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Claire will make some Deadpan Snarker commentaries about running in heels
And they will be in the line of "Everybody keeps pestering that I run in heels. Nobody notices that I was outrunning a T-Rex"
  • Jossed. There is no mention at all.

Nowadays is widely known that Velociraptors were small, they had feathers, and in fact they DID look closer to a turkey than a reptile. But also is known that they were predators, and there was a big cousin of them: Utahraptor. It was taller than homo sapiens, and full feathered.They will appear in this movie, and will act as the Velociraptor's big brothers.
  • Jossed.

Rexy Will Die
This is slated to be the second movie in a trilogy so she probably won't die in this movie, but her kingdom will fall and she may die in the third movie of the new trilogy bringing the story full circle. Her death will mark the end film franchise as it began with her so too should it end with her.
  • Jossed

Rexy and Ian Malcolm will recognize each other
  • Jossed: Malcolm never figures into the main plot.

If the Jurassic Park 3 Spinosaurus returns, it will fight Rexy
And probably die to her, sparking a Broken Base with some loving it for final closure on the third installment for what they saw as an insult, and others finding it pointless fanservice to appease hardcore Rex fan boys and girls that a creature they may actually like was brought back just to die in an extremely predictable manner.
  • Alternatively, it may just lose to Rexy but survive. Given how Colin pointed out that Rexy smashing through the Spinosaurus skeleton is a bigger insult than just killing something, it's highly unlikely they'll have either of them die or else it would be overkill.
  • Although the website for Dinosaur Protection Group suggests the Spinosaurus has (once again) gone extinct...
    • Then again, the Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus lives on Isla Sorna, and the Spinosaurus skeleton seen in Jurassic World has several physical differences from the JP III Spino, such as a differently shaped skull and bone structure (albeit the JW skeleton being much more accurate to its fossil record counterpart), suggesting that these two could not be the same creature. It's more likely that the Jurassic World theme park had a live Spinosaurus on display at some point to the public as the park opened in 2005, and the events of Jurassic World happened in 2015.
      • Although a recent report about the downfall of the Gene Guard Act states that the new dinosaurs were moved from Isla Sorna to Jurassic World at some point and that Sorna is now dinosaur-free, suggesting the JP III Spino is dead too...
      • Yes, likely Jossed. According to the DPG website, Spinosaurus are now extinct.

Wu will die
A fairly safe bet, unless they want to keep him for more sequels - this will be the film where Wu's hubris catches up to him, and he will meet his death either from the dinosaurs or the island itself.
  • In keeping with the tradition of each sequel borrowing at least one scene from the original Crichton novel (the compys attacking a child, the aviary, Wu telling Hammond/Masrani that the dinosaurs are unrealistic theme park monsters), the death will mirror the one he suffered originally, i.e. a raptor (perhaps Blue in this case) leaping on him from a roof and tearing him apart.
    • It could also be his creation, the "Indoraptor".
    • Or another dinosaur. Maybe a returning fan-favorite "Dilophosaurus".
    • Unfortunately Jossed. He'll most likely return to the final round in the next movie.
    • Although this movie is the closest Wu has come to facing any retribution for his complicity in engineering dangerous dinosaurs so far (in the form of his plan to use Blue and her DNA in the raising of future Indoraptors ultimately being ruined and subsequently getting a sedative jammed into his neck by Franklin).

Wu will start to lose his mind.
Regardless of whether or not they keep him alive for more sequels, I can imagine that having his creations go out of control, his career stripped from him and his reputation destroyed will at least begin to take a toll on Dr. Wu's sanity. This would be especially fun if being called a "Mad Scientist" becomes a Berserk Button for him and he responds to it in an insane way.
  • Jossed.
    • um. Maybe it hasn't been explicitly said, but Wu is clearly stating to slip into mad scientist territory.

The baby raptor from the promotional clip isn't Blue or Blue's chick.
It's Blue's clone. InGen still has her genetic information on file, after all, so can re-create her as easily as they could, a brand new raptor.
  • Which may bring a glimmer of hope for the rest of her pack. Bonus points if Surprisingly Realistic Outcome follows and Owen finds that bringing them back to life via cloning won't feel right.
  • Seemingly jossed. The trailer suggests it was Blue when she was a chick, though manipulative editing is always possible.
  • Furthermore, the third trailer implies that they actually don't have her genetic information available.
    • Jossed: It's Blue from a video Owen recorded early on.

Mononykus will be fully feathered
Because it's high time the franchise told us "hey, feathers on dinosaurs are okay!" and the Mononykus isn't as iconic as JP's raptors. Plus, Mononykus is normally portrayed with feathers. So showing a feathered Mononykus wouldn't cause as much of a Broken Base as suddenly giving the raptors feathers would.
  • There's a good chance Mononykus may not show up in the flesh, given its leaked image appears to be just a sculpture (although it does seem to possess feathered arms).
  • Jossed. It doesn't feature at all in the flesh.

The initial plan will involve Isla Sorna
Isla Nublar is iconic, but it's got a fairly low dinosaur population count and is a far smaller landmass than Isla Sorna (the site of The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III). Keep in mind many of Nublar's species are singular individuals, so Rexy may be the "Queen of Nublar" but once she dies that's it for her species there. Even without the volcano, half the species be dead in a decade. Blue also lacks a potential mate to carry on her line, possibly giving motivation for Owen to get her. So the plan for the heroes might be to transport a good number of the Isla Nublar specimens to Site B, a place with lots more room and no worries with extinction. As a plus it also be a good way to work in the best aspects of the second and third film and correct the misconception many had that they had been retconned out.
  • Jossed: Isla Sorna isn't mentioned at all in the film. The DPG promotional site also mentions that all the dinosaurs had been moved to Isla Nublar.

Vindicating a lot of fan theories, it'll turn out that Blue and Rexy have been working together
  • Jossed. They never interact in this movie.

How the Story goes.....
The story begins with a cold opening similar to how in Jurassic Park. Instead, we see Blue hunting alone and was about to attack a pair of hadrosaurs until a roar scares them away. Owen wakes up having that nightmare. He has been currently working in a marine exhibit helping out the resident dolphins. Later he gets a call from Claire who informs him about Blue. Wanting to save Blue and the dinosaurs from the volcano eruption, he follows.

When the group arrived, they managed to secure several dinosaurs. The other lead found a Compsognathus and kept her as a pet. Claire noticed Owen missing and figured he was looking for Blue. Owen meets and almost reconnect with Blue until she gets shocked by Ingen soldiers. Owen escapes just as the volcano erupts. The trio were soon pursued by a Carnotaurus sent by InGen to finish off any witnesses. But she failed as she was pinned down by Rexy.

The humans and the dinosaurs fled from the volcano and many of them survived by jumping into the ocean but would later be captured by InGen. After a brief fight with a Mosasaurus using their submarine, Owen, Claire and the other lead were taken to the mainland England where there was a facility there housing Dinosaurs and the new Hybrid project. Owen and Claire are brought to Henry Wu who has continued his experiments and using data from previous test subjects who fought each other in a Colosseum like arena. He even acquired several from Isla Sorna including a Buck and Doe along with their child. The Buck and Doe are dead but not before taking a dozen hybrids with them but their son lives on who has grown to a mature T. rex and defeated the Spinosaurus by impaling it against some trees. Thus the Indoraptor was created and Owen and Claire would be to watch as Blue would be the subject of the Indoraptor's wrath after it killed a raptor pack leader.

However what Ingen didn't expect was that a massive hurricane hit their facility which even though was stated to be able to prevent natural disasters but failed and cause all systems to shut down. Meanwhile, the other lead defeat the guards by using the Compsognathus as a distraction. As this happens, all the pens containing the dinosaurs and Hybrids including more Indoraptors were released. Owen and Claire escaped and rescued Blue. The main Indoraptor pursued but would be killed when the automatic door went haywire and decapitated its head.

Rexy will meet Junior and the two fight off the remaining Indoraptors. Blue encounters the leaderless Velociraptor pack and Blue proved herself worthy to be their leader. Back to Rexy, she smashed open the main gate allowing freedom to the Dinosaurs and crushed many Ingen employees during their stampede. Owen and Claire met up with Blue and finally they were able to reconnect. Wu attempts to escape but gets killed by another Hybrid, the Dilophosaurus.

The Dinosaurs caused mass havoc on London, England. The military arrived and Owen has a plan but they won't like it. Riding on a bike, Owen lead Blue and the Raptors to coral the Dinosaurs while the military use the helicopters to do the same. With it, the Dinosaurs were place in isolated areas until they were evacuated. The film ends with the commission of the Hammond Wild Life Preserve, Congo, Africa where the Isla Nublar surviving Dinosaurs would live there. Owen decides to stay there to raise Blue while Rexy adopts Junior as her son with Rexy roaring in her new Kingdom.

  • Jossed

The dilophosaurus will be a hybrid
We know for sure there will be at least one dilophosaurus in this movie, unless they're once again irritating their fanbase by excluding it from yet-another movie. That was the crested carnivore from the trailer. Except this creature was too large for a dilophosaur (closer in size to allosaurus, maybe even bigger) and its jaws were similar to a t-rex.
  • The crested carnivore from the trailer is very clearly an Allosaurus.
    • So maybe the allosaurus will turn out to be hybrids of some sort.
    • Or maybe, you know, just a pure-bred Allosaurus. Nothing about its appearance suggests it to be a hybrid (yes, the jaws look a bit off, but that could easily be explained as just another example of Artistic License – Paleontology from the JP franchise).
A rough idea of the plot, and what Malcom means by, 'they'll be here after'

The first half of the film is the stated 'rescue the dinosaurs before the volcano erupts' plot. Claire, Owen, and the others arrive on Isla Nublar and manage to evacuate many of the dinosaurs, including Rexy, who is badly wounded in the escape.

With Isla Nublar destroyed and sunken into the ocean, the group heads to the mainland, where it's revealed the dinosaurs were actually rescued so they could be experimented on, including beasts from Isla Sorna (such as the same Spinosaurus from the third film). It's there that the Indoraptor makes it's appearance, and the film shifts into it's horror phase: The Indoraptors run amok in an enclosed scientific facility where all the other dinosaurs are kept, and it's put on lockdown to keep anyone from getting in or out. The reason is because Indoraptor is fast, strong, hard to kill, intelligent, and, worst of all, has accelerated growth. Coupled with its high reproductive rate (self-fertilizing?), and it becomes the reptillian version of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. If the species escapes into the wild, it could become a nightmare scenario where they spread like wildfire, killing everything in their path and resisting all human attempts to stop them, which could lead to our extinction, and a new era of dinosaurs inheriting the earth.

In the chaos that follows, everyone teams up to try and stop the Indoraptors. Wu is killed by the Indoraptors, and eventually Claire and Owen become so desperate that they once again release Rexy to try and stop the beasts, even though she's still wounded (the scene from the trailer where she's inside a shipping crate), along with the spinosaurus. The threat posed by the Indoraptors causes Rexy, Blue, and the smarter rescued dinosaurs to team up with the surviving humans, and though massive casualties are inflicted (the spinosaurus will likely die from being swarmed by the Indoraptors) the Inodraptors are finally defeated. The day is saved, Rexy and Blue live, and humanity is safe...

...Until one Indoraptor egg hatches, and the infant scurries out of the facility, unnoticed by all.

  • Jossed

  • Have you ever seen a chimpanzee attacking a human or another chimpanzee? They’re basically mammal versions of the Indoraptor.

The reason why the Baryonyx went after the people was because it's starving.
Seeing how its ribs and some of its spine are visible under the skin and the fact that it's been left behind in Jurassic World, it's probably desperate for food.

Nublar Tufted Deer
It is very easy to forget that Nublar has at least one native species not found anywhere else: the Nublar Tufted Deer. It is highly likely that the species will be captured during the dino rescue op., seeing that they survived in a dino infested island once, they can likely do it again. No one else probably cares about these little guys, but I hope they are saved.
  • Jossed, although it's remotely possible that some deer were moved to off-island zoos before the park's closure. Deer, unlike dinosaurs, wouldn't require special high-security housing or nearly as many permits for transfer.

The reason why the Carnotaurus ignores the erupting volcano.
The Carnotaurus has likely had some bad experiences with the people who have come to the Island and likely decided that all humans are a threat to it that need to be immediately removed even when another threat already made itself known.
  • It could just see that the danger is not here currently and just wants to get a meal before the danger to come forces it to run with the others.
  • Or it's just lashing out at whatever's handy. Animals tend to do that when they're out of their minds with panic, and if it can't kill a freakin' volcano, at least it can kill something as a target for its stress.

It'll be revealed that the mosasaur reproduced.
At some point it will be revealed that the mosasaur can reproduce parthenogenically (similar to modern monitor lizards, its closest living relative) and has done so before or during the film, this could also introduce a dilemma in whether or not to kill the young mosasaurs.
  • Jossed: there's only one Mosasaur and it's now out there hunting on the mainland's coast.

The Indoraptor's base animal is utahraptor.
Both creatures are at the same size and probably not as pack animals as other species of raptors. The lack of feathers is mostly because of the Indominus-Rex part in it.
  • Potentially Jossed. The third trailer seems to imply that Blue specifically is needed for either its creation or the recreation of more.
    • If Blue's crucial for Indoraptor's creation, it means the base animal is Deinonychus/Achilobator.
    • The Indoraptor is based directly on the Indominus Rex herself.

The Indoraptor contains human genes.
Not a whole lot, certainly no Alien: Resurrection level nonsense but just a bit to make it more lethal. Slightly enhanced intelligence to make it potentially easier to eventually tame and train, more developed hands that we see in the trailer for a deadlier slash, gripping objects, and ease of bypassing doors or obstacles, and an unintended serious mental instability that will lead to it being completely psychotic in a way wild animals generally aren't.

The trailer has all of Ian Malcolm's screentime.
In an interview Jeff Goldblum noted that his role was akin to "a sprig of parsley" in how minimal it was and J.A. Bayona has backed this up, noting that Malcolm will merely have a cameo in the film. As such, the scene where he testifies will be the only scene in the film that he appears in, making him a rather blatant case of being an Advertised Extra.
  • Yes and no. The trailer does not contain all of Ian Malcolm's screentime, but some of his testimony is seen at the beginning of the film and some at the end. Hell, the "welcome to Jurassic World" bit is the closing voiceover and second-to-last shot of the film.

The Stygimoloch will have a role on the mainland scenes and is underestimated by the villains
The Stygimoloch has featured prominently in both the merchandise and apparently had such a big role in the script that Dr. Jack Horner felt like he had to step in and recommend changing it to Pachycephalosaurus on account of a debated species listing. It's even known to have a practical effects prop. However it has been suspiciously absent in the trailers. The last time something like this happened it was Rexy being absent from the previous movie's trailers, wisely withholding the climatic fight in the end against the Indominus until after the film came out. The villains of the movie seem to only want the big carnivores and heavily armored herbivores, assuming Rule of Cool that they are the only dinosaurs that are dangerous enough to be worth it. What hilarious irony might then unfold if the creature they wrote off as just a harmless case of Herbivores Are Friendly when it actually turns out to be a dinosaur equivalent of Full-Boar Action and ends up really doing some damage? It could be the Stygimoloch causing noticeable damages in Lockwood Manor, or maybe even squaring off against the Indoraptor; but end result is clear. They understimated the "Styx Demon" and pay the consequences.
  • Not confirmation about what it does exactly, but this video on the toys of the film confirm "Stiggy" has a heroic part to play in the finale.
  • Confirmed: Owen uses "Stiggy" to break out of the prison they're in.

Blue is not literally the last of her kind.
In one of the trailers it is mentioned that Blue is the Last of Her Kind. In reality they only meant that she's the last trained raptor, after all that is why the people sent to capture her want her so bad as shown in the same trailer.
  • Jossed: Blue is the last raptor. Even if there were other raptors in Isla Nublar, Blue was the only one rescued.

Malcolm saying "Welcome to Jurassic World" will be the final shot of the film.
We'll get something of a Downer Ending (namely, dinosaurs running amok on the mainland or, at the very least, a number of other companies and governments will have access to dinosaur-making tech) and that'll close the film.
  • Confirmed somewhat. It's the last spoken line of any character in the film, but there are a couple more shots of dinosaurs now roaming the mainland, including Blue looking over some suburbs.

Maisie, a clone, is not entirely human and in fact has Velociraptor DNA.
This would explain why she was so quick to trust Owen just from seeing a video of him taking care Blue and the other raptors, this would also give a new perspective to her penchant for Jump Scares as well as her above average smarts and resourcefulness as raptors are known for all three traits.
  • The scene where she stalks her nanny through the tall grass of the dino exhibit, the shot where she opens a locked door and escapes, and the way she responds to Owen's hand signals while sneaking around are all shot in a way that is eerily similar to those scenes of the raptors.
  • She may not show any dinosaur traits now but she is a prepubescent child and could develop those traits as she ages which could be as subtle as gaining a slightly more animalistic personality to as large as a full blown physical metamorphosis which in the best case scenario would make her a Cute Monster Girl with some scales on her body and maybe some claws, sharp teeth and dinosaur like eyes or in the worse case scenario could result in her becoming a Nightmare Fuel inducing piece of Body Horror.
    • She has gold hue eyes but Lockwood's daughter in the picture has dark brown eyes. (Even the actress herself has dark brown eyes.) The movie hardly focuses on her eyes throughout the movie until she is revealed as a clone, and then the movie focuses extremely on her gold hue eyes as she watches Blue leaves. Most dinosaurs clones have gold eyes including raptors. Especially, her eyes are most similar to Indoraptor's orangish gold eyes, and Indoraptor has shown some human traits such as smiling and high empathy skill though in a sadistic way.
  • If one looks into the massive Development Hell between the Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World, one of the first and most recurring ideas for a plot revolved around the idea of human and dinosaur hybrids (of which there is concept art, but be warned of Nightmare Fuel), so it's possible that even some of those ideas made their way into the movie, just less extreme.

The Indoraptor was actually viewing its frightening violence as play.
  • From its smirk while pretending to be tranquilized, to the way it lets the people escape into the elevator before breaking the controls, the Indoraptor seems to be more playful than its predecessor. While the Indominus Rex killing for sport was her testing her capabilities and venting her frustrations of captivity, the Indoraptor was straight-up just having a fun time, like a kitten pouncing on mice and batting them around before eating them.
    • Instead of outright trying to maul Maisie, both times it encountered her it gently reached out its hand to touch her, gently brushing her hair the first time. Assuming that she indeed is a genetic hybrid, perhaps it actually sees her as a 'fellow abomination' and a playmate?

The next film will have an even larger time skip, where everything is like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

The next film will give Blue a bit of a Big Sister Instinct towards Maisie.
Blue will see that Owen has adopted Maisie and thus starts to view her as her little sister and considering what happened with Blue's other siblings will become quite protective of Maisie, especially if it turns out that Maisie is part raptor.

If Jurassic World 3 is the Grand Finale, the current cast will join forces with the original trio.
Owen, Claire and Maisie will either recruit or be recruited by Dr. Grant, Sattler and Malcolm, with the adults forming a Five-Man Band with Maisie as The Heart due to her connection to the dinosaurs as a clone and Blue being the Team Pet albeit in a very loose way as well as the teams muscle due to being well... a Velociraptor.
  • While interviews suggest that "Dominion" will not be the finale, and we don't know the role Blue will have, Alan, Ellie and Ian are all confirmed to have a role.

The Indoraptor is in fact the Indominus Rex's sibling.
  • It seems to be a somewhat mature specimen, so it must be at least older than four years. Perhaps the clones created from the I. Rex's rib were the three eggs still incubating in the lab, while Dr. Wu and company stole the Indoraptor for their own purposes long beforehand, fabricating a lie that the I. Rex ate it to cover up?

Dilophosaurus has been left out of sequels due to keep Jack Horner happy, and will be Killed Offscreen in this film, ending the hopes of ever seeing them in the flesh again.
  • His research also inspired the universally despised "T-Rex as a weak scavenger" portrayal in Jurassic Park 3. It makes you wonder if the executive producers keep disappointing their fans just to keep one old paleontologist happy.

it took Lockwood 15 years to successfully create Maisie.
Given the time frame for when Lockwood and Hammond must have had there falling out (prior to the first film) and when Maisie was created (about 10 or so years prior to Fallen Kingdom) that leaves about 15 years or so of Lockwood trying to pull off human cloning. It kind of makes sense that there would be major difficulties as humans preform live birth while dinosaurs lay eggs and as it is highly unlikely that Lockwood hired some lady to be a surrogate mother and carry Maisie to term she had to be grown in a lab in an artificial womb.

Maisie's mother was not killed in a car crash and was really killed by Velociraptors.
This would explain why Maisie could be part Raptor specifically if the DNA used to create her was unknowingly contaminated by Raptor DNA.
  • Alternatively Maisie's "mother" really was killed in a car crash and someone intentionally added raptor DNA to Maisie's genetic code without Lockwood knowing about it for some unknown reason.

The next movie will have at least some mention of a legal battle for Lockwood's estate.
Because Maisie is a clone of Lockwood's late daughter instead of his granddaughter as he claimed, some distant relative will try to hold it as grounds to have themselves declared Lockwood's next of kin and negate any wills where he named her as a beneficiary.
  • That is assuming the truth about her even comes out or that Lockwood even has any distant relatives.
  • Also, Lockwood knew he was dying and would surely have stipulated in his will that Maisie inherits his fortune, so even if she were a complete stranger she'd still be his legal heir. Genetically, she's his closest relative because she's got the DNA of his daughter and likewise has grounds to claim the estate on that basis if the will is never found.
    • This could also be why Mills was trying to leave with Maisie after everything goes to hell; he claims he's now "her guardian" and if true that's the only way he'd have access to Lockwood's fortune. If the issue comes up, Maisie either inherits everything as the Lockwood's only relative or possibly Iris will turn out to be her actual guardian, given that she raised both Maisie and her mother and may thus know the truth about them.

The Indoraptor is Not Quite Dead.
  • Given that it was planned for a military purpose and has a trick of playing dead, could it be that he perhaps survived his impalement? Given that Blue recovered very quickly from a gunshot wound, it may be possible that the genetic tampering gave the dinosaurs the ability to heal and regenerate quickly, and as the Triceratops horns stabbed him in the neck and belly (missing his brain, heart and spine) there may be a chance that he recovered and is still on the loose?
    • I just noticed as I rewatch that when Owen shoots the Indoraptor to rescue Maisie, bullets tinkle on the ground as he stands up. Which means they did not penetrate his hide. The indoraptor is impervious to bullets from a SIG SG 552, which fires 5.56x45mm rounds. There's a very good chance that he could indeed survive being impaled in this manner if he can shrug off even the impact of three, rather large, bullets.

The herbivores in JW 3 will become murderous man-killers and all the escaped dinos go on a homicidal spree.
  • The dinosaurs on Isla Nublar survived despite the lysine contingency, as they ate lysine-rich plants found on the island, and in turn the carnivores ate the herbivores and also got their dose of the vital nutrient. But now that they are off the island, they have no ready source of this nutrient, and as shown with cows and deer who eat small animals to get minerals, the starving herbivores will gladly start to add animals and people to their diet, turning the third film into a live-action film adaptation of the card game Dinosaurs Attack! where even plant-eaters have started attacking cities and devouring people.
    • Alternatively, the genetic tampering Ingen did with the dinosaurs caused them to behave unnaturally and as they are essentially just mutated frogs/lizards engineered to look like dinosaurs, perhaps they may develop unnatural predatory behaviors in a different habitat?

Hybrids will start occurring naturally.
  • As shown with Blue having no ill-effects from having a transfusion with Rexy, it seems like the dinosaurs, being clones, are all genetically very similar and on a chromosomal level are technically the same species. As such, they can breed with each other, like different breeds of dog (artificially engineered variants of one species, Canis familiaris) and stuff like the Stegoceratops will start popping up in the wild.

There are still living dinosaurs on Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.
Think about it Isla Nublar is a volcanic Island and as such erupted several times before in the past, with many of the plants and animals (not including those there from human intervention such as the dinosaurs) being the living descendants of the survivors from the past eruptions. So it's not that much of a stretch that at least some of the dinosaurs and other animals would manage to survive the volcano.

As for Isla Sorna nothing from the DPG site has been confirmed in any an way in the film and as such cannot be taken as a fact. Alternatively they were simply unable to remove all of the dinosaurs from the Island.

Blue is planning to commit suicide.
The last shot of the film shows Blue majestically standing at the edge of a cliff as the sun rises. A beautiful and powerful image, sure, but what if her intentions are different? She's lost her family, lost her home, was seemingly betrayed by her father and taken away, and at the end, she runs away, alone once again, as the only alternative was to be taken to a sanctuary and be held captive again. She is a highly intelligent pack animal all by herself in a strange and dangerous new world, and perhaps, perhaps, she just doesn't have anything to live for anymore.

The dinosaurs carried a disease from the islands that will spread to the mainland and make them even more of a threat.
In the worst-case scenario, it will be like the virus from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, where the disease is harmless to dinosaurs but lethal to humans and other mammals. This "new age of the dinosaurs" will end up exterminating humanity and in their absence the dinosaurs will rule the earth once again, fulfilling Ian Malcolm's prophecy that "they will be here after".

Alternatively, the dinosaurs just become mundane animals.
Having spread to the wide open spaces and interacting with humans, the dinosaurs just end up becoming treated and viewed as just yet another wildlife. Compys squabble with raccoons over garbage bins in suburbs, deer crossings are now joined by Gallimimus crossings on major freeways, safety measures are taken (as with bears in real life) to ensure the carnivores don't end up menacing local communities, and eventually the wildlife services call open season on certain species when they start breeding out of contol, attracting trophy hunters from far and wide.

The Indoraptor sees Maisie as pack.
Let's look at what we know:

1) Throughout the movie the Indoraptor seems oddly interested in Maisie, slowly reaching for her instead of lunging for the kill on two separate occasions, abandoning two easily trapped prey (Claire and Owen) in favor of chasing her around, and doesn't seem to toy with her maliciously like he does with Wheatley and the auction attendees.

2) In the last movie Owen described how much of the Indominus rex's actions were a result of running on instinct alone, which namely would have been her hunting instincts due to her base gene template being a T.rex, an apex predator. Here, as the result of having the base template of a raptor, the Indoraptor could be acting upon its pack forming instincts much more than its predecessor.

3) Therefore, due to Maisie being a clone, and possibly having raptor DNA in her, the Indoraptor could be acting differently towards her because it sees her as a potential pack mate. All the instances of chasing and threatening Maisie could be the Indoraptor's attempt to either initiate her into his pack, or give her chances to prove her worth as a possible pack member, in a way, and the seemingly violent methods he uses are likely the result of the numerous genetic defects it has making it into an Ax-Crazy Sadist that knows no other way to interact with others.

Now that she's loose,Blue will head south into rural Mexico.
Since the dinosaurs were mostly fed goats, they will be the first thing she goes after. Because of how well she is said to be able to evade detection, the locals will view her as some kind of cryptid.

The third JW film will set up the franchise to be a literal or Spiritual Adaptation of Mark Schultz's Xenozoic Tales aka Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Given that the third film will be released in 2021 and that the events that led to the Xenozoic Age occurred in 2020, it's not much of a stretch that widespread genetic cloning and continued de-extinction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna, combined with a worldwide cataclysm that forces humans underground could result in this. Alternatively...

The third JW film will have humans forced to section off certain areas of the world as dinosaur zones and living behind walls while they try to find a way to get rid of the dinosaur population.

The dinosaurs are still doomed to extinction.
All told, they were able to save individuals from eleven species, but when Maisie let them out into the wild, we only see a handful of individuals from each species, only one or two in most cases. There is simply not enough genetic diversity left to keep the dinosaurs from going completely extinct in a couple centuries.

Some dinosaurs survived the eruption on Isla Nublar.
We never saw a complete aerial view of the island following the eruption. There may be a sheltered valley somewhere that allowed some dinosaurs to survive.

Maisie isn't the first clone of Lockwood's daughter.
Think about it. Maisie is probably about 11 years old, meaning she was born 2006-07. The original film was 25 years prior, and Lockwood wasn't even mentioned in it. This means that Lockwood had been trying to clone his daughter for 15 years before it worked. (There could be a deleted scene of her discoveing a room full of failed attempts at the cloning, grotesque human-dinosaur hybrids.

The third movie will feature genetically engineered humans
With the revelation that Lockwood's company is capable of human genetic engineering and cloning, it'd be reasonable that they'd try to cook up Super Soldiers.
  • Or maybe Wu will try to recreate his beloved boss/father figure Hammond.

Indoraptor have some rottweiler genome
His obsessive chase after Maisie, plus the abuse he went through, bare disturbing resemblance to a rottweiler who was abused for becoming an attack dog and ended up trying to projecting his anger and pain to a week target, usually a child. Also, his body gestures and quadrupedal stance are more like a rottweiler than a dinosaur. Rottweilers are well-known to become murderous psychotic individuals when being abused. Indoraptor's illness is very similar to rabies. If he had only Indominus-Rex, raptor and maybe human genome, it would be white just like his predecessor. But the rottweiler genome might've gave him his black color.

Maisie herself was a prototype of the Indoraptor.
  • The Indoraptor clearly has some human aspects, but is more dinosaur than humanoid. Maisie was a failed early attempt, but made with far more human DNA (and a little bit of Masiakasaurus, hence her code-name Maisie).

Blue is pregnant. And not via parthenogenesis.
  • The Indoraptor was derived from a mix of pure raptor and the I. rex, which was itself part raptor. It's at least theoretically possible that their genetic templates were similar enough to be compatible. Although it certainly looked like Blue and the Indo were trying to kill each other, it's not unheard of for females of predator species to use sex to draw hostile males away from their vulnerable offspring. At some point while Owen and Maisie were clambering around on the outside of the Lockwood mansion and the two predators were tussling in Maisie's bedroom, Blue resorted to changing the nature of their "tussle" to distract the big male Indo from pursuing her human dad, and she's now carrying a brood of Indoraptor/raptor hybrid eggs.

One of the Carnotaurs from Dinosaur provided the DNA to clone the one in the movie
  • And the dead Stygimoloch that gets scavenged by one of the Carnotaurs provided the DNA needed to clone Stiggy.

Barry is the cameraman in Owen's raptor-raising video logs
  • He was the only other human the raptors were familiar with besides Owen in Jurassic World.

This movie is actually a prequel to Yor: Hunter From the Future.
  • We finally have an explanation where the dinosaurs came from in that movie. They're the ones that caused the apocalypse in the first place!

This movie is a prequel to the Xenozoic Tales, aka Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.
This is the actual true start of the comic series, and the truth about Dinosaurs being cloned and released into the world has long since been forgotten over the years. The fall of the modern world eventually occurs, and then the Xenozoic Tales begin.

The next movie will have Eric Kirby return as an Action Survivor.
Eric's experience on Isla Sorna in Jurassic Park 3 will have inspired him to become a survivalist, probably with his own show about surviving out in the wild. So, with dinosaurs now loose in the world as of the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Eric's skills will prove invaluable. So, chances are he might appear in some capacity in the film.

In the sequel Claire will walk with a limp, or even a cane.
During the Indoraptor's rampage it stabs Claire in the leg with one of it's claws. It stands to reason that, certainly as she spent a good half hour at least without proper treatment, that she will have suffered permanent damage to her leg. If she was injured so badly that she would need a cane then it could serve to evoke the image of John Hammond.

The military has already been working on Super Soldiers... and Owen is one.
While it may seem a little out there Owen does seem to have survived a fair few things that should've killed him (he was injected with Traqs that were supposed to be able to knock out a raptor, was within touching distance of molten lava, consumed by a cloud of Volcanic ash etc). We've seen already that Genetic power has existed within this world for 25 years, and deliberate hybridization was being done since before 2001 (presumably the Spino was born several years earlier to be that big), Ingen and Masrani may be the ones behind Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs but this research is unlikely to be exclusively pursued by them (Biosyn for example were said to be about a decade behind) it is possible that, during his military career, Owen volunteered (or was volunteered) for an experiment that increased his durability in some way (perhaps the intention could have been something closer to Captain America and Owen was considered a failure due to only being more durable).

It's possible this is why he was assigned to the raptor project, him being more durable would make him more likely to survive the experience.

If this theory and the theory that Maisie is more than human are both true then Owen may reveal this fact and how he dealt with his changes to help her come to terms with her own.

A theory on how the series will introduce feathered dinosaurs
So, right now we know the following things about the third movie:

1. It will feature a new species of raptor, most likely Pyroraptor.

2. BioSyn will return.

3. It will involve feathered dinosaurs.

Given these facts, here is one scenario by which I think feathered dinosaurs could be introduced to the franchise without disrespecting the existing canon.

Picture this. It's been a year since the breakout at Lockwood Manor, and dinosaurs are now roaming the world once again. There are calls that the dinosaurs should be destroyed, since they do not belong on modern-day earth, something that the DPG is opposed to. BioSyn, on the other hand, wants to round up the dinosaurs and kill them. They know this would be an unpopular move thanks to people like Owen and Claire who believe that the dinosaurs were on Earth before humans and as such have a right to live there.

So what does BioSyn do? They create feathered dinosaurs, in an effort to prove that InGen's dinosaurs actually aren't the real thing and therefore, by their own logic, have no right to exist. This would have the bonus of defaming InGen as a whole and invalidating the very premise of their work, while boosting BioSyn's stock through the roof. By "proving" that InGen's dinosaurs are frauds, BioSyn would be able to turn public attention against InGen. And what better way to do that than by showing people what real dinosaurs looked like?

Humans will coexist with Dinosaurs as in Dragon Ball.
  • In the world of Dragon Ball, humans and other characters coexist with Dinosaurs, according to the god of destruction Beerus, he exterminated the Dinosaurs for disrespecting him, but not all Dinosaurs became extinct if not rather they survived, Goku as a child had to rescue his friend Bulma who was kidnapped by a talking Pterodactyl who wanted to eat her, during his training with Master Roshi, Goku, Krillin and Roshi were chased by a dinosaur during their training, in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan was chased by a carnivorous dinosaur, but after hard training, he was able to fight it and Gohan cut off the dinosaur's tail to eat it.

So it is likely that in Jurassic World: Dominion, The humans will gradually adapt to dinosaurs as in Dragon Ball, although they would have to avoid meeting dangerous carnivore dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, the Compsognathus, the Carnotaurus, ect.

The Pyroraptor in Jurassic World: Dominion will be a male and will become Blue's mate.
  • As seen in Jurassic Park III, The male raptors are bright and striking colors and the females are muted and monotonous colors, The Pyroraptor that will appear in Jurassic World: Dominion, will be a colorful Raptor very bright and striking thanks to its crimson red color and with a touch of blue. It is very likely that the Pyroraptor was created by BioSyn from the DNA of different real-life male birds, and Blue will likely be very attracted to he, as male birds attract females with their bright and striking plumage.