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Heartwarming / Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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"Who's my clever girl? Yes, yes, it's you!"

  • The very first shown footage of the film is a flashback of Owen petting Blue when she was a baby.
    • The film shows footage of the raptors as babies, which borders on a Tear Jerker as Blue's three siblings are now all dead.
      • The awed look on Owen's face when Blue tells her sisters to line up when he fails to get their attention.
    • Blue nuzzling Owen when he pretends to show weakness in front of her. You can hear her chirping and purring in concern, desperately wanting to make him all better, and when he looks up at her with a big smile and says "I'm all better now," she's just so damn happy.
  • The film's very premise. A group of people going on a very dangerous mission to rescue dinosaurs on Isla Nublar before the volcano erupts and kill them all. They're risking their lives to save the dinosaurs from going through another extinction, even if said dinosaurs are also threats to their very lives. Life finds a way, indeed.
    • The responsibility that Claire and the other characters feel for the dinosaurs makes one think that maybe humanity isn't so bad after all. Yes, we created monsters, but we're also going to fight for their survival to the bitter end.
    • This promotional video for the Dinosaur Protection Group, which shows just how dedicated the DPG is to saving the animals from their impending extinction. You may find yourself joining Claire and all those kids in yelling "save the dinosaurs!" at the end.
    • The second trailer includes a brief snippet of a helicopter airlifting a dinosaur off the island. It's not one of the major dinosaurs, but it does appear to be the Baryonyx, which is heartwarming on two levels; one, that despite it trying to eat Claire and Franklin, they rescued it anyway; and two, the Baryoynx was very visibly shrink-wrapped and likely was starving.
      • Though the heartwarming is subverted, as it's revealed that the dinosaurs were not really being rescued and taken to a sanctuary, but rather sold at auction to the military and wealthy criminals.
      • And in another subversion, the rescued Baryonyx was a different individual, as the one that tried to eat Claire and Franklin likely died in the lava-filled bunker.
  • From the Super Bowl spot, Blue coming to Owen's aid, smashing into the Indoraptor so he can save the little girl.
  • Having been hit with a tranquilliser dart, Owen is unconscious. A Sinoceratops, fleeing for its life from the oncoming lava flow, stops to wake Owen up as it's not fair for him to die without a fighting chance.
  • As Owen and Claire discuss how fantastic it was to witness these long dead dinosaurs that long just be seen as myths revived to become as real as the things they touch, near to them in a cell, a parent Triceratops is looking after its baby, who is playing around despite their harsh conditions. After that, the Triceratops come together and slept by each other.
    • Further this heartwarming moment that at least a baby dinosaur and possibly more of them made it out of Isla Nublar and hopefully with members of their kind.
  • Zia came to Isla Nublar in part because she had never seen a dinosaur. Her reaction when she first sees a Brachiosaurus is lifted right out of the first film, and it's just as heartwarming to see a life-long dinosaur fan look up at it in awe now as it was when Alan Grant did it.
  • While Lockwood may had fallen out with Hammond years ago which ended their partnership, it is clear than the former still considers Hammond his friend, talking proudly about him and even has a portrait of him in his house. Much like the statue of Hammond in Jurassic World, it also makes for a touching tribute to the late Richard Attenborough—surely many a fan of both Jurassic Park and of Attenborough's other roles smiled when they saw that portrait of Hammond.
  • When Blue is being captured, Owen is trying to keep her calm after the mercenaries show up and shoot a tranquilizer dart at her. A random merc is shown over Owen's shoulder raising his rifle, only for Blue to knock Owen aside and charge the guy. The way it's shot makes it seem like Blue thought the guy was about to ambush Owen and so she pushed him out of the way to save him before attacking the mercenary, even after she herself was shot.
  • Rexy indirectly saving Blue's live by donating her blood thanks to Claire extracting it to her.
  • Iris is initially strict with Maisie but she clearly loves her like her own child. When Lockwood is found dead, she immediately decides to assume guardianship of the girl.
  • Maisie has complete trust in Owen immediately after they meet because she saw him raising the baby raptors in a video clip earlier in the film.
    • At the end, she now has good people to look after her, Claire and Owen. And they're very likely to keep the secret about her true nature to protect her.
    • Claire and Owen almost immediately develop strong parental instincts for Maisie. This is especially heartwarming in Claire's case as her former workaholic temperaments had prevented her from bonding with her nephews Zach and Gray at first.
  • When Zia releases Blue from her cage, Blue turns toward her and Franklin and recognizes them as the people who (along with Owen and Claire) saved her from death, then turns her attention to the two mercenaries who are holding them all at gunpoint, allowing Zia and Franklin to escape.
  • It seems the age of Jurassic World has come to an end. At first, Claire wanted to free them, but Owen tells her that releasing these animals would change what they know about the world. After some deep thought, Claire stops herself from pressing the button. Claire could only watch in tears as the dinosaurs were screaming and crying to be free as the entire manor was about to be filled with toxic gas. But then all of a sudden, the doors open and the team turns to Maisie. She pressed the button. Maisie has lost Lockwood and the dinosaurs were all that's left of his legacy. When learning that she was a clone of Lockwood's daughter, Maisie has a deeper perspective about the dinosaurs of Jurassic World. They were more than what they are, the dinosaurs were her family, and she'll be there for them.
    Maisie: I had to. They're alive, like me.
    • Also of note is that Claire releases every contained dinosaur at once, both herbivores and carnivores, yet none of the carnivores take advantage of the situation and try to kill other dinosaurs (especially when they would've been very hungry because they never get to eat anything since they got off Isla Nublar). Self-preservation of themselves take priority and they instead band together to escape out of the underground lab before parting their own ways.
  • The ending itself, surprisingly. If you look at it from another perspective, it's really a new age for the dinosaurs.
    • The Mosasaurus, now freed from her lagoon, enters the ocean and gets to experience the outside world in her own way.
    • Rexy breaks into a zoo on her travels and meets a lion. Rexy and the lion roar to each other as if greeting one "royal" species to another.
    • The Pteranodons fly off, and in Las Vegas and hopefully build a new nest for their future children.
    • Blue reaches a cliff and looks over the horizon onto a suburb. Before that, she watches Owen's car as it drives by. She may have departed from Owen, but she'll at least be close to him in some way and the two may even reunite.
      • Life finds a way, if the poster of Jurassic World is anything to indicate - Blue may find a way to have children and she won't be alone forever.
  • While the mercenaries are, per Jurassic Park tradition, your run-of-the-mill, profit-driven, apathetic Mooks, they show actual concern for their technician at the beginning, with two mercenaries openly defying the chopper pilot's order to cut the ladder while the technician is hanging on. They also look rather upset when he's unexpectedly eaten by the Mosasaurus. Not to mention they all look utterly devastated at the demise of the Brachiosaurus.
  • Not in-universe but, the amount of people around the world who took to social networking to express their grief over the hapless Brachiosaurus. The fact that so many people felt empathy for a CGI animal in a movie shows both how much people love dinosaurs, and that this empathy means perhaps there's hope for actual, living animals.
    • Someone made a Garry's Mod video where the Brachiosaurus survives.
      • Speaking of the Brachio, while the one that first appeared when Grant and company visited the first park was killed by Mount Sibo's eruption, you can see the name of the genus on the list of dinosaurs brought to the Arcadia, meaning there's at least one Brachio out there!
      • Even better, take a good look when the freed dinosaurs escape Lockwood Manor and, if you look good enough and pause the scene at the right moment, you'll see the leg of the surviving Brachio fleeing with its fellow dinosaurs while almost crushing Mills to death.
  • When Owen wakes up to find Claire leaning against him in a Sleep Cute position (with one of her hands inside his shirt, no less!) he nudges her awake and then feigns sleep so she can reposition herself and avoid embarrassment.