Western Animation / Phantom Investigators

"Phantom investigators"

Phantom Investigators! When the going gets eerier, we get superior!

"Phantom Investigators" was a show created by Josephine Huang for Kids' WB! in 2002. The show was known for mixing Stop Motion, traditional 2D hand drawn animation, as well as live action puppetry.

The show featured a team of four junior-high aged paranormal investigators who would solve supernatural mysteries around their hometown of San Francisco. The cast was comprised of the team leader, Daemona, a telekinetic, Jericho, a telepath, Kira, and a shapeshifter, Casey.

If the designs and animation style look familiar, that's because it was done by the same studio that did the Life With Loopy shorts on Kablam.

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  • Dead All Along: One episode saw the team try to help an amnesiac girl named Jenny, who was plagued by supernatural dreams. It turned out she was a ghost who was placed back in the human world in an accident, and the dreams were her family trying to explain.
  • Non-Powered Costumed Hero: Daemona wore a mask and uniform while on the job, while the rest of the team dressed casually.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: They transform every night (at least every night seen in the episode) and some of them can turn dogs into weredogs, which are basically just dogs with a tendency to go berserk under the light of the moon.
  • Team Pet: Wad, a chewing gum sprite.
  • Shapeshifter Mode Lock: In the episode featuring a dog groomer who had been turned into a werewolf because he had given a true werewolf a bad haircut, the groomer bites Casey when Casey is in the form of a dog, forcing him to stay in that form until they manage to cure the groomer.
  • World Building: Surprisingly, the show actually had a specific hierarchy of ghosts and monsters to follow, instead of just making it up as each episode went. At one point, the fact that a monster didn't seem to fit into any category was a plot point.