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  • Accidental Aesop: The gun mechanics of the game give merit towards both sides of the gun control debate; You will usually only be met with lethal force if you initiate it by visibly carrying a firearm, but in certain missions enemies resort to lethal force by default and survival may depend on what weaponry you have on you. Both of these points together give the message "Carrying a gun for the few genuine threats is a good idea, but ignoring other options in favor of firearms and brandishing it needlessely is less so".
  • Complete Monster:
    • "Bloody" Mary Kelley is the head of Clan Kelley, a massive crime syndicate involved in Human Trafficking, organ harvesting, gunrunning, and drug trafficking. Inheriting the Clan after the death of her father, Mary has her rivals, family, and friends killed to ensure her control. Mary would go on to make her money through kidnapping illegal immigrants to either harvest their organs or sell them into slave labor, keeping some around as regularly abused servants. Supplying Albion and Zero Day with explosives in return for becoming The Queenpin of London's criminal empire, unmoved by the thousands of deaths the two cause with her bombs, Mary would have several gangs killed by Albion to retain her power, using prisoners in Nigel Cass's prison camps for their organs. Mary later kills several renegade servants once an uprising occurs, hoping to get a light sentencing from Inspector Kaitlin Lau for all the crimes she's committed.
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    • Skye Larsen, the "Queen of AI", is the billionaire CEO of Broch Tech. When she discovered the ability to convert one's mind into an AI, she would perform such experiments on her epileptic brother Bradley, with Skye selling him to Blume after ruining his life and erasing most of his human memories, leaving his brain-dead body behind and forgotten. Sadistically transplanting her mother Sinead's mind into an AI after she doubted her talent, Skye would slowly take apart Sinead's fully aware subconscious to turn her into an obedient AI slave, doing the same to her dog Ada. Performing these experiments on several people, which drives them into murderous insanity, Skye, knowing that she's dying, plans to use her new operating system Daybreak to upload her mind and all of London's citizens into it to gain immortality, uncaring that she'll be torturing thousands in the process.
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  • Contested Sequel: The overall reception for Legion is mixed, and many see it as inferior to Watch Dogs 2 for removing some of the mechanics from that game, as well as for having some performance issues and a disjointed storyline. Still, some do enjoy the "play-as-anyone" aspect and the missions themselves.
  • Creepy Awesome: As terrifying and utterly evil Skye Larsen is, you can't deny that her plot line is absolutely fascinating.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: The game obviously wants you to play a non lethal route with how it only supplies stun guns. However most of the best recruits in the game have access to real firearms. Also, because the NPCs remember you if you attack them and impossible to recruit, they are more likely to have your recruits kidnapped if you leave them alive, making it less of a headache to just kill everyone in your way.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Helen, the old lady used as the player character in the gameplay reveal trailer, quickly became a fan favourite. To the point you will be able to find tons of comments stating how they are looking forward to making an entirely elderly DedSec.
    • Ian from the same trailer to a lesser extent, thanks to his accent and for dying fairly quickly to showcase the character swapping mechanic.
    • The hitman from the Ubisoft Forward presentation, namely on account of him being the closest thing Watch Dogs has to an Expy of John Wick or Léon: The Professional.
  • Game-Breaker: The Hypnotist can essentially hack human minds. Add that with the ability to make droned Betray, and you have an agent that can sit outside a danger zone, have one human and a drone attack everyone in the zone and not draw any suspicion. Additionally, they can do it over and over as the cooldown are basically the same.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Dalton's Implied Love Interest relationship with Sabine becomes a massive case of this after she turns out to be Zero Day. What's worse, it seems he had no idea of her true nature and that she kills him.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Sabine Brandt is DedSec's Mission Control who is actually Zero Day, a cyber terrorist who plots the destruction of England. Previously a well-mannered DedSec operative, after realizing that peace in England can never be achieved, Sabine decides to give her beloved country a hard reset and rebuild it from the ground up to make it a better place. Working with Nigel Cass in order to ensure him power over London's police force, Sabine tricks her boyfriend Dalton Wolfe into activating a series of bombs across London, killing him and her DedSec allies to pin the destruction on them. After getting double-crossed by Cass once he's in power, Sabine begins recruiting the citizens of London to form a new DedSec to stop Cass, manipulating everybody into taking down those who stand in her way. Once Cass is taken out, Sabine reveals herself to her allies and hijacks Bagley to detonate every device connected to ctOS, causing widespread mayhem in an attempt to create the peaceful utopia she so desires.
  • Memetic Mutation: The reveal at E3 was meant to show off plot, mechanics, graphics, and the hard work of the Ubisoft team. The main selling point to viewers online? Being able to play as Helen the elderly badass.
  • Moral Event Horizon: A good sign of just how monstrous Nigel Cass is in Albion's takeover of London is the fact that when the city police commissioner wants a humane element to their control and tries to talk to the government's defense minister about it, Nigel gives him the go-ahead to call before shooting him in the head once he turned around and then immediately writes it off to the present board meeting as a terrorist assassination with the fresh corpse still lying there. All to avoid any bureaucratic obstruction whatsoever.
    • By the time the events of the game roll around, Skye Larsen hasn't so much as crossed this line as much as she has flown by it and left it in the dust. She not only neural mapped and uploaded the brains of many innocent dead people without their consent, she digitally lobotomized them by deleting the "useless" parts of their minds and sold them as commercial AI's in a cyberpunk take on a slave trade, all of whom are still conscious to some degree of their condition and prior selves. She also first did this to her own mother as a sort of beta test, then did it to her brother suffering early onset dementia, selling digitized copies of him for widespread distribution using a nickname he despised as the AI's product name. Naturally, she sees no problem with this and even attempts to justify it as an important step to making humankind immortal. Starting with herself, of course.
  • Narm Charm: The storyline is harder to take seriously if your character(s) are grannies, street performers, hooligans, etc etc... but try not to smile at the idea of recruiting these random people off the street, then going straight into Refuge in Audacity by turning them into Albion/Clan Kelley-murder machines and/or making them commit random acts of mass violence throughout London.
  • Older Than They Think: This game boasts the ability to play as any NPC, which is technically something [PROTOTYPE] did first (though, with the player characters having shape-shifting abilities).
    • The rather obscure Real-Time Tactics game Satellite Reign also did this, although it has its own spin by brainwashing the NPC with mental template of your skilled agents as a replacement if your agents died.
    • While not all NPC, State of Decay can also potentially make most background characters both recruitable and playable.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: The game is widely praised for its character recruitment system, which unlocks countless different ways to play the game. However, many reviewers also agree that the game's story is at best So Okay, It's Average, mainly because it's difficult to write an engaging plot when there's no single player character to focus on.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • Who would have guessed that the playable character of the next Watch Dogs game would be every NPC character in the game!
    • The reveal that Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch_Dogs, would be returning as a playable character with his own set of quests.
    • Not only that, but the crossover DLC with Assassin's Creed, with an original character working in the Assassin's Order helping Ded-Sec.
  • That One Attack: The ability to take control of enemy Counter Terrorism Drones, once unlocked, is easily the most powerful offensive ability in your Operative's arsenal. CT drones are essentially miniaturised attack helicopters equipped with armour plating, a machine gun and guided missiles, making them more than capable of mowing down entire squads of hapless Albion/Clan Kelley goons while your Operative watches the chaos unfold from a safe distance. And to top it off, these flying killing machines can be easily found patrolling the streets or summoned at will from the landing pads dotted around London.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Ubisoft got called out on the bad look of having their DLC bringing back both Aiden Pearce and Wrench, i.e. the divisive white protagonist of the first game and the Token White sidekick of the second. To make it even worse, Ruffin Prentiss claims Ubisoft never contacted him during the devlopment of Legion, indicating that bringing Marcus back was never even a consideration for Ubisoft.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?:
    • Since the game is set in a post-Brexit setting, many fans have accused Ubisoft of trying to weigh in on the real life Brexit debate, but as is usual for Ubisoft they're claiming that the game will be strictly apolitical and that the game was in pre-production prior to Brexit.
    • A message will pop up for gamers recruiting too many members of either gender into their DedSec in an attempt to shame them into gender balancing their group.
    • The media telling flat out lies to cover for Albion's violence towards protest, unlawful crackdowns, and claiming any claims that DedSec was framed as fake news and any suggestion was only from outside actors to cause division. Doesn't that sound familiar?
    • One of Hamish's side missions involves dealing with the English Patriotic Action Front, a group with more than a passing resemblance to certain real-life anti-immigrant organisations in the UK. To really drive it home, the achievement for completing the mission is called "England for Everyone".
    • During the boss fight against Nigel Cass, said boss explicitly blurts out "I will make London great again!"
    • After the SIRS video leaks about torturing an American to death, they claim it is a fabrication by Russian Trolls.
    • In the DedSec Base, there is AAAB graffiti. It is clearly an acronym based on ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards — Presumably the C has been replaced with an A for Albion), a popular anti-authoritarian slogan.
  • Win Back the Crowd:
    • It's fair to say that the game's showing at E3 2019 and its NPC mechanic drew a lot of interest.
    • Several have commented they were planning on skipping this entry until it was revealed Aiden Pearce, the Player Character of the first game as well as Wrench, both Fan Favorite characters, would be returning and will be recruitable along with additional story gameplay for them.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?:
    • A common pre-release criticism of the game is often targeted towards the voice acting (and by extent, the dialogue), with reactions ranging from "It's okay, but not perfect" to "No British person has ever spoken or sounded like that".
    • Since most of the characters are randomly generated, you can often end up with some of the more serious character archetypes (IE, Hitman) assigned to a character who is voiced by a VA who's clearly recorded lines for a much more comical character. Especially noticeable when the voice of a middle aged to elderly actor comes out of a much younger-looking character.
    • A patch removed two in-game podcasts voiced by Helen Lewis, a British journalist, after Ubisoft discovered past comments Lewis made on self ID that were seen as transphobic.
  • Underused Game Mechanic: Ironically enough the Build Your Team mechanic. Many praise the innovation of the fact you can recruit anyone, but at the same time feels like its potential is quite underused since all you do with it is switch between playable characters (as well as resets the checkpoint if you switch between characters during a mission, making "teamwork" pointless). Some have suggested being able to use multiple characters while taking on a hide out and switch between them as you would switch between cameras, others have suggested using them similar to how the Assassin Apprentices were used in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood where you can send them to do missions off-screen.


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