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Funny: Two Saiyans Play
First, the concept of Nappa and Vegeta playing video games together is by itself hilarious. Then it just gets funnier:

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Two Saiyans Play

    Orcs Must Die 

    Castle Crashers 
  • Vegeta just yelling out "HOW MUCH POOP DOES THIS DEER HAVE?" Said deer is shitting like a rocket and has been during the whole level.
  • Vegeta asks Nappa, after an owl shits itself to death, "You wrote this game didn't you?"
  • We also have:
    Vegeta: Hey, hey Nappa ask me how much money I have *Nappa mumbles* MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! I'm gonna cut this bitch free. Yeah that's right, I get money and bitches.
    Vegeta: I'm better than you door. I frown harder.
    Vegeta: I got a sheep thing and you got my owl and you're little dragon thing is just like "Hey what about me guys?" and we're just like "HA! Fuck you!"
    Nappa: Hey Vegeta! Hey!
    Vegeta: What?
    Nappa: Hey I'm Grump!

    Worms Reloaded 
  • Most of their playthrough of Worms Reloaded. Notably:
    Vegeta: Val Kilmer's career wins the cockroach award because it just keeps sticking around!
    Vegeta: I don't like that fire it should go away
  • Nappa blowing up one of Vegeta's worms that had a health increase and Vegeta winding up incredibly angry and right before that Vegeta commenting on Nappa's use of the Ninja Rope
    Vegeta: Oh, oh yeah that-that's physics! That's physics!
  • Vegeta does not like how the Cluster Bombs behave:
    Nappa: Oh no.
    [The Cluster Bomb detonates... barely scratching him.]
    Nappa: That was...
    Vegeta: It was on your head, and it only did 13 damage!? That's bullshit!
    Nappa: 13 is a lucky number!
    Vegeta: I balanced that shit on your forehead!
  • Vegeta discovers the Dragonball attack:
    Vegeta: Final Flash, motherfucker!
  • The ending of round 3. Words cannot describe.
  • And who could forget:
    Vegeta: You know what, I want you to watch this.
    Nappa: Oh no.
    Vegeta: Look how sad Slimer looks. I want you to watch him die! *He then proceeds to blow up Slimer From Ghostbusters with a Grenade despite Nappa's sad protest*
  • Any time Vegeta yells his head off when things go badly.
  • The name of Nappa's team and what he names the worms on his team. He names his team "Nappa's Ghosts", in which he names his worms "Casper the Friendly Ghost, "The Chick From The Ring", "Slimer from Ghost Busters", and....."Val Kilmer's career".
  • Vegeta attempts to use the Bunker Buster bomb on Nappa, but being unfamiliar with how the weapons operate, he ends up dropping it on his own worm's head.

  • Vegeta and Nappa talking like the Swedish Chef from The Muppets is freaking hilarious.
  • When Vegeta and Nappa are fighting a Troll:
    Vegeta: You know what I think'll work?
    *Nappa accidentally heals the Troll*
    Vegeta: Probably not that.
  • Vegeta's insistence on killing ever character they come across. Starting with Nappa.
    Nappa (after they kill each other with rocks): Well no-one wins dick!
    Vegeta: Goodbye, everyone who has helped us.
    Nappa: And all he ever wanted to do was serve you muffins. Him and his entire fucking family that you slaughtered but you know...
    • Vegeta's team killing later comes back to bite him when he lures Nappa onto a frozen lake, melts the ice beneath his feet and gets so caught up laughing about it that he fails to notice the same thing happening to him.
  • Vegeta learns that the rock spell is Boring but Practical. Especially when combined with frozen enemies.
    "Blew the fuck out of it with a rock."
  • Vegeta's discovery of the Lightning Bolt spell. Five-second beat before laughing his ass off.
  • During the flying ship part, Vegeta dies and loses his staff on the enemy ship, which when he tries to get it, the ship flies away leading to Vegeta to fall to his death. Even better, the staff still stays there in midair like it's teasing him. This continues throughout the rest of the level.

    Killing Floor 
  • The fact that they put on faux-british accents partway into the Let's Play.
  • Throughout the Let's Play Vegeta repeatedly tries convincing Nappa to have fun, but by the end Nappa is a broken wreck. Then, this happens.
    Nappa: (crying) Why are we even here?!
    Vegeta: Because it is fun. I don't care what you think, it's fun. (gets swarmed by monsters from behind) We're having fun-GET THE FUCK OFF ME! GET THE FUCK OFF ME! I'M HAVING FUN! I'M TRYING TO HAVE FUN! I WAS HERE! TO HAVE FUCKING FUN! FUUUUUUUUUU-!
    We cut to Nappa and Vegeta playing Magicka again
    Nappa: Hey Vegeta, better?
    Vegeta: *Blows Nappa up with Thunderbolt* Much.
  • The climax of the second to last round they play in Killing Floor. They're in a pitch black room being swarmed by monsters. Vegeta gets killed and Nappa dies a little bit after.
    Nappa: I'm dead.
    Vegeta:.....The fuck killed you!?
    You hear monster growling noises in the background.
    Nappa: Based on that sound.....Your Mom.
    Vegeta: Oh haha.....hahaha.....HAHAHAHAHAHA......HAHAHA...HA...FUCK you!

    Trine 2 
  • Then they're playing Trine 2:
    Vegeta: (watches as a projected box kills an enemy) I can't believe the box worked.
    Nappa: (As Amadeus, continues to cast the box spell) BOX!
  • And just before then, Vegeta mentions that he's going to get diabetes just from looking at the background scenery.
  • Vegeta's interpretation of Amadeus lying on his face in the opening.
  • During one level, the narration mentions that their characters moved "as silently as a whisper". On cue:
    Vegeta: I'M WHISPERING!
  • Vegeta attempts to jump onto a difficult platform but keeps falling, while Nappa tells him to hurry up. Vegeta finally gives up after a minute and tells Nappa to try it. Nappa succeeds on his first try and gets all the treasure.
    Nappa: Ha!
    Vegeta: Fuck you...

    Sim City 
  • Vegeta doesn't play SimCity.
    Nappa: Come on, Vegeta, we gotta get our zoning laws on! And then we'll build an airport next to the schools, and tax the Hell outta the underprivileged, and then we'll kill all of it with a tornado, followed by a giant monster! We'll be the best mayors ever, Vegeta.
    *Unable to load city at this time.*
    Vegeta: What the...?
    Nappa: Or not.
    Vegeta: What the fuck is THIS?!
    Nappa: Apparently you can't log onto the servers, Vegeta.
    Nappa: Well, they need to make sure you didn't pirate it.
    Nappa: Yeah, but you need to be able to prove that you bought it.
    Nappa: That would be EA.
    Vegeta: WHO THE FUCK IS EA?!?! (storms off) I'M GONNA KILL HIM!!
    • Hell, just the mental image of Vegeta walking into a game store and asking for a copy of SimCity is hilarious in itself, as well as the idea of Vegeta planning to kill EA for not being allowed to play SimCity because of server issues and being unable to prove he bought it.

    Dead Space 3 
  • At the very beginning of Part 4...
    Nappa: You know this is why we blow up space stations from like...before we even get to the planet.
    Vegeta: I wonder how many situations like these we avoided by doing that...
  • And at the beginning of part 1:
    Vegeta: Okay, so what the hell are we playing here?
    Nappa: Uuh, ok, uhm... Do you remember the attack on Vorblast 2?
    Vegeta: Uh, yeah, how could you forget that.
    Nappa: Ok, imagine THAT... without our superpowers.
    Vegeta: [beat] ...Who the fuck would do that?!
  • The two's attempt at roleplaying.
    Vegeta "That's funny, I'm a rookie."
  • The two drawing a Hitler mustache on a video of the cult leader with bullet holes.
    This is the best use of ammunition ever!
  • At the beginning of part 2 when the screen is nothing but green static.
    Vegeta: Now we're in the Matrix!
    Nappa: What if I told you......that you're gay.
    Vegeta: What if I told you to fuck off?
  • Nappa repeatedly tells Vegeta to "stop being a bitch".
  • When they're in Isaac's apartment and just looking around, Vegeta get's a look at the bathroom which has a very wide opening and no door.
    Vegeta: What the f....!?
    Nappa: What?
    Vegeta: What kind of bathroom is this!? It's like wide open! There's no door....this is like the worst kind of apartment!
    Nappa: Or the best. You bring a hot date home and you like watching her poop, then you just you know, fucking watch her right?
    Vegeta:.....I don't even want to know-
    Nappa: Don't make it weird!
  • At the beginning when Vegeta's player jumps out of a plane as it's falling off a mountain.
    Vegeta (sarcastically): That's when I do when things start shaking; I head for the nearest exit.
    Nappa: I rattle and roll, actually.

  • From the Dungeonland episode:
  • The end of the video:
    Vegeta (after beating Nappa in DM Mode): That's right evil always wins.
    Nappa: Happy for you man you finally succeeded at something.
    Vegeta I... That's-
    Nappa: I mean it's not killing Kakarot or being the first Super Saiyan or the first to not use protection or being part of Team Fo- Team 3 Star but you know it's something.
    *Vegeta grows progressively angrier*
    Nappa: Oh wait, wait you are part of Team 3 Star!
    • What makes it even funnier is this comment on Youtube:
    So... did Vegeta just go Super Saiyan at the end?
  • After clearing an area, the DM suddenly causes exploding frogs to rain on them.
    (Giant chest falls from the sky and spews out gold)
    Nappa: OH! THANK YOU, JESUS!
    Vegeta: I can get behind this plague!
  • "Life is like a hurricaaaaane! Here in! Duck Hell!"
  • Their frustration with the AI partner
    Nappa: I'm dead.
    Vegeta: Me too. Hopefully Warrior doesn't fuck this up for us.
    *Their AI partner puts a shield up and stands still while the enemies wail on him*
    Vegeta: [Beat] DO SOMETHING YOU A-
  • During a heated battle, Nappa claims that Calling Your Attacks makes them stronger. Vegeta, who is playing the Vanguard (a Warrior subtype that uses a two-handed hammer), tries several names for his ground slam attack before settling for "SMASH YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE!"
  • During DM Mode, Vegeta makes full use of the Evil Laugh button.
    Vegeta: GET THEM, YOU ASSHOLES! While I laugh.
  • "Hey Vegeta! I wanted to go as you for Halloween, but I couldn't fit seven dicks in my mouth!"
  • Vegeta chasing Nappa, who's holding a sheep, and shouting "Give it back! Give me the sheep!"

  • Vegeta designs his character like a Super Saiyan, then names it Super Vegeta. Nappa states his character brings out his inner personality. It's the Mechromancer, who's a girl. Named Nappina. Then when he hears Super Vegeta's name:
    Vegeta: I give you... Super Vegeta.
    Nappa: Little try-hard...
    Vegeta: Little AWESOME.
    *Woman appears*
    Vegeta: Oh, hi. See? Women are already coming to me.
    Nappa: She's coming to me too, Vegeta.
    Vegeta: ...Y-yeah, but...
  • The two discussing their nipples. Yes, really.
    Nappa: Look at the size of 'em, Vegeta, about my nipples right now.
    Vegeta: Go on, tell me about your nipples.
    Nappa: Oh, they're, uh, they're working as a team.
    Vegeta: beat ...Uh-huh.
    Nappa: Tell me about your nipples.
    Vegeta: ...I believe they could cut diamonds.
  • Nappa declares Claptrap his spirit animal. When a monster attacks...
    Nappa: Holy shit!
    Vegeta: It's Goro from Mortal Kombat!
    *Monster attacks Claptrap*
    Nappa: No-no! Not my spirit anima-*Monster rips out Claptrap's eye*-aaaaaaaaaaaaaal.
    Vegeta: Ha-ha, your spirit animal's blind. And/or dead.
    Nappa: Dammit...
    Vegeta: Nope, just blind.
  • When Claptrap declares the two his minions, Vegeta is not pleased. Especially when Nappa suggests he's Goku's minion.
    Vegeta: I am no-one's minion!
    Nappa: Uh, you were Freeza's minion... your dad's minion... you're a minion of Goku's...
    Vegeta: Ah-NO. I am NOT KAKAROT'S MINION. No chance in hell.
    Nappa: You keep fighting with him on a team, but you always go, like, second...
    Vegeta: Ju-NO. I always pop in and secure the kill. That idiot... does not... kill things. 'Cause he's an idiot.
  • Vegeta taking things while going "mineminemineminemineminemine...".
  • Nappa after killing some Mooks:
    Nappa: Who's got the moves of a fourteen-year-old girrrl!
    Vegeta: Apparently Nappa.
  • At the start of part 2 Claptrap needs someone to repair his eye. Vegeta volunteers to do it for free if it means jamming his fist in its eyesocket.
    • To which he attempts.
  • The Rakkpocalypse. "The Rakkoning! Rakknado!"
  • Vegeta going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against all who dare to be better than him.
  • At one point in part 5, Vegeta ends up in a room with pictures of half-naked Moxxi.
    Nappa: Why can't I hold all this loot?!
    Vegeta: Yeah, why can't I hold all this either... [beat] I'm sorry, what are we talking about?
    • Come Part 7, they actually meet. She's not interested.
    Vegeta: I gave you my money! WHY WON'T YOU LOVE MEEEEE?!

    Left 4 Dead 2 
  • Upon taking the elevator down to the smoke-filled first floor, Nappa starts teasing Vegeta.
    Nappa: This room is like your sexuality, Vegeta. It's flaming!
  • When the two are in the mall during the first campaign, Nappa gets taken down again.
    Nappa: Okay, things have changed, and Mardi Gras is in full swing. I'm on the ground, and men are stomping me.
    • A little later, Vegeta compares it to their Killing Floor experience.
    Vegeta: Gotta admit that this is a lot better than the other thing.
    Nappa: What thing?
    Vegeta: The killing thing with the Cockney people.
    • Vegeta's reaction to the Charger and the Witch when they attack.
  • Vegeta shoots a Witch from a floor above thinking she won't find him. She does.
  • Vegeta goes through 2 Tank encounters and somehow he never runs into the thing.

    Dead Sky 
  • The whole bit beginning with Nappa's Beyonce impression. And then...
    (A giant worm comes out of the sky and attacks Vegeta.)
    Vegeta: (screams and panics) AHH! AHH! AHH! AHH! What the fuck?
    Nappa: Hey, look, Vegeta, it's a worm!
    Vegeta: I saw that! (Yells again as it attacks him.)
    Nappa: You afraid of those?
    Vegeta: No!

    Portal 2 
  • Nappa and Vegeta intro the game:
    Nappa: THIS GAME...singlehandedly...proved that cooperative gameplay can make you kill your friends. And that's before Mario!
    Vegeta: I have the strangest feeling I have just entered a new type of hell...
  • Nappa chooses "Gallium" as a favourite periodic table element, not knowing what it is, because he likes the abbreviation "Ga".
    Vegeta: Ha, ha! You chose wrong!
  • Vegeta and Nappa singing while the game loads. Every time.
  • This:
    Nappa: Science can do anything!
    Vegeta: Science is everything.
    Nappa: That is so great.
  • "Hi, Vegeta! ... Bye, Vegeta!"
  • When the robots are being dismembered and taken to the next level:
    Vegeta: The only good thing about this is that I get to see you being ripped apart as well!
  • Nappa running around and around in circles.
  • Nappa lets Vegeta drown in a test.
    Vegeta: No! No! No! No! Put it back on! Put it back on! Put it back on! Put it back on! Put it back on! I'm gonna kill you! YOU SON OF A BITCH!
  • "Yeah... Face Palm".
  • Vegeta and Nappa open a door by simultaneously pulling two levers... only for the door to close while Vegeta is walking through it, crushing him.
    Vegeta: GODDAMMIT!
  • Vegeta pulls all kinds of mean pranks on Nappa in Part 4. And it is glorious.
  • Vegeta gets so frustrated with the bouncing box in Part 5 that he eventually just gives up on it.
    Gla DOS: Was that course too difficult for you?
    Vegeta: SHUT UP!
  • A few of Vegeta's Amusing Injuries in Part 6. Getting hit repeatedly with a bridge while bouncing for one.
  • On their first encounter with turrets, Vegeta figures out how to use the light bridges as a shield...then ends up on the wrong side.
  • Vegeta screws up a task where they were supposed to go through portals and get to the exit. This exchange happens:
    Nappa: You always miss the hole!

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 
  • This is the Medieval equivalent to Killing Floor; Vegeta finds himself getting repeatedly slaughtered throughout.
  • Vegeta and Nappa laughing at the fact that Vegeta's son is a literal bastard.

  • Vegeta is off training, so Two Saiyans Play becomes Baldies Play, featuring Krillin and Nappa.
  • Krillin and Nappa take guesses at what the name P.T. is an abbreviation for. They settle on "Pretty Trees."
    • For those curious, P.T. stands for "Playable Teaser"... for Silent Hills. Pretty Trees it most definitely is not.
  • Krillin and Nappa are off to an awkward start.
    Krillin (meekly): So, you, uh... killed most of my friends...
    (Nappa isn't really listening).
  • When Nappa has Krillin look at the table with the family portraits (and loads of pills and drugs) on it, we get this little gem:
    Nappa: We are clearly, obviously... In the Brady Bunch household.
  • Most of this episode can be summed up with one word - "Nope!"
    Krillin: This is all sorts of why I don't do this shit!
  • Press X to poop.
    Krillin: I heard a drip.
  • Their increasing frustration with the "Groundhog Day" Loop style of the game.
  • Nappa and Krillin screaming like girls at the end. Especially considering how gravelly Nappa's voice is.
  • Nappa: Now I'm scared a' doors!
  • Nappa after Lisa's first appearance and Krillin making a break for the exit:
    Nappa: And it reappears! AND WE'RE IN THE SAME HOUSE!!! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO?!
  • The bits where Nappa is screaming kinda makes it sound like Taka is breaking character and is legitimately terrified.

    Soul Calibur V 

    Sonic the Fighters 
  • Their utter confusion at the game's 3-D polygon graphics.
  • Vegeta's complete butchering of the pronunciation of "echidna" as "ee-chide-na."
    • On the same note, Nappa keeps pronouncing Sonic as "Sanic". Except he's probably doing it on purpose.
  • Vegeta makes it well known that he thinks the game is crap.
    Nappa: "I don't think this was play tested."
    Vegeta: "I don't think this was played."
    • In stark contrast to the rest of the series, Vegeta doesn't even get mad when he loses.
  • Nappa indulges in some trolling of Sonic fans, talking about how every single character is essential to Sonic lore- for example.
  • Nappa suggests the game be played competitively. Vegeta says the grand prize is a coupon to Denny's.
  • Nappa is quite horrified at the character designs, particularly Amy's face.
    Nappa: "Is it two big eyes merging or one super eye with two pupils?"

     Shadow of Mordor 
  • They reminisce about running into some other Orks and getting spikes and red paint on Vegeta's pod as a result.
    Vegeta: If I recall correctly, they said "Ey, mate, do you want yer ship to look good?"
    Nappa: ...and they did. To them and me.
    Vegeta: And it didn't work out for me. And that's why we blew up that planet.
    • Later, when an Orc captain/shaman challenges Talion, he roars, and Nappa says that he's "calling a Waaagh!" as he charges.
  • They're dismayed to find out that, if Orcs live in this game, they become stronger... just like Saiyans.
  • Nappa and Vegeta commenting on slavery:
    Nappa: You know, we may blow up worlds and subjugate people, but we never treated them like slaves. Freeza does that.
    Vegeta: Yeah, Freeza takes them and makes them slaves. We just killed them.
  • They keep mentioning how familiar the gameplay is. They initially conclude that it's Batman, but it still reminds them of something else, but they can't think what until Gollum shows up at the very end.
    Vegeta: Why is Gollum in Assassin's Creed?
    Nappa:...THAT's what it was!
  • "Did you ever marry Bulma?" "Fuck no."
    Vegeta: That's not a relationship based on "like".

    Diablo 3 
  • Nappa notices the Briefs' cat, and tries to get it to meow.
    Nappa: Say meow cat, say meow(goes on for a while), say's being an asshole cat. Ah fuck.
    Vegeta: Haha, you got bit

Krillin Plays

    Slender: The Arrival 
  • Vegeta forcing Krillin into playing Slender: The Arrival.
    Krillin: Is that a video game?
    Vegeta: Yeah. Yeah it is. And you're gonna play it.
    Krillin: (nervously) ...Why?
    Vegeta: Because... I don't like you.
    Krillin: But...what about Team Three Star?
    Vegeta: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! Exactly that! Now sit the FUCK down and play!
    Krillin: I don't wanna!
    Krillin: (crying) OK!
    Vegeta: And you're not allowed out until you're done!
    • A combination of Nightmare Fuel and Crowning Moment of Funny happens near the end of Part 1: when the PC is killed by Slender Man, Popo's eyes briefly flash on screen.
    • In Part 2, Krillin doesn't notice his 5th paper and thus walks past it, then he sees Slendy and runs back where he came:
    "Not gonna turn around...I feel like he's behind me. So we're gonna walk this way *panicking* NO! HE WAS THERE! HE WAS THERE ALL ALONG! HE WAS NOT BEHIND ME! *calmly* Found it! *panicking again* GAH! GOTTA KEEP RUNNING!"
    • In part 3:
    Krillin: (Spotting writing on a wall) "No no no no no no no" Looks like I've been here before... And I brought chalk.
    Krillin: Ok, at least this is a pre-recorded event, so I can't really die during it, right? Can't really screw up something that already happened. (15 seconds later he comes face to face with Slender Man) No! No! No! No! I can totally screw this... I screwed it up! I screwed it up so bad!
  • "I've seen your not-face!"

  • We're off to a great start before the game even starts:
  • Krillin summing up his latest experiences in the series proper in a nutshell:
    Krillin: "Your only options are to run, hide or die." HOORAY! BACK TO NAMEK!
  • In episode 10, Krillin manages to get to the other side of the vent he's in (You're not supposed to), and glitches into the ceiling. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Then he gets trapped in the wall, and ends up calling out to the mad doctor, "Doc? Doc! Doc, help! I'm in the wall! DOOOOOOC!" He looks around the wall he's stuck in and remarks calmly, "Well, that was a thing."
  • Krillin being Genre Savvy and pointing out the game's Fridge Logic "Hello? I'm here for terrible reasons!"
  • "So every time you pick something up they like to play a gong."
  • "You, sir, are a headless asshole!"
    • Similarly in episode 2: "Take that, you basement asshole!"
  • The ending of episode 1 has this gem:
    Krillin: Why is it every time I go to an insane asylum, they divulge a cult around me?!
  • "Uhhh... what happened? I remember the eunuch from Game of Thrones... and then I was unconscious."
  • In episode 16 Krillin once again has to follow the blood out, he comes up to an arrow pointing to a door, and right as he reaches it the door closes. He spends about ten or so seconds looking between the arrow and the door before he finally opens it.
  • When he opens a door, a psychopath is on the other side of it. The door is partially barred so the guy is just flailing his arm out at Krillin. Hurriedly, Krillin shuts the door and the guy's arm is still flailing through it.
  • Krillin's Famous Last Words as the Wallrider eviscerates the SWAT team: "TASTE MY VENGEANCE, MOTHERFUCKERS!" (Maniacal laughter)
    • In the live "rough cut", his words are similarly "TASTE MY REVENGE, FUCKERS!" His "getting shot" sounds are unexpectedly funny, too.
    • Earlier, in the live version, when the guy in the wheelchair goes "Gott in Himmel. He has become the host." Krillin moans, "What of it, bitch?"
  • Krillin finally says what we're all thinking in the live version of the finale: "Sure wish this game had Senzu beans."
  • "Ohhh. It all makes sense now. Evil magic science."
  • "You know, if this [red-tinted muddy water] comes from the female ward, I'm sure I'd make a few jokes about that, but I'm too scared for that right now."
    • Following that: "Back to the male ward with all the creepy shit." *Body falls through a hole above, right in front of him with absolutely perfect timing.*
  • Two words : frumpy tuba.
  • In episode 15, he flees from a club-wielding psycho into a room with a room with a benign inmate holding a butcher knife and hides in a locker anyway: "If anyone asks, I'm not here! Stay cool about this!"
  • Krillin being rendered speechless by the underground lab.
  • When Krillin sees the equipment for the Walrider project.
    So thy were building a Death Star.

    Dead Space 
  • When Krillin stomps a woman who'd just died:
    "I am the real monster!... Oh, God, she's stuck on my foot!"
  • Krillin's overconfidence over having a gun comes back to bite him in Part 5 when, for the first time in the game, he gets owned.
    • Hell, due to the fact that this is the first game he's played where he's armed and can fight back, Krillin swinging from cocky readiness to shrieking in terror when something unexpected happens keeps happening OVER AND OVER.
  • When he finds no credits for stomping a bunch of space zombies like what usually happens in the game, he remarks, "Those things are like undead piņatas!"
  • When Krillin complains about the Necromorph babies in Part 10:
    "Kids these days! Think they can just jump on your face and eat your marrow! THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKED IN MY GENERATION! In my day, you had to...train with the old, perverted man with a turtle shell on his back before you could eat marrow. And even then, you probably SHOULDN'T!
  • When facing a group of swarmers in Part 10:
    Krillin: Say hello to my little friend! Ha ha!
    (Incinerates the swarmers with a flamethrower, but one survives the initial blaze)
    Krillin: I said say hello! (Incinerates last swarmer) Rude!
  • When Krillin is looking for a Necromorph that has disappeared in Part 10:
    "I will find you. And you will kill me."
  • In 12 when he shoots at an explosive barrel to kill a whole bunch of Necromorphs and they survive just shows how much the world hates Krillin.
    • After that he uses his flame thrower on a whole bunch of swarmers and one somehow survives and jumps on him.
  • Krillin getting repeatedly squashed by a piece of revolving machinery three times.
  • Krillin absolutely freaks in Part 18 when he learns what makes the Hunter special:
    Krillin: Yeah! Not so tough now, are you, ass-wipe?
    Kendra: You can't kill it, Isaac!
    Krillin: WHAT?!
    Kendra: It's just going to keep regenerating! Get out of there! Run!
    Krillin: NO! I don't like things I can't kill!
    • Later, after running from the Hunter all the way to the Security Station:
    Kendra: Now you need to find a DNA sample of the growth.
    Krillin: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    Kendra: According to lab records, there's an inert sample stored in the ICU. A "Dr. Mercer" was apparently doing intense research on it. I've been trying to contact Hammond but all I'm getting is static! Isaac, you've got to hurry!
    (The Hunter roars somewhere)
    Krillin: SHUT UP!
    • A little earlier in this part, Krillin goes through a rather ominous looking hallway where he gets immediately jumped by Crawlers (AKA The Necromorph Babies). After quickly gathering himself and killing them dead, he delivers this priceless bit of a failed Badass Boast:
    Krillin: You can call me the Child Predato-No. No, you can't call me that.
  • In Episode 19, Krillin has been fighting the Necromorphs along with the Hunter, and when he kills the last Necromorph, the Hunter finally corners him:
    Kendra: Someone keeps shutting down the door protocols. I've bypassed the locks. Go!
    (The Hunter immediately runs Isaac Clarke through)
    Krillin: Yeah, working on it, BITCH!
    (The Hunter repeatedly stabs and mutilates Isaac's body, stopping for a moment when Isaac lifts his head)
    Krillin: ...fuck off.
    (The Hunter decapitates Isaac)
  • From Episode 21, Horrible Hydroponics, A small wave of Swarmers crawls out of the toilets and Krillin freaks out before destroying them and delivering this funny line:
    The Swarm jumps on him
    Krillin: AH! AH! AH! AH! THEY'RE IN THE TOILETS! THEY'RE IN THE TOILETS! THEY'RE IN THE TOILETS!(Kills them all) Okay, okay ... (looks at corpses) What the Hell? Did you guys eat, like, nothing but Taco Bell for, like, months straight? That's the only explanation here, I mean, besides the whole, you know, zombie virus stuff an- STOP THE WHISPERING!
  • From Episode 22, Gas Bags, we have this clever one-liner after killing a Lurker with the Ripper (aka, the "Destructo Disk," aka the "Kien-Saw"):
    Krillin: HA HA! Looks like you're Kienz-Off your game! HA HA!
  • From Episode 23, Enter the Leviathan, we get this response to one of the audio-logs left by Dr. Cross, who's waiting for her boyfriend, Jacob, on the mining deck:
    Krillin: Oh good. You go ahead and wait for Jacob, I'm sure he'll be right along with Edward and Bella.
    • Not 10 seconds into this episode and Krillin already freaks out at a giant tentacle lunging out and dragging him off to his doom right as he was picking up some credits (just laying there on the floor, by the way) with one of the most hysterical excuses.
  • Episode 27, Beacon Blues, Krillin meets his first Divider in humanoid form, unsure what it is at first, and then promptly breaks into hysterics when he finds out they split into smaller parts.
    Krillin: (sees Divider's shadow) Ooooooh-kay. (Divider comes into full view) OOOOH-KAAAAY!
    (Proceeds to empty several shots from the Kien-saw into it, but it just keeps coming)
    Krillin: I, don't know what to make of you. (Takes out the Kamehama-Gun) BUT I'M SURE I DON'T LIKE YOU!
    (Double taps, and the Divider splits up)
    Krillin: AH! AAAAAH! IT WAS A MUPPET MAN! (Fires a few more shots to kill it)
    Krillin: AAAAAAHH- (episode ends)
  • In 32- Regenerator's Revenge, Krillin comes face to face with another Hunter and he screams at a pitch no man was meant to reach.
    Dr. Mercer: This time there will be no escape for you, my friend. You have been most resourceful up until now, but my creation is free, reborn in the fierce heat of life itself.
    Krillin: WHAT?!
    Dr. Mercer: And now, it is time for you to play your part.
    (The Hunter jumps up from a floor grate)
    (Krillin runs off)
    • There's also his quoting The Room and his Tommy Wiseau impression. "You are tearing me apart, Dead Space!"
  • A Running Gag is Krillin's selfishness when it comes to the characters in the games; when he comes face to face with Dr. Kyne he's only vaguely listening to him and instead concentrating on getting ammo and power nodes.
  • A second running gag involves Krillin getting Jump Scared each and EVERY time someone contacts him on his videophone thing.
  • At the beginning of the finale, Krillin tries to move the Marker, only for it to knock into the bridge he had just levitated.
  • At the end of the finale, once Isaac has escaped:
    Krillin: I've been through some shit.
    (Isaac looks to the right and has loud jump scare)
    (Jumps to black)
    Krillin: Oh, well. Whatever's next can't be worse than that.
    (He sees it's Outlast: Whistleblower)
    Krillin: Oh, NOOOOOO-!

    Outlast: Whistleblower 

  • This scene:
    Yayan: Hey, are we gonna check out the inside?
    Krillin: No, we're pattycaking. (Ira slaps Krillin's player on the face) AH, GODDAMNIT! BITCH!
    • A few seconds later: Krillin's player is strangling Ira while the others walk past.
    Krillin: You're being idiots. I'm killing my friend.
  • The end of part 3 has him stumble on a picture of a pony.
    Krillin: .....Really?
  • Krillin referring to himself as "The Krill Master", as well as calling the viewers "Krillers".

    Among The Sleep 
  • Part 1:
    • Every single interaction between Krillin and Teddy. Krillin's reactions and Teddy's lines are even funnier if you know that Teddy isn't evil.
    • The "darkness" dialogue, constantly edging into "I need an adult" territory" (surprising that they didn't make that joke)
    Teddy: Hey, pick me up and carry me on your back. I want to show you something!
    Krillin: Nooo! That seems like something I shouldn't do with the creepy talking bear. *has to*
    Teddy: We need someplace very dark.
    Krillin: WHY?! NO!!
    Teddy: How about your closet?
    Krillin: WHY ARE YOU-?! .... *walks over* This is creepy and I don't know why I'm going along with it.
    Teddy: *in the closet* It has to be darker! Shut the doors completely.
    Krillin: ... Mmmmmmph!!! *does so*
    Teddy: *whispers* Good, this will do nicely.
    Krillin: *hushed* Stop whispering! Holy shit, stop!
    Krillin: FUCK YOU!
    Teddy: If you ever feel scared in a dark place like this, you can hug me tightly. You might feel a little bit safer!
    Krillin: ... You can come on a little less strong, ya know.
    • Also in the closet scene:
    Teddy: I don't think we're supposed to be here , we must be careful. I don't like this.
    Krillin: Oh, oh now YOU don't like it! Okay! When I don't like it 'let's do whatever you don't like' but when you don't like it let's turn the fuck around! How about, go to hell Teddy? *ominous noise* ... Okay Teddy, you're right, I don't like this either.
  • Part 2:
    • Krillin getting Teddy out of the washer.
    Krillin: Tell me where the bomb is, or you go back in! I mean my mom. Tell me where my mom is!
  • Part 3:
    • Krillin has trouble turning a wheel, and remarks that he now knows what it's like to be Yamcha.
  • Part 4:
    • Krillin sees a painting with a woman drinking from a well, then the painting changes to have the woman walk away with spiky hair. Krillin immediately equates it with Sayian hair and wonders if it's Vegeta's mother. He begins telling himself that she probably won't have Vegeta's temper. After this, Krillin encounters the monster for the first time:
    • Later, while trying to hide from the monster in a barrel:
    Krillin: (Hears a noise) No! No one's in here! Ocupado! I mean, meow! I mean, quack! Yeah, that'll get 'em.
    • "Eat building-block, jackass!"
    Krillin: (Screaming) Don't like! Don't like! Don't like! Don't like! Although you should Like, Favorite, and Subscribe, but in other words I'm running anyway!
  • Part 5
    • Krillin apologizing to Teddy for thinking he was evil.
    • Krillin gets a Jump Scare from a falling (toy-sized) bowler hat - and is depressed that he can't wear it.
    Teddy: Do you hear that? What's that sound?
    Krillin: It's a lot of things, Teddy. That sound is a lot of things. Mostly me needing a new diaper.
  • Part 6:
    Krillin: Aaah! Mommy went Super Saiyan!
    • When Krillin is trying to not break the bottles so evilly placed before him.
    Krillin: Let's be real gentle. (starts singing as he moves the bottles around) Just be gentle. Gotta move the bottles. Don't wanna break them. Because the monster doesn't like it (drops and almost breaks a bottle) WHEN-YOU-BREAK-The bottles... (nervously moves a bottle to a high table). Just set it on a-(bottle breaks) FUCK!
    • The ending, before the credits:
    Krillin: I'm gonna say "hi" to this stranger. Possibly get kidnapped, mom. (beat) I'ma bring your boot with me. That cool?"
    • The ending, during the credits:
    Krillin: Well...that wasn't too bad.
    (Door slams open and Krillin yelps)
    Vegeta: Heard you were talking shit about my mom!
    Krillin: NO, VEGETA, NO!!!

  • Part 4:
    Krillin: You know, that's littering. Imma have to fine you. But since I don't have my ticket book on me, I guess this will have to do. (tasers the enemy and beats him up with a crowbar)
  • Part 7:
    • When Krillin notices that the male crackheads can be dealt with using just a TASER, while the female crackheads can take several axe swings to the face.
    Krillin: Guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship... says the guy with a crush on a masterfully powerful cyborg.

    Five Nights At Freddy's 
  • Vegeta forces Krillin to play again, giving him this advice.
    Krillin: What the hell is this? Wait, "Night 2"?
    Vegeta: Yeah, I played through the first one, found it incredibly boring. Um, few things you need to know - everything wants you dead, so keep an eye out. Ta-ta!
  • Upon entering the game, Krillin immediately locks both doors, resulting in his losing the game quite early on. Vegeta just laughs at his reaction afterward.
    (power runs out)
    Krillin: What happened?! What'd I do?! What's going on?! What do I do?! I can't move, I can't run...
    (cue "March of the Toreadors")
    Krillin: AAH! Hi! Hi? OK. Um...please don't eat me...
    (room goes pitch-black)
    Krillin: Oh no! Everything's dark! Please don't kill me! No...I think I'm gonna die! Did I lose?! Is this supposed to happen?!
    Krillin: FUCKING SHIT! SHIT!
    (Krillin tears the headphones from his head and runs off)
    Vegeta: (laughs hysterically) Priceless.

     Alien: Isolation 
  • Krillin's motion tracker leads him right to the androids, and after killing two of them... he realizes the tracker was pointing him in the wrong direction.

Renegade For Life

    Goat Simulator 
  • Vegeta comes across a satanic circle, and decides to enter it. It turns him into Devil Goat and gives him the achievement Blood for the Blood Goat.

    Viscera Cleanup Detail 
  • While cleaning up a room full of body parts and blood:
    Vegeta: It's like a party back on planet Vegeta. You know, back when it was still around. My fifth birthday party was killer.
  • Vegeta's Angrish at the beginning. Look at him, the Prince of all Saiyans, being forced to-!
    • And his angrish at the end, what with the constant mess. Particularly when a leg falls out of the wall, and knocking over a bucket of gore, resulting in a Curse Cut Short.
  • Vegeta, Blood Knight that he is, being upset about the blood being everywhere.
    Vegeta: [mopping it up] Really? Really?! On the damn walls!
  • Vegeta finally picks up most of various bits of debris and body parts, and tosses them in the incinerator. Then he turns around.
    Vegeta: Now all that's left is the mooo- [turns around and sees the room even bloodier than before as he's been tracking blood everywhere] -ooooopppiiing.
  • The thumbnail for the video is the Janitor from Scrubs wearing a Saiyan scouter and his best metal face.
  • "Oh God, there's so many little pieces! Who did this?! If I find them, I will DESTROY them! With my Mop of Justice!"
  • Some of the responses to the corny jokes from the narrator are pretty funny.
    [Vegeta is carrying an abdomen with the legs and upper torso sliced off]
    Narrator: Someone got Medieval...on his ass!
    Vegeta: I get it.

    Surgeon Simulator 
  • Vegeta somehow gets his hand stuck in the desk and breaks his wrist.
  • Vegeta accidentally drugs himself with the anaesthetic. He then loses the anesthetic, and tries to use the antidote on the patient, which makes him lose blood faster.
    Vegeta (delirious): What does this thing do? What does anything do?
    *loses the patient again*
    Vegeta: Damn it, now I have to go get the fucking Dragon Balls.
  • The ending; Vegeta finally Rage Quits after getting drugged again and losing his bone saw in the patient.
    Vegeta: DAMN IT! IT NEVER! GETS! ANY! EASIER! *screams in frustration* Fuck it, I'm going out to lunch.
    Krillin: Hey, Vegeta, can I stop playing this?
    Vegeta: NO!

    Pajama Sam in: No Need to Hide when it's Dark Outside 
  • After watching the intro...
    Pajama Man: Do you have anything to say before I suck you into my Portable Bad Guy Container?
    Vegeta: Yeah, what the fuck am I doing with my life?
  • Pajama Sam gets his foot caught in a rope trap.
    Vegeta: Dammit! It missed his neck!
  • Vegeta's burning hatred for the talking wooden boat who refuses to help Sam cross the river because he heard wood sinks in the water:
    Vegeta: You know I could prove it to you, you look pretty inanimate, so how about I just shove you the fuck in? Or better yet, how about I fill you with so many goddamn holes, you WILL sink? Then I'll just swim across. And laugh. As you drown.
  • Poor Vegeta suffers throughout the entire game from the utter stupidity of the title character and the story. Not to mention that singing between Sam, several carrots and a refrigerator.
    Vegeta: Stop... stop... STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!
  • He gets repeatedly scared of objects suddenly becoming Animate Inanimate Objects. Like a knife.
  • Vegeta comes across some doors to answer questions, and one of them is "What do you bang on with a stick to make music?" The options are: guitar, trumpet, drum and piccolo.
    Vegeta: That's fuckin' easy! The green one! (selects 'piccolo')
    • When he's declared the quiz champion, he yells "Suck it, Kakarot!"
  • At the end of the game he goes through another door... which is full of dancing, singing Animate Inanimate Objects. You can practically imagine Vegeta's look of stunned silence.
    • In fact, you can see his arrow slooooooooowly drifting back to the entrance of the room as he's about to make Sam back off.
  • Vegeta's Sarcastic Clapping at Pajama Sam's attempt to mine gold... only to immediately break the hammer he was mining with.
  • "Alright. Well, the carrot said I need to... liberate the carrots from the refrigerator and I assume that will be... WHAT THE FUCK AM I TALKING ABOUT?!"
  • He keeps trying to use Video Game Cruelty Potential, only to find out the game doesn't have any.
  • "I'M A TREE!"
  • "I'd challenge you to a staring contest, but I think that that's a hate crime."

    Scribblenauts Unlimited 
  • Vegeta managing to solve a surprisingly large amount of challenges by throwing shoggoths at them.
    Vegeta: Save the cat, Shoggoth. Save the cat! [...] I helped!
  • During the high school level:
  • His attempts to stop God from smiting everyone.
    "God, stop being a dick!"
  • "I don't know what went wrong. Everything was going well until the wasps... and Cthulhu riding a bear... and a T-Rex showed up."
  • Vegeta has to cure a sick cat, so he spawns God to heal it. Only God does nothing but walk around cluelessly.
    Vegeta: Cure the cat, God! Cure the cat, God! [Frustrated sigh] God never listens...
    • Later, when a broken robot is brought in, Vegeta tries to turn to God again.
      Vegeta: Broken down robot? God are you going to help him? Hold on, maybe Robot God will. [Spawns a Robot God, who walks around the area just as aimlessly as regular God] You both just gonna sit there circle jerkin', or are you going to fix the goddamn robot? [God starts doing a few pushups right by the the robot] No, you're gonna do pushups on the robot, that's what you're gonna do!

    Dark Souls II 

     Trials Fusion 
  • Vegeta tries the training for the first time... and falls over without going anywhere.
  • In one obstacle course, Vegeta does quite well... until he wipes out at the last minute.
  • Vegeta falling off a ledge:
    Vegeta: Uh oh... uh oh... uh oh... UH OH... UH OH!!
  • The ending. Vegeta proves to be a glitch magnet as he gets his head and limbs stuck inside a moving platform, and the jolt dismembers him while he screams, "MAKE IT STOOOP!"

     FTL: Faster Than Light 
  • In the finale, Vegeta finds himself matched against a ship he can neither defend against or harm.
    "I am not gonna die here! Goddamnit, I'm dying here!"

    Bro Force 
  • All of it. Every damn second. It's safe to say that Vegeta would have LOVED 80s-90s era action movies/heroes.
    • Any time "Punch Guy" comes up is a particular highlight, as he's Vegeta's favorite character. "Slow Down Time Guy" is a close second.
    • Highlights of the former include:
    "Punch! Punch! Punch!"
    "Punchin' through walls!"
    "Eat that, dog! Eat that, you! And you!"
    "By the power of punches! YEAH!"
    "No more messin' around, TIME FOR PUNCHES! YEAAAAH!"
    "Fists of fury!"
  • Finally managing to kill the first major boss (as the Brominator), after dying several times:
    "Area Liberated."
    Vegeta: (Firing the chaingun wildly in triumph) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    • Later still:
    Vegeta: Hey. Are you guys prepared? Because, I don't think that you were sufficiently warned. 'Cause, uh, today there is a, uh, high chance, probably about a 50 to 80% chance, OF CHAINSAAAAAAAAW! YA-HAHA!
  • At one point, while playing as B.A. Broacus,(who is wielding a flamethrower as his main weapon) after killing one of the attack dogs, we get this little gem:
    Vegeta: Now that's what I call a hotdog. (Beat) I'm hungry.
  • "TASTE FREEDOM!" (Explosion)
  • "Eat justice, assholes!"
  • As MacBrover:
    Vegeta: EAT TURKEY!
    Fiery explosion of death ensues.
    Vegeta: HehhahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's my kind of Thanksgiving.
  • "Now I'm this guy, what's he do?" *falls off cliff* "Okay, he dies."

  • "Honey! The table's got me! Help!"
  • "How hard could this be? I'm a great dad."
  • Vegeta's yelling during the interactive opening credits is priceless.
    "Look out! Octopus coming through!"
    "Seth Parker! AAH, YOU BETRAYED ME!"
    "Learn to fly, octopus! Come on, Tom Taylorson! AAAAAH!"
    "Land on the title! Title, break fall! AAAH!"
  • When his son suggests that burgers could be made of ponies...
    "Well, then you'd be eating at Taco Bell."
  • When the kids start asking questions to Octodad.
    Stacy: Dad, where do rainbows come from?
    Vegeta: Sky!
    Stacy: Oh. Where to flowers come from?
    Vegeta: The fucking ground!
    Stacy: Where do babies come from?
    Vegeta: VAGINAS! Your mother's vagina!
  • "I'm going to steal the shit out of that cereal."
  • *slips on banana peels* "AAH! GAH! I look a fool!"

  • The first real action Vegeta takes in the game? Backstabbing someone while they're peeing. Then video game physics kick in and, much to his surprise, the body leaps into the sea.
    "Kill him with his dick in his hand? Hmm...yeah." (stab) "What the - ah, good, he was a self-hiding body."
  • Two words: Corpse Balcony.note 
  • He laughs maniacally the first time he kills someone with rats...then actually gets disturbed as they keep eating the corpse.
  • Vegeta gets spotted by a couple of prostitutes at the Golden Cat. This is a problem. He proceeds to run around stabbing prostitutes in the face shouting "FIX THE PROBLEM!"

    Rogue Legacy 
  • After dying multiple times with various characters, Vegeta notices that one of the possible characters has the ability to stop time. The next thirty seconds consist of little more than him laughing maniacally and killing everything...or at least attempting to, since according to the death summary, the only enemies he managed to kill as that character were the 4 shown onscreen.
    • Though it would've been funnier if he'd realized that he was basically playing as Guldo.
  • Vegeta doesn't think he's quite ready for the boss. And he's right, as he finds out one second later.
  • "Victory, for Vegeta!" (Grabs loot) "Money, for Vegeta!" (Breaks open a wall and finds HP-replenishing food) "Alright, and wall-turkey!"
  • At the very end of the video, after his many, many failed runs, he finally snaps when he dies again and Rage Quits, except unlike the Dark Souls II video, you actually hear him throw his controller across the room.

  • Vegeta plays Skyrim. This goes exactly how you'd expect.
  • His complete and utter indifference to the game opening with him about to be put to death.
    Vegeta: It's not even the first time I've died!
  • Hey, dragon. *roasted* FU--
  • Going completely mad with power over shooting fire. This segues perfectly into a random woman telling him not to set everything on fire.

    Five Nights at Freddy's 
  • Vegeta being utterly bored by the game.
    • Outside of the "It's Me" flashes near the start, which gets his attention for a bit.
  • Vegeta is not scared of the animatronics; he's a Saiyan- he can just kill them.
    Vegeta: Whatever; come get me! I'm the Prince of all Saiyans, you shits!"
  • Vegeta doesn't really like the game, but he does know a much better use for it. Looks like someone is getting a new game to (be forced to) play.
    • The banter between Vegeta and Krillin at the beginning of Night 2, and Vegeta laughing at the end.
  • Vegeta gets so annoyed by Phone Guy's rambling that at the start of Night 2 when the phone rings he yells at Phone Guy to go to Hell. Harsher in Hindsight if you've played the full game and know Phone Guy is dead.

    Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo 
  • Vegeta names his pilgrims Vegeta, Woman, and Guy, only for Vegeta to always die first, leaving Woman and Guy to pick up the slack.
  • 'Guy' would appear to be a woman.

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