with both tight plotting and incredibly fluid animation, yet it was ignored by many simply because it wasn't like the 1990s Spider-Man cartoon.
    • Well, to be accurate, it ended because Disney bought Marvel way too soon... however, it gets this because Disney and Marvel seem to want nobody to remember it in favor of Ultimate Spider-Man... which is the opposite of this show in every way.
    • Though admittedly inferior to said Spectacular series, Ultimate Spider-Man itself is unfairly hated. While the first season is hit and miss, the second is almost certainly worthy enough to rival its predecessors.
  • Spliced. You can't even see it in the US unless you use YouTube or are one of the lucky few to get Qubo. And the network that airs it in its native Canada doesn't seem too fond of it either. It's funny, takes inspiration from The Island of Doctor Moreau for its interesting character designs (read: Mix-and-Match Critters you never would've thought of mixing in a million years) and it feels like something that would've aired on Nickelodeon in the mid-1990s. Oh, and Peri is cute.
  • Squidbillies is possibly the most underrated show on [adult swim]. Though at a first glance it just looks like a brain cell killing mass of idiocy, but actually has a great deal of clever humor and timing. The jokes are far from predictable and hackneyed, and a couple of character development scenes appear from time to time. Despite it actually being Adored by the Network (thankfully, since any other network would have cancelled it by the end of the first season), it still maintains relatively low ratings due to people judging it by it's cover.
  • You know, for a show with a Long Word Salad Title and a premise that essentially boils down to Power Rangers with monkeys, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! was a cute little Animesque show that got Screwed by the Network when Jetix was shut down. Your best chance of finding it is on Youtube and even then it takes some searching to snuff out every episode. It's 52 episodes with a pretty dedicated fanbase and really grows on you after a while (apart from the occasional negative trope). This review probably explains it better.
  • Teacher's Pet had great writing and great animation, and was one of the funniest Disney shows ever made. It even got a movie, which sadly bombed due to poor promotion. And despite the fact that critics adored the series, it hardly gets any recognition.
  • Team Galaxy was one of Marathon Media's underrated animated programs that the American audience dismissed as "Totally Spies! in space". Compared to that show, the heroes are more capable given the situations they have to deal with.
  • Time Squad seems to only be remembered for it's infamous homosexual innuendo and being similar to Jay Ward's classic "Peabody and Sherman"; but there was so much more to it than that. Time Squad had clever writing and hilarious interpretations of historical figures, such as the fan-favorite episode featuring Edgar Allen Poe. It played fast and loose with jokes pertaining to gay couples and the trials of being an orphan among other topics. And bad-mouthing it as a ripoff of Peabody's Improbable History is just not fair! Sure there are the obvious facts that they help people discover their passion or get their life back on tracks, and Otto does resemble Sherman in both looks and back story, Otto IS his own character completely different from Sherman. But Time Squad was a different breed, and it should be made aware.
  • Time Warp Trio. Despite being an animated TV adaptation of a popular children's book series, the show didn't last very long due to a low amount of viewers. The show featured 10-year old boy Joe receiving "The Book" from his Uncle Joe as a present for his 10th birthday. Joe and his friends, Sam and Fred, didn't realize that it's a magical time-traveling book and they end up travelling to the past and future due to their inexperience with handling such a book. The episodes were full of adventure and historical education, which made it fun to watch and learn at the same time! Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after a year of airing, and so far, only rumors of future episodes have been spread.
  • ''Trust Me Im A Genie is a funny, enjoyable cartoon about the adventures of a Cool Loser Camel, Diego and his wisecracking genie sidekick, Ziggy. Ziggy is a raccoon genie that comes out of a soda can and he granted Diego's first two wishes for a cafe and swimming pool. But then Ziggy got sand in his can and his magic went defective so every third wish fails. Ziggy has an obsession with being set free from his can and is always trying to sell a third wish to Diego but it always backfires much to Ziggy's annoyance. Diego has many other friends as well including a Granola Girl bird named Zazie, an Insufferable Genius fennec fox named Joe, a scorpion with a Money Fetish named Tony, a Surfer Dude lizard named Larry and an Almighty Janitor goat shopkeep named Sonia. There is no known DVD release, English wikipedia page or even merchandise and I was responsible for creating the tvtropes page for the cartoon all by myself.
  • Tutenstein is a hilarious, witty show about 3,000 years dead Pharaoh who returns as a mummy. Did I mention he was a bratty 10-year-old when he died? Resurrection didn't fix that. Absolutely wonderful, but somehow ridiculously obscure.
  • The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat is a surreal, hilarious show starring one of the world's most famous cartoon characters... and hardly anyone has heard of it.
    • The same kinda thing happened to Chowder. After the series finale, which also aired unannounced, no reruns could be found, until both shows were brought back in Cartoon Planet.
  • Wakfu is a well-plotted character-driven animesque series with beautiful artwork and a ridiculously catchy theme song. Unfortunately, its only available in continental Europe.
    • Fortunately, a small group of people are subbing the episodes into multiple languages, and the English and Russian subs have gotten through every episode of Season 1 and are starting on Season 2. Googling them is fruitful.
    • The creators launched a (successful) Kickstarter campaign, which promised to make an English dub of Season 1. It blew past its goal; so not only will they dub Season 2, but they'll also make another episode.
  • While Wild West C.O.W Boys of Moo Mesa has a cult following behind it, there are still few people that even remember or know about it, despite its very bizarre setting, it has great writing, enjoyable characters and lovely camp value.
  • Xyber 9 New Dawn got repeatedly Screwed by the Network, both Fox and Jetix, despite having awesome characters, an interesting backstory, five-star voice talent (Tony Jay and Tim Curry were both present) and even some decent for its time Conspicuous CG. It's oddly similar to a Eastern RPG, so if you like those, you'll probably like this, too.
  • Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat is Slice of Life themed show that focuses on the life of a Siamese cat named "Sagwa" who lives with her brother Dongwa and little sister Sheegwa and is owned by The Magistrate. The show follows a day to day life of Sagwa and sometimes the humans themselves. This show used to come on PBS Kids a lot during the early and mid 2000's as well as a channel called PBS Kids Sprout and to this day is my number one favorite show from my childhood next to Mister Rogers Neighbor Hood. There are a few DVD's which contains episodes from the show as well as other episodes that can be found on Youtube. But it's going to be difficult to find almost all the episodes from the show. PBS Kids and WHYY would constantly play reruns of the show during it's run. This show would also teach children and adults some facts as well as teaching you about Chinese culture. During the end of each episode, Sagwa would narrate about the origins of the stuff that was shown in the show such as the origin of Fortune Cookies,Mooncakes and Chinese New Year, and the Chinese Dragon. I been very interested in Asian culture ever since I seen this show.

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