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Western Animation: The Trap Door
The Trap Door was a British Claymation show that first aired in 1984. The show was set in a Haunted Castle owned by an unseen creature known only as 'The Thing Upstairs'. The main character was this creature's servant, a blue blob named Berk, who lived in the castle's lower floors along with his friends, a skull named Boni and a strange spider-like creature named Drutt. In every episode, the titular trap door would open, and a monster would come out, usually to hinder Berk in his toils. Each episode lasted around five minutes.

Provides Examples Of:

The TransformersWestern Animation of the 1980sTrollkins
A Touch of FrostBritish SeriesTreasure Hunt UK
Transformers: Robots in DisguiseWestern AnimationTree Fu Tom

alternative title(s): The Trap Door
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