Film: The Marine

John Triton is a veteran marine operative who is discharged from the Iraq War, despite his best wishes to remain. He returns to his wife, who after a great big welcome home, suggests they take a vacation. Their paths cross with Rome, a diamond thief, and his cronies who are on the run from a previous heist. They steal Triton's ride and, of course, his wife. Triton must save his wife as he chases Rome through the South Carolina environment.

Claimed by WWE Films to be its most successful film yet. A sequel was released on DVD starring Ted DiBiase, Jr. in 2009. A third movie was released in 2013 starring The Miz on DVD/Blue Ray. A fourth movie is planned with Miz returning and featuring the first Diva in the series, Summer Rae.

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    The Marine 

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    The Marine 3: Homefront