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"This is gonna be awesome."
Owen Grady


  • Rexy the Tyrannosaurus from the first and fourth films is back, along with Blue the last remaining Velociraptor of Owen's pack.
    • And not just that. Allosaurus, Baryonyx, and Carnotaurus, three dinos which fans have long-waited to see making their physical debuts in the films, have been confirmed to appear in the flesh.

The Film
"ROOOAAAAAAAR!": She's back, ladies and gentlemen. And, yes, that is, an exploding volcano behind her.

  • The opening scene:
    • Storms raging, tree falling in Isla Nublar. But all of them were blown away by that iconic roar as Rexy popped her head out of the forest doing what she does best; hunting.
    • The shot of the sub discovering the Indominus Rex's remains is a neat little callback that's sure to send chills.
      • The fact that the skeleton is there means the Mosasaurus did not eat the Indominus Rex right away. The Mosasaurus drowned the Indominus Rex first... then ate the flesh on her. Guess we know how she survived those six months...
    • Rexy getting into a tug-of-war with a goddamn helicopter. Rexy wins as she makes the rope snap!
    • Ian Malcolm is right. The Mosasaurus is a survivor. Despite not receiving any new food to her lagoon, she held for months and her efforts were rewarded. Life found a way to preserve her and let her escape. Nature is doing what it does best — fixing our messes.
  • Ian Malcolm is back, with Jeff Goldblum reprising his role, in a cameo with plot relevance. Some of his new quotes are based on the Lost World novel, similar to what the previous film did with the conversation between Wu and Masrani. Also, Goldblum himself added his own lines.
    • Malcolm building up to a repeat of his most famous line, summing up the sheer awe of dinosaurs existing again.
      "These creatures were here before us. And if we're not careful, they're gonna be here after. Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life... finds a way."
    • Then we have Malcolm's Title Drop which plays on top of a montage of the now freed dinosaurs roaming around.
      "Welcome to Jurassic World."
  • The film features a volcanic threat. Terrifying as it might sound, it is the second force of nature to be a threat since the hurricane of the first film and deadlier than any prehistoric creature.
  • Claire doesn't run on high heels this time. She is promoted to full Action Girl, boots and vest included, similar to Owen's.
  • In what may be a Call-Back to the original film, the team arriving at Isla Nublar meets an enormous Brachiosaurus in Jurassic World's abandoned Main Street.
  • Zia pulling a gun on Wheatley after he tranquilizes Blue and Owen, not giving a damn that the other mercs draw their weapons on her because, as she firmly reminds him, they need her to keep Blue alive after she gets shot.
  • In one of the most, if not THE MOST interesting turn of events, the Sinoceratops, a dinosaur that to be honest isn't as famous as some of her cousins, has lots of spotlight nearing the middle portion of the film.
    • One by coincidence wakes up Owen in the nick of time so that he can muster the strength to escape from taking a nice hot bath in magma.
    • Another got attacked by the Carnotaurus but she pulls up enough fight to shoo it off and get back to running away from the eruption. Even sweeter in that this marks the first time in the films where a herbivore wins against a carnivore.
  • While the team is escaping from the volcano, a Carnotaurus (the same one that attacked the Sinoceratops) arrives and tries to kill them and usurp Rexy's throne as the most dangerous dinosaur in the franchise... only for Rexy herself to show up and defeat it with no effort at all, knocking it to the ground with little more than a gentle "Boop".
    • And then Rexy roars, and the mountains seem to explode on cue with it.
  • Claire drives the truck left behind by the mercenaries who betrayed them to escape Isla Nublar's destruction. Many would wonder why didn't Owen let her drive.
  • Owen winds up trapped in a container with Rexy. Rexy wakes up, roars and struggles, and as her foot begins to slip down the wall to crush Owen, he dives through her open jaws before they and her foot can crunch him.
    • While Owen escapes, Claire manages to get the blood sample from the old gal to save Blue from dying.
  • Maisie is one tough little girl, even for a clone. Getting the codes to access the underground laboratory in her home and then proceeding to escape without anyone noticing is pretty impressive.
  • Mills is very full of himself. So, Owen wants to let him know where his place is, manhandling him while not afraid of getting killed by Wheatley.
    • Claire stops him only because she wants to slam Mills' face against the bars. Owen finds it hilarious.
  • Owen must find a way to free himself and Claire or the Big Bads of the movie are going to sell off all the dinosaurs and one very ticked off Indoraptor. With some assistance from Stiggy's hard head, they got out.
    • Owen and Stiggy, man and dinosaur working together to beat down some rich snobs and Mills' security force.
    • Owen becoming a One-Man Army as he just plows his way through bad guys with ease, only one of them being able to put up a good fight, and at one point floors someone with a single punch.
      • Fridge Brilliance: These guys are presumably just hired mercenaries, and Owen is ex-Navy.
    • Stiggy, who is roughly the same size as a St. Bernard, sending people flying throughout the room. And half the time she doesn't even appear to be going full speed!
  • In an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, Franklin disappears for part of the movie after getting drafted as a deckhand, separating him from Owen and Claire. From there, he manages to maintain his cover and make it to the mansion, and later turns up again disguised as a lab technician under Dr. Wu. For a Non-Action Guy nerd who has so far spent most of his time running away screaming, that is an incredible display of calm bravery and nerve.
  • Zia shuts Wu up by having none of his Spock Speak about using Blue and her pure genome to make more Hybrids and simply tells him that she had to use T. rex blood to save Blue — meaning that Blue is useless for the evil plans. Wu is at a loss for words, and Zia snarks at his expense. Keep in mind that Zia has just been handcuffed to Blue's cage by a Mad Scientist who's all too willing to harm her if she doesn't help him with his schemes, yet she remains completely calm when she nonchalantly tells Wu his plans are pretty much ruined.
  • When Blue gets free, she remembers every one of those mercenary's faces and is about to lay it on thick why you shouldn't mess with a royally ticked-off raptor.
    • The way she looked at Zia and Franklin first, with a calm expression, then turns to the mercenaries and viciously snarls. Almost as if to say, "You, friends. Them, NOT FRIENDS!"
    • And then, just to show off, Blue notices that the room she's in is filling up with gas and she makes a run for it. She manages to dive out of a nearby window just as the room explodes behind her, John McClane style. Ridiculous? Yeah. Awesome? Hell YES!
    • What's especially funny about it, is that Blue first turns to see what the smell was, and then noticed the big red placard, as well as the sparks. Her eyes say everything that's going through her mind in those milliseconds before the room exploded.
  • The Indoraptor's design. People who were expecting just a smaller Indominus rex were instead treated with the epic and terrifying creature that looks more like a cross between some sort of wingless dragon crossed with the Alien.
  • The Indoraptor wasn't just for show, and he would actually beat The Big One in terms of sheer raw power and frightening intellect.
    • He fools Wheatley by playing possum after the latter shoots him with one or two tranquilizers. note  When Wheatley tries to remove a tooth for a trophy, the Indoraptor just gives a small ''smirk'' to us that he has everything according to plan — including a Kick the Son of a Bitch and Laser-Guided Karma moment immediately thereafter on that auctioneer and his associates.
      • It goes deeper than that. Wheatley prides himself on "earning" teeth from innocent dinosaurs as prizes. When the Indoraptor has him at his mercy, he mock-affectionately nuzzles his head against Wheatley's hat, as though wordlessly remarking "Your head would add nicely to my body count ..."
  • Following this, the Indoraptor hunts down the remaining auctioneers that didn't leave, including Eversol. They narrowly make it into an elevator — only for the Indoraptor to accidentally whip his tail at the controls, causing the elevator to malfunction and open. Given Eversol was just as responsible as Mills was for auctioning off the precious dinosaurs, the guy's dying scream proves irresistibly satisfying as the Indoraptor begins having his way with them...
  • The Indoraptor, perched on a gothic-looking rooftop in the rain and howling at the full moon like a werewolf! And then later, he casts his shadow menacingly in a wall like Orlok, and slinks about in the darkness like the Xenomorph. Seems he's cemented his place among cinema's greatest movie monsters by homaging several of them all at once.
  • The Indoraptor was practically invincible, slaughtering every mook left and right, resisting tranquilizer darts and No Selling bullets, and things weren't going to end well for Owen and Maisie until Blue arrived. Thank the Heavens.
    • The actual fight is pretty sweet. Blue doesn't even pause. She takes one look at this monster attacking Owen and launches at him. In the fight, she's hurled across the room, slammed into furniture, pinned, clawed, and bitten. She not only keeps coming back for more, she's clearly holding her own. How does the first part of the fight end? As Owen and Maisie run across the roofs, a dinosaur is hurled out a window and crashes onto the tiles behind them. It takes a second for you to realise it's the Indoraptor. Blue has such a Hair-Trigger Temper she threw a dinosaur five times her size through a damn window! And when Claire gives a window of opportunity, Blue leaps onto the Indoraptor, knocking them both through a glass ceiling into the museum below and impaling the Indoraptor with the skull of an Agujaceratops. Rexy is the Queen of the Dinosaurs and now, Blue is Queen of the Pack.
    • Just the way that the Indoraptor meets his end the same way as the Big One: he is thrown into a display skeleton by another dinosaur, who then roars majestically over his dead body.
  • The dinosaurs' escape counts as one. Despite the terrible consequences it would have on humanity but seeing them charged forth having finally escaped from their cells is awe-inspiring. Just when Mills was about to flee, one Pteranodon swoops in and drops one of his mercenaries to his death — followed by the small dinosaurs such as the baby Triceratops and Compsognathus coming out, until the BIG ones come in herds with the baby Trike's father and mother leading them and stepping on another mercenary to death in the process. After Mills is killed by Rexy, the Tyrannosaurus roars in victory and destroys the Indominus rex bone sample while departing. With those two gone along with Blue killing the Indoraptor and the dinosaurs destroying suitcases most likely containing Indoraptor eggs, the dinosaurs have actually saved the world.
    • The fact that one of the genera to be physically featured in all prior JP films, Parasaurolophus, all of a sudden appears amongst the dinosaurs being freed and running loose, after spending most of the film being mysteriously absent (aside from a couple blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments).
    • It should be noted that, like Claire releasing Rexy in the previous film, this is one of the first few moments in the franchise where you actually CELEBRATE the escape of the dinosaurs.
    • Likewise, look closely during the climatic stampede, pause the scene at the right moment and you'll see the leg of a Brachiosaurus crushing Mills' car as it flees with its fellow dinosaurs. The Brachio that welcomed Grant and company to Isla Nublar may be gone, but she's got a successor to carry on her mantle.
  • The death of Eli Mills. After everything he did to Owen, Claire, Maisie, Lockwood, and the Nublar dinosaurs, the man got what was coming to him. Being on the receiving end of a stampede from the very same animals he tried to illegally pawn off has DELICIOUS karmic overtones. Fate really wanted Mills to squirm and seems to enjoy seeing him running around like a buffoon and giving him some close calls as the dinosaurs stampede over his hired help and nearly crushing him under his car to make things more satisfying. The final coup de grace is Rexy, the Carnotaurus, and the Compies taking turns having a bite out of him as he screams helplessly. There is no mercy for the wicked.
  • Rexy and a lion, two apex predators from different time periods, both having titles as kings/queens of their respective domains, roaring at each other in a zoo. King of Beasts meets Queen of the Dinosaurs.
    • The fact the lion has the courage or bravado to not only not immediately retreat, but defiantly roar back at something that physically dwarfs him by a considerable margin is the first time a modern animal in the series has shown such ability.
      • It's going to end with Rexy either devouring the lion (though she may have difficulty reaching his cliff) or sparing him of the moment out of respect for standing up to her.
  • Remember Rexy's roar of triumph that ends the previous movie? In this movie, that honor belongs to Blue, and now she's standing on a cliff overlooking a Californian town on the mainland USA, signaling the new era of the dinosaurs.
    • It can especially signify that although Blue isn't in the jungles of Jurassic Park anymore, she'll find her way around the modern world and take Jurassic World by storm.
  • Owen interacting with the infant Raptor Squad is all kinds of Heartwarming and Tear Jerker, but contains awesome as well. First, we see Owen trying to get the raptors' attention, but they're ignoring him in favor of the toys scattered about their enclosure. Then Blue barks at them, and they all line up like adorable little soldiers in front of their daddy. Even Owen can only turn to the cameraman and say in awe "Did you just see that?"
    • Owen "showing weakness" in front of Delta. He curls up into a ball and starts crying, and Delta (no bigger than a chihuahua at this point) leaps at Owen in full-fledged Raptor Attack mode. Owen catches her on the thick leather bracer on his arm and scolds her. Now we know how Owen established dominance with these animals at a young age and never gave it up.
  • Supplementary information from The DPG reveals Wu was stripped off his credentials after Jurassic World - indeed, in the film, Eversoll says the Indoraptor was created by Mr. Henry Wu. Yes, folks - it actually happened. Someone took Wu's credentials from him after all these years.