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  • The car fight between Eggsy and Charlie is nothing short of this.
    • "Let's Go Crazy" by the late Prince, the song that plays during the scene, is just too epic for words.
    • The ensuing car chase showcases Eggsy's extremely good driving skills to the point he'd give Baby a run for his money!
    • When Eggsy is only hanging on to a car handle outside, he leaps in the air to avoid that car door getting hit. Eggsy then lands on top of the car, and later rides the smashed-off door while hanging on to the rear bumper.
  • Whiskey's liberal use of Gun Fu against a dozen of Poppy's mercs also stands out, backed by a badass Western-tinged score. He can even fire his revolvers while twirling them.
    • He also has a whip that can turn into an electric one, which can cut people in half.
  • Merlin's Dying Moment of Awesome. To elaborate, when Eggsy accidentally steps on a land mine, Merlin freezes the bomb for a split second, just enough time for him to push Eggsy off and take his place He then lures Poppyland's guards to him by loudly singing his favorite song, "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver, and casually knocks out the lead guard with a head butt when he gets too close. By the time he's done singing, the rest of the guards are in range, and Merlin steps off the bomb, blowing them all up to give Eggsy and Harry an opening to infiltrate Poppy's base.
    Merlin: Mountain mamma,take me hoooooommmmmme... Country roooooooooo-OOOOOAAAADDDDSSS!!!
  • The Poppy Land Showdown. Every single minute of it. Set to Elton John's kickass "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting."
    • Both Eggsy and Harry fighting together, with the both of them using weapons concealed in everyday items. It's simple, but it's all you need to sell the idea of past and future working together.
      • Harry's umbrella handle can be shot out as a grappling hook and he uses it to grab a mook's submachine gun and smoothly starts mowing down other mooks with his appropriated weapon. And if one looks closely at the moment where he uses the umbrella's handle to hit that mook's face and grab the gun, a tooth can be seen flying.
      • Eggsy's briefcase deploys into a bulletproof riot shield.
      • Eggsy manages to take down three mooks in rapid succession by jumping in mid-air to shoot one before wrapping his legs around another man's neck, then twisting him around to shoot two of them Black Widow style, before throwing that man to the ground to deliver a Boom, Headshot!.
      • To cap off this moment, after Harry defeats one of Poppy's grenade-launching robots with its own explosives, we get an amazing Orbital Shot where Harry offers Eggsy ammo while using his umbrella to shield themselves from the resulting explosion and debris, as seen in the page image.
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    • "Temple Battle", which plays over Eggsy and Charlie's final fight. Coupled with Eggsy beating down Charlie with only one hand, and delivering a Neck Snap.
    • Elton fucking John beating up Poppy's goons while dressed in a colorful feather outfit.
      • What does Elton John do upon finding out that there's someone coming to rescue him? Play Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting).
      Elton: Wednesday night's alright for fighting.
      Mook: Isn't that meant to be Saturday?
      Elton: What day is it today?
      Mook: Wednesday.
      Elton: Exactly.
      • There's also the part where he helps Harry smash two bowling balls into the head of one of Poppy's robot attack dogs to finish it off.
  • The whole fight of Eggsy and Harry vs. Whiskey. The whole sequence is in the same style as the famous Church Scene from the first movie. And it. Is. F***in. Awesome.


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