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  • Accidental Innuendo: So, Jeminya wants the diplomat to "Ride her into the sunset", does she?
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Rose garnered a lot of annoyance and even downright hatred from some fans due to her bigotry and stubbornness. However, many fans also agree that her funeral is one of the saddest moments in Welcome To The Show.
  • Archive Panic: The series is currently pushing 100 episodes, each of which is over seventy minutes to close to two hours in length. This can make trying to catch up a daunting prospect.
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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Oin a tough but fair Jerk with a Heart of Gold, or a condescending hypocrite who insults others for failing to meet standards that even he struggles with. Add in the fact that he was the real cause of the party’s nightmares the whole time and you just get more fuel for debate. He claims both that he needed something to make himself indispensable, and that what he did made the party stronger. Is what he did justified given his background and the need for the party to be on their toes, or was it just him traumatizing the others for his own benefit?
  • Awesome Art:
    • The artwork accompanying The Reveal of Jeminya’s teifling form, as well as her atop of Starjay
    • The artwork that Lightning Bliss does for the Kraken battle is also rather epic.
  • Awesome Music: Quite a few. Notably ”I Stand Alone (Instrumental)” which plays when the Balor shows up, and ”Ignis Divinus” Which plays during the Season One finale, when Jeminya first summons Starjay.
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  • Awesomeness Withdrawal: The players themselves have admitted to suffering from this during the often month long wait between sessions.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Ravvas during season 3. The split was between people who saw him as a frequent case of Strawman Has a Point and those who found him downright insufferable. His player Lunacorva seems to be split down the middle. Effectively saying that while, he did have a good point most of the time, he was also needlessly and unjustifiably antagonistic about expressing it.
  • Broken Base: Without going into detail, the decision to upload the episodes with Toon Kritic after the infamous fiasco involving him has been met with very vocal responses. A huge side feels that the episode being uploaded is respectful to the victims (who either have shown indifference or given their decision to allow them) and showcases an example of how to not forget what happened as a way to learn from what happened...but there's also another side that argues the videos shouldn't be uploaded for the sole fact Toon's in them.
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  • Catharsis Factor: Seeing Aymer be humiliated and turned into a puppy was incredibly satisfying after what a loathesome, abusive Smug Snake he had been.
  • Common Knowledge: “Amber suplexes the tree/Kraken” is often considered her Moment of Awesome. However, the reality is that she never actually suplexed either opponent, she grappled them, but a suplex is specifically a type of throw, and Amber never once so much as lifted her opponents.
    • She does suplex Sazaan during the Test of Prowess, but this moment is ironically less well known.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • A large source of Rose’s conflict is whether or not the party should kill the Kraken or let it go free. This is presented as Rose choosing to protect an animal’s life, over that of the humanoids it could hurt. However, the glaring problem with this is that in the 3.5 Monster Manual, The Kraken is not an animal. It has an intelligence of 21 (Which is literally Stephan Hawking levels of intelligence ), a wisdom and charisma of 20, is Neutral Evil, and can actually speak common.
      • In fact Rose’s “Calm Animals” spell should have had no effect on it whatsoever.
    • In episode 41, Jalerom is struck by a mechanical dragon statue due to it catching him flat-footed and negating his Dexterity bonus. However, Jalerom is a level 14 Rogue, which means he has an ability called “Uncanny dodge” that allows him to keep his Dexterity bonus even while flat-footed.
    • Similar to the above, Kross is hit by the flame elemental’s fire attack in episode 42. While he passes his reflex save, the attack still does half damage on a successful save, reducing Kross’s health down to the negatives and requiring Rose to heal him before he dies. Problem is though, Kross is a Ranger, which means he has the level seven ability: “Evasion” that allows him to take no damage on a successful reflex save, even against attacks that would normally deal half damage on a successful save.
  • Cry for the Devil: It’s hard not to feel at least a little sympathy for Simula after what The Warden did to her.
    • Zig-zagged with the reveal that Simula was never actually harmed by the Warden and was using him as a decoy while she carried out her real plan. Then she brutally killed him, with his last words being of his loyalty and love for her.
  • Demonic Spiders: Quentil Paracs, one of the most frustratingly hard bosses in the series to date.
  • Even Better Sequel: Season 2 lacks the awkwardness that the earlier episodes of season one had, thanks to the players and DM’s growing experience. The pace flows better, The world becomes larger, the batttles more epic, and the increased power scale means that Awesome Moments are far more frequent.
  • Evil Is Cool:: Josh himself gets a moment of evil genius in episode six. Succesfully pulling of seperate Batman Gambits against every single member of the party. Especially the one he uses against Kross.
    • Simula cements herself as a Diabolical Mastermind during the Season One finale, Infiltrating the dwarf kingdom of Optimar, she disguises herself as the dwarf queen and waits for the party to arrive before secretly poisoning the king with the party in the room so that they will take the blame. When the party is found innocent however, and Rose cures the king, Simula changes her plan and instead uses an anti-magic spell to strip Jeminya off her disguise, knowing that having her teifling form revealed will cause Jeminya to panic and lash out at the party. Simula then uses the distraction to slaughter the royal guards, as well as place the body of the REAL Queen, so that it looks like they were killed by the “tiefling harboring outsiders”. In one fell swoop, she has destabalised the power structure of Optimar, pinned the blame on the heroes, and reduced their chances of getting Optimar on their side to just two: Buckley's, and none.
  • Evil Is Sexy: For many people, Simula certainly fits the bill. Helps that Josh occasionally plays her with a sort of flirtatious sounding voice.
    • Tiamat, the Queen of Chromatic Dragons, is by nature a chaotic evil being. She also has a human form, and of course, Josh would have to describe her in perhaps the sexiest way possible.
  • Fridge Horror: It's been established that Jeminya feels what Simula feels from their empathetic link, so when The Warden raped Simula, does that mean...
    • Subverted with the reveal that the Warden never raped Simula, their relationship was consensual.
  • Growing the Beard: Episode 8 is when the players start to get past their earlier awkawardness, the pacing starts to pick up, and we see more of the character interactions and Emotional Torque that will come to be highlights of the series.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Many of the characters dialogue and actions become far harsher after you learn that Jeminya is actually a tiefling
    • During the encounter with the balor in the labyrinth, they use the wishing well they find to wish it away. They think they've seen the last of it. And then it shows up again more than 50 episodes later.
    • After ToonKriticY2K was revealed to be a sexual predator, all of Kross' actions and interactions, especially in episodes uploaded after the fact, can be seen as this.
  • He Really Can Act: Despite being amateur web comedians operating without any script, the team does a fantastic job selling the dramatic moments of the story.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The post Kraken battle becomes this after you learn that Amber can breathe underwater.
  • Iron Woobie: Jeminya. She's been cruely betrayed by her own sister. Lost her throne, been thrown in a dungeon to fight for the cruel pleasure of the warden, he own team barely trust her and to top it all off: she's a tiefling, so no mattter what she does, she's doomed to suffer in Hell when she dies. None of this keeps her from fighting to save her kingdom.
  • It Was His Sled Jeminya is a tiefling. Given all the fanart, it’s rather hard to avoid this one.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Faethurin is cynical, suspicious, abrasive and rude. But when you find out what her father did to her, can you really blame her?
  • Jerkass Dissonance: Oin and Ravvas. Both are unquestionably jerkasses, and though both have reason for it, whether those reasons justify their behavior is vastly up in the air. This is especially true for Oin, who has been with the party since the beginning and has displayed little to no change in behavior.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Subverted, Jeminya really DID die. According to Word of God, he had not planned for that to happen. Them being near a well that could revive her was nothing but dumb luck
  • Love to Hate: Aymer, Simula and The Warden.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • "Kross Luck!" When used positively.
  • Memetic Loser: Kross combines this with Memetic Badass, due to his incredibly wonky rolls
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • “Kross Luck”context 
    • “I’mma punch it!”context 
    • You do not detect any traps within your immediate vicinty.context 
    • "If I may." context 
  • Memetic Troll: The DM himself.
  • Narm: While Josh’s performance as Jeminya during The Reveal in episode 31 is a definite case of He Really Can Act, her scream of “Not again!” after being Out-Gambitted by Simula is laughably wooden.
    • The artwork for Jeminya riding Starjay is a crowning example of Awesome Art, however Starjay’s face in the picture doesn’t really scream “Epic battle”, so much as: ”What the-?! What’s going on?! Why am I here?! Who are you people?! Why is there lightning?! Where’d my carrot go?! Why is Jeminya on my back?! Okay… so I guess we’re doing this, now, are we?”
      • Then again, that’s actually a rather appropriate reaction for someone who’s just been pulled from their home dimension to participate in an epic battle without any prior warning.
  • Nausea Fuel: Baalzebul in his entirety. He is a gigantic slug man who can melt into ooze, coming into physical contact with him causes rot and decay, he attacks with a massive swarm of flies, plus there's the fact that his eye stalks were ripped off by Oin, he was vivisected by Jalerom, and his brain was torn out and squished by Amber.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The Kraken is probably the most memorable Monster of the Week to date.
  • One True Pairing: There are two strong couples in the series; Ivan x Amber, and Jalerom x Faerthurin. In fact, both couples proposed along the course of the series, and Jalerom and Faerthurin are expecting a child.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The series basically runs on this trope. Not only do you have The Warden tormenting the characters in their dreams, but you also have the Big Bad Simula, who has been studying the party, knows exactly where their loved ones live and how to best hurt them, and is implied to be following them.
  • Retcon:
    • Kross tells Jeminya in episode 34 that his son is thirteen. However, this contradicts what he told the party in episode 11.
    • Jeminya also accuses the party of attacking the Succubi unprovoked, and the narrative treats her as being in the right. However, this is untrue as the Succubi were the ones to attack the party.
  • Rule of Drama: Josh’s reasoning for Jeminya remembering her death even though Oin’s wish had been specifically worded to prevent that is admittedly rather flimsy, but if she ‘’hadn’t’’ remembered, it would have prevented one of the most important moments of her character development.
  • Rule of Funny: How in God’s name did any of Jalerom’s lies work? Because it was bleeding hilarious, that’s how.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: A problem with earlier episodes was that supposedly intense or exciting battles would be accompanied by relaxing and dreamy music.
  • Stoic Woobie: The harshness of Thedan’s words and the fact that his father is dead clearly affects Jalerom. But he keeps his voice completely neutral while reading the letter, and moves on without a word of complaint.
    • Oin, Rime and Ravvas ( Though the latter less so after the seaspn 4 reveal). They’ve been through loss and trauma from a very young age, but outwardly display very little emotion towards others.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Ravvas throughout Season 3. Despite being a Jerkass, Token Evil Teammate and The Big Bad of Season 4, he does raise many good points.
    • The party WOULD benefit from having a solid leader and command structure to prevent arguments, and that is really something they should have thought of before Jeminya was taken.
    • They really had no choice but to kill the guard if they wanted to save Jeminya, and a delay would not have made the decision easier. In fact, it would only increase Jeminya's torture.
    • The party likewise did not have time to babysit a spirit that would not have been able to survive their travels anyway.
    • The party was really grabbing the Idiot Ball when they accepted drinks offered to them while in Hell.
    • On the flipside, Amber might have been the most Genre Savvy of all of them, but her running away and/or hiding under the bed instead of calmly and clearly saying the party should not be wasting time ultimately helped no-one and only caused MORE delays and time spent in the garden.
    • Callous as it was, Executing Levistus, like he did probably saved the party a difficult boss fight that they might not have even survived.
    • While Amber had legitimate, moral reasons to hate Ravvas at the time, he was also correct that half of her anger stemmed from the fact that he had personally insulted her.
    • It probably WOULD have been smarter for Oin to wait until after they were past Lolth before putting Ravvas under his sleep spell, since he would have outlived his usefulness by then. Instead, his actions leave the party without their guide at the moment he was most vital. Ravvas himself lampshades how ill-timed that was
  • That One Boss: The Will-O-Wisp was incredibly hard to kill.
    • Later, Quentil Paracs took the title of the most needlessly drawn-out boss fight due to being a Damage Soak Boss and a string of bad rolls from the players. It didn't help that his only attack was "Hit with mace", making the combat feel flat and repetetive.
  • Trolling Creator: Half the things Josh puts the party against is there just to mess with them. Or is a seemingly Hopeless Boss Fight with a laughably easy solution.
    • Calling him "creator" might be a stretch, but Lunacorva was clearly having FAR too much fun convincing everyone on the Discord server that Ravvas really had betrayed the party.
    • Taken Up to Eleven by Lunacorva after Ravvas returns as the Big Bad of Season 4 and the Man Behind the Man of Season 3. Literally his first words in the fan Discord post the episode's release:
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Rose often comes across as bigoted, hypocritical, myopic and an infuriating Granola Girl instead of a kind-hearted protector.
    • Oin can often come across as a rude, condescending jerk who holds the other party members to standards that even he fails to achieve, and has never once apologized for any of his actions, including entering his friends dreams and traumatizing them solely for his own benefit.
  • What Could Have Been: One wonders how Rose’s nightmare would have gone if Sweetie Bloom hadn’t dropped from the call.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Since the series is uploaded on Dr Wolf’s channel, he will often ask that the other players keep their language clean for the sake of any younger viewers who may be listening. However, this is rather fruitless as a simple look at the Nightmare Fuel page will make it abundantly clear that this show is filled with themes and imagery that are not child friendly in the slightest.

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