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Awesome: Two Saiyans Play
  • From Episode 14, Take It To The Bridge, of the latest Krillin Plays series, Dead Space, we have Krillin's first encounter with the Brute. One of the toughest Necromorphs in the game, incredibly strong, known to "turtle-up" to protect it's weakpoints, and the death of many a player. Krillin remains relatively calm through the whole encounter, hitting it with the flamethrower once before utterly dismantling it with a single shot from the Ripper!
    Krillin: WHOO! Not so tough without your limbs, are ya? ARE YA?! (pockets the $500 it dropped) Thank you. Rot in Hell, Whatever-the-fuck-you-are. (Stomp) YEAH! That's two points for Krillin... Probably, I'm not sure how we score this. I'm gonna assume that one was worth two though.
    • When he encounters a second one in Episode 15, Pressure, Pushin' Up On Me, he has a momentary freakout- due to the confined space where the encounter is taking place- but still tears the thing apart. Again, with the Ripper.
    Krillin: TASTE DESTRUCTO DISK! (One of it's arms blows off) COWER! COWER BEFORE THE MIGHT OF KRILLIN! FEAR ME! FEAR ME! (Takes a hit, then bounces back with another Ripper shot to finish it off) I SAID FEAR!
    • After that, when he makes it back to the Bridge, he encounters a pack of five Leapers, one after the other, and annihilates them with the Line-Gun. When all is said and done, he has all of them lying at his feet in a little circle.
    Krillin: Okay... Same time next week? Probably not, 'cause all ya'll sons 'a bitches are dead!
    • From episode 20, Chill Out!, Krillin successfully freezes the Hunter in cryogenic stasis on his first try, and sends it off to storage with a triumphant one-liner:
    Krillin: YEAH! HA HA! SUCK IT, WHORE! (The Hunter gets frozen and send up to storage) FUCK OFF! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    A couple seconds later, after some direction from Kendra
    Krillin: I just killed a puzzle boss. Not that it was that difficult. Honestly? He kinda made it easy. Now where's that [Doctor Mercer]?! I'll fuck him up right fierce!
    • From episode 33, Flame On!, Krillin manages to destroy The Hunter once and for all by switching on the engines and incinerating it in a triumphant blast.
    Krillin: If ice doesn't take care of you, HOW ABOUT FIRE?!
    Activates remote control of the shuttle.
    Cue The Hunter erupting in a massive ball of fire.
    Krillin: Yeah! WHAT NOW, MOTHERFUCKER?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Not gonna regenerate from nothin', are ya? (Suddenly meek and doubtful) Please tell me you're not.
    • From episode 37, "Finale", Krillin killing the Hive Mind with incredible ease.
  • Any of Nappa or Vegeta's moments of ingenuity during Portal 2 when solving a puzzle.
  • Vegeta in Chivalry sucks pretty hard... until the middle part where he goes to a murder spree until being put down.
    Vegeta: I killed everyone.
  • At the end of Outlast Whistleblower, Krillin is informed that by sending the footage, he'll do irrevocable damage to the Murkoff Corporation, but his loved ones will be targeted in revenge. His response?
    Krillin: Let me tell you something about the people I love: They can blow up planets!
  • When Vegeta plays the first night of Five Nights at Freddy's, he actually becomes bored playing it since none of the robots ever go to the doors. Seems like the machines are the ones who are afraid of the player in this case. Android 19 could probably relate to them.
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