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Continuity Nod / Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Likely due to 2018 being the 25th anniversary of the Jurassic Park film franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom contains many references to the previous movies. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Jurassic Park

  • The entire opening is a nod to the T. rex breakout scene.
  • Explorer 04 from the failed tour is found where it fell from the tree, in the T-Rex paddock of the old park.
  • Lockwood carries a cane similar to the one John Hammond had, with a piece of amber and a mosquito inside as knob. It could be Hammond's cane which he came to own after Hammond's passing.
  • Much like Alan Grant, Zia takes notice of something when driving up into the park and witnesses a Brachiosaurus making a majestic debut. Word of God notes that it's even the same Brachiosaurus.
    • Later, the Brachiosaurus rises in the same exact pose as it did in the original when the lava and smoke clouds consume it.
  • From Welcome to Jurassic Park to Welcome to Jurassic World.
  • Just before finding Blue, Owen approaches one of the wrecked Jurassic Park tour jeeps and the viewers are given a close-up of a rearview mirror with "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear" visible.
  • Claire, Owen, and Franklin take cover beside a fallen tree as fleeing dinosaurs stampede past and nearly trample them, like Grant and the kids' encounter with the Gallimimus fleeing Rexy.
  • The Carnotaurus getting ambushed looks more like the last raptor sans Big One getting killed by Rexy.
  • The scene with Maisie attempting to escape the Indoraptor by hiding in the dumbwaiter is shot-for-shot a remake of the scene with Lex and the raptors in the kitchen.
  • The Indoraptor slowly opens a door into Maisie's room, and while entering it taps its talon on the floor, all in the same manner as Big One entering the kitchen when hunting for the kids.
  • Rexy roaring in victory after devouring Mills is another nod to the climax aftermath of her defeating the Big One.
  • A trio of Pteranodon flying off into the sunset mirrors exactly when Alan glanced a trio of pelicans after escaping the island.
  • A goat on a stake is fed to Rexy.
  • Claire distracts the Indoraptor from a child by screaming "HEY! and igniting something bright — she says it extremely similarly to Malcolm in the rain, igniting the flare to distract Rexy.
  • A mercenary is mauled by a raptor, much the same way as Muldoon was in the original movie.
  • Another mercenary is yanked violently off the screen by a raptor similar to the park worker at the beginning of the original movie.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

  • Yet again, an animal-loving environmentalist named Owen has to accompany a rescue mission to thwart the remnants of InGen from bringing the dinosaurs to the mainland, at the behest of a kindly old man who has the best interests of the dinosaurs at heart.
  • Rexy infiltrating a zoo is similar to Buck entering the neighborhood. Both meet modern day animals.
    • For bonus points, this zoo is almost certainly the one in San Diego: a keen-eyed viewer will notice the Real Life “Skyfari” aerial tram in the background. San Diego was the site of InGen’s planned dinosaur park, and consequently the site of Buck’s rampage.
  • Hammond's final dialogue "These creatures require our absence to survive, not our help" is referenced by his former partner, Benjamin Lockwood.
  • Glass threatening to shatter underneath characters trapped by a very angry theropod shows up again.
  • After surviving the Indoraptor, the protagonists call to each other in a very similar manner to the Casual Danger Dialogue Ian's team had with Eddie when he shows up to rescue them - starting with a stupid question and getting a nonchalantly stupid answer.
  • Mills is taken out similarly to Ludlow and Eddie - swung around like the former as he screams for his life, then shared between two theropods like the latter.
    • In some international cuts of the film, the scene is toned down, having the Rex carrying him screaming off into the forest. This echoes Dodgson's death in The Lost World novel.
  • A smaller female kicks a larger carnivorous dinosaur in the face to knock it off a high perch. In this case, it's Blue knocking the Indoraptor to his death on the Triceratops skull rather than Kelly kicking a raptor through a wall with her gymnastics.
  • A T-Rex nearly attacked Sarah and Kelly in their tent, and Sarah saw its shadow on the wall. Now, the Indoraptor attacks Maisie in her bedroom, and she sees its shadow on the wall.

Jurassic Park III

  • It's mentioned that raptors are potentially the second most intelligent species to have ever walked the Earth, second only to Man. This was a major plot point in Jurassic Park III.
  • Claire convinces Owen in a bar. In Jurassic Park III, the Kirbys convince Alan Grant in a bar.
  • The group glancing out of the Cessna as they fly over the island is very similar to when Grant and the Kirbys fly over Isla Sorna.
  • Jack's and the mercenaries' mission into the abandoned Jurassic World park was just as poorly planned as the Kirbys' and their mercenaries' on Isla Sorna, with both groups counting on their aircraft to ensure their escape. And like Amanda Kirby, Jack's yelling and not being attentive to the surroundings drew the predator to them.
  • A Pteranodon grabbing someone up into the air is a reference to when the Pteranodon made their debut when one of them grabbed Eric.
  • Three Pteranodons are seen flying away during one of the final scenes, just as at the end of Jurassic Park III.

Jurassic World

  • Claire's latest on screen appearance matches that of her first appearance.
  • Claire gets a Feet-First Introduction again.
  • Claire and Owen's first scene together is her recruiting him for a task because someone else suggested him and her arriving at where his home is. The two then discuss the misconceptions about their relationship
  • You see one of the gyrospheres from part three. It still works.
  • When Delta kills Hoskins, the first thing she went for was his arm. The Indoraptor takes Wheatley's arm before killing him.
  • Hoskins and Wheatley both get reduced to blubbering in their final seconds before they scream and then croak.
  • Mills takes refuge from the escaping dinosaur rampage by crawling underneath a vehicle like Owen did when the Indominus rex escaped. Back out in the open, it works out as well for Mills as it had for Nick, the Indominus paddock staffer.