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Taerel wiki is a wiki for an original, scifi/horror Worldbuilding project set after (and soon, soon after and before) a vampire outbreak brought the zu'aan empires of Taerel to their knees. Taerel was started in 2015 as the "Vampyre clans project" and grew from there. It was created by a Wikia (now Fandom) user named "TheBurningPrincess". It is written by a large number of users together.

You can find the work here: Taerel Wiki

Taerel Setting contains examples of:

  • Alien Sky: Taerel as stated in the Diwarale Kin'toni Clan page has three moons. There is a moon near the Eastern horizon, a moon near the Western horizon and an moon near the Northern horizon.
  • Adaptive Ability: The vampires "kin'toni" "adapt to the land around them" with mutations, such as the blind, albino Minemi Kin'toni Clan (adapted to caves) and the albino Phuis Kin'toni Clan (another cave clan) and the deep sea water-adapted Tiess Kin'toni Clan who have gills and are again, blind.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: The kin'toni can have all kinds of odd skin tones, examples include the Clael Kin'toni Clan who have green skin, Peullton Kin'toni Clan who have dark blue skin, the Ranther kin'toni has brown-green skin, the Invernus kin'toni with a light silver skin tone. Really, most of "IAmTheSkull"'s (A prolific writer on the site) clans have odd skin colours.
  • Apocalypse How: Class 2. The kin'toni outbreak at the start of the Awakening Age was one of these, a planet wise societal collapse sending the world back to pre-agricultural levels at worst. The entire world of Taerel was effected.
  • Alternative Calendar: The Taerel calendar's amount of months is unknown, years are written as XE XXX, the first number (before the E) is the era number. The numbers after that are the year numbers. The Taerel calendar also has "ages" defined by technological progression. Ages have such names as "Stone Age" and "Shattering Age". Before that calendar was Retcon in there was the "B.P.D" calendar, X years Before Present Day. This did run into the problem of "how does it make sense" if you remember one would have to add a year each year that passed to all event dates.
  • After the End: The Age of Shattering begins after a vampire sickness ravages the world of Taerel (called the Age of Awakening). The spread of vampires made the advanced zu'aan society fall from grace and the civilization retreated to walled cities or became nomadic tribes in order to avoid the vampires.
  • Bio-Augmentation: The kin'toni are Bio Augmentated superhuman vampiric sophonts made by lab stuff gone wrong - their powers and adaptions are mutations of the body.
  • Bioluminescenceis Cool: It appears that Bioluminescence is very poplar along Taerel writers, to the point of many regions having glowing plants, glowing eyes are also a poplar thing to add. The regions with glowing plants and even animals include the Wosayum Glowshroom Bayou, Vuya Shadowy Forest,Caldar Mountain,Ustves Golden Fall Grove, Vizdrya Land of Lakes and the Nys'aw Cold Forest. For the glowing plants, see Glowing Flora more down on this page. Another glowing thing is the Yakr Vibrant Swamplands, having pools that glow in the dark due to glowing algae.
  • Beneath the Earth: Many kin'toni clans have made a permanent home underground, such as the Wialshy Kin'toni Clan, living in the Anyeri Hard Rock Erosional Caves, the Minemi Kin'toni Clan, living in the Ghar Anaroth Caves and the Diwarale Kin'toni Clan, living in the caves of Caldar Mountain. A zu'aan group that lives underground is the Muvon City Zu'aan, who live in the Frib-kada Caves.
  • Council of Vampires: The pioneer clan’s council rules the Ashat nation that contains the Av Vara Kin'toni Clan and the Av Vara Kin'toni Clan, among others. The Ashat nation is the nation that rules the Seegor Blanket Bog, Lyeolor Alpine Tundra, Puvesir Autumn Hills, along with other places. The members of the Ashat nations include Tal Ranoth Kin'toni Clan and the Falang Kin'toni Clan. The kin'toni are a race of vampires made by a super-soldier experiment gone wrong.
  • Door Stopper: Taerel wiki is over 2 million words in size, if it was pointed out it would be about 4444 pages if printed in 12-point, Arial font
  • Don't Go in the Woods: Some of Taerel's woodlands are inhabited by hostile kin'toni clans . There is also the Torsh Dense Taiga Forest, filled with poisonous gas.
  • Dying Race: The zu'aan are slowly dying, forced to fight over the slowly dwindling sustainable land by the ice sheets creeping down from the north they live in fear of the kin'toni clans outside their cities. The zu'aan are ravaged by disease. Despair and reckless hate lead many more into hopeless fights or suicide, and few zu'aan even live long enough to reproduce or see twenty years of age. Their numbers are slowly dwindling.
  • Endless Winter : The Shattering, started by the volcanic fallout of a super volcanic eruption, was a winter that lasted for over fifty years. It affected most, if not all of Taerel. Many people died of a lack of food in this time.
  • Escaped from the Lab: "Project Bloodmoon was the project that made vampires ("Kin''toni") in a lab (or many labs, writing is inconsistent on that, but a researcher was bitten and turned and subjects got out of the lab, leading to a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Feral Vampires: Zigzagged: Some kin'toni clans are feral monsters that are savages or mindless killers, but many clans avert this as they are sapient beings that can reason and act in a human-like manner. The Ja Anarath Kin'toni Clan are a savage clan that cut out their own tounges and the Loremdra Kin'toni Clan. The Roh Kin'toni Clan is another savage feral clan.
  • Festering Fungus: The Umvera Kin'toni Clan ( ) grow a form of fungus from wounds on their bodies. They embrace the fungus that in time, kills them by clogging their arteries. This fungus sometimes would grow so large or in such an inconvenient place that they would lose some of the functionality of their bodies. Some would end up being unable to walk, talk, lift things, or even see as some of the fungus prevented them from being able to do so.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: The Xerea Empire to Rome. They even have Legions such as the VIII and X Legions.
  • Forest of Perpetual Autumn: The Ir'ser Autumn Taiga, a taiga forest controlled by the Ormad Kin'toni Clan is stuck in a forever Fall. It earned its name from that.
  • Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke: The backstory mentions that Genetic Engineering was used, alongside nanotech to create the kin'toni (vampires), who caused the Xerea zu'aan Empire to fall
  • Gone Horribly Right: The kin'toni project. (Project Bloodmoon), yes, they made their superhuman soldiers, but shame they turned on the Xeara zu'aan empire right?
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: the kin'toni super soldier project - once the kion'toni were made, they broke out of the lab and turned on the staff there, and later the zu'aan empire and rest of the zu'aan.
  • Genetic Adaptation: The kin'toni can adapt themselves to the land around them giving them mutations, and powers, but also weaknesses, such as flight, cold resistance, or having the ability to live underwater.
  • Glacial Apocalypse: As of the year 4E 250, one is incoming, the effects already starting to show in some regions. It set to starve many of the inhabits of Taerel and possbly end what civilisation is rebuilding.
  • Grim Up North: The Shauren Iceplains is a large barrein ice plain ruled by the cruel and savage Vytheri kin'toni fits this trope. It is never stated if it is in the north though, but implied by the description of the seasons to be so.Also, the Loremdra Kin'toni Clan are from the North, but never stated where exactly, but due to the ice age, marched south.
  • Glowing Flora: In the Wosayum Glowshroom Bayou there are massive mushrooms that gro to the size of trees, and glow bright, electric, luminescent blue at night. They are simply referred to as "glowshooms" in the text. There are so many in the Wosayum Glowshroom Bayou they create an artificial blue sunlight, almost as bright as day. In the Caldar Mountain region, there is a form of moss called "Thai", a light blue, glowing moss with seeds spread on the wind.
    • There are also glowing mushrooms called "viatren varek" that grows in the caves of the Caldar Mountain region. The Vuya Shadowy Forest is full of bioluminescence with many bioluminesct plants growing under the Aenite trees. One of the glowing plants of this region is the "Evodia", a blue glowing moss, native to this forest. In the Ustves Golden Fall Grove region, most of the plants glow, such glowing plants include: A funnel shaped mushroom with an orange glow at night. They have the nickname ‘midnight sun’.
    • ‘Nature’s Path’ is another glowing plant of the Ustves Golden Fall Grove, a moss that glows when disturbed. There is also the plant with a glowing blue bulb at its tip, called the ‘Voice of Lost Souls’, that releases glowing spores when disturbed. In the Whir Boreal Wetland, there is the Whir, a bioluminescent seaweed. The Nys'aw Cold Forest has such glowing plants as the b'vaunyu, algae type plant that glows cyan, arkir, a succulent like plant with red glowing leaves and the Vyira,a brightly green glowing wall creeping plant found throughout the caves.
    • In the Ward'ent Volcanic Stones Plains, there is the Ward’ent berry bush, glowing a luminescent white; in the Soskel Black Beach, a glowing type of berry called the wikeri.
  • Glowing Gem In the Caldar Mountain region there are gems that glow with a soft light and in the Den'sule Brown Beach there is a huge glowing diamond. There also are Sunstones, called soon as they emit a light glow at night.
  • Lost Technology: In the Age of Shattering, the Old Empire's Technology was lost. Some of that equipment is still around during the Age of Awakening, such as a hydroponic farm using mirrors to reflect sunlight to grow crops. A few zu'aan tribes have access to guns from the Old Empire times. The tech was lost due to the kin'toni hunting down the zu'aan into small tribes.
  • LEGO Genetics: This appears to be the case for the kin'toni and the zu'aan, the kin'toni can adapt to land around them, mutating their bodies and giving them powers. They can do this multiple times (as hinted by clans that split off other clans having their own mutations.
  • Horror Hunger: Kin'toni (vampires) hunger for the blood of zu'aan (humans), and need it to live.
  • Monster Progenitor: The kin'toni are vampire-like monsters who are organized into clans, each one typically led by the one who created the original group.
    • The clan founder of the Boughdyn Kin'toni Clan is Velis Runtumu, one of the first kin'toni made in a lab. They spread their vampiric traits by "turning" many others to form the clan.
    • The clan founder of the Invernus Kin'toni Clan is Dyndra Norot, who appointed Jualli as her vice-leader. Jualli disliked the religious dogma of his clan and recruited and turned others into kin'toni.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: The vampires are living beings infected with a virus that turns them into super-strong sun-fearing blood drinkers, with none of the standard weaknesses besides sunlight. They can be killed by things like sickness, blood loss and beheading.
  • Mutants: The kin'toni, being "gene engineered beasts" who used to be zu'aan
  • Metamorphosis: The kin'toni transformation is a one-way, permanent thing that cannot be reversed.
  • Nanomachines: The kin'toni appear to have these in their blood: in fact, mentions that nanotech was used to alter hantavirus packets as part of the kin'toni virus' making. Rykintas Aughan is mentioned to of died of a heart attack after nanobots in his body turned against him.
  • Pointy Ears: Both the Zu'aan and the Kin'toni have these in many of the lore pieces if it is mentioned at all. For the zu'aan, their pointed ears are nearly perpendicular to the skull and cheekbones and the kin'toni have varying ears, such as the Meullton kin'toni who have ears that stick outward and are three to three-and-a-half inches in length with a "pointy edge", the Hathdani Kin'toni Clan and the A'voreld Kin'toni Clan who are mentioned as having pointed ears. It would probably be easier to list the examples that avert this trope than play it straight.
  • Retcon: Happened many times in the setting's history, such as the lore of the very first version using B.P.D (Before present-day) dates, later redone to XE XXX dates. The names of the clans being retconned from Elder Scrolls stolen names to original names. And as of June 2022, the era numbers are being retconned in a timeline revamp.
  • Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness: These vampires are somewhere in the middle, as there are both hostile nasty clans and nicer clans. There is everything from friendly and peaceful clans all the way up to savage monsters and mindless Feral Vampires.
  • Super-Soldier: The kin'toni (vampires) were made in a lab to be super soldiers for the Xeara zu'aan empire at the end of the Genetic Age.
  • Scenery Gorn: The Zu'aan Empire's cities and buildings during The Age of Awakening and the Age of Shattering. The buildings are ruins of their former glory, but oddly enough seem still quite strong as shown in a page mentioning a hydroponic farm and a Zu'aan group that lives in skyscrapers.
  • Technically Living Vampire: The kin'toni are living beings infected with a virus/malformed prion of sorts that turns them into blood-thirsty sun-fearing beings who drink blood They are able to be killed like living beings, the wiki has kin'toni die of such things as sickness, bloodless and one who died of a heart attack.
  • Treetop Town: In the Raugangago Mixed Coniferous Forest, the Iantilla city zu'aan built their houses on top of the essrayi trees. These also is the Xingale Kin'toni Clan, whom live in the tree-tops of the Yalrie Forest Thicket region.
  • Undeathly Pallor: Both played straight by many clans, such as the cave-dwelling Minemi and Xalather Kin'toni Clans who have stark white skin, but are also adverted by the Yergha Kin'toni Clan who have such dark skin it was almost black.
  • The Speechless: The Ja Anarath Kin'toni Clan are a clan that swears a vow of silence by cutting out their own tounges.
  • Underground City: A zu'aan example is the city of Muvon, home to the Muvon City Zu'aan. Another zu'aan one is the Keduk City Zu'aan's city, built under the Chacer Temperate Plains. There is also the Estard Kin'toni Clan who built a city under the Old'lye Sludgepit, and the Mos'vor Kin'toni Clan who built a city under the Bosul Ashland.
  • Undead Child: The Jalka Kin'toni Clan, a clan of vampire children entirely made up of young orphans no older than fifteen in zu'aan years. They were infected with the kin'toni sickness and broke away from those that contained them and ran through the streets of the zu'aan city killing all those in their path.
  • Viral Transformation: The Kin'toni virus that turns people into Kin'toni (vampires) takes a few weeks to turn the victim, but the end result is a blood-thirsty vampire.
  • Vampire Variety Pack: There are over 200 clans of kin'toni, each with its own looks, powers and weaknesses. Clans include the Undead Child Jalka Kin'toni Clan, the deep sea water-adapted Tiess Kin'toni Clan, the blind cave-dwelling Minemi Kin'toni Clan and the flying Neluskskel Kin'toni Clan
  • Vampire Procreation Limit: Averted, hence why in the year 3E 3000, a vampire outbreak lead to the fall of civilization - as a large amount of the zu'aan population was turned into vampires
  • The Virus: Again, the kin'toni virus - this virus happened to be made in a lab by the Zu'aan empire as part of a super-soldier experiment gone wrong.
  • Was Once a Man: The kin'toni used to be zu'aan before they were turned into blood-drinking vampires
  • Weakened by the Light: Kin'toni suffer from this - their bodies reject their own tissues when exposed to sunlight.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Well, a Vampire Apocalypse, starting in the late Second Era, the Age of Awakening is about the outbreak and after, the age of Shattering is set 250+ years after the outbreak.