Heartwarming / Shawn Michaels

  • Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels publicly burying the hatchet in relation to the Montreal Screwjob as part of the opening segment of the January 4, 2010 edition of Raw.
  • Bret's peptalk with Shawn backstage after the "Career vs Streak" match at Wrestlemania 26.
  • Shawn and Hunter closing out the show on the 3/30 Raw with hugs and headbutts of love.
  • Shawn helping out a Special Olympian who jumped over the rail back in 1997.
    • That one deserves a bit of elaboration: Michaels was facing Steve Austin at King Of The Rings '97, and the Special Olympian in question was apparently a Michaels fan who jumped the railing to try and help his hero. Rather than let the arena security throw the fan out, Michaels - as well as the referee - got security to back off and calmed the fan down long enough for his parent/caregiver to come and lead him away from the action.
  • Recounting how he knew Eddie Guerrero not from wrestling, but from their shared faith.
    • Shawn finding God is also worth mentioning. His is a bona-fide story of salvation, coming off a life full of reckless partying, drugs, and selfish ambition that has put both his career and life at stake before coming to Christianity and genuinely turning his life around for the better. Whether or not you also choose to walk the path he does, Shawn Michaels proves that it's never too late to find a new reason to live.
  • Shawn's and Ric Flair's matching Rolex watches that Shawn bought to commemorate their Wrestlemania 24 match. Ric's says "to be the man", Shawn's, of course, "you gotta beat the man".
  • Shawn's induction into the 2011 class of the WWE Hall of Fame. A sweet, heartwarming speech from his best friend (which also put the "vitriolic" in their Vitriolic Best Buds friendship), a tearjerking speech, and four out of five of The Kliq there to celebrate.
  • Shawn, Hunter, and the Undertaker tossing kayfabe out the window at the end of the WrestleMania 28 Hell in a Cell match. They helped each other up, hugged, walked up the ramp together, and stood arm-in-arm at the top in a display of friendship and respect.
    • The best part of this is, unlike the Madison Square Garden Curtain Call all those years ago, that WWE tried to bury, they've since glorified this Curtain Call. And rightfully so.