Heartwarming / Vince McMahon

  • Before Wrestlemania III, Vince wanted something huge. So he was trying to convince André the Giant to come out of retirement to face Hulk Hogan for the main event. Andre declined, as he had severe degenerative issues in his back that caused him great pain. Vince convinced him to talk to the best doctors in the country about a radical surgery, vowing to pay for it whether or not Andre competed. He came through on his word, not only giving Andre an unforgettable send-off, but relieving him of an immense amount of pain at the same time.
  • Mick Foley was in the middle of an amazing run as his Mankind character. He could have milked it for a lot longer, but he didn't. Vince gave Mick the chance to wrestle as his boyhood persona of Dude Love. Not just for a night, but permanently. He was willing to give up a known success just to give Mick the chance to live his dream. Here it is.
  • When Sensational Sherri Martell passed away, it was well known at the time that her former charge Booker T had paid for her funeral. Later, however, it came out that Vince had personally paid for her headstone, and had demanded he receive no credit for it.
  • Quite a lot of Vince's former employees have had kind things to say about his attitude towards the talent. Spike Dudley noted in shoot interviews that one of the reasons the cruiserweight division in WWE never rose to the heights the WCW version did was that Vince was genuinely worried the style would end up severely injuring someone. Likewise, when Joey Mercury was originally let go from WWE, Vince apparently personally sat down with him and told him that he (and the company) were genuinely worried Joey would die due to his drug issues if WWE continued to subject him to the rigours of a full touring schedule.
  • Say what you will about Super Cena, but one of the main reasons Vince has refused to give him a Face–Heel Turn (and lose out on the huge possible profits that might lie therein) is because Cena loves doing charity work (especially for the Make a Wish Foundation) and being a heel would interfere with it.
  • When his son Shane made his massively unexpected and shocking return to the WWE on Feb 22, 2016, Vince was obviously still playing the heel role, treating Shane with disdain and setting him up for a Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 if he wants control of Raw... but when Shane climbs into the ring and the screaming crowd is chanting his name, then going to chants of "HOLY SHIT!" and "THIS IS AWESOME!", Vince just can't fully keep up the act, unable to stop a smile from creeping onto his face at the reception his boy is getting after so many years away.
    • As if that wasn't enough, after Shane's subsequent match (which he lost, but did good in), WWE posted this backstage video of Shance and Vince.
  • Something easy to overlook about Vince is that he's been married to Linda for over fifty years. They met when she was thirteen and he was sixteen, he asked her to marry him shortly after her high school graduation and they've been together ever since. Despite a lot of the antics Vince gets up to in Kayfabe (most infamously drugging Linda and making out with Trish Stratus in front of her), that's apparently all it is -kayfabe- and Linda has stuck with him through everything. That kind of long-term dedication to each other is a rare thing in show business.
  • The Young Bucks revealed that before their ladder war with the Hardys in Ring of Honor, (the last match the Hardys would have before going back to WWE) the Hardys passed along a message to them from Vince asking them to take care of the Hardys, even though he knows the Bucks are really good. It says a lot about the Bucks that Vince trusted them to keep Matt and Jeff Hardy safe even though they don't work for him.