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Tear Jerker / Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Double the gentle-manliness, double the action, and double the scenes that made you shed a tear.
  • The Kingsman tailor shop and HQ are bombed to smithereens by Poppy, and Eggsy's face (pictured) basically says "This was my home, so what am I supposed to do now?".
    • Even worse? During this, he was having dinner with his girlfriend and her parents, all while his best friend Roxy, and the next Arthur, lost their lives in the flames. Talk about the mountain of guilt that he now has to bear. Not to mention his other friend, Brandon, who was watching JB as a favor for him. And the day before was Brandon's birthday.
    • While this happens, Merlin appears on the other side of the tailor shop debris, staring silently and solemnly at him. Merlin barely blinks even when Eggsy pulls a gun on him.
  • Harry's state in the film's beginning. After having survived his Boom, Headshot! in the previous movie, he is now healed. But due to the side effects of the nanomachines that fixed his wound, he can only remember up to before he joined the Kingsman. Seeing the once suave, calm and composed superspy mentally regressed to a lepidopterist is, in a word, painful to witness. Matthew Vaughn summarised this change in personality best.
    "Harry is back, but he’s not the Harry we knew. He’s Harry Hart, but he ain’t Galahad. The only person who believes in him now is Eggsy. Nobody else does."
    • Right after finding out Harry is alive, an overjoyed Eggsy rushes towards him for a hug, only for Harry to jerk away in confusion. The look on Eggsy's face is positively heartbreaking.
  • Eggsy triggers Harry's memories by making him think he's going to shoot the dog that resembled his former dog Mr. Pickle. Harry is freaked out and overwhelmed when the memories come back to him.
    • It's also sad to see the normally badass Harry get his ass kicked when he attempts to recreate the "Manners Maketh Man" fight. From that point on, Harry has to deal with everyone doubting his abilities due to his brain damage.
  • Merlin pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to save his comrades, all while singing his favourite song, John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads". This is a lure towards Poppy's guards, so that Merlin can eliminate them with the landmine his foot is on.
  • Whiskey's return from getting shot in the head: he starts flirting with Ginger, under the effects of amnesia. Then Ginger shows him a picture of his deceased wife, immediately transforming him from an obnoxious Casanova Wannabe to a sad man who silently kisses the picture. Considering how quickly Ginger used the photo, it's implied she's forced to subject Whiskey to the trauma every time he gets injured and loses his memory.
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  • Whiskey's tragic backstory and Freudian Excuse for turning against his allies. His pregnant wife, who he describes as the love of his life, was killed in the crossfire when two drug addicts tried robbing a convenience store. He's audibly trying not to break down as he says his unborn son would be about Eggsy's age if he had lived.
  • Harry explaining his last thoughts when he was shot by Valentine in the first film. There was absolutely nothing that crossed his mind. He had no friends, no family or even pets, no other meaningful pursuits in life except his time as a Kingsman to think of. Harry deeply regrets that his life turned out like this, and encourages Eggsy to have something worth fighting for in life.
  • At the beginning of the movie, a lovely melody plays as the title rolls and Eggsy steps into view. And on your first watch of the movie, you might not think anything of it. Then you watch it again only to realize that the song you're hearing is a bag-pipe rendition of Country Roads.

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