Awesome / The Miz

  • First and most significantly: cashing in his MITB contract on Randy Orton and becoming the new WWE Champion!
  • This promo. A lot of it is a shoot, and it stands as one of the best promos The Miz has ever given, and a testament to the amount of hazing and humiliation he had to endure to get to where he is now.
  • TLC 2010. After a long and grueling battle, The Miz manages to hang onto his WWE Championship against an enraged Randy Orton with not just one, but TWO of the most dastardly and underhanded ways possible. And both of them involving his manservant A-Ry getting arbitrarily used as a punching bag. Surely a Crowning Moment of AWE-Some.
  • The first match of 2011 was the Miz vs John Morrison. It was so AWEEE~EEESOME that a few are saying that it could be a possible Match of the Year candidate!
    • More importantly, it was for all intents and purposes Miz's first clean win as champion. While Alex Riley would try to get involved, Morrison just kicked his ass after the first couples of minutes, forcing Miz to win all by himself.
  • Having a match against Daniel Bryan on the last RAW before Elimination Chamber 2011, and after getting his ass kicked in all of their other matches, he finally managed to get a decisive clean win against him.
  • The 3-7-11 RAW. John Cena is continuing the verbal feud between himself and The Rock - which essentially means that Miz, in-universe, has been Demoted to Extra despite being schedule to headline WrestleMania in a match with Cena for the WWE Championship. Miz, naturally, is less than thrilled about this, so he ostensibly decides to boycott RAW until his WrestleMania match, or when people start paying attention to him instead of Cena/Rock. Until Cena tries to cut the promo at the end of the show. In comes Miz out of nowhere, bashes Cena's face in twice with the championship belt, and follows that shocking action with a blistering promo that railed on the fanbase for disrespecting him and featured this epic Badass Boast that actually channeled a bit of heel!Rocky himself:
    The Miz: Hello, Rock. We haven't been properly introduced. I'm The Miz - the WWE Champion and star of Wrestlemania. You, on the other hand, are only the host of WrestleMania, so you should know your role and be the best Ryan Seacrest that you can be! ...And if you have the guts to show up to RAW or Wrestlemania, let me tell you exactly what will happen. I will take your little eyebrow, your 45 catchphrases, your sunglasses, your father, your grandfather, roll 'em up into a ball, flip it sideways, and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS!! Because I'm The Miz, and I'M...
    • Then he stops mid-sentence and turns to look at Cena, who is still trying to pick himself up off the ground. He drags Cena to his feet and plants him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Then he stands over Cena, rips off one of his armbands and chucks it, flails his arms a couple of times. Then he drops the fucking People's Elbow on John Cena, picks up the mic, and rounds off the promo and the show by roaring one final word: AAAAAAAAWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!
  • The Miz was the first wrestler in 2 years to hold the WWE Championship for more than 100 days. That has to say something.
  • The amazing video package that detailed his rise to stardom amidst footage of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and The Rock was among the very best the production team has ever done. This was followed by Miz and Alex Riley busting out of inflatable AWESOME letters on the stage and doing his trademark entrance pose amidst a shower of fireworks.
  • In his rematch for the WWE Championship against John Cena, he actually managed to kick out of The Attitude Adjustment when John was in full blown SuperCena mode. In fact, Miz actually went on to pin Cena, but the ref, in a brief moment of competence, realized The Miz used the belt as a weapon and disqualified him.
  • Having a good Match with Jerry Lawler, in 2011!
  • Nearly winning the titular ladder match at Money In the Bank 2011 for a second year in a row? Why is this a Moment of Awesome? Because he spent most of the match in the back after dislocating his kneecap, hobbled down the ramp to the ring while everyone else was on the ground, and in that short window, nearly managed to take the briefcase out from under the noses of seven other competitors.
  • Miz vs Rey Mysterio Jr., RAW 7/25/11. Holy crap, who thought Miz had a match like that in him?
  • 7/22/11: Miz and R-Truth officially form their alliance against the conspiracy against them in grand fashion. First they beat up Santino Marella, and then they cut a contender for promo of the year in which they accused everyone involved in the Summerslam main event controversy of conspiring against them and ripping on the crowd for their infernal WHAT chants. This needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Hell In A Cell 2011, Miz and R-Truth after being fired comes back after Alberto Del Rio pinned CM Punk for the WWE Championship and beat the everloving hell out of Rio, Punk, John Cena, the cameramen, two referees, all whilst the rest of the locker room try to open the Hell In A Cell to get Miz and R-Truth, eventually they get arrested, but damn Miz and R-Truth showed they mean business, also adding to the fact that they knocked out Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne earlier on in the evening.
  • After leaving for several weeks to film a movie, after spending several months as something of a bit player on the WWE roster, Miz wins the Intercontinental Title from Christian in his first singles match back in months, becoming the twenty-fifth Triple Crown Champion in the process.
  • After performing a Heel–Face Turn, he gives CM Punk a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, managing to goad him into taking a lie detector test.
  • After losing a match against Dolph Ziggler on the 12/28/12 Smackdown, Miz cuts a promo from on the mat tearing down AJ Lee]]'s Really Gets Around tendencies. Naturally, this pisses off Ziggler, who heads back down to the ring to teach Miz a lesson. Before Ziggler can strike the first blow, Miz, from his back, brains Ziggler with the mic in his hand and goes to town on him.
  • A crowning Promoted Fanboy moment for Miz on Raw's 20th Anniversary, not only getting to introduce and talk to "Nature Boy" Ric Flair on Miz TV, but doing the strut and getting to cinch in the Figure-Four Leg Lock on Antonio Cesaro, at the behest of "Naitch" himself!
  • On the 2/4/13 Raw, Miz got to put down a foiled phony trick made by Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero, giving them both a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to boot.
  • On the Raw after Jerry Lawler's mother passed away, The Miz offered his genuine condolences to Lawler and told him he hoped it wouldn't affect their match... and he was a heel at the time!
  • Recently got engaged to Maryse; let's let MVP's Tweet speak for itself:
    So the kid from Parma Ohio achieves his dream of becoming WWE champion & marries the French Playboy playmate/model. Dreams come true!!!
    • And now Miz and Maryse are married. That…lucky…bastard.
  • 7/19/13: On MizTV, Miz, rather than zip off a few one-liners at his guest Paul Heyman's expense, opens up the floor to him, and Heyman proceeds to advise CM Punk to stay down and away from WWE or face Brock Lesnar's wrath. Once he's done, Miz finally does speak, delivering a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech that actually leaves Heyman speechless and has the crowd give him a small, but hearty standing ovation:
    Miz: I understand now why you lie...because when you tell the truth, and you show your real self, it's even uglier than the liar we've come to know and hate. I'm revolted by your face, by your tone of voice, by your frame of mind. I'm revolted by the fact that you swore on your children and STILL LIED!
    • A Meaningful Echo of sorts touches it off nicely, as Miz simply drops the mic with a thud after his speech to a stunned Heyman, not unlike what Punk would do after one of his "pipe bombs."
  • On the 10/7/13 RAW, he actually manages to be the first person to evade a Wyatt Family beatdown through sheer Genre Savvy. He even manages to get a few punches into Bray before escaping.
  • On the 8/23/16 edition of Talking Smack, SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan said that he thinks Miz wrestles like a coward. The reigning Intercontinental Champion was having none of it, delivering a "Reason You Suck" Speech that was so brutal that even the Smarks weren't sure if it was a work, shoot, or Worked Shoot.
    • To futher add to the example he completely shut Daniel Bryan down to the point that not only did he not have a comeback, but he just completely walked off the set. Even better? The following week, Bryan admitted that Miz was right.
  • Even many of his detractors will admit that the majority of his 2016 IC Title run has been pretty good. Not only have his matches with Dolph Ziggler been decent quality and shown him hit new heelish lows to draw heat, but he's simultaneously been carrying on an angle/rivalry of sorts with Daniel Bryan, which included the promo above, which is widely considered to have been one of Miz's best in years, if not his best ever.
  • Miz taunting Renee Young about her relationship with Dean Ambrose on the Dec 20th edition of Smack Down
  • Miz effectively countering Cena's claim that his entire character and moveset are ripoffs, stating that could be said for just about any wrestler, past or present, including Cena himself:
    Miz: "When John Cena first came to WWE, he stole his identity from every white kid with an identity crisis in the 90s. He was a cross between Marky Mark and Vanilla Ice...but wait, there's more! The Attitude Adjustment? Used to be called the Death Valley Driver, John Cena stole it from Tommy Dreamer. (*mock gasp*) John Cena stealing a move from someone? But wait, there's more! He stole his girlfriend from Dolph Ziggler. (*even bigger mock gasp*) Whaaaat?! Nooooo, not our hero John Cena, he wouldn't do that...but wait, there's morrrre! He stole his last t-shirt design from a beer company, but you know what, we applaud John Cena, we love Cena because Cena's that 'good old guy'...