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So let's start with the obvious: How they'll bring Colin Firth back for the sequel.
  • The fangirls are right, Valentine's shot was off the mark, and he's still alive
  • Valentine's Plan B involved him.
  • Cloning
  • His twin brother.
  • The sequel's a prequel.
  • They won't and instead will follow the idea of Eggsy meeting Kingsman's American branch.
    • That doesn't necessarily rule out the cloning.
      • Touché and it can go further:
  • Cloning is Valentine's Plan B.
  • Flashback
  • Harry Hart is a Time Lord, and Colin Firth will return only for the regeneration sequence.
  • Harry's glasses are bullet-resistant. Backed up by the teaser poster for the sequel.
    • Resistant, but not completely bulletproof. If that's anything to go by, he has lost an eye. Which frankly, the fangirls predicted, if only because Eyepatch of Power equals Rule of Cool.
  • Harry and Merlin figured out before Eggsy did that Chester was a traitor and played a long game to oust him and get close to Valentine to stop him. Unfortunately, that forced Harry to fake his death so Merlin could use Eggsy as the assassin. Why else was Eggsy allowed to see Harry's 'death'? Merlin could have cut the feed at any time.
  • Or maybe they'll make him the villain with the codename "Poppy".
  • Ok, so the short, non spoilery answer is that Statesman has a better budget. Specifically, they used nanotechnology to heal Harry, at the cost of his eye and some temporary amnesia.

Arthur is Harry Palmer
They're both bespectacled, working-class (if Arthur's regression into Cockney during his death scene is anything to go by) spies played by
Michael Caine. And the timelines match up.

Kingsman was a branch of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Eggsy's codename is Mordred.
What better name for someone who killed Arthur?
  • Jossed. He's Galahad.

The American branch of Kingsman is corrupted.
Given the efficiency showed by the British branch, it's very unlikely that the American branch didn't notice what Valentine was up to or didn't find his factories. And, after all, the British branch was corrupted too.
  • If they were in on it though, wouldn't they have exploded when Merlin activated the implants though? Unless you think they were trying to play both sides of the field and had those removed.
    • Exactly, some of the compromised ones (I doubt everyone was in on it) might have died. But some might have been genre savvy enough to remove the implants.
      • Then what do you think their angle is? An open or covert takeover of the government since easily most of the chain of command in the US government went kablooey?
  • Jossed. Except for Whiskey

The American branch has a different codename system.
There aren't that many knights in Arthurian legend to include them in that naming scheme so they most likely have a different one. Possible solutions:
  • The states.
  • The signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • The signers of the Constitution
  • Comic book characters. They're the closest thing to legendary knights America has.
  • Former Presidents.
  • American guns or gunmakers

Given the recent revelation that the American branch is called 'Statesman', that rules out the comic book characters, but not everything else.

  • According to Golden Circle's page on this wiki, the theme is alcoholic beverages. Take that with a grain of salt, mind you, as no article as of yet specifically confirms or denies that. If true though, that's either the greatest thing ever or a tad insulting.
    • It actually shows a great amount of historical savvy, as many of the Founding Fathers were themselves brewers and distillers and it is well know that the American Revolution was born in the local taverns and public houses.
    • The alcoholic beverages codename system is now confirmed.

Same goes for the Berlin branch.
The leader of the branch is named Bismarck, and the agents are named for anti-Nazi soldiers (like Rommel or Stauffenberg) or Prussian soldiers (like Clausewitz).
  • Rommel was not anti-Nazi and only people on the political right (or worse) positively invoke Bismarck or Prussia these days. If anything, they might be named after the likes of Georg Elser, Sophie Scholl or - to keep with the Dichter Und Denker scheme - Heine, Goethe, Brecht and so on

Harry of Kingsman and Harry from Mamma Mia! are the same person.
Two characters named Harry both played by Colin Firth? Coincidence? I think not.

Following up on the above WMG, Arthur of Kingsman and Arthur Tressler from Now You See Me are the same person.
Two characters named (or at least going by the codename) Arthur, played by Michael Caine in the role of antagonists.

Valentine was using a different version of his rage inducing technology when recruiting
A version that makes people more suggestible and self-centred/less empathetic rather than a homicidal berserker. Obviously it's not quite as effective as the berserker version (though even Valentine was surprised at how effective that version turned out to be), which was why the back up plan of imprisoning those who didn't agree was employed, but it would explain how readily he got so many disparate people to agree so quickly almost to the point of Easy Evangelism.
  • If this is true it's also possible that the implanted chips helped keep those who did agree in the right frame of mind and prevented them from having second thoughts.

"E" is...
Elon Musk. Rich guy who plans to bring Wifi around the world with satellites? He very well would've helped Valentine out when he needed another satellite, not knowing what his real plans were.
  • There are two possibilities here - either Musk is complicit in Valentine's plan, or he isn't one of the prominent figures that Valentine deemed worthy of salvation. It's possible Valentine just asked a friend to sign his own death warrant.

So, here's the thing. Valentine may be dead, but so are all the world leaders. And not to mention the entire world's still in chaos and disarray after the events of the movie. Not only are most civilians affected by Valentine's Hate Plague's currently suffering from the biggest, global epidemic of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder yet, but once again. Most of the world's militaries have lost their leaders as well.

The result is... well....

Then again, the troper writing all this was probably taking the movie waaaay too seriously when writing this WMG. Then again, this is, after all, Wild Mass Guessing...

  • Jossed.

Charlie survived.
Even though he was shown to be in on Valentine's plan, it's been confirmed that Edward Holcroft will be returning for the sequel. Thus, there's two possibilities:
  1. He joined so late that he didn't bother getting the implant chip.
  2. The kiss of Eggsy's signet ring shorted out the chip and left it dormant.
    • Alternate idea: he was a sleeper agent on Kingsman's side the whole time. That, however, basically hinges on Harry and Merlin figuring out everything ahead of time and playing a long game to oust Chester. See above.

The Kingsman sequel will address the Inferred Holocaust as a result of what happened in the climax of the first movie.
The sequel is confirmed to feature the 'Statesman', which is an American counterpart of Kingsman, and with what the Kingsman had done in the first film that results in most, if not all, world leaders killed, not to mention the casualties of people affected by Valentine's Hate Plague sim cards, the Statesman will hold the Kingsman partly responsible for all the chaos that followed. The villain of the sequel will take advantage of the leaderless world to put their plans into motion, and the Statesman and Kingsman will have no choice but to work together to stop them.
  • Jossed.

The Statesman will be an expy of the IMF
Unlike the Kingsman, the Statesman will be more into ridiculous stunts than being gentlemany. Not only that, but the plot of The Golden Circle will deal with the Statesman's failed attempts at creating better agents as the test subjects have gone rogue.
  • Jossed.

The world leaders who were killed by Valentine's SIM cards were supervillains who destroyed all the superheroes and silently took over the world.

Kingsman Tailors owes its success to the Mob-Boss Suit Fitting
When the powerful and influential blab all their plans in the midst of a fitting, tailors become the ultimate intelligencers.
  • So that means that Garak is a Kingsman counterpart?
    • Of course not, don't be absurd. The Obsidian Order is a Kingsman counterpart.

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