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The Film

  • In a Black Comedy sense, just as the guy being carried in the helicopter celebrates not being eaten by Rexy, the Mosasaurus lunges and gets him.
    • While it's also very awesome, there's definitely something inherently funny about watching a Tyrannosaurus rex playing tug-of-war with a helicopter via a dangling rope ladder. Rexy's movements in trying to win this little game even look like a dog playing tug-of-war with its owner.
      • "Relax, anything in here'd be dead by now." - nature would like you raise you one two hundred foot long Mosasaurus to refute that statement.
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  • The pizza-delivery guy who briefly appears in the beginning is played by the same actor as the gyrosphere operator in the previous movie.
  • During a newscast, one of the chyrons on the bottom says "U.S. President questions whether dinosaurs ever existed in the first place."
  • Claire takes Owen to a bar. First, she's laughing herself silly at how Owen thinks "he left", saying she just let him go as he threatened to get on his van and drive away. Then there's the fit of jealousy.
    Owen: So, uh, what, are you dating an accountant now, or...
    Claire: Owen.
    Owen: ...ventriloquist?
    Claire: Stop it.
    Owen: You love a dummy. You have great skin. Dermatologist?
  • Franklin and Owen's first interaction very quickly establishes Sensitive Guy and Manly Man dynamic between them.
    Franklin: We are not compatible.
  • While in the vehicle making their way through the Island, Franklin nervously asks if any of the dinosaurs are dead by now. Zia makes an explanatory analogy that the dinosaurs benefitting from medicines would be like a caveman live 5x his normal life span because of food and shelter. which Franklin asks "So they're dead?"
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  • Claire and Franklin detect an incoming dinosaur via its tracking chip.
    Franklin: [freaking the heck out] It's a T. rex! It's a T. rex!
    Claire: Stop! It's not a T. rex! ... probably.
    [The Baryonyx proceeds to make its debut]
    Claire: See, not a T. rex!
    Franklin: How is this better?!
  • The Baryonyx taking Super-Persistent Predator way too far and trying to eat people through a lava flow! And then some lava drips onto its nose and it only seems slightly annoyed.
  • A mild Jump Scare, but there's something silly about a Compy pretending to be a toy in an abandoned gift shop window.
  • As Owen lays unconscious due to the tranquilizer given to him, we hear heavy footsteps and see the shadow of a dinosaur looming over him. It turns out to be a herbivorous Sinoceratops, who starts licking Owen in the face as if to say "Hey, buddy, you alright?"
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  • An unintentional example, but when everyone, dinosaurs included, are falling off a cliff as the volcano is erupting, a couple of Pteranodons can be seen soaring off the cliff to freedom. Clearly, it's not their problem that the other animals can't fly.
  • There is also something darkly amusing about the image of ankylosaurs jumping off cliffs like lemmings, practically begging for high dive scoreboards.
  • Owen is outside one of the gyro-balls from the last movie, facing a Carnotaurus — which then decides to go after a passing Sinoceratops for whatever reason. The Sino fights it off with an attitude that's full of "Stop bothering me already!"
  • The sheer ease in which Rexy disables and pins a Carnotaurus. It's about to eat Owen. Then, suddenly — Rexy grabs it in her mouth with little more than a tiny boop and it falls over, then Rexy has it pinned underfoot... all before it can even react. There's also the still-alive Carnotaurus wriggling and flailing under Rexy's foot.
    • After this, Rexy belts out her iconic roar... only to be cut off when a shockwave from a volcano pulses through her. Shaking her head as if to say "yeah, screw this" and stalks off.
    • Rexy in general, doesn't seem to care for Carnotaurs much. Towards the end of the film as she kills Eli, one of Eli's arms slings off his body and into the jaws of an eager Carno, who bites on it. Rexy promptly uses her head to slap the arm out of the Carno's mouth, while still chewing and eating Eli.
  • A Gallimimus doesn't look where it's running and bumps into an Allosaurus, who lunges at the Gallimimus in retaliation.
  • When Owen goes off to find Blue, we get this scene:
    Owen: Just remember, if I don't make it out... you're the one who made me come.
    Claire: ...
    Owen: [grins] I'll be all right.
  • When Owen reunites with Blue, he tries to re-establish his bond by tossing her a piece of food. Instead of catching it, however, she ignores it (with the treat comically bouncing off her face), before giving Owen a look that just seems to say, "Seriously? Come on."
  • The very fact that Rexy is taking her good sweet time to attack other dinosaurs and roar majestically, despite the entire island literally exploding beneath her feet! Don't you have anything better to do with your life, old gal?
  • Owen, paralyzed by the tranquilizer dart, struggles to drag himself away from an incoming lava flow while losing control of his limbs. It kind of plays off like the drug scene from The Wolf of Wall Street.
    • Perhaps more accurately, he's basically trying to ragdoll his way to safety like he just came out of QWOP or something—it's as funny as it is tense, considering that he's desperately trying to get away from molten lava.
  • Franklin somehow ends up as a lab assistant after he was last seen "volunteering" as a deckhand for the mercenaries on the ship.
  • Blue needs a transfusion. Solution? Taking some Tyrannosaurus blood. Tense Hilarity Ensues.
    Owen: You'll need to climb. Come on, it's like riding a bull!
    Claire: I didn't grow up in a rodeo, or wherever you came from!
    • Rexy's head pins Owen against the cage's wall. Claire asks if he's OK, and he gives a thumb up.
      • At another point, Rexy's head pens Owen again, this time having him get hit by her drool.
    • Another funny bit is that Rexy makes a cute noise while asleep. Becomes slight Mood Whiplash since Rexy soon wakes up and freaks out, forcing them to scram (Owen, diving through Rexy's open jaws!).
    • Rexy's reaction when she suddenly wakes up. Given her wide-eyed expression, she's clearly as terrified and confused as they are, after all, she DID wake up suddenly crammed into a box with people poking at her.
  • After the adventure with Rexy, Owen and Claire find themselves in a Sleep Cute situation. Owen wakes up first and smirks at the fact that Claire has her hand inside his shirt, before taking the opportunity to smell her hair. Once he notices her waking up, he pretends to still be asleep and the first thing Claire does after coming to is hurriedly removing her hand from Owen's pecs.
  • The Indoraptor pretending to still be knocked out cold when Wheatley attempts to yank out one of his teeth. Twice, he lifts up his tail, making Wheatley turn around to see what had moved. When he does this, he opens an eye and the corner of his mouth quirks up, making it look like he's smirking to the audience, as if telling us 'You know what's about to happen next.'
    • Wheatley getting his ass torn up by the Indoraptor—and screaming Bloody Murder the entire time—while Eversoll hauls his own ass to the elevator then turns around to watch counts as a Funny Background Event in the Black Comedy sense.
    • The Indoraptor, though terrifying, seems to have some degree of playfulness (in a violent, sociopathic way, of course), like when he chases some people into an elevator, waits for them to think they're safe, then breaks the door controls and almost mockingly stares at them as the door opens again, before he kills them all, or the way he gently touches Maisie's hair through the bars of his cage, before shrieking at her.
      • As for the elevator part while those people thought they were safe, the Indoraptor had the animal equivalent of a Deadpan Snarker on how the humans won until he did the deed on smacking his tail against the controls. Just as it opens, the Indoraptor was doing his equivalent of "I'm Waiting".
      • It's possible to interpret that scene as the Indoraptor accidentally opening the door. With that interpretation, his pause before attacking could be the equivalent of a Beat. As if he's thinking, "Damn, they've escaped — No, they're back? Huh? Well, okay then!"
  • As a little call-back to the first film, Maisie hides inside a dumbwaiter and the Indoraptor bashes his head on it as she escapes, much like the Big One tricked by Lex's reflection.
  • While awesome, the shot of the Indoraptor howling at the full moon can appear narmy to audiences who think it takes the Gothic Horror theme kind of too far.
  • The Stiggy sending people flying across the room once Owen sets her free in the auction room.
    • Shortly before that, there's the sequence of the Stiggy helping Owen and Claire escape their cell. As soon as she bashes through to their cell, Owen lures her to the door to their cell, which the Stiggy easily bashes though... until she hits a metal support column, which is a bit more stubborn that she is. The look on the Stiggy's face is one of "Well, uhm... that hurt..." There's also the way the Stiggy looks at Owen just prior to her running riot like she's an excited puppy.
      • While the Stiggy is sending people flying, The Indoraptor seems to be dancing in his cage.
  • When Wu goes to collect some of Blue's blood, and Zia has to inform him that it won't help. Wu starts to go on a rant about how he made this dinosaur and knows how "pure" she is, but Zia cuts him off. The scene is simultaneously awesome as well, as Zia has just been handcuffed to Blue's cage by a Mad Scientist who's all too willing to harm her if she doesn't help him with his plans, yet the girl remains completely nonchalant when she calmly tells him his plans are pretty much ruined.
    Zia: I had to do an intravenous transfusion with a T. rex. It's a sock drawer in there.
    Wu: You what?!
  • Franklin, wearing scrubs, is mistaken for another scientist in Wu's lab and is ordered to grab some phlebotomy equipment. Franklin's dumb-founded expression when Wu asks him to help draw blood from Blue is priceless!
    Wu: You, I need blood samples from [Blue]. (Beat) Don't just stand there like an idiot! Get me 50 cc carfentanil and a phlebotomy kit! It's right there! Now!
  • Bit of dark humor, but the way Indoraptor takes out mercenaries with Mills is kinda like Garfield eating his food, sprinter-style. One moment it's there, the other, it isn't.
  • Blue inadvertently punctures a large bottle of flammable gas and sniffs it. We see her suddenly have the "Oh shit!" moment before running the hell away.
  • The way the Indoraptor flies out of the bedroom window and ragdolls down the roof before pursuing Owen and Maisie makes it look like Blue heaved him through the window.
  • In the ending, just before the Indoraptor falls to his demise, Owen and Claire try to trick him into jumping on a glass rooftop. The plan fails, however as he doesn't fall all the way down and manages to climb back up. He then gives Owen an almost sarcastically mocking look, as if to say "Did you really think I'm that stupid?" And then Blue suddenly jumps him from above.
    • The moment after Blue impales the Indoraptor on the Agujaceratops skull is hilarious. She looks around briefly as if to say "that really worked??"
  • Mills' death plays out in a Black Comedy kind of way, especially in how it's playing on the audience's expectations. First, it looks like he gets crushed under the van he's hiding under as the dinosaurs are stampeding out of the mansion. Then he thinks he's safe and goes for the Indominus bone, without realizing there's a pack of Compys watching him. They scatter when a Carnotaurus begins creeping up behind him. That's when Rexy comes out and starts to eat him before the Carnotaurus comes in and they basically have a tug-of-war for his remains as they both devour him. The scene knew the audience was expecting him to die and was just setting up all these different ways to kill him.
    • Rexy and the Carno tear Mills in half, but Rexy tries to take the half that the Carno got as well! It's been a while since she ate a corrupt business executive, and she's like, "Mmmm, tastes like Gennaro."
    • As Rexy makes her exit, she stomps on the Indominus bone for good measure. Rexy: 2, I. rex: 0.
  • Once at Lockwood Manor, Rexy is led into a cage, where a goat is waiting for her. Said goat freaks out.
  • A bit of a Stealth Pun, but the fact that while the Indominus rex was more of a threat in open spaces and dense jungle, the Indoraptor is small and stealthy enough to inflict carnage inside buildings, sneak into bedrooms and chase people down hallways. He's literally an indoor raptor.
  • Rexy somehow escapes into a zoo and roars at a lion. The lion gives no fucks that a giant dinosaur is roaring at him and just roars back.
    • Said lion is also standing on a rocky outcrop and backlit by the sunrise. The only thing missing is the theme song "IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIFE!"
  • The expression on the Mosasaurus's face as she pursues a surfer inside a tidal wave just screams "How am I actually getting away with this!?"
  • The post-credit scene: A Pteranodon landing on a tower in Las Vegas. Now Vegas has everything.


  • This short promotional clip that came before the first trailer. It humorously recreates part of Jurassic Park's ending with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard having to use a Unix software much like Tim and Lex.
    Chris Pratt: [after seeing a man running to the WC] When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  • The Entertainment Weekly issue dedicates its summer blockbuster to the film featuring Chris, Bryce, and the Indoraptor animatronic as protagonists.
  • The updated version of the old Jurassic World website is mostly a Tear Jerker and mild Nightmare Fuel, but the Indominus rex's page has a darkly humorous aspect to it. Whereas most of the other animals has their status listed as "Endangered" (except the Mosasaurus, who is listed as "Missing"), the Indominus is listed as "Extinct" (along with Edmontosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus). If Claire had put that there, it must have taken everything in her to not add "THANK GOD" to it.
  • J.A. Bayona had quite a bit of fun with Justice Smith while filming a scene with the Blue animatronic, urging him to touch it. Justice wasn't too keen, moved his hand close to it, and as expected, the puppeteers moved the head to snap at him, and it still freaked him out.
  • The fact that Chris Pratt had the movie spoiled to him by Tom Holland, whose ability to spoil movies had grown beyond his own projects!
  • Justice Smith singing a song to celebrate the end of principal photography.
  • Chris Pratt did Jurassic Journals following certain people of cast and crew. The Blu-Ray adds some more, with the one featuring stuntwoman Rachelle Beinart having an amusing moment where she reveals to be Po from Teletubbies and does the character's voice, freaking out Isabella Sermon.
  • In both this movie and the first Jurassic World, Chris Pratt does behind-the-scenes vignettes. In the first movie, one of his shorts includes him trying, but failing, to whistle for the scenes where it's needed, and he comments that it will be added in post-production. When he finally learns to whistle, he jokes that the next movie (this one) will be just him whistling. Cue the scene where Owen gets the dinosaur to break down the jail cell by repeatedly whistling.
  • A special news bulletin, brought to you by Robot Chicken.