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Analysis / Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park is a deconstruction of the human psyche itself, in many ways. It screws around with the ideas of...ideology, theory, philosophy, reason, Rule of Cool, and even Darwinism.

The way dinosaurs are presented acts as the deconstruction, from the way they would be in real life as they were to how humans would want to mess around with their DNA to make the "perfect creature", completely ignoring every single downside that could come from it before it's far too late. Many people die, and it is amazing how they die, but nobody in the universe particularly cares about that, choosing to focus on the HOW'S of their death and not the why's or the why-not's, with the exceptions of Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant, the only voices of reason, with no power on their side.

Everyone in power basically only cares about profit and nothing else, going so far as to have inside traitors and etc., which happens in real life amazingly often. The dinosaurs aren't the true antagonists, they're just doing what they're programmed to do, which is mentioned by many characters as the way humans do things, though incredibly cynically.