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To put it simply, Jurassic Park is THE franchise that embodies everything awesome about dinosaurs. There's no denying that the science fiction concept of resurrecting dinosaurs in our world through genetics, no matter how implausible it is, has tremendous cinematic appeal.


  • Dr. Grant tackling and wrestling with a Cearadactylus that grabbed Lex.
  • Tim and Lex tricking a Velociraptor into walking into a freezer and then locking her inside.
  • Muldoon shows how the movie Muldoon should have handled the raptors: with a freaking rocket-propelled grenade launcher. He even tranquilizes Rexy, and she possibly drowns in the river (only one T. rex shows up in the count at the novel's end, but the T. rex may be in a non-monitored area).
  • Malcom exposing the dinosaur breeding problem and proving that there are escaped dinosaurs by simply asking them to run computer checks for more than what they think is the maximum amount of dinosaurs out there. It also doubles as Nightmare Fuel for showcasing just how bad things are.
  • Gennaro is nothing like the cowardly prick in the movie, as he accompanies several of the characters on dangerous treks, and at one point, heaves a full-grown Velociraptor off his back.
    • When the main power goes out and the raptors start running amuck, Gennaro volunteers to restart the generator himself after Arnold apparently fails. He does this on his own, without being asked, aware that the last man who tried was probably eaten alive, and with no plan of escape after he succeeds. Not bad for a legal consultant.
    • Worth noting that when Muldoon finds the explosive rounds for his rocket launcher and heads off to hunt the raptors, it's Gennaro he chooses as his ammo carrier. He acquits himself pretty well, too.
      Having found the raptor pack, Muldoon blows one into hamburger with his first shot. The rest turn around, snarling.
      Muldoon: Load.
  • Gennaro's boss Ross recognizing how the park is in danger of coming apart, sending out Gennaro to closely examine it and saying that "If there's a problem on that island, burn it to the ground", being able to see past that the situation means more than just saving their investment.
  • Lowly lab tech Alice Levin being the first outsider to look past the preconceptions of what can or can't be and identify the signs of a dinosaur attack.
  • Muldoon realizing Tim and/or Lex are still alive out there with a Sherlock Scan, observing that there's a watch which was clearly smashed when the car wrecked, but that was taken off, not torn off, and reasoning that the kids would have been too scared to notice the watch was broken and then discard it while the T-Rex was still around.
  • Near the climax of the first book, Dr. Grant is being chased through the incubation room by Velociraptors. In a sudden burst of inspiration, he remembers that the creatures were theorized to feed on eggs from other dinosaurs' nests in addition to live prey. Using this knowledge to his advantage, he injects several eggs with the lethal contents of a nearby syringe and rolls them toward the Velociraptors, which take the bait and die almost instantaneously.
    • One of them doesn't fall for it and goes for Grant. He wrestles briefly with her while injecting her directly.
  • Lex restarting the computer in the film was a nice moment, but she knew the system. In the book? The Jurassic Park OS is completely custom designed and has an incredibly unhelpful interface. Nevertheless, with nothing but his computer instincts to guide him, Tim makes his way through it and restarts the power, saving the lives of everyone on the island.
    • Followed immediately by Gennaro getting the ship to turn around, preventing three Velociraptors from reaching the mainland, by invoking the Uniform Maritime Act on the captain.
    "Try this for identification, Captain Farrell," Gennaro said. "If you don't turn that boat around and return to this island immediately, you will be found in violation of Section 509 of the Uniform Maritime Act, you will be subject to revocation of license, penalties in excess of fifty thousand dollars, and five years in jail. Do you hear that?"
    Grant said, "What's the Uniform Maritime Act?"
    "Who the hell knows?" Gennaro said.
  • In The Lost World, Sarah Harding is a walking badass. She surives being pushed overboard by Dodgson, swimming through extremely dangerous waters, chases after and snipes a Velociraptor on a motorcycle (which is being driven by a kid with no experience in driving a motorcycle), and overpowers Dodgson and offers him up to the Tyrannosaurus.
  • Doc Thorne and Levine riding a motorcycle to safety while being pursued by a T. rex.
  • Levine shooting a Velociraptor point-blank in the mouth with a rifle.
  • Eddie buying his friends time to climb up to safety, by fighting off a pack of raptors with a steel bar. He gets caught and killed.


  • The IDW series "Devils in the Desert" shows us both the first time of someone deliberately using a predator to take out another dangerous animal when Monica lures the last Pteranodon into the polar bear enclosure, as well as the first time a modern animal wasn't cannon fodder for the prehistoric. In the battle between the Pterosaur and strongest living mammalian predator, the bear wins after it tackles the reptile into the water.


  • This Gatorade commercial, released in 2000, featuring a Velociraptor from the film taking on Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors . . . in a basketball game.