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"You can have it all, but how much do you want it?"

Definitely Maybe is the debut studio album by English rock band Oasis, released on August 29, 1994.

Noel Gallagher joined his little brother Liam's band in 1992. They worked on demos and played numerous live gigs. They finally released their first song, "Columbia", in late 1993. Much to their surprise, it started getting played. The band then decided it was time to record an album. After two ill-fated attempts and going through a few producers, they finally settled on producer Owen Morris and recorded the album in a few weeks. Prior to the release, they sent out two singles: "Supersonic" and "Shakermaker".


  • Liam Gallagher – vocals, tambourine, production
  • Noel Gallagher – lead guitar, piano, backing vocals, production, bass on "Up in the Sky" and "Slide Away"
  • Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs – rhythm guitar, piano, production
  • Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan – bass, production
  • Tony McCarroll – drums, production


  1. "Rock 'n' Roll Star" (5:23)
  2. "Shakermaker" (5:10)
  3. "Live Forever" (4:38)
  4. "Up in the Sky" (4:28)
  5. "Columbia" (6:17)
  6. "Supersonic" (4:44)
  7. "Bring It on Down" (4:17)
  8. "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (4:50)
  9. "Digsy's Dinner" (2:32)
  10. "Slide Away" (6:32)
  11. "Married with Children" (3:12)

"Whatever" (6:21) was included on the 1996 Mexican edition, and "Sad Song" (4:30) was included as track 3 of side two on vinyl editions of the album.

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