Anime / Brave 10

No, it's not a Reverse Harem series

Brave 10 is a Jidai Geki fantasy anime, originated from the similarly named manga. It follows the lives of those that would be known as Sanada Ten Braves, ten loyal ninjas serving under Sanada Yukimura, although rather than going for historical route, they go for a more mystic-based approach.

The main protagonist is an Iga ninja named Saizou, who meets an Izumo priestess called Isanami on the run from the ninjas who destroyed her temple and protects her on her short journey to Sanada Yukimura's castle. Sanada wants to gather 10 warriors, a party unrivaled in skill and power, to set his still secret plan into action...

The author, Kairi Shimotsuki, is well known for her Yaoi work, but she has also worked on the Sengoku Basara franchise and this series clearly follows the latter. Very much so, though with a heavy, Darker and Edgier Seinen slant.

This series provides examples of: