Funny / The Miz

  • The Miz, at a house show, is trying to get the crowd to quiet down so he can do his catch phrase uninterrupted. Which results in the crowd jeering louder every time the mic approaches his mouth.
  • Miz, Christian and R-Truth are arguing over who got screwed the most during the Capitol Punishment PPV, on Raw the following night, the argument dissolves into...well, into this.
  • Raw 09/03/12, the Miz is put on commentary duty for the night. The very things that make him annoying normally make him absolutely hilarious as a commentator. You can tell the guy's having a blast. And he actually manages to not talk about himself for most of it.
    • So much so that he was part of the Commentary Team for WWE Main Event for a while.
  • The commercial for Survivor Series 2012 involves Miz having a bucket list. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Raw 12/03/12; having performed a Heel–Face Turn, he manages to be quite funny as he calls out CM Punk. Including getting the crowd to chant that Paul Heyman is a walrus.
  • Two Words: Miz-co Inferno. If you notice toward the end, he actually split his pants. Bonus points for JBL and Cole being absolutely oblivious to what "twerking" actually is (they describe almost everything he does as twerking, but are oddly silent when he actually twerks.)
  • The Miz heard that Damien Mizdow was doing a commercial and barged his way into the commercial. This is the result.