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    Pre-Release WMGS 

Aiden, Marcus and T-Bone can end up recruited into the cause
However either of them end up in a totalitarian post-Brexit England, they'll be people who know ctOS in and out and this is not the first time they've done this kind of thing before. Whether they're part of the story or DLC, it'll be interesting to see.

Permadeath can be turned off, if not a Hardcore mode option
While there have been easy, normal and hard modes in the games, permadeath mode would be more if you're quite sure of your skills, especially if it's part of a Hardcore difficulty option where the only way to get that particular character back is to restart the game.

Shout-outs to British pop culture
For example, an easter egg that has a familiar blue police box looking out of place in a futuristic London.

Some of the enemy leaders will be knock-offs of real-life British polticians and media figures.

Although Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment will have this Troper refraining from identifying the potential Expys by name, the fact that Legion is explicitly set in a "highly nationalist" and totalitarian London (in what's highly implied to be a post-Brexit England). That alone means the enemies being made of EvilBrits is guaranteed, but coupled with how Watch_Dogs 2 had not-so-subtle stand-ins for real-life figures who were involved with then-current events, may result in some of the named enemies being modified versions of IRL figures of Britain's right to far-right. Possibilities can be divided into three groups:

Bagley was programmed by Josh.
It would be interesting if Josh made Bagley to begin building Dedsec in London, and Bagley does appear to be literal minded like Josh.

Bagley will be hijacked by a rival hacker and misdirects the player.
Slightly similar to GW, Bagley might be hacked by rival hacktivists and direct the player to danger and like GW, spout random phrases.

Adien is running this dedsec
It will be reveled late in the game the person running this sect of dedsec will be Adien Pierce.
  • Alternatively it could be a member of San Fran dedsec, or possibly Ray Kenney.

You can recruit the Queen of England
And there will be an achievement for it.

The Spiderbot will appear again
Given how in the second game Titus was making it for "Riot control" and Albion is fielding "Riot" drones armed with high caliber ballistics and even missiles, so perhaps the Spiderbot appears as a boss, or another test version to be hacked

Aiden and Bay Area Dedsec will only be mentioned
They probably won't appear in the game, if London is such a crapsack city, I can't imagine how terrible the situation is in the US. Still, Aiden is probably known in the hacker community around the world for being the ultra violent vigilante of Chicago and Marcus and his pals are the first ones who were able to give a good lesson to Blume in San Francisco (even if it wasn't enough to diminish the corporation's influence in the rest of the world apparently). They have nothing to do in London but they're probably legends among Dedsec members.

The corporations that appeared in Watch_Dogs 2 will play a role
Since London is controlled by ctOS, it's safe to assume that Blume will at least play a background role. Tidis could possibly be the ones supplying Albion with their riot drones, realising the San Francisco Ded Sec's fears of ctOS tech being used in robots against civilians.

One of the characters you recruit will be an assassin
Not just any assassin, but those assassins.
  • It has been confirmed that Watch_Dogs and Assassins Creed share the same universe.

Bagley is a synthesized voice.
Since he addresses every PC including by name and already being an AI, this seems like it'd be a clever move.

You can get rid of DedSec members from your team without having them killed.
I hope this is added, if I come across a good recruit and my team is full I don't want to just put them on a suicide mission to free up space.

Bellwether is Bagley.
After gaining so much information it evolved into a Benevolent A.I..


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