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Cue the understatement of the '90s - "That is one big pile of shit."



  • There's several instances in Jurassic Park: The Game where humor is sprinkled throughout.
    • At one point, a character puts a jeep in reverse to get away from the Dilophosaurus. Cue one behind the jeep letting out a shriek before it's run over. Doubles as a Brick Joke; looks like Nedry got his revenge through the player!
  • The opening logo for the PS1 Lost World video game.
  • This Character Blog twitter feed, depicting a grown-up Tim as being a traumatised Shell-Shocked Veteran to a truly hilarious degree, compelled to mention how he was almost killed by dinosaurs when he was nine at every given opportunity. One example:
    Tim: This velociraptor just hissed at me.
    [Photo of a duck]
    • Even better as one of the Twitter users following him is "Velociraptor".
      Tim Murphy: No. No. No.
      Velociraptor: Hey @The_Tim_Murphy Rawr!
      Tim: This isn't happening
    • He's also been known to write "where's the goat" over and over again for no good reason.
  • Jeff Goldblum hosted Saturday Night Live shortly after the original film was released and did a Q&A during the opening monologue. All the "audience members" were interested in knowing was what it was like working with the (obviously real) dinosaurs, to which he repeatedly responded that the dinosaurs were not real. Until Laura Dern stands up in the audience and wants to know, "Weren't you afraid the dinosaurs were gonna eat us?"
    Goldblum: [Beat] Yes.