Feud Episode

Don't say goodbye
I promise everything will be alright
Don't leave me, I'm sorry
I'll fix this if it costs me my life
I'm going to make this right

A type of episode that centers around a Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario: two characters suddenly start feuding with each other, either over a minor matter that gets blown out of proportion, or sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. Sometimes, another character will try to get the two feuding characters to make up by putting together some sort of crazy scheme, but there is actually a 90% chance that the scheme will fail, and the feud intensifies further. In the end, the two characters will invariably put behind their silly feud to help their friends in some kind of trouble. An Aesop about putting behind your troubles usually will soon follow afterward.

They might be feuding over a common love interest, or perhaps due to hometown prejudices.

Alternatively, two longtime friends get mad and breakup over some random bad event (often, a Girl of the Week can be the cause of such a conflict). Kids' shows seem to love this one, as The Power of Friendship is the backbone of their group dynamics.

This often leads to their other friends getting into the argument and taking sides.

Sometimes a Merchant of Menace makes a few bucks by selling weapons to both sides, continuing and escalating the fight to fatten his own pockets.

If the conflict seems too reminiscent of a lovers' quarrel, Homoerotic Subtext may ensue.

Compare Achilles in His Tent. Not to be confused with episodes of the Feud.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • There was an episode of the Little Lulu anime where Tubby and Willy were feuding against each other every time they met up with each other. The reason they were feuding was because the indian chief suits that they bought at the store looked exactly alike, which was what ignited their feud in the first place. Even more insightful that the episode itself was based on a Little Lulu comic that had nearly the same plot.
  • An episode of Digimon Savers had Marcus and Agumon get into a fight which results in Agumon hiding inside Marcus' digivice for most of the episode. When Marcus is unable to defeat a BlackGarurumon that's rampaging through the city, Agumon finally comes to the rescue and everything is sorted out once again.
  • Ouran High School Host Club- The Twins Fight: Hikaru and Kaoru get into an epic argument over how they're tired of always looking alike and they drag the rest of the club with them. In this case, there is no Zany Scheme the others try to plan to get them to make up. Also, it's futher subverted, as the twins were just acting all along because they were bored!
  • Asuna and Negi do this, except Negi immediately feels really badly and keeps trying to apologize, whereas Asuna got over it quickly enough but didn't want to admit it. Not that they've been friends for long but she's probably only his second friend and the one he trusts most.
  • Fridge Logic reveals that this is practically all that happens in Conrad and Yozak's friendship after Yuri turns up in Kyou Kara Maou.
    • The first time, it's basically Yozak being cynical and jealous and Conrad being his psychotically loyal self, but after that we get a mind-controlling mountain of hate and the... DaiShimaron thing. These two have some of the best fights in the series, all swords with no magic, but it's kind of sad. Before Yuri came they don't seem to have fought at all.
      • If Fighting Your Friend wasn't reserved for a certain video-game situation, it'd be made for them.
    • The reason it's Fridge Logic is because, the first time Conrad threatens to kill Yozak in the anime (if he ever puts Yuri in danger again), we don't know they're lifelong best friends. Jeepers. Puts a little more depth into the face Yozak makes there.
  • In one episode of Pokémon called The Bicker, The Better, Ash and May get into an argument and argue for almost all of the episode. Not only that, but Jessie and James ALSO get into a fight! But being beaten by a couple who're obsessed with love and their Nidoqueen/Nidoking combo did NOT help.
    • In the end, though, Ash and May eventually make up.
    • This also happens to Ash and Iris in The Path That Leads To Good-bye, when they blame each other for simple things like berries being too sour or failing to catch a Dunsparce. They eventually break off their friendship and head off in opposite directions, but they soon miss each other. So at the end, after they drove off Team Rocket, they apologize to each other, and they stay as friends.
  • While Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure usually happens in many Pretty Cure series, The Movie of Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star slaps a Feud Episode out of nowhere. Many fans pretty much declare the movie skippable because of it.

    Comic Books 
  • Astérix and the Roman Agent: Caesar sends an agent, Tortuous Convolvulus, to the Gaulish village. He is a natural troublemaker who can cause dissension and stir up fights between anyone, and soon nearly the entire village is feuding. Even Asterix and Obelix get angry at each other... for about four panels.
  • This was a major plot point in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog between Sonic and Tails: Sonic had started going out with Fiona Fox, unaware the young hero had a major crush on her since falling in love with her robotic double way back when. Sonic's constant talk about her just made things worse even after she pulled a Face–Heel Turn and partnered up with Scourge the Hedgehog. It finally boiled over when Tails decided to help his recently-returned parents in trying to change the government while Sonic sided with the royalty.

  • Entire sections of Harry Potter novels consist of Harry, Ron and Hermione getting mad at each other. These escalate until in the seventh book, Ron leaves entirely for a number of chapters.
  • The conflict between Herald Dirk and Herald Kris is a major plot point in the first Heralds of Valdemar trilogy. Plays out interestingly, first, because it was deliberately provoked by a Dangerously Genre Savvy Evil Chancellor, and secondly, because the two friends were much more closely bonded than he had anticipated and were able to overcome their differences.
  • In the Rainbow Magic series, Juliet the Valentine Fairy's book is like this; Rachel and Kirsty are compelled to argue for almost all of it, only patching things up with the return of the magic candy box.

    Live Action TV 
  • The 1952-04-24 episode of George Burns and Gracie Allen's TV program revolved around a feud between George and his old friend Jack Benny, after Jack stole one of George's jokes during a performance.
  • 'The Office had the episode, 'The Lover,' in which Pam and Michael fought after Michael started dating Pam's mom. The issue took several episodes to be resolved finally ending with Pam slapping Michael in the face and then proceeding to ask "Are you okay?"
  • One "Rashomon"-Style episode of Supernatural dealt with the brothers fighting, which, as Sam pointed out, was understandable for two guys who spend all their time cooped up in a car together. Bobby was not amused.
  • House and Wilson, after the death of Wilson's girlfriend.
  • iCarly: Carly and Sam's quarrel episodes.
    • iSaw Him First, where they fight over a hot guy, complete with sabotage and tricks. The actual conflict is resolved by the guy, who gets sick of their competitiveness, and then falls down an elevator shaft, and after they resolve not to fight over a guy anymore.
    • iDon't Want To Fight, where Carly gives Sam a handmade iCarly t-shirt (possibly the first ever made, but it's important to Carly), and Sam trades it for concert tickets.
    • iQuit iCarly is probably the worst fight between them, when Sam pissed off Carly by not showing up or taking things seriously, Sam runs off and refuses to go back to her. It ends with the girls nearly falling off the side of a building after Sam rashly jumps out onto a window cleaners platform to get a good camera shot.
    • iKiss is the first example for Freddie splitting with the girls, as he quit the show because Sam revealed he hadn't kissed a girl. I'm sure you wouldn't be shocked to find out they ended up sharing a First Kiss with each other at the end to fix it.
    • iHire An Idiot threatens this with Freddie and Carly, over the girls (although it's only Carly who Freddie gets mad at) hiring the titular idiot Cort, Freddie threatens to quit unless they fire Cort, then ends up hiring his own hot dumb intern before they resolve the situation and Freddie's reveals a gambit that his intern has been Obfuscating Stupidity so she can do a sociology project and make Carly jealous.
  • The Wonder Years episode "Odd Man Out."
  • This happens every third episode on Hannah Montana.
    • Basically all the Disney Channel shows.
  • Dan and Casey of Sports Night do this after Dan, feeling picked-on by the rest of the team, embarrasses Casey on-air. It doesn't last very long, luckily, since their friendship is one of the most rewarding things about the show.
  • 30 Rock, "The Rural Juror" (with Liz and Jenna)
  • Nate and Chuck on Gossip Girl when Nate finds out Chuck had sex with Blair. They sort of make up by the end of the season, but soon have another falling out and their friendship has never really been shown to recover.
    • Serena and Blair do this dance at least once per season.
  • Ted and Barney on How I Met Your Mother after Barney slept with Robin.
  • The team on Angel splits up for part of one season (actually, they split up several times), with Angel firing the rest of the crew because they're worried he's getting too evil.
    • This trope also takes up a large part of season 4.
  • Meanwhile, Buffy temporarily loses her friends a few times, although it's always made clear that it could never be permanent. The worst of these was in the seventh season.
    • Invoked by Spike in "The Yoko Factor" between Giles and the Power Trio, though it doesn't take much episode.
    • "Triangle" has Xander's best friend (Willow) and his girlfriend (Anya) feud because they are both worried that the other will hurt him.
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Father's Day", Rose and the Doctor have a fight about how Rose just destroyed the time stream, and he steams out, threatening to leave her. He can't, since it turns out the TARDIS is just a police-box for once, but he later says he wouldn't have left her.
  • Community had an episode in which an argument between Heterosexual Life-Partners Troy and Abed escalated into a campus-wide Civil War.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation seems to like this trope:
    • Happened a couple of times with Emma and Manny in season 3. First in "U Got The Look" when Manny gets her infamous makeover and starts flirting with JT while she is interested in another guy. Emma tells Manny she's leading JT on. Manny then tells Emma to either mind her own business or stop talking to her. They make up pretty quickly after this, but their bigger fight comes later that season in "Against All Odds" when Emma doesn't approve of Manny helping Craig cheat on Ashley. They don't talk to each other for what appears to be several months in-universe. Things between the two are finally patched up when Emma helps Manny out with her pregnancy. They also got into some arguments where they temporarily stopped speaking to each other in seasons 4, 5, and 6. However, these fights didn't last for too long.
    • This also happened several times with Jimmy and Spinner throughout the series. The worst was when Jimmy stopped talking to Spinner for the rest of season 4 and a good portion of season 5 after finding out he was responsible for Rick shooting him.
    • Anya ended her friendship with Holly J after realizing she was sick of being treated like dirt. While the two do eventually reconcile, they never quite go back to being best friends (Fiona is Holly J's current best friend).
  • In Boy Meets World, Cory and Shawn go through this in the episode "It's Not You, It's Me..." after Shawn accuses Cory of leaving him behind because Cory wants to apply for a higher level college than Shawn can get into.
  • Starsky & Hutch has one such episode, the appropriately named "Starsky vs. Hutch".
  • Friends has "The One With The Morning After", in which Ross and Rachel's quarrel results in their break-up. Meanwhile, their four friends are trapped in Monica's room and are unable to leave due to the argument taking place.
  • The episode "Get the Message" of Ghostwriter featured one of these—when Mr. Fernandez, Alex and Gaby's father, inadvertently spirals out of control while driving and crashes into Lenni's father's music equipment, the families begin to feud; things only get worse when Tina, who would in most cases be a neutral party, is interviewed about the accident and says that she felt frightened by Mr. Fernandez's crazy driving. To compound the issue, resident Jerkass Calvin deliberately plays up the team's anger at each other to try to determine the secret they've been hiding. The trouble is that Ghostwriter apparently lives on The Power of Friendship, and the team's feud is slowly killing him. It takes Jamal and Rob (the latter offering a Big "Shut Up!") to reconcile the team, save Ghostwriter, and solve a local art heist.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Pro wrestling is almost entirely composed of this.

     Video Games 
  • Persona 3: FES chapter "The Answer" has the ex-SEES team have a falling out over the Key of Time, specifically whether they should use it to continue living in the present or to go back to the past so they can see the Main Character again. They finally get back together after fighting one another for each others Key fragments, then discovering that they still have one more enemy to defeat.
  • In Disney Princess Enchanted Journey, in the first chapter of Snow White's world, the Bogs taking color from the land has made the Dwarfs unable to work as a team.

    Western Animation 
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Squidward got Spongebob and Patrick to stop being friends by sending them each his own makeshift bubblegrams. Once Squidward realizes what he did when both ex-friends want him to be his friend, he comes up with a plan to get them to be friends again.
    • As the series progresses, Spongebob and Patrick seem to have more of these in episodes such as "The Fry Cook Games", "New Student Starfish", and "The Battle Of Bikini Bottom". It becomes much more common the more both are Flanderized.
  • One episode of Rugrats was about a feud between Stu & Didi and Betty & Howard.
    • "Farewell, My Friend", formerly the Trope Namer (with Tommy and Chuckie).
      • What makes the feuds between the Pickles and the DeVilles so much different than between Tommy and Chuckie is that the former is fueled by pettiness (which leads to Chaz, Chuckie's dad, calling them out on said pettiness) while the latter is fueled due to actual hurt feelings.
  • An episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo had Shaggy and Scooby refusing to speak to each other throughout the episode, which hindered the gang's attempts at solving a mystery involving a giant monster hamburger.
  • There was also an episode of Dragon Tales where Max and Ord began fighting with each other about which color to use for the castles they were making whilst pretending to be kings. Eventually, they begin lamenting about how they're going to stop fighting. In the end, they solve the problem by combining their preferred colors to make one big castle.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has several episodes like this:
    • In "Look Before You Sleep", Rarity and Applejack end up caught in the rain after an argument, and the two end up taking shelter at the home of Twilight Sparkle, where their flaring tempers put a damper on Twilight's first slumber party.
    • In "Fall-Weather Friends", Applejack and Rainbow Dash start getting overly competitive, trying to see which is the more athletic pony, which leads to them trying to beat the other at the Running of the Leaves.
    • In "Sisterhooves Social" Rarity and her little sister Sweetie Belle are the center of the conflict, combining this with The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry.
  • The very first episode of Teen Titans has this between Robin and Cyborg.
  • In The Problem Solverz episode "Breakfast Warz", Alfe and Roba fight over who gets the new science officer position, and Horace has to keep mediating between them because "fighting is never the answer."
  • KaBlam!!: 'Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!" (with Henry and June)
    • "Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag!"
    • Sniz and Fondue did this on more than one occasion, however in this case they're brothers (or are they roommates? Sniz's last name is Brankowski and Fondue IS his last name (his first name is Squeaky), but they could be stepbrothers...)
  • Recess, "The Break-Up": None of the five kids he hangs out with likes TJ anymore because he won't pick just one person to write his essay on his best friend about. While most examples of the trope have both sides mad at each other, TJ's not mad, he's just confused ("I have several friends, and I lose them all because I have several friends?").
  • Adventures from the Book of Virtues has several episodes like this. Here are a few examples:
    • "Responsibility", of course.
    • In "Self-Discipline", Zach has an argument with his mother for not buying a video game and letting him get an allowance.
    • In "Respect", Annie and Zach were angry at Jake, the junkyard man who let them find parts of his go-kart.
    • In "Generosity", Zach and Annie get into a heated argument with each other over which name to choose for their picnic campaign. They're just being generous, according to Plato.
    • In "Patience", Annie loses her patience with a younger classmate during a school contest.
    • In "Honesty" (1998), Zach is mad at Annie for not letting him pay her fifteen dollars, so they argue for a while until Annie decides to write a trustworthy letter to him.
    • At the beginning of "Integrity" (1998), Zach lies in the class by telling them his dad's Egyptian replica of a school report he's taking, which makes Annie so furious at him.
  • Chalkzone, "Power Play", "Chalk Queen", and "Double Trouble" (with Rudy and Penny).
  • Hey Arnold!, "Part-Time Friends" (with Arnold and Gerald: Gerald has been made the temporary boss at a flower shop, and has been bossing Arnold around) and "Best Friends" (with Rhonda and Nadine: Rhonda loves fashion, Nadine loves bugs, they're picked together for a group project, but don't like the other girl's interest).
  • Generation O! (with Chad and Molly).
  • The Weekenders, "Taking Sides" (with Tino and Carver: Carver has just called Tino a wuss because Tino didn't like Carver's attempt at an off-the-wall, literally, poolshot... well, it meant the diff between winning and losing the game, so Tino had a good reason).
  • All Grown Up!, "It's Cupid Stupid" (with Tommy and Chuckie, and Kimi and Susie: the side effect of a Love Triangle or two).
  • South Park had several episodes with Stan and Kyle akin to the fights Carly and Sam had:
    • "Prehistoric Ice Man", where Stan and Kyle fight over what to name a man that's been frozen since 1996.
    • "Follow That Egg!", where the kids are assigned to Egg Sitting, is the first episode where the drama in the tension shows, complete with Homoerotic Subtext.
    • "Guitar Queer-O", where Stan and Kyle become masters of Guitar Hero, but when a music producer has the idea of replacing Kyle with one-shot character Thad Jarvis, drama ensues.
    • And then, there's "You're Getting Old", the biggest Drama Bomb in the series.
  • Kim Possible, with Kim and Ron having major tiffs on a few separate occasions.
  • The Simpsons explored this with Bart and Milhouse, more than once. The first was the over-a-girl variety in "Bart's Friend Falls In Love."
  • Danny Phantom where this has happened to Danny with both his friends at least once.
  • The Road to El Dorado, in which Tulio and Miguel break up because Tulio falls in love with local girl Chel. They get better.
  • Barbie & The Diamond Castle, where Alexa and Liana part ways when Alexa wants to stay at an opulent mansion that has been given to them and Liana wants to continue to the Diamond Castle and save the world.
  • The Replacements: Riley and Tasumi over a dress that neither of them owned. This small fight escalates into a full blown wrestling match.
  • Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky did this a couple of times, their biggest fight was in the flashback episode. They got better though.
  • Lightning McQueen and Mater in Cars 2, as a result of McQueen losing due to Mater being recruited as a spy and not serving as his crew chief (Luigi later takes that role).
  • On an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius appropriately titled The Feud, Jimmy and Carl's dads have a petty feud about a lost weed wacker.
    Mr. Wheezer: From now on the Wheezers and the Neutrons are sworn nemesiseses!
    Jimmy: I believe you mean "nemeses."
    Hugh: Don't correct our enemies.
  • Adventure Time, "Videomakers": Finn and Jake decide to make their own movie for their movie club, but start to argue more and more fiercely over whether to make an action movie or a romantic comedy. Beemo helps resolve things by editing the footage they captured into a montage reminding Finn and Jake of their friendship.
    • They get into another fight in "Who Would Win?", only this time with physical violence.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine: In the episode "Thomas, Percy, and the Coal", Thomas and Percy had a fall out after Thomas accuses Percy for intentionally allowing him to get covered in coal, even though Percy laughed at him. But then Thomas got back at Percy, laughing at him when he, too, fell into the coal. At the end, they reconciled and make sure they will be careful in dealing with the coal. The Railway Series, however, takes this further where the two quarreled throughout 4 stories until at the end of "Drip Tank".
    • Bill and Ben had one with the turntable incident in "One Good Turn".
    • In "Twin Trouble", Donald and Douglas get into fall out after an accident with Trevor's cart of hay.
  • A mild example occurs in the Mr. Bogus episode "Hipster Tripster", between Tommy and Bogus, due to the latter's shenanigans.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Uncle and Tohru once went through this during a Season 4 episode, hindering their efforts in reclaiming the mask of Tarakudo's second-in-command.
  • 6teen: In "Fish and Make Up", happens between Nikki and Caitlin. They only get back together in the end at the funeral of Jude's pet goldfish.
  • Happened several times in Arthur. For example, "The Big Blow Up" (between Francine and The Brain).
  • CatDog had the episode "War of the CatDog" where they fight over a trophy.
  • The VeggieTales in the House episode "Bob and Larry: Gettin' Angry" focused on Bob and Larry getting angry with each other after an incident in which Larry accidentally messes up the checkers game that Bob and Petunia were playing. Petunia reminds the two friends that "you shouldn't let the sun go down on your anger", but unfortunately, they take out of context the true meaning of the verse and stay up late staying angry with each other.
  • Time Squad: While Larry and Tuddrussel are constantly flighting through the first season, the episode "Hate and Let Hate" brings this to a head when they are selfishly involved in their senseless fighting so much that the two adults accidentally leave Otto behind in the past, and continue to not notice for days.
  • The Flintstones has had several episodes where Fred and Barney feud and forbid their wives from "fraternizing with the enemy".
  • In one episode of Ella the Elephant, the island is hosting a soap box derby, and Frankie and Ella decide to work together on their kart. However, Frankie doesn't listen to any of Ella's design ideas, only using his own, causing her to quit the team. Frankie later reconciles with Ella by taking a third option.
  • In Steven Universe, "Keystone Motel", this happens between Ruby and Sapphire due to the fact that they don't know how to deal with the fact that Pearl had pissed them both off in the previous episode (Sapphire wants to forgive Pearl sooner; Ruby doesn't).