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Heartwarming / Jurassic Park

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Animated Series


  • Say what you will about Lex, she does get some genuinely nice moments.
    • She is the only person who can approach the young raptor they found, successfully putting a radio collar on her (something which Muldoon and the dinosaur handlers failed to do). How? Because she was the only person who was kind to her. Another such moment is her befriending the young Triceratops they meet. It's a small, cute moment that basically says the dinosaurs are not Always Chaotic Evil monsters that only exist to kill people.
      • It's also a poignant reminder of what Jurassic Park could have been, if certain things had gone different.
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    • She reassures Tim that their father (who regards him as The Unfavorite) does, in fact, care about him.
  • In the second book, Levine tends to come off as a spoiled, whiny asshole, but there are times when his heart of gold shows through. He seems to have developed almost paternal feelings towards Kelly and Arby; he tries to shield them from the sight of Howard King being eaten by Velociraptors, and after Eddie is killed and Arby dragged away by the raptors, his first instinct is not to flee for his own life, but to get weapons from Thorne and kill every one of them.