Funny / John Morrison

  • A battle rap between Triple H, and The Undertaker, both of whom are played by Morrison. If you know the history of both men then you'll get all of the jokes, but it's still pretty funny even if you don't.
  • A vignette from his MNM days in OVW.
  • His introductions on The Dirt Sheet regularly skewed towards the side-splitting in their ridiculousness;
    • "Hello/Hi, I'm John Morrison and...
    ...I like to squeeze things." <clown horn honks twice> can bounce a quarter off my abs." <pulls open his shirt and there's a funny boing noise>
    ...once after a fifteen-minute conversation I convinced Madonna to adopt an English accent."
    ...I once spent six months in Nepal chanting with Zen Buddhist monks. Ommmmmm-bad-meh-ommmmmmm... It's good for your spirit, you should try it sometime." time I waited backstage at the Point Theatre in Dublin for three weeks just to give Michael Flatley the surprise beating of his lifetime."
    ...I don't like Canada."
    The Miz: Why?
    Morrison: I don't like maple syrup- it reminds me of Canada.
  • His feud with Lucha Underground owner Dario Cueto, particularly during Season 3, as Cueto seems to relish constantly and sarcastically shooting down Morrison/Mundo's attempts to get a Lucha Underground title match.
  • He once denied a dog a handshake.