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The whole gang's here! From Left to Right: Jen, Ophelia, Drew, David, Alice, Scott, Vanilla, Alma, Patrick, and Dan

JODDAS VAPD is a weekly slice of life comic started in 2014 by Korean Tacos revolving around the daily lives of ten best friends in their 20's as they navigate the ups and downs of being adults.

Can be read on Tapastic while the first three seasons of the comic along with some specials can be read on the series WordPress blog

Now has a Characters page that needs some love!

JODDAS VAPD provides examples of the following:

  • A-Cup Angst: Alice at times goes through this. One strip has her asking if Drew would even go for a girl like her given her lack of a chest.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Jen is the only main female cast member with a tan skin tone. Whether she simply has a tan or it's supposed to indicate she's of a different ethnic group is unknown.
  • Bed Full of Women: Scott manages to have Vanilla, Alma, and Jen in his bed. Too bad it's just a dream...
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  • Big Breast Pride: Jen in relation to the food she eats apparently going to her chest.
  • Big Eater: Patrick and Dan both qualify as this among the guys. Jen among the girls though justified on account of her athleticism.
  • Brainless Beauty: Subverted in that Vanilla's not stupid and knows when a guy is being sleazy, but she does fall for handsome guys a lot giving her a dash of Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
  • Comically Missing the Point: Patrick tends to misunderstand things to comedic effect.
    • When asked about stereotypes in men in a Gender Studies class, Patrick responds by naming the various stereo brands such as Sony and Bose.
    • And again when he takes offense that America is only the second-worst nation when it comes to obesity.
  • Comical Overreacting: An early strip has Scott upset at Tomodachi Life not allowing gay marriage not because Scott himself is gay, but because he can't live out his Ellen Page fantasy.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Downplayed given the series doesn't lose its sense of humor, but the later seasons have this as the cast find themselves drifting apart as they mature and get busy with their personal lives notably with almost everyone undergoing personal arcs which change up the status quo.
    • Dan and Ophelia Dan feels slighted at work as he is passed up a promotion which is given to an unqualified co-worker who is blatantly incompetent and gleefully abuses his new position as Dan's supervisor. Dan is so angry about this he snaps at Ophelia who does not take any of Dan's unruly attitude. In the end, he tells said supervisor and the business as a whole he worked for to go screw themselves placing his personal happiness over working a job he grew to loathe. Naturally though, he has to find a new job afterward.
    • Jen wakes up one day to find out her rent has gone up and worse, she can't afford to keep paying as a person living alone. She becomes distressed about this and tearfully admits she'll have to leave the cast to move back in with her parents for a while. Luckily for her, Patrick of all people comes to her rescue offering to let her stay with him at his apartment. Everyone is stunned by this and Dan even has to remind him that he's a man and Jen is a woman. However, no funny business actually transpires though the arc ends with Jen having developed romantic feelings for Patrick
    • David is offered an internship, but it's required that he goes abroad as per the catch behind it. After some back and forth, he goes for it and becomes a case of Put on a Bus having so far permanently left the cast.
    • Drew goes over to talk to Scott about his so-called new "girlfriend" who's blatantly disinterested in Scott only being with him because of his clout as a popular Youtuber as per her own admittance, but said girlfriend tries coming on to him having had prior sexual history with Drew, prompting Scott to think that Drew is trying to steal her away from him and causing a rift in their friendship! After some advice from Alice, Drew decides to go soul searching before he tries to make up with Scott.
    • Vanilla feels her life is going nowhere as teaching turns out to not be all she thought it would be coupled with the fact she can't seem to find a guy who isn't trying to get in her pants. She's so depressed she takes Alma up on her offer to attend an anime convention despite not being an anime fan herself. After the con, the two young women get to talking about their respective lives with Alma coming out to Vanilla and offering to take her on a date. She agrees to go along with it but enjoys her platonic date with Alma so much that she kisses her leading to a night of passionate lesbian sex between the two young women with the two waking up the following morning naked in bed cuddling each other. In the end, Vanilla decides to call it quits with being a school teacher and instead opts to fulfill her dreams in other ways while living with her new love interest.
    • Scott is doing fairly well for himself as a Youtuber having moved on being a Vtuber. Despite this, he lives a lonely existence with his so-called "girlfriend" from Drew's arc taking financial advantage of him and not wanting to spend time with him at all! To make matters worse, a woman by the name of Cherri Lady outs Scott on one of his Twitch streams as a sex offender claiming he tried peeping on her five years ago. Cue him waking up the following morning to his social media profiles having blown the hell up overnight with unsavory posts from the cancel mob and on top of that, a news site further dragging his name through the mud! Scott then tries to make amends, but only makes things worse through no fault of his own culminating in him trying to commit suicide though lucky for him, Dan and friends were keeping a close eye on him and were able to get him to the hospital in time!
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: Alma as the other girls can attest to often serving as her unwitting guinea pigs for new cosplay outfits!
  • Dating Service Disaster: Vanilla experiences this after meeting a supposed doctor off of Tinder who in reality is just another loser guy who doesn't have his shit together.
  • Dumb Jock: On Patrick's bio on the Wordpress site for JODDAS VAPD, it is stated he's attending college on a sports scholarship of some kind. True to the nature of this trope, he's not the brightest bulb in a box.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The initial few strips were drawn on paper with no colors.
    • Then there was color, but there would be no transition to digital drawing and coloring until the end of the 2014 Summer Special.
      • Character example, but one of the first few strips has Alma rant about scantily clad outfits that many female fighting game characters commenting on how players may as well be playing as naked women!
      • Given the fact she's revealed to be a lesbian several seasons later, it comes off as a bit odd why she would complain about half naked women though she could just as well be complaining about the double standard between male and female outfits in fighting games.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Scott though one strip parodies this with him wiping makeup off his face to reveal beautiful bishonen like blue eyes.
  • Femininity Failure: Jen during the 2015 Life's Just Beachy summer special during her phase of trying to be more like the other girls.
    • What's more is during a later arc when she hits up the mall with Vanilla and Alice and they try clothes on, Jen's idea of fashion is a comfortable pair of sweat pants compared to the more feminine outfits her peers try on!
  • Gamer Chick: All the women of JODDAS VAPD could count as this.
    • Specifically, one strip has Alma deal with a male employee at a Game Stop who's in total denial that she would ever be interested in purchasing games like BloodBorne or Mortal Kombat X for herself and not for a male relative or boyfriend as the clerk erroneously assumes
  • Halloween Special: In Season 2 when the group explores a haunted house that is actually inhabited by the ghost of an angry mother who's daughter killed her after the mother got on to her for wasting her life away on Myspace with online friends who abandoned her for Facebook
  • Hidden Eyes: Dan's shaggy hair covers his Korean eyes as does his baseball cap.
  • Hot for Teacher: Scott towards Ms. Vivian Fox, the public speaking teacher. Naturally, she turns down Scott's advances every time.
  • Idle Rich: Alma is about the only member of the cast without a job or a huge focus on her studies and is also the only wealthy cast member thus qualifying for this trope.
  • Life Time Movie Of The Week: Alice apparently spends her weekends watching these as revealed in Season 3 when she initially turns down Vanilla's offer to be the fourth girl for a group date.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Alma is revealed to be as such in recent strips offering to go on a date with Vanilla of all people. Vanilla presumably may fall into the girly end of the lesbian spectrum herself after said arc.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Scott oh so very much. Any strip focused on him has him in no particular order...
    • Make a blatant pass at various women and either get verbally rejected or physically attacked in response.
    • Try to spy on the female cast members in some state of undress!
    • The Life's Just Beachy Summer 2015 special has him casually emerging from a locker in a women's changing room much to the absolute horror of the poor young women involved when invited to the beach trip of that story.
    • This trope ends up getting deconstructed late into Season 7 of the comic when he gets outed as a sex offender during one of his Twitch streams as a Vtuber by a woman who recognizes him as the same guy who tried seeing her naked five years ago. To say he gets "canceled" is an understatement
  • Mistaken Age: Alice is commonly mistaken for being a child despite being 20 years old because of her short petite appearance.
  • Nature Tinkling: Patrick does this in front of poor Alma during a camping arc in Season 1.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: One arc has a totally not Gordon Ramsey character show up at Alice and Vanilla's restaurant that they work at in a send-up of Kitchen Nightmares
  • Nobody Poops: Hilariously averted in one Season 2 strip where Scott walks in on Vanilla using the toilet while the former is playing Pokémon GO on his phone!
  • Oblivious to Love: Patrick towards Jen's hidden affection for him
  • Perky Goth: Ophelia is this despite her goth-like appearance while also doubling as the Team Mom of the group.
  • Reality Ensues: One strip that riffs on Pokemon has Dan as Red gets arrested for supposedly "abusing" his Charizard and repeatedly bringing it to Nurse Joy to heal while attempting to get a badge from Brock.
    • An early arc has David looking for a job to prove to Dan that it's easy to get a job. Needless to say, the job hunt doesn't go so well for the former.
    • Vanilla tries and fails to hook up with a guy who isn't skeevy eventually culminating in her hooking up with Alma of all people for the sheer fact she had a date she honestly enjoyed and with no pressure to put out on her end regardless of the fact that she hooked up with her gay best friend!
    • Scott's perverted tendencies usually result in him getting punished albeit with it being played for laughs. Do the math on what happens when he becomes a successful Youtuber putting his face out there for all to see including, despite million to one odds, one of the women he sexually harassed in the past.
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Scott getting canceled for his perverted actions in years past throughout the strip's history on social media at the height of his content creator career is very much the Me Too! Movement, but not stated as such!
  • Straight Gay: Alma being a lesbian the entire time is only revealed late in Season 7 six years into the comic's run and until said reveal, nothing Alma says or does so much as hints at her sexuality.
  • Secretly Wealthy: Alma is this as her rich family is more of an informed part of her character background and despite being from a wealthy family, still attends the same college as her friends.
  • Soul-Sucking Retail Job: Dan's occupation is very much this until he gets fed up with their bullshit and tells the company to go fuck themselves!
  • Staging an Intervention: Ophelia, Vanilla, and Drew spring one on Dan because of his addiction to buying anime figurines.
  • Tank-Top Tomboy: Jen's choice in fashion always involves a green tank top.
  • The Every Man: Dan is the main focal point of the comic working a crappy job at a grocery store, yet has several friends who appreciate him and a wife who loves him to balance his life out.
  • The Smart Guy: David though he lacks the Street Smarts of his peers because of how invested he is in his academics.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Alice being the shortest and the most youthful-looking despite being around the same age as everyone else.
  • Token Minority: Drew though he has his qualms about being perceived as such by others.
  • Tomboyand Girly Girl: Jen is the tomboy of the group being the most athletic of the five female characters and the least ladylike too. One arc has her struggle with the notion that No Guy Wants an Amazon.
    • The other four girls, Ophelia, Vanilla, Alice, and Alma by comparison are naturally more feminine in looks and demeanor.
  • Two Gamers on a Couch: Mostly averted in strips that discuss video games though the occasional strip does feature two or more cast members playing video games on a couch.
    • The very first strip of JODDAS VAPD plays the trope straight with Dan and Patrick commenting on Final Fantasy XIII and its lack of player engagement.
  • Workout Fanservice: Vanilla during a gym class strip in Season 2 embodies this trope so much so that it is all Dan can do to remain faithful to Ophelia.

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