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Possible Statesman agent names.
  • Marge Arita: a female agent. Arita is a Japanese surname, so I'd fancast this hypothetical agent as being played by Karen Fukuhara (who played a Katana in Suicide Squad (2016)).
    • There is an Asian female Statesman agent, but she's never given a name on screen.
      • Perhaps Sake?
      • Marge Arita aka Agent Sake? They did that with Whiskey (real name Jack Daniels).
  • Desi Daru: an Indian-American agent. He could also be called Desi Sharaab. He might either be a Bollywood Nerd Captain Ersatz of Q or a total aversion of that, being a muscular man who solves everything with his fists.
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  • The Lager Quadruplets: a group of fraternal quadruplets who work as a team unit. The four members have the individual codenames Pal, Goldie, Amber, and Darko; each derived from the four different kinds of Lager beers.
  • Franzia (a brand of wine)
  • Applejack as former or deceased member (the secret of making true applejack was lost with Prohibition).
  • Martini
    • If a female agent, name her Vesper. For full irony points, have her be a teetotaler, making her a Dry Martini.
  • Captain Morgan: A male agent, well versed with bladed weapons. Probably has a Cool Boat.
  • Merlot
  • The Moscow Mule. The Big Guy and a Boisterous Bruiser. Possibly a Russian immigrant or descended from them (although the drink has no relation to Russia at all).
    • Alternate idea: a redhead named Buck. Because one of the ingredients is ginger beer, and another name for the Moscow mule is the vodka buck.
  • Sam Adams
  • Boilermaker. If an Irish American, they'd alternately be Irish Carbomb. Expect full Lampshade Hanging from the Kingsmen agents both over the inaccuracy and tastelessness of the nickname.

The movie will be a Take That! to Darker and Edgier spy movies such as Craig-era James Bond and Jason Bourne
The first film has a very meta conversation between Harry and Valentine about how they prefer campy, lighthearted spy movies over darker, more serious movies. The second movie will turn this up by having the Statesmen being parodies of darker, grittier spy characters.

Clark Gregg will appear as a Statesman.
Given that his most famous role is the most popular/famous spy in modern Superhero comics/cinema, Gregg will appear; either as a Coulson expy, or a sort of Second-in-command to Halle Berry's Da Chief, paralleling Mark Strong's Merlin.
  • I'm going to have to Jossed over Halle Berry as Da Chief. She's the tech support like Merlin.

There would be some Ship Tease between Merlin and Ginger
Considering The Other Wiki describes her as his love interest, the "teasing" is probably out the window. Confirmed... and then Merlin dies when he, Eggsy and Harry storm Poppy's island base and Ginger becomes a Statesman agent

Harry was rebuilt by Poppy
Trailers already show Charlie is back with an prosthetic arm, maybe similar technology was used on him. It could be a part of a theme on letting go of the past as stopping her also means Harry would be gone for good.
  • In the second trailer, it looks like he's on Eggsy' side. Unless Poppy intentionally put him there to spy on them.
    • Jossed. Harry was treated at the scene of his death by Ginger and Jack Daniels. Ginger's nanite technology repair his brain, but he was left with partial amnesia and his mind is back to an occupation he had as a butterfly researcher prior to joining the army. He regains his memory by the end though.

Roxy will not live long into the film.
The first trailer only as a single shot of her in her Kingsman attire, so she may go down very quickly in the Kingsman HQ bombing.
  • Alternatively, she could be Faking the Dead when it happens, and come back in the third act.
  • I'm going with undercover myself.
Confirmed. Roxy is killed in the missile strike on Kingsman HQ. Unless they decide to resurrect her in a sequel, much like they did with Harry.

Jack Daniels/Whiskey will have some Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping moments.
Intentional, of course, to illustrate some of the film's thoughts on American culture and its spy movies. Jossed, somewhat. Actor Pedro Pascal's Southern accent does slip very occasionally, but it appears to be unintentional.

Kingsman still has other branches in other countries
  • Churchmen, in Rome or the Catholic world in general. They either wear even more stylish suits (and designer glasses in all probability) or else they dress as priests (the Pope does have an official tailor, for the record; see Gammarelli).
    • Churchmen's agents would be named after religious figures from the Bible. The head of the organization would have the code-name "Christ".
    • More specifically, they'd probably be named after Saints.
  • Salarymen in Japan, in their crisp white company-man button-downs-and-ties.
    • Salarymen's agents would be named after various samurai or ninjas from Japanese history.
    • Their equipment is weaponized office supplies.
    • A potential villain to oppose the Japanese branch could be a female Salarymen agent that tries to flirt with a male Salarymen agent, and she goes complete Yandere when she is rejected.
  • Familymen in the Native-American community in general.
    • Familymen's agents will have code-names referencing spirit animals.
  • Chairmen in China (is that in bad taste?)
  • Dandymen in South Africa; Swenkas in eye-searing brightly colored suits (at least I didn't say Tribesmen).
  • Rangermen in Australia
    • Or "Bushmen"
    • Agents of Rangermen/Bushmen would be named after animals that are common in Australia.
  • Clansmen in either Ireland or Scotland, in full tartan.
    • Personally, I'd go with "Scotsman" in Scotland (just to avoid any potential confusion with the "clansman with a K" types), with the HQ deep under Edinburgh Castle.
    • Scottsman's agents would be named after icons from Scottish history.
  • Wiseman in Israel, dressing as synagogue workers.
    • The agents for Wisemen would be named after figures in the Torah, or characters from Jewish Folklore.
  • Workmen in Russia. After all, no kings, no church, no decadent aristocracy... only workers in a worker state.
    • Their agents would be named after ANYTHING that originated or is popular in Russia.
  • Presumably there are other branches that simply use the name "Kingsman", likely in Europe. In fact, I'd posit that France had both a Kingsman and a Churchman who were frequently in competition, the heads of each being respectively called Treville and Richelieu.
  • Showmen in India, with the agency having the cover of a Bollywood movie studio. The members have Hindi language Colorful Theme Naming that correspond with the color that they primarily wear and are led by Mr. Neela, played by Shah Rukh Khan.
  • Woodsmen in Canada. They wield explosive maple syrup, laser bladed skiing equipment, titanium hockey sticks, "smoke bombs" that explode into red maple leaves, and robotic lumberjack axes that safely return to them after they throw them (like Captain America's shield). They dress in outfits that vary wildly in design (referencing Canada's diversity) but always include a bit of flannel as a reference to their founder. Said founder was a female lumberjack named Paula Boyle who was codenamed Babe (Yes, I know Paul Bunyan is an American character, but it fits the lumberjack idea).
    • Woodsmen's agents would be named after Hockey Players.
  • Bulletmen in South Korea.
    • Their agents would have codenames inspired by historical heroic Koreans.
  • Grimmsmen in Germany.
    • Those agents might be named after German Composers.
    • Their front group would be an association of writers and poets, and their codenames would be literary characters. Their leader would be Erlkoenig.
  • Revolutionmen in France.
    • Their agents would be named after heroes from French History.
  • Folkmen in Ireland.
    • Their agents would be named after Irish Polytheistic gods.
  • Bullmen in Spain.
  • Their code-names would be made referring to swords and sword-fighting, swords being used in the stereotypically Spanish bullfighting, and the Spanish city of Toledo being famous for it's blades.
  • Warriormen in Mexico.
    • Their agents would have codenames based on wrestlers, especially lucha-libre wrestlers.
    • They would use a few gadgets based on sports equipment, but focus more on wrestling moves.
  • Soldiermen in Norway.
    • Soldiermen's agents would be named after iconic vikings.
  • Travelmen in Sweden.
    • Travelmen's agents would be named after various character from Norse Mythology.
  • Bisomen in the Philippines.
    • Bisomen's agents will have code-names based on basketball players.
  • Playermen in Brazil.
    • Playermen's agents would have code-names based on soccer players.
  • Artsmen in Italy.
    • Artsmen's agents would be named after historical Italian painters.
  • Resistancemen in North Korea.
    • Ironically, their agents would be named after anything NOT from Korea.
  • Freedommen in Cuba.
    • Their agents will be named after various Latin mythological monsters.
  • Sultanmen in Turkey.
    • Their code-names would be based on historical Sultans and historical Turkish presidents.
  • It's already somewhat confirmed in the first film, they stated that the candidate who 'died' in the first test was a researcher in their German branch, didn't they?
  • Tejomen in Columbia.
    • Their agents would have code-names named after different guns (Tejo is a throwing sport that involves gunpowder).
  • Hillsmen as a sub-division of NATO.
    • Their cover would be an international movie studio.
    • They would have code-names after movie characters from movies that are NOT adaptations.
  • Sunmen in Rwanda.
    • Their agents would have code-names based on names of cultural objects iconic to Rwandan culture.
  • Unitymen as a sub-division of the UN.
    • Their cover would be an international video game company.
    • They would have code-names based on video game weapons.

Harry is going to be the next Arthur
The current Arthur (if they even have one, but the money is on Michael Gambon's role) is probably going to die in Poppy's attack on Kingsman HQ, and it's not like Harry can go back to being Galahad what with Eggsy having that title and all. If anything, the fanfic writers were right about Harry still being alive, and making him the new Arthur is usually what they do next, so why not make them right again?
  • Hasn't been answered one way or another. Guess we gotta wait for a possible threequel for that. Oh, and by the way, yes, Michael Gambon was Arthur.
    • And there was one thing we didn't consider. Eggsy may have to resign as Galahad. Kinda hard to be a spy and a public figure.

A Stinger scene will feature the new Arthur enjoying a drink with characters played by Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Grant
  • Jossed: There's no post-credits stinger.

Whiskey's character will be a Sacrificial Lion.
He could die during the second act by Charlie due to his theatricality in weapons usage, and this scene would be reminiscent of the original Lancelot's death in the first film: easily taking down sheer numbers of mooks at first, and then anti-climatically assassinated. There is even a promo where we see, from the glasses of a Statesman, alive and deceased agents holding a toast. The Kingsman team are there, but Whiskey is nowhere to be seen, possibly implying that they are honouring his death.
  • Jesus Christ that is so Jossed. I don't think anyone saw his plot twist coming.

Poppy could survive the film.
  • Jossed. Poppy is injected with a dose of her own drugs by Eggsy and overdoses after giving him the code to distribute the antidote

The Golden Circle will be this film series's James Bond equivalent to SPECTRE, where they have recurring appearances in future installments.
Because they can't just have one 142-minute film to flesh out this NWO-style orginization.

Harry could suffer The Worf Effect during the pub fight against the Americans, only for Whiskey to pull a Curb-Stomp Battle on them.
Here's how it can go down: Harry visits the bar, and some of the people question his presence, leading to a fight. However, since Harry doesn't have his left eye, he gets easily beaten up, even when he tries to use his umbrella against them, as seen in a Twitter punching supercut promo. Then, Whiskey arrives and demolishes all of them with his whip, all while quoting "Manners... maketh... man.".
  • Pretty much exactly how it happened.

The Swedish princess will break up with Eggsy at the film's end.
Due to him cheating on her with Clara von Gluckfberg, played by Poppy Delevingne. Slightly Jossed. Although she breaks up with him over sleeping with a target, Eggsy marries her at the end of the film

One of the Statesman will be in league with Poppy.
Not the entire organization, but in staying true to the genre's fashion there will be at least one traitor to the cause.
  • ....ish? He's not working for Poppy, per se, but he does more or less side with the president that the junkies should die.

Harry is the True Big Bad Of the film.
  • Jossed.

Whiskey pulls a Face–Heel Turn
  • Confirmed

If they make a threequel, Tilde will be put in danger again and this time she'll be pregnant.
It just seems like a low key Serial Escalation here. First movie, she's a random person. This time, Eggsy's girlfriend. Next one, mother of his child.

Churchill was the first Arthur.
  • I know this is probably just a coincidence, but there was a trailer for Darkest Hour before this troper's screening, somewhat of a Winston Churchill origin film/war movie. Winston Churchill's "The End of the Beginning" speech is also quoted in the denouement.
    • I think it's implied that the Churchill family bankrolled the Statesmen's espionage sideline.

Eggsy may have to resign as Galahad.
He just married Tilde, who by all appearances is the heir to the Swedish throne. Kinda hard to be a spy and a public figure. He may be taking up the Merlin mantle now (somewhat safer) and the fighting focus of any future movie may be on Tequila now.
  • Unless Eggsy dons a newly-made Kingsman synthetic mask from now on during spy missions.

The President of the United States is the same President as in National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Bruce Greenwood played unnamed presidents in both films. While the president in National Treasure was shown to be a decent man, the president in Golden Circle is shown to be able to play the part of a decent man well enough in public when he thinks it works to his advantage. The timeline between films would make this unlikely but it's possible he was serving his first term in Book of Secrets, lost his reelection campaign, and later won the special election that was presumably held after Valentine killed all of Not-Obama's cabinet in Kingsman: The Secret Service, and that unspecified events in the interim are part of why he became far more extreme in his political views.
  • Possibly jossed. They're played by the same actor, but the President in Kingman has a noticeably strong Southern accent, something his National Treasure counterpart lacks.

The next movie will focus on the Swedish branch of Kingsman.
Eggsy finds out about them when he becomes the prince consort of Sweden, shit goes down and they have to help each other save the country/world.
  • Alternate idea: he founds the Swedish branch of Kingsman.

The DVD/Blu-Ray release will advertise an alternate ending.
Specifically the one where Merlin lives.
  • Alternatively, it may have the original scenes of the President pre-reshoots.
    • Both of the above are Jossed by DVD/Blu-Ray release.

The next film will have the Statesmen under official investigation
Someone launched a cruise missile to destroy a Saville Row tailor's shop, with such pinpoint precision that the liquor store next door wasn't damaged. People are going to wonder why.
  • I'm just gonna point out that Kingsman is exposed. Ain't no way authorities didn't go through the wreckage and find the secret passageway, or sifted through HQ wreckage and not find the spy equipment.

Eggsy's stepfather will join a criminal organization in the third film.
He'll be partially motivated by the fact his stepson became a Prince.

Statesman has been a spy organisation longer than Kingsman, having been established during the American Civil War rather than World War One.
My idea for this comes mostly from the constant references to unions that the Statesman have, with their motto "United we stand" and their toast to the union. It would also make thematic sense as well, the USA didn't suffer nearly the number of casualties as Britain in the First World War but a bunch of Southern businessmen could have definitely lost sons to the Civil War. It would also work with the Old West motif, with the Civil War being firmly in that period.

The only problem I can think of is the fact that Statesman's founders did have Kingsman tailors, but I have always assumed Kingsman existed as a tailors before a spy organisation, and if the founders were relatively young when they started Statesman, say in their forties, then they could have still been alive when Kingsman was founded.

  • That's no mere assumption. Harry did say back in the first movie they were tailors first.
  • Statesman was probably the reason the Confederacy never succeeded in annexing Kentucky.

Eventually, an American celebrity will show up, and they will be revealed to be a deep cover Statesman agent.

Elton John is a deep deep cover Kingsman.
No one would ever guess! Plus... all of those action scenes? It totally makes sense!!

The Kingsmen supports their "modern Knight in Shining Armor" "independent intelligence agency" by selling $5000 Saville Row suits from their chain of tailor shops. That's damn fine money, especially since they've been in business since 1849. Losing their heirs to World War One left them and their clients with a considerable nest egg, more than enough to maintain a big headquarters and a dozen modern "knights".

Their US counterpart, the Statesmen, support their team of New Old West cowboy agents by selling whiskey. It's apparently really good whiskey, but the most expensive whiskey bottled in the US costs about $80 — and the economics of selling hundreds of thousands of bottles every year mean they're a nationwide label, with a skyscraper office building in New York as well as their headquarters under their Kentucky distillery, which is much nicer than Kingsman's.

In the third movie, a third IIA will be revealed; the source of the Augmented Reality technology both agencies use. They support their efforts through... IT consulting. And given how they provide a couple dozen bucks of service hundreds of thousands of times daily, they're global, with one thousand agents. Say hello to Aleph and Miranda Zero for us, Eggsy.

Elton John's part was originally intended for Iggy Azalea.
The mention of her disappearance in the first film would've been the perfect set-up for a Brick Joke.

The third movie will feature a villain trying to restore Poppy's drug cartel
.Evil Power Vacuum.

Characters from the first movie who didn't appear on this one will have important roles in the first one.
Under the excuse of wanting to be a part of his daughter's life, Eggsy's stepfather will try to reapproach his now Royal stepson. Eggsy will grow suspicious about how he can afford going to Sweden and it'll turn out the third movie's antagonist hired Dean.

Whiskey's revolvers are custom Statesman weapons averting Bottomless Magazines
The main page notes that Whiskey has Bottomless Magazines in the mountain hut gunfight. According to the Internet Movie Firearms Database his pistols are Colt Single Action Army revolvers with fake extra barrels underneath the real ones. Whiskey fires about 24 times so these must be Statesman designed custom weapons that hold 12 rounds each, double the usual amount for the real world weapons. So fantasy firearms but not actually bottomless.

A future sequel will have the main villains being an evil organization that was an enemy of Eggsy's biological father.

A future sequel will have the main villains be an evil organization that was an enemy of Statesmen.

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