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Both films

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In his review of the sequel, Brad Jones stated that he doesn't consider the Saints to be vigilantes, but rather straight-up serial killers.
  • Awesome Music: The film's opening theme, Blood of Cuchulainn and its remix in the sequel Blood of Cuchulainn 2010.
    • Also, Saints from the Streets, which plays over both the opening scene and the Il Duce shootout.
  • Critical Dissonance: You betcha, with critics panning both films with a 23% Rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audience reaction for the first film was vastly more positive at a Fresh 91%. It is actually one of the movies with the largest rating disparities between critics and audiences ever recorded on the site. The second film was much less enthusiastically received by audiences, at a Rotten 58%, though that's still a hefty 25% disparity.
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  • He Really Can Act: Billy Connolly as Il Duce. Actually, everyone already knew he could act since Mrs. Brown, but these movies established that he really can be a credible action movie badass.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • If you've seen both this movie and The Walking Dead, it may be weird hearing Murphy speaking with a Southern accent/Daryl speaking with an Oirish accent. Or it may be weird seeing Scud shooting up bad guys, considering his insistence that "I'm a lover, not a fighter."
    • Rosengurtle Baumgartener is Coach Beiste.
    • Clifton Collins Jr. has been in many movies before or since this one, but seriously... is that Tendo Choi/Cesar screaming "Ding Dong, motherfuckers" and using a gold-plated silenced .45 Colt?
    • One of the "People on the street" being interviewed in the ending of the first film is an uncredited, pre-fame Bradley Cooper.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The boys' reactions to Rocco's death is terribly sad. The victim gets shot while tied to a chair. The brothers are witness to the act and they are also tied up and powerless to do anything. Murphy throws himself, chair and all, to the ground and crawls to Rocco to rest his head on the victim's cheek and cry. Connor is reduced to screaming at Rocco, God, Yakevetta, and anyone else who will listen.
      • Rocco's last words are pretty badass.
    Rocco: (to Connor and Murphy) You can't stop. You get out of here. Don't ever stop.
    • Connor screaming and struggling to get loose as the mafia thugs drag Murphy out to be executed.
    • In the second film, the boys' father also dies, making their lives all the worse for it.
    • The brief moments we see of the innocent priest tearfully begging for his life while he's dragged before his own altar and murdered in cold blood:
      Connor: "He was a good man. Ran youth hostels and soup kitchens."
      Murphy: "Even made it into the paper sometimes..."
      *both brothers leave the table to go tool up and avenge him*

First film

  • Crosses the Line Twice: The whole damn movie. Shooting an innocent cat? Utterly despicable. Accidentally shooting a cat, and reacting with a Cluster F-Bomb? Very funny. Attempting to conceal the blood splatter on the wall by taping a (much too small) piece of paper over it? Fucking hilarious.
    • The piece of paper is a picture of the cat.
    • "Is it dead?"
    • "I can't believe that just fuckin' happened!"
  • Cult Classic: Maintains a devoted fanbase despite never being a commercial success and heavily panned by critics. The AV Club featured it on the their "New Cult Canon" list and cited Troy Duffy's inflated ego to be one of the things that made the movie particularly infamous. Watching it on St. Patrick's Day has become a tradition and it is often used in drinking games.
  • Heartwarming Moments: In a shameless action flick, they're relatively rare, but a definite one is, when Murphy's dragged out by the Russian mobsters, he and Connor are yelling for each other, and then Connor rips the toilet out of the floor, climbs to the top of their tenement building, and drops it on the guy's head, because he tried to kill Murphy. Then he jumps down after it and lands on the other gunman, not even stopping to think of how easily the stunt could, and should, have killed him. If there was any question of how much the two brothers love and care for each other, this sequence answers it rather spectacularly.
    • The brothers reaction upon learning Il Ducé is their long lost father is truly beautiful.
  • Ho Yay: The hit on the Sick Mob Man, after which Connor puts his hand over Rocco's mouth, and kisses the back of his hand. Which doesn't even make sense in context, unless you count Rocco's immediate silence.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The "rule of thumb" lady from the beginning.

Second film

  • Badass Decay: We first meet Romeo when he beats up a much larger man with his hands chained behind his back. He spends the rest of the movie being made fun of by the brothers.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: When Eunice Bloom starts with the gun tricks in a cow girl outfit for no reason.
    • Also, the dream sequence in the hockey arena.
      • The hockey arena is a subtle callback to Greenly suggesting that their mass execution of the mob bosses take place center ice at a Bruins game because of how public it will be. It's an homage to the passing of his character, as is the line "Thanks for coming out."
  • Narm: Special Agent Bloom's overly affected and slightly lisping southern accent sounds just a wee bit too much like Truman Capote at times.
  • Sequelitis: Audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes dropped from 91% for the first film to 58% for the sequel. Same for IMDB, from 7.8 for the first to 6.3 for the second. Commonly cited among its flaws is a very uneven tone when compared to the original, with a lot of forced, somewhat unpleasant attempts at comic relief (see Squick directly below).
  • Squick: Some of the descriptions of how screwed people are/have been:
    Greenly: "We are totally FUCKED! And not just fucked — this is elephant dick, pound-in-the-ass, no-reach-around, JUNGLE FUCKED!"
    Concezio: "These two sons of bitches PRISON FUCKED US!...IN THE ASS! And then they wiped their dicks on our grandmas' drapes!"
    Greenly: "I hope you guys love cock-sandwiches, because we're going to be eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: A lot of people were unhappy that Willem Dafoe wouldn't be returning. Then he shows up in the last five minutes of the movie!


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