Heartwarming / The Miz

  • Heel or not, Miz still broke out into Manly Tears when he first won the WWE title from Randy Orton. Knowing that he literally was an Ascended Fanboy only makes it that much cooler for him.
  • After fighting Daniel Bryan on the 2/14/11 RAW, he gives Jerry Lawler his deepest condolences after announcing that Lawler's mother passed away the Saturday. Then it gets—somewhat—more heartwarming as he wants a good fight from Lawler at Elimination Chamber 2011 and not let his mom's passing get in the way of their fight, setting Lawler off to be more of a Worthy Opponent than some wrestler he's off to fight.
    • More importantly, he did it without turning it into an insult at all, which is what makes this fit here.
  • The photo of him backstage with "Angry Miz Girl." Both simply because the photo is all kinds of adorable, but also because he was able to change her opinion of him simply by meeting her.
  • In a twisted way, Miz celebrating his stunt double Damien "Mizdow" pinning Sheamus on the 10/20/2014 edition of RAW is heartwarming in itself.
  • The Miz kissing Grumpy Cat live on RAW.
  • On an interview with ESPN, this is what the Miz had to say about his wife.
    "As soon as she got hired, it gave me a whole new confidence in everything — in my ability to do promos, in my ability to be in the ring..." [...] When your wife is sitting there watching you ringside, you are kind of showing off, and you don't want to look stupid — ever. [...] I'm not in one of those relationships where I'm like, "Ugh, I'm with her all the time, and it sucks" [...] I'm like, "This is what I want." I want to be around her all the time because she's my best friend, and we talk about everything. It brings a whole new light to my life. To be away from her kind of puts you in a down mood."
  • Even though Dean Ambrose trolled him into untold levels of paranoia, leading him to inadvertently smash an old grandfather clock that Maryse was going to give him (it being in a man-sized box made Miz think Dean was lurking inside), he reveals the next week that he spent almost all of his downtime looking up woodworking and repair tutorials online to try and fix it.
  • Teaming up with Asuka for the Mixed Match Challenge. They're both delighted.
  • Daniel Bryan watches his first televised WWE match and reminisces about his feud with the Miz, who was his "Pro" at the time. He then admits that despite what the hardcore fans might think, he actually did learn a lot from the Miz about the entertainment side of wrestling in the WWE.