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Nightmare Fuel / Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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  • The inevitable fate of those affected by Poppy's tainted drugs: having one's eyes burst while they bleed out.
    • Frankly, the infection as a whole is terrifying. Stage 1: your veins turn blue and start shining through your skin all over your body. Stage 2: you start jumping and dancing around uncontrollably like a squirrel on speed. Stage 3: total sudden paralysis of your entire body - you just freeze in whatever position you were in when it happens, and you stay fully aware of your predicament. Stage 4: your brain essentially liquifies and pours out of your nostrils in two thick gory streams shortly after your eyes pop like blood-filled balloons. All of this happens within about 48 hours from the moment of infection, and the only cure is in the hands of the very person that infected you in the first place to use you as a hostage for her nefarious plans.
    • Also, the paralysis works by causing muscles to seize up, not by paralyzing the nervous system. This would be extremely painful.
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    • The viciousness of the Kingsmen to turn the tables on Poppy and force her a 'hot shot,' a super concentrated dose of heroin that does all this in a matter of minutes. Forcing drugs for coercion is a vile tactic committed by friend and foe alike.
  • Poppy's first major villainous act is to have a former accomplice who messed up, thrown into a meat grinder by his best friend as a test of loyalty for the latter. Not only does she cook his remains into a burger, THEN she forces his friend to eat it as a further test.
    • At the end of the final showdown, the meat grinder is used to kill Whiskey in a brutal fashion.
      • It's even worse in the behind the scenes segment on this scene. It doesn't contain the remix of Word Up and we hear Whiskey scream right as he's dunked head first into the grinder. There's even blood flying out which is removed in the final version. It's much more harrowing and disturbing as it lacks the typical fun Kingsman flair.
    • We get to see how Poppy has her henchmen marked first hand when said best friend is taken in for his initiation into her organization. Among other things, there's him having his back teeth drilled out and replaced with golden fillings and a steaming hot, golden medal tattoo fused into his skin.
  • The President is content to let millions of people who had dabbled with drugs die, because in his mind drugs are the ultimate evil. Note that he's explaining all of this while pouring himself a stiff drink.
    • His solution to get the victims out of the way. He has them all go to stadiums and they're all shoved in cages stacked on top of each other, and left to die.
    • Crosses over into Reality Subtext and unintentional Black Comedy for Filipino viewers, particularly when he decides to declare nationwide martial law. note 
    • All of this could be seen as Paranoia Fuel as well, considering that even people who used drugs as medication or were only experimenting wound up not getting any help from the President. Imagine that you tried drugs once and wound up in a situation similar to the one in the movie. Terrifying, isn't it? Also consider that some parts of the world (some parts of the US, even) have legalized marijuana, so legally speaking, you did nothing wrong, but are condemned to die anyway because the person who could save you is just that Straight Edge Evil.
  • At the beginning, Poppy manages to kill every Kingsman barring Eggsy and Merlin. This also doubles as a Tear Jerker.

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