Film: The Marine

John Triton is a veteran marine operative who is discharged from the Iraq War, despite his best wishes to remain. He returns to his wife, who after a great big welcome home, suggests they take a vacation. Their paths cross with Rome, a diamond thief, and his cronies who are on the run from a previous heist. They steal Triton's ride and, of course, his wife. Triton must save his wife as he chases Rome through the South Carolina environment.

A sequel was released on DVD starring Ted DiBiase, Jr. in 2009. In 2013, a third movie was released on DVD/Blu Ray starring The Miz. A fourth movie was released in 2015 on DVD/Blu Ray with Miz returning, and also featured the first Diva in the series, Summer Rae.

These films provide examples of:

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    Tropes Shared 

    The Marine 

    The Marine 2 

    The Marine 3: Homefront