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Trivia / Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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  • B-Team Sequel: Colin Trevorrow was only interested in directing one film in the series.
  • Fake American:
  • Fake Brit: Sir Benjamin Lockwood, an English character, is played by American actor James Cromwell.
  • Fan Nickname: Some have taken calling the Indoraptor "Yellow" due to the yellow stripes on its body to contrast Blue.
    • Thanks to this video, fans have also picked up the name “Ripper.”
  • Milestone Celebration: The film comes out the year of the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park. The current leading cast promoted a contest for the occasion.
  • Name's the Same: Benjamin Lockwood is the real name of Agent Liberty.
  • Playing Against Type: After playing the Nice Guy in Life of Pi and Prometheus, Rafe Spall plays an unpleasant villain in this film.
  • Production Posse: J. A. Bayona brings in his go-to cinematographer Oscar Faura for this. Frequent collaborator Geraldine Chaplin also has a role.
  • Refitted for Sequel:
    • The scene in which a helicopter escape attempt from the island is nearly thwarted by the T. Rex grabbing on to the ladder of the helicopter was originally how the creators intended for the characters to escape Isla Nublar in the first Jurassic Park film.
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    • Baryonyx and Carnotaurus, two dinosaurs that were mentioned previously and had been intended to appear in Jurassic Park III, finally make their onscreen debuts in this movie.
    • Allosaurus makes its debut as well; particularly satisfying in that Allosaurus was an actual apex predator of the Jurassic period, whereas T. rex, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor and most others seen in the movies are actually from the Cretaceous. If a large theropod deserved a role in a movie with "Jurassic" in the title, it was Allosaurus!
    • Many of Ian Malcolm's statements are taken from Jurassic Park, particularly near the end. Five movies in, and they're still finding things from the books that haven't made it to film yet!
    • The manner in how the Indoraptor is killed, falling onto the horns of a triceratops skeleton, is inspired by the original ending of the first film. Instead of the raptors being killed by a surprise return appearance of the T-Rex, they were climbing over the T-Rex skeleton in the lobby and one would have been killed when the skeleton collapsed to the ground while inside its mouth.
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  • Role Reprise: Jeff Goldblum returns as Ian Malcolm 21 years after The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
  • Short Run in Peru: The film was released in most markets a few weeks before the US release date of June 22, 2018. Most non-US releases were spread between late May and mid-June due to the FIFA World Cup, an event massive enough to potentially keep audiences away from movie theaters on prime times and starting in mid-June.
  • Spared by the Cut: Maisie's nanny Iris was killed by the Indoraptor in a deleted scene. Since this didn't make it into the theatrical cut, the last we see of her is when Eli fires her prior to the dinosaur auction, suggesting she left the mansion before the chaos begins.
  • Those Two Actors: This wasn't the first time James Cromwell and Bryce Dallas Howard were on screen together.
  • Viral Marketing: A website was created for the Dinosaur Protection Group founded by Claire and the Extinction Now! of Ian Malcolm.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Pachyrhinosaurus was going to be featured instead of Sinoceratops. That said, its name shows up on the list of dinosaurs taken on the Arcadia.
    • As shown in the film's concept art, Spinosaurus was going to appear in the scene where the dinosaurs run off when Sibo erupts, with the Spino meeting its end during the scene. Its appearance would have been foreshadowed by the characters stumbling across the carcass of a Teratophoneus (a small tyrannosaur) that had its neck snapped, just like the T.rex in Jurassic Park III. They would have then encountered the Spinosaurus itself, which would have been fought and killed by Rexy.
    • It's been revealed that a deleted scene would have shown that there were two Indoraptors, the black/gold one from the movie and his sibling, a white one that looked more like the Indominus. The main Indoraptor would have killed his sibling resulting in him being the only one of its kind. This was scrapped mostly to avoid too many comparisons to the Indominus' origin.
    • A deleted scene was going to explain why the Indoraptor was in a dark area of the lab, the repair man sent there to fix the lights never came back. His skull was to be seen lying in the cage. While the scene or any hints of it never made it to the final film it was included in the junior novelization.
    • According to storyboards, there was going to be a different opening more prominently featuring the Mosasaurus. After escaping from her lagoon, she would have been hunting a whale pod that was also being targeted by a whaling ship. The Mosasaurus would first snatch a harpooned whale, dragging the ship with it, then would have attacked and sunk the whaler.
    • Dilophosaurus was scripted to have had a cameo aboard the Arcadia, but the scene was never filmed as Bayona felt it added nothing to the story. Though some taxidermy specimens do prominently appear in Lockwood Manor, many fans have still been clamoring for the species to appear in the flesh for the first time since the original film.
    • It was heavily rumored that during production, and referenced in leaks, the Arcadia would have been slated to take the dinosaurs to Isla Sorna as part of the ruse. Mills and Lockwood do indeed mention an island as the goal, but never identify it, though Sorna is mentioned separately.
    • Trevorrow’s first draft for the film, titled Jurassic World: Ancient Futures, had the Arcadia boat trip take up most of the run time, and its destination as England instead of California.
    • Maisie was originally going to be named Lucy.
  • Word of Gay: According to Daniella Pineda, Zia was written as lesbian. But the line that would confirm it was cut.
  • Word of God: Per Colin Trevorrow's Twitter account, not all of the dinosaurs rescued on the Arcadia were shown.
    • It has been suggested that the dinosaurs seen in the Lockwood Manor Museum Hall were taxidermied specimens of early prototypes, before Jurassic Park. This is interesting because some of these specimens have been identified as species discovered relatively recently, such as Concavenator and Dracorex.


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