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When a series, especially a TV drama series, has episode titles, but those titles never appear on the screen. It's generally assumed that everyone has access to an interactive program guide, so this former courtesy has long been waylaid.

There's a good chance that during localization, dubbing studios take note of the missing information and choose to re-edit the translated episode title into the video footage, somewhere between the opening or intro credits. Especially noteworthy if the title is written in a different font than the credits.


  • Bleach. There is a title screen for each episode, but it only shows the number of the episode in a style unique to that episode.
  • Some of the anime 4Kids localized, like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Ultimate Muscle, suffered from this.

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  • The Order of the Stick : no title is displayed on the comic pages. The only way to know a specific comic's title is to look it's number up in the archives (also, the last comic's name is displayed in the side bar). The names of each Story Arc aren't included anywhere in the online comic, only the print editions. Which, fortunately, also display the title of the individual strips at the bottom of every page.

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