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"These people. They never learn."

Indominus Rex would have died off after a few years anyway...
Had she survived and claimed the island she would probably died off from all manners of genetic defects. She's even more of a frankenstein's monster than the other dinosaurs, after all plus they mentionned all the tinkering that went to ensure her proper growth yet even then they bred two just in case one didn't survive, meaning they expected complications in their maturation. Odds are Indominus would have died off from genetic disease.

Doctor Wu: after evacuating, takes his embryos to Cupertino—Biosyn HQ,
Where Lewis Dodgson is all too happy to have the research he's always wanted.
  • Correct, except that Lewis Dodgson already has all the research he wanted. He and his company already bought a controlling share in the company that own Jurassic Park, as of shortly after the first film. The Lost World started because Hammond sent Malcolm to the second island to stop his own company from using it, remember?

Hoskins didn't really kill the Pteranodons from the third film
One or more of the mercs did. Hoskins just took all the credit.

F.U. to Verizon Wireless:
The move is a giant middle finger to Verizon Wireless. During the movie the park is sponsored by Verizon right? And everything something needs to get done through a vital communication line (radio, phone, etc.) no signal; the thing is choppy;And of Verizon was sponsoring the park, the probably help maintain their telecommunication of the upper management and park, so why can't they get their shit right?
  • It was never outright said the whole park was sponsored by Verizon Wireless. The only thing we know was being sponsored by Verizon was the Indominus.

Doctor Wu's research, post-evacuation, retroactively causes both the Warpath: Jurassic Park game and the Chaos Effect toyline.
  • The former's announcer implies some sort of combat system backed by InGen in highly aggressive and unrealistic dinosaurs - potentially testing their military applications.
  • The latter follows dinosaur hybrids going out of control... just like Dr. Wu's previous project did.

Someone will name a real-life dinosaur Indominus rex.
It'll probably be some giant carnosaur, especially if one turns out to be bigger than Giganotosaurus.

Gray is afraid of dinosaurs
That's why his mom is "so proud" of him taking the trip to the park.
  • Discussed in a Time For Kids interview with Gray's actor, as Ty describes his character as a kid who's very excitable and loves dinosaurs. That said, if Gray is a dinosaur fan, then it's likely that he knows what they're capable of, which might explain his apprehension at going on the trip.
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  • He loves dinosaurs. His apprehension about the trip is because he knows his parents are getting divorced.

Mr. Arnold returns in the climax
For the perfect ending to this movie, a very aged Mr. Arnold returns, STILL ARMLESS, riding the ORIGINAL T. rex, and she squares off against the Indominus rex. Then, to spice it up, Owen leads his raptors in as back-up.
  • Sadly jossed. Mr. Arnold does not return.

The Indominus rex...
  • ... despite being billed as the Big Bad and the cause of the breakout, will turn out to be The Scrappy.
    • For being hyped up at the expense of the real dinosaurs plus the genetic hybrid stuff breaking the willing suspension of disbelief. Think the Spinosaurus with super powers.
    • As such, the I-Rex will be taken down by the Tyrannosaurus either after a brief action scene at the end of the first act, or during a major throwdown at the climax.
      • This could be jossed based on how scary she really is. And is the main antagonist of the film
      • Confirmed. It happens during the climax
  • ... being a mix of T-Rex, Raptor, cuttlefish, and snake, will look like Vertigo from Primal Rage.
  • ... will be a mix of dinosaur and human. The trailer mentions that she's smart and dangerous- sound like any species you know?
    • That was already confirmed, though humans were not the only species blended with dinosaurs to create the abomination.
      • Where are you getting human from? At the very least, the film itself makes no mention of that. The species involved, according to the film itself, are a few current species that grant the equivalent of superpowers for a dinosaur and a couple carnivorous staples of the series.
      • Not to mention the raptors, which are part of her genetic makeup, are both smart and dangerous. Also cuttlefish are smart in their own right and that DNA could also attribute to her intelligence. And as human DNA was never at any point being in her genetic makeup we can safely say this was Jossed.
  • Will be as close to Complete Monster territory as any JP villain so far has gotten.
    • In the global trailer, she's shown to have started picking off other dinosaurs for sport, and managed to engineer a mass breakout leading other dinosaurs to start attacking people, so this is Confirmed.
  • Is a Villain Sue
  • Will be revealed to be capable of speech.
    • You stole my idea.
      • Sort of. It's capable of raptor speech.

Lack of interest won't be the only reason the park's attendance numbers are declining.
It will be revealed there have been a fair number of deaths happening at the park, scaring a lot of people away. Just from the trailers the place doesn't look very safe (canoeing close to some dinosaurs? Riding in a field of uncontrolled dinos much bigger than the vehicle? The monorail seeming to go over the pool where they keep the mosasaur?). Creating the I-rex is either just the park owners being stupid (possibly they missed the mark on why people aren't coming), or their attempt to show people that they really can contain anything if they try, and there's nothing to worry about (it didn't work).
  • Jossed, there hasn't been any accidents in years. There are apparently invisible fences and the like in play to keep dinos away from guests without ruining the look.

The Dimorphodons will also be dangerous.
This is Jurassic Park we're talking about. Everything Trying to Kill You is practically the norm!
  • Confirmed.

A certain character from the first film will return and save the day at the movie's climax
If you go to the official website for the film, you might notice something interesting about the page on the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some fans have noticed that the scars on her neck match the injuries the T-rex in the original film received by the velociraptor in the rotunda climax. Thus, it's very possible that the T-rex in Jurassic World is the same one from the original film, and that the end of the film will feature her taking on the hybrid in a duel to the death, and saving the day once again...hopefully with a Jurassic World banner falling to the ground before her.
  • This has been confirmed, but it is still unknown if that battle would happen.
  • The battle does happen, with the T-rex fighting alongside a raptor.

The Spinosaurus skeleton is a Chekhov's Gun for a Take That! moment later in the film
With all the fandom backlash over Jurassic Park III and the Rex vs Spino fight, it seems inevitable that when shit hits the fan, the Tyrannosaurus is going to end up destroying that Spino skeleton during her rampage.
  • Alternatively, the skeleton is actually from the Spino from the previous movie. I-Rex killed her.
  • A recent TV Spot suggests that there's a point where one of the Pteranodons perches on the skeleton and she looks way too big for it. Maybe she'll destroy it instead?
  • Somewhat confirmed, as the new Lego Jurassic World trailer shows the T. rex destroying the skeleton.
    • And now fully confirmed as a T-Rex destroys the skeleton in slow-mo during the climax.

Each raptor will have a name and identifiable personality traits
The Lego sets have them with different colours so the movie may portray them as more individual than previous movies' raptors.
  • This will lead to them becoming the big breakout stars of the film, out shining everyone, human and dino alike.
  • Confirmed.

The Aviary's "enclosed viewing area" will be the Pteratops Lodge.
It wouldn't be the first Mythology Gag in the film series.
  • Confirmed.

The raptors will all have different dispositions because of their differing positions in the pack hierarchy.
As with any real life social animal, the four raptors will have differing dispositions and personalities, according to their rank in the pack. The "omega" raptor will be fairly docile, maybe even cuddly (as much as predatory dinosaurs with 6-inch claws can be), whilst the "beta" and "gamma" raptors will be antsy (or downright aggressive) around any humans other than Owen (their "alpha"). It's possible that the raptor called "Blue" is a omega raptor, since one of the toys shows her with gear on, which would be difficult to put on one of the more aggressive animals.
  • Jossed, because there is no such thing as an alpha, but Owen is the respected leader of the pack, Blue is the second-most respected member, and all the raptors have gear put on them by the human antagonist. They don't like it at all, some remove it themselves while Owen takes it off Blue when reestablishing their bond.

This film's raptors are of a different species than the ones from the earlier films.
There were probably hundreds of distinct raptor species and subspecies over the course of the taxon's history, and InGen eventually found some DNA from one that wasn't as overtly aggressive as the original trilogy's type. That's why they look a bit different (darker gray and larger) in the trailers and are manageable by their trainer/keeper.
  • Confirmed. The raptors this time around have Avian and Lizard DNA as opposed to Frog DNA used last time around. The base raptor genus is still the same however.

All of the creatures whose names are not Indominus rex will be completely docile.
Subverting JP's typical Everything Trying to Kill You formula, all the dinosaurs besides Indominus rex will have been fully domesticated; this will be why the park was finally opened to the public. C'mon, even the dang Mosasaurus is able to be trusted among an audience of humans!The catch will be that Owen will assume that this isn't the case and be Properly Paranoid.
  • The trailer seems to show other dinosaurs attacking humans as well.
  • Half-Jossed. The dinos as a whole are noticeably less aggressive toward humans (even the T. rex doesn't attack any juicy people), but they are certainly not safe. The herbivores seem fairly docile, but the carnivores are just as dangerous as ever. That said, there are extenuating circumstances around every non-I. rex attack. The raptors were turned by I. rex, and the pterosaurs were scared out of their wits by her.

The film will hang a lampshade on raptor feathers.
The cloned dinosaurs' baldness is a side effect of something necessary, and no one bothered to fix it because Reality Is Unrealistic.
  • "Why don't they have feathers?" "Turns out that the genes that govern feather growth are the same ones that let them metabolize their own lysine. We found that out when we programmed the lysine contingency in."
  • Or, more likely, the park engineers removed them when they originally created them because the public would have expected dinosaurs to lack feathers back then. Say what you will about their genetic engineering chops, but they've always been kinda garbage about paleontology.
    • This one is confirmed. The others are not.
  • It can be just easily said "Well, those aren't REAL raptors, those are just the thing we made in the nineties... Real raptors are just the size of a chicken, and with feathers. But boys love these big bald bags of fangs!"
  • Or maybe "Feathers? This is a tropical island, folks! Of course they don't grow feathers like their temperate-zone cousins did: they're plenty warm year-round. Maybe if we were keeping them at Pleistocene Park up north, their hormones would kick in and they'd sprout some plumes, but there's no need for insulation here in the Caribbean."
    • Even ignoring modern large flightless birds - cassowaries, ostriches et cetera not only are giant tropical birds, but are actually better insulated than mammals in the same environments -, raptors are still predators, so they'd have higher metabolisms and more need for insulation. The fact that known real life raptors were more fuzzy than modern birds makes that suggestion even more jarring.
    • Of course, that would kind of be moot when one realizes that tropical birds get on just fine in similar climates with thick feather coverings.
  • The most likely explanation is that Masarani is not actually using new DNA, but merely recycling the samples InGen had and splicing in more DNA if needed. This would explain why all the genera previously seen on Nublar retain their general appearances. The varying appearances of the Velociraptor could then be due to this recycling of code; they recycled the DNA of both tha Sorna and Nublar Velociraptor types, making some (like Blue) sport the stripe of the Sorna type and the size and appearance of the Nublar type, while others don't.
  • Maybe they're like parrots and pull out their own feathers when they're stressed and/or bored. Living in the confines of a zoo, in an environment full of sights, sounds and smells that are alien to their era of origin, is probably pretty stressful, no matter how good a job their keepers do to ease their discomfort.
  • Or: "These raptors descend from the previous generation, mutated by the frog DNA. We could make more accurate raptors now, but first we are trying to study their behavior with Mr. Grady to make them more docile and safe around tourists".
  • Semi-Confirmed. One of the faux reviews on the website features a paleofan complaining about the lack, and stressing that the issue comes from InGen/Masrani's shortcuts in the creation process.
  • Confirmed that it is deliberate. Wu says that he was told to make the dinosaurs look how the public expects them to look (with the splicing of other species to fill in DNA gaps), and stressed that had he gone entirely for accuracy, all the dinosaurs would look very different than the do in the film, presumably meaning feathers as well as anatomy differences.

Owen will have scars from working with the raptors.
Come on, he probably had a rough time working with them.

There will be The Stinger, and it will feature a character from the previous movies.
Something like Dr. Grant or Dr. Malcolm showing up and telling whoever came up with World "I told you!" or something along those lines.

The Indominus rex is a parody of the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III
In-universe, the Indominus rex was created because of concerns that visitors wouldn't be entertained by the old dinosaurs. The Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park III was created because of concerns that audiences wouldn't be entertained by the original dinosaurs. The Spino was put in solely to be bigger and better than the T-Rex, so that means in this film that's exactly why the I-Rex was made. Qualities of the I-Rex like her super abilities and hatred of humans is simply an exaggeration of the audience's complaints about the Spinosaurus.
  • The Spinosaurus was light grey while the Indominus is white.
    • Confirmed. Indominus-Rex is a definite deconstructive parody. Especially as both are crazed hybrid t-rex hunters.

The film will actually feature a mix of both feathered and "bald" raptors.
If you look at the upper-left portion of this picture of a Jurassic World gift shop from the official website, you'll see a cutout version of this Natural History Museum artwork of a feathered Velociraptor. Assuming this isn't just some placeholder image, it may imply that Colin Trevorrow's tweet about "no feathers" was an instance of Lying Creator, possibly to conceal some plotline in the movie about feathered raptors.

It's possible that the reason "bald" raptors are still present as shown in the trailer and other promotional materials is that they were still continually engineered bald for reasons such as those stated further up on this page combined with some in-universe Grandfather Clause. But by the time of this movie's timeline, Dr. Wu and the other scientists decide that it's time to engineer more paleontologically accurate raptors. Owen may have to deal with introducing the feathered newcomers to the pack(s) of more established baldies as part of a subplot.

  • Jossed. None of the dinosaurs are seen to have feathers due to some DNA shortcuts and the first film's Grandfather Clause.

There are entirely wild dinosaurs in the north of the island
The prop maps show that Nublar is divided and the park is only in the southern 2/3 of the island, leaving out the northern part where the old visitor center and the raptor pen, among others, were in the 1993 film. Presumably, Masrani never managed to capture all the dinosaurs in the mountainous and forested north and preferred to put a big wall between them and the park.
  • And even if there isn't, there's still Site B.
  • It seems the restricted area is more for things that need to be kept secret, such as the holding area for the I. Rex and the remains of the original Jurassic Park.

There will be a reveal that Wu and/or Masrani corp. had some relation with Nedry/Biosyn and the failure of the first park
Making the failure of the new one some kind of Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Jossed.

Isla Sorna will briefly factor into the plot.
Rather than only harvesting DNA fragments from amber, Jurassic World will also take some of the wild dinosaurs from Site B for breeding purposes. Owen's raptor pack may have been bred from Isla Sorna raptors in order to have more docile specimens.
  • Jossed, excluding a few cursory references on the Masrani website.

It will be revealed that scientists were altering their cloned dinos the whole time.
The big part of the movie is that the scientists have created a new dinosaur. As many people have pointed out, though, the "real" dinos in the film aren't accurate to modern science. It will be explained that the scientists have been altering them this whole time to make them more conventional and live up to the expectations of the guests.
  • ...Wasn't that explicitly stated in the previous three films? That's how they were able to breed in the first film: the frog DNA inside them. It is even more canonical now, with the reason given for nonfeathered dinosaurs.

Lewis Dodgson will reappear and will be revealed to have ultimately been behind the events of the second and third films.
It will be explained that during The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Dodgson was brokering a potential merger of Biosyn with the nearly bankrupt InGen. He worked behind the scenes to get Peter Ludlow, a secret ally of his, in the position of CEO of InGen following the opening compy incident so that Ludlow could organize both the dino-retrieval expedition to Isla Sorna and the subsequent merger. It's possible that many of the men in that team actually worked directly for Biosyn rather than InGen. But the sabotage efforts of Hammond's team kept the dino-retrieval scheme from succeeding, while the San Diego incident with the T. rex not only resulted in Ludlow's death but also convinced people to turn Isla Sorna into a nature preserve restricted to the public in general and Biosyn specifically. Furthermore, InGen's acquisition by Masrani Global Corporation the following year prevented the merger from taking place; it's possible that Simon Masrani, a family friend of Hammond, knew about Biosyn's reputation for unethical behavior and deliberately worked to shut them out of any potential deal.

4 years later, during Jurassic Park III, Dodgson, upon hearing of Eric Kirby being stranded on Isla Sorna, got Udesky, Cooper, and Nash to work for the Kirbys on a rescue operation with the ulterior motive of stealing dinosaur eggs for Biosyn at the same time. It's possible that one of these three mercenaries convinced Billy to take some Velociraptor eggs to fund his and Dr. Grant's dig with this in mind, much like how Dodgson worked with Dennis Nedry. But the three mercenaries are killed by the dinosaurs, and the eggs that Billy took were eventually given back to the raptors.

In Jurassic World, these past incidents will be brought up by Dodgson in a conversation with one of his superiors (possibly Rossiter from the second novel), while Dodgson will be warned that this will be the fourth and last time he will get to try and steal InGen's secrets.

  • Jossed. Dodgson and Biosyn are not even mentioned in Jurassic World.
    • Cameron Thor is also in jail for pedophilia. You won't see this character again without a recasting.

The I. rex was made to be a genetically engineered living weapon for military use.
The Masrani website states in its January 2015 update that InGen has received a $225 million funding boost for its private security division. It's possible that aside from the funding being intended to improve security for the tourists on Isla Nublar, it was also intended for the creation of a weaponizable carnivorous dinosaur that could be sold to the military of whichever nation could afford to buy it.
  • Private security isn't generally considered the same industry as military wares, however. Maybe the funding boost was to cover all the danger-pay necessary to get anyone to work security in a park where something like the I. rex is being kept?
    • Jurassic World has had a pretty flawless security record. So, yeah it's probably expensive but not in that way.
      • Jossed, but Hoskins actually considers using the I-Rex embryo to create the ultimate weapon. He dies though.
      • Uh, Confirmed actually. Hoskins and Wu were working on military applications, that was the whole point of the I. Rex. Hoskins also wanted to weaponize the velociraptors. And he sent Wu away with some kind of intact deal, indicating that this program didn't die with him.

The T. rex and the I. rex will get into a battle...
In a shocking twist, T. rex will lose, but she will still be able to take I. rex down with her in some way.
  • Partly confirmed. The T-Rex does lose, but then gets a second chance when the Raptor Blue helps. The two then work together to drive the I-Rex to the Mosasaurus tank where it is then eaten by the Mosasaurus.

Indominus rex suffers from major health issues.
Being a genetic mishmash of different dinosaurs and animals, Indominus rex may not be in the best of health. Dr. Wu clearly states that the animal was designed to be "bigger than T. rex", so it's possible that an animal that large and with that amount of genetic tampering may have respiratory and circulatory problems. What's more, her dentition is also horrendous - teeth are jutting out directly from the skin itself rather than from an established gumline, as with T. rex.
  • Do you count mental health issues? - I. Rex is quite Ax-Crazy.

The film will have an altered version of the scene from The Lost World (1995) where Arby gets dragged off in the animal-proof cage by the raptors and Sarah and Kelly must chase one of the raptors on motorcycle to get back the cage's key.
Except the film version will have Gray in the cage and Owen and either Claire or Zach on the motorcycle. It's possible that Owen will also get some help from one of the aforementioned "good" raptors to catch the one with the key.
  • Jossed

The Raptors and the T. Rex will have an Enemy Mine battle against the I. Rex
The I. Rex will be about to take down the T. Rex when the raptors show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment to save the T. Rex. The raptors and the T. Rex will share incredulous glances before turning on the I. Rex.

The I. Rex will be defeated... the Mosasaurus. Because she's the only thing in the park that can do the job.
  • Unless the climax puts them by the mosasaur tank, this seems unlikely at best.
    • You don´t say.
    • Perhaps Owen will lure the I. Rex down to the Mosasaur tank where I. Rex will corner him. Before she can get him, he'll smirk and say something to the effect of "Feeding time", before leaping into the water. I. Rex will jump in after him, only for the Mosasaur to emerge and drag her to a watery grave. Bonus points if it turns into a Disney Death for Owen.
  • Confirmed. Though there's a fair bit of fighting before then, the killing blow is done by the Mosasaurus.

Indominus Rex is, in actuality, a failed clone of another dinosaur genus.
What became Indominus Rex was originally going to be Carnotaurus (which they codenamed "Diabolus"); but the cloning staff saw the decline in interest in the park and rushed production of a new dinosaur to put in the park to raise Jurassic World's appeal. The rush results in them patching in DNA of Tyrannosaurus, Rugops, Majungasaurus and, more importantly, Giganotosaurus to try and "fill out" the genetic code of the new animal, which is given the preliminary name of "Diabolus Rex". The haphazard slapping of DNA samples creates the I-rex, which does fill in ratings, but is also incredibly dangerous and prone to escaping confinement, no matter what they do; inspiring them to officially name her "Indominus Rex"; "untameable king".

Someone (most likely Owen) will refer to one of the raptors as a "clever girl", but this time with positive consequences.
Because it has to happen.
  • Jossed. Sorry, this line's not brought up. Better luck next time.

One of Owen's raptors will pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save him from the I. Rex.
It will be exactly what it sounds like. Bonus points if it leads to Owen going on a rampage.
  • Confirmed.

There will be a decent amount of scenes of Owen bonding with the raptors.
Slightly in tandem with the above WMG, there will be some scenes showing Owen being Kevin Richardson-like with the raptors. He enters the enclosure, looking wary. Suddenly, there's a jumpscare as a raptor comes pelting at him from the bush... Only to stop in front of him and perhaps strike a playful or calm pose and the rest of the pack come out from hiding, pushing their muzzles underneath his hands and sniffing at him amicably. It would certainly help build an emotional connection to them so if a Heroic Sacrifice does occur. Of course, the movie would likely do this while also showing them as being still dangerous predators, ie Owen makes a wrong move and has to calm them all down.
  • Semi-Jossed. Owen's big introductory scene is him working with the raptors, and he talks a lot about his relationship with them, and he does have to use that to stop them from attacking (not him, but someone else.) But the raptors are still absolutely lethal animals, and Owen knows that at any moment, if they want him dead, he's dead.

Specifically, on his hands...
  • Jossed. Owen has no visible scars, and there's no indication he is supposed to be Tim.

The I. Rex will be capable of speech
.Though it will likely be either relatively limited speech or parrot-like mimicry rather than full-on Talking Animal to keep the whole thing from being too ridiculous. After all, she was made with human DNA...
  • From the trailer, her growl sounds eerily similar to sinister chuckling
  • While not necessarily human speech, she is at least able to communicate with raptors

Dr Grant, Malcolm or both will be in the film as a cameo
And for extra laughs with Dr. Grant, he'll meet a Velociraptor who'll recognize him from the third movie and she will speak to him like the one in his dream.
  • jossed

The pterosaurs will be shown launching quadrupedally
And paleonuts everywhere will either rejoice or heave a relieved sigh in response.
  • jossed
    • The Pteranodons are shown plunge diving, though, so there's that.
    • Actually partially confirmed—a blink-and-you-miss-it part of the Main Street attack shows a single Pteranodon quad-launching off of a building.

Masrani will be reluctant to use the I. rex
Come on, does "This will give the parents nightmares" sound like something you'd say from your newest attraction, especially in that tone of voice? He'll probably realise the danger this new species represent and try to avoid adding her to the park, but be forced by his board of directors/shareholders to do so anyway at the risk of losing his place as CEO and have someone less scrupulous replace him.
  • Confirmed, sort of; he starts out totally thrilled with the I. rex...until Claire explains all the problems with housing her, at which point he suggests that she look into getting someone (i.e., Owen) to check the paddock for vulnerabilities, just in case.

Spinosaurus will reappear
And she'll be a quadrupedal fish-eating crocoduck, partly due to the 2014 discoveries, and partly as a Take That! to the previous film.
  • jossed in a way. Its skeleton DOES come back, and it's promptly broken.
    • By the Rex, may I add.

The Park will not close down at the end of the film
Hey, you have domesticated Raptors and a park that lasted 10 years without any incidents to shut it down, this movie might surprise us. At the same time, Theme Parks and Zoos have issues all the time when it comes to people dying/getting molested/kidnapped/etc.
  • Seconding. Viewers would likely complain if the film ended with the permanent closure of the park (of course, fans would complain either way, but that's beside the point) and indeed, it's so far implied that the release of the Indominous Rex is the first BIG incident to happen in the park. At worst, I predict the park will close down temporarily for repairs and so Claire and any other staff members who are still alive can settle any legal matters that would inevitably rise from the incident, then show the park's "grand reopening" after a Time Skip.
Likely Jossed due to the soundtrack having a sad song titled "The Park is Closed".
  • Jossed. The park is closed at the end of the film and the animals given free reign of the island. Claire notes earlier in the film that the incident will likely shut the park down for good.
  • Interestingly, if you looked at the viral site for the park on release day, everything went to hell. The cameras show scenes of chaos and/or don't work at all and park capacity dropped all the way down to 17%. But if you look now? It's at 21%. The park is still open. Though hilariously, all the attractions still have a waiting time of zero.
    • I doubt those people are paying customers. It's more likely they're clean up crews from various organizations including the US & Costa Rican militaries. A disaster on the scale of Jurassic World warrants a response from at least the United States Coast Guard.
      • Costa Rica doesn't have a military, and its unlikely anyone is going to put military personnel in harm's way once the park has been evacuated.

Related to the above, the Raptor Squad will end up replacing both T. rex and I. Rex as the new mascots
Disregarding the fact that they're probably the ones who will save the day, it could also work on a symbolic level: Jurassic Park itself was written to combat the idea that dinosaurs were just big stupid lizards, which is why the birdlike raptors were chosen as the main dinos. So who better to replace the huge, ponderous dinosaurs than the small, agile, intelligent dinosaurs whose name is synonymous with "bird of prey"?
  • Jossed

Hoskins will be killed by Pteranodons
He killed the ones from the third film, so it only seems appropriate.
  • Jossed. He's killed by a Raptor upon realizing he could never control them as weapons.

The Indominus Rex is a Red Herring
While the Indominus is responsible for the initial breakout, it will be taken down during the first half of the film. The remainder of the film will be the conflict between two groups of survivors, led by Owen and Hoskins.
  • I'm guessing either the Mosasaur (Because what else is she going to be good for) or the Tyrannosaurus
  • jossed. She's the real deal.

Masrani is toast
He'll die at some point, either in a heroic sacrifice to save someone else or in an attempt to escape.
  • Confirmed, he dies while the helicopter he's piloting to attack the I. Rex gets brought down and explodes. With such a fiery death, he was literally toast.
    • Good one.

Hoskins will be killed by an Apatosaurus.
At some point several Apatosauruses will block his planned elevated escape route with their heads and he will whack, taser, or otherwise hurt them to get them to move. One agitated Apatosaurus will lift him up in her mouth and fling him to his death as the camera pans over to an "even herbivores can bite" sign similar to the one in front of the petting zoo exhibit.

Up until the events of the movie, the park really was entirely safe.
The reason they thought creating the I. Rex was a good idea? Simple. They got cocky. After years of being able to contain the T. Rex and use Velociraptors like hunting dogs, they naturally thought they could contain anything. How wrong they were...
  • Confirmed; they've gone over ten years without any accidents.

The Dilophosaurus will make a comeback
She's the subject of a LEGO Jurassic World set, so it's not unlikely. She'll be a lot bigger than the one from the first movie, reflecting the fact that that one was just a baby (bonus points if it turns out that she is the one from the first movie all grown up).
  • Confirmed, but only in hologram form, however, it does distract the raptors.
    • Also, they were famous for no-showing the tour in the first movie and later sneaking into a jeep undetected. If they stuck to that behavior pattern, it might explain why they aren't a featured dinosaur in this film — they're too good at hiding to promote.

The I. rex did not just "release" the pterosaurs from their aviary...
She scared them out. Notice the Pteranodons in the background of this shot. They don't seem to be in any hurry to attack the I. rex despite being territorial and highly aggressive. An updated version of the mini-TV Spot revealed a shot of them scattering like (in the words of one fan) "panicked bats". This could imply that the pterosaurs were not simply released from their enclosure, but the I. rex frightened them away. This would be a subtle but effective method of showing just how monstrous the I. rex is; she's such a terrifying beast that the other creatures in the park are terrified of her.
  • Maybe, but judging from this trailer, it looks like a helicopter crash has more to do with the Pteranodons fleeing their enclosure.
  • Confirmed.

Just to save some space and have some fun, place your bets on who you think is going to die in this movie!
  • One of the Velociraptors. And it'll be devastating, the raptors having gotten some characterization and sympathy through their interactions with Owen.
    • Confirmed. All of the raptors bar Blue die.
  • Zach, pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to save Gray. Hey, it seems this will be the first JP film to kill off a woman, so why not the first one to kill off a kid too?
    • Jossed
  • Dr. Henry Wu. He died in the novel, and this film seems to be pulling separate Jurassic Park canons together, so maybe he'll die here?
    • Jossed. He escapes the island, apparently as a sequel hook.
  • Vivian and Lowery. There's a rumor going around that Vivian puts herself between Claire and the T. rex at some point and since Lowery has the same job as her, I wouldn't be surprised if he did the same. Basically, it'll likely play like this: Claire will release Rexy, Rexy will chase her and then corner her, then Lowery and Vivian will distract Rexy, giving Claire a chance to escape at the cost of their own lives. As a bonus, Lowery will consider it an honor to die at the jaws of the original T. rex.
    • Jossed. Both survive.

The I. rex will subdue some of the other dinos and get them to do her bidding.
  • We see I. rex confronting a flock(?) of pterosaurs, then the trailer cuts to the scene of the winged reptiles attacking the guests. The trailer seems to be implying that they were sent by the I. rex to bring her food. The humans are the sheep, the pterosaurs (and possibly other dinos) are the lesser dragons, and the ''Indominus rex'' is the Red Death.
    • Seems unlikely- more likely the Indominus Rex is just plain cruel, and knew that the pterosaurs were dangerous to little humans- perhaps she saw one attack a human, and decided to scare them out.
    • On the other hand, they did say she was communicating with the other dinosaurs.
    • Confirmed. For a time, she becomes the leader of the raptor pack.

Indominus Rex is going to become the raptor pack's Alpha.
  • In the trailer, Owen's friend says that "they're communicating" in the same scene as they're hunting the I-rex with the raptors. What could they be communicating with? The only other animal with Velociraptor DNA, perhaps? This may lead them on the small rampage that we see (the raptors chasing a truck and attacking a random guard.)
    • Although the attacks may be just natural behavior, since it's been established the raptors are still dangerous to other humans.
    • IMO, in that particular scene the raptor was defending her Alpha, i.e Owen. You know, since Owen is the protagonist and Hoskins was put into the human antagonist role, the poor random guard was aiming for Owen. Cue raptor snack. Which also implies the chance of Owen and Hoskins facing each other.
  • Confirmed. however, it's only temporary.

Sam Neill & Jeff Goldblum will make an apperarances in after credit title scene
  • They're discussing about Jurassic World rampages and Masrani's What an Idiot! attempt to make JW more interesting.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, it'll be Sattler who cameos in the movie.
But not in an after credits scene; she'll be seen at some point in the film looking over the botanical gardens.
  • Jossed again. Wu is the only character from any of the previous films to return.

He seems like a reasonable man, so it's possible that he has good intentions that are implemented badly. Perhaps as yet another Mythology Gag, his plan will involve firebombing the island with the tourists still on it.
  • Confirmed. He believes using the raptors in war will reduce deaths for the U.S. He also wants to use them to kill the Indominus-Rex.

In the trailers Claire is seen holding a road flare, running from some kind of large carnivore. Being as they have the same T. rex from the first Jurassic Park, she might remember the flare and give chase. Claire leads her outside, the T. rex spots a rival large carnivore muscling in on her territory and attacks.
  • Possibly confirmed here. It goes with the wedding gift theme (for some reason) and when it gets to "something old" it shows the T. rex being fed and then immediately shows the scene where Claire is running from the large carnivore. It's too well timed for this to be a coincidence...
    • Confirmed

The final battle will be...

Owen, with the Raptors, and the Original T-Rex, against the I-Rex. They will win, combining human technology, Raptor's agility, Rex's sheer strength, and the tactical thinking of the three bands.

In the end, Raptors, the Rex and OWEN will give a Mighty Roar of Victory, over the defeated I-Rex.

  • Partially confirmed, though Owen's spending most of the battle protecting the kids.
    • Also, only one of the raptors lasts that long.

Claire will make a Heroic Sacrifice

Finally breaking the series taboo on killing the main female AND the main character (who Owen won't be, all material released so far being misleading). Plus, it will also follow Deep Blue Sea's example, whose influence was clear in Jaffa and Silver's previous script, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

  • It would also (for me) make Ellie's line about "sexism in survival situations" from the first film far less annoying (has she never heard of chivalry?). Not once in any of the previous three films has a named female character died while quite a few male characters get torn apart, including some people that weren't annoying jerks (Jurassic Park: The Game finally broke that trend in-story once and optionally twice). Even the most annoying female characters get to live (I'm talking about you, Amanda).
    • On the other hand, we already know from the trailers that this double standard trend will already be broken by Zara (like it or not, her chances of surviving after being dropped in the Mosasaurus' tank are zero to none, and not to mention the fact that if this movie were realistic, she would have been dead the minute she hit the water anyway).
    • Zara dies..... So...... Yeah......
  • Jossed. Claire survives the movie.

"Stegoceratops" will appear in the film... the sibling that the Indominus rex ate. The term "sibling" will be more of a codeword for their relationship rather than imply that they're related.

When the movie comes out, the official site for the park will change to reflect the happenings in the film.
Things like the sections giving current, park relevant info (like wait times) shutting down, the section on the I. rex either disappearing or being labeled as canceled, and the park capacity slowly going down.
  • True. The cams show running, and news explains a security breach.

Park attendance isn't really going down.
InGen is just using that as an excuse. They just want more money.
  • Confirmed. Claire specifically says profits are up, but not meeting their projections.

The shot of Zach and Gray's mom crying is a red herring
She is pretty obviously at the airport in that image, so unless she's spending the entire movie at the airport while every move her sons make is reported to her every second of every day I don't think she's crying in response to hearing about her sons predicament. Instead, it seems more likely that either she's crying while they're leaving (presumably it finally dawning on her that her sons are leaving for several days) or perhaps crying with relief when her sons come home unscathed. Or maybe when one comes home unscathed...and the other doesn't.

Epically over-the-top theory on the I. rex's defeat
I had to write this down when I thought of it:

Owen will regain control of the raptors and the I. rex will try to kill him. But then Claire will rush in with Mama Rex in tow. Mama Rex will attack I. rex and the two of them will get into a scuffle, giving Owen and Claire some time to plan. The I. rex will kill the T. rex, but will be badly wounded and driven to desperation. Starting a Villainous Breakdown, the I. rex will attempt to call upon the pterosaurs for backup, but it'll turn out that she left them to their own devices for too long and they've become so liberated with their new found freedom that they've forgotten about her. They will attack her on sight as a result, forcing her to flee. Badly wounded, she'll stumble into the Mosasaur stadium wherein Owen, Claire and the Raptor Squad will follow her. She'll be prepared to kill them, but Mama Rex will arrive, having survived their encounter, and charge at her. She'll end up pushing the I. rex into the Mosasaurus' tank, and the Mosasaurus will finish her off.

  • That... isn't actually all that far off from what happened, just without the pterosaurs and the fact that most of the raptor pack's killed off.

While searching for the I. rex, Owen and Claire will discover...
Dennis Nedry's remains.
  • Jossed

Some, but not all of the raptors will turn on Owen.
The I. rex will establish dominance over some of the pack (the "they're communicating" scene and the attack on one of the humans), but at least one (place your bets on which one(s) in the bullet points!) will remain loyal to Owen and defend him, probably to the death, from the I. rex and the "traitors".
  • Perhaps Blue? She's the most belligerent and aggressive, so her being the one good one would be pretty unexpected.
  • Jossed. All the raptors accept the I-rex as their new alpha and turn on the humans, but the survivors still later regain their loyalty to Owen. Although Blue is the only survivor of the fight.

Zara will be fine.
Okay, maybe not fine, but she'll survive. Her death has been promoted way too much for it not being them trying to fake us out. (And for those of you saying there's no way she could've survived being dropped in the Mosasaurus tank — I'm pretty sure realism went out the window with the words "living dinosaur theme park".)
  • If that last part was directed at me, I'm going to point out that I did clarify that the instant death by dropping thing would only happen in a realistic movie (so it wouldn't happen in any movie at all, really). That said, I still have my doubts. How exactly would she find a way out? The Pteranodon didn't have any time to get away from the Mosasaurus, and she can fly. At this point, I'd say only a huge, comment-war starting Deus ex Machina would be able to save Zara. And most importantly, why are we all making a fuss over the possible death of a relatively minor character?
    • Not you in particular - people on the internet, in general. In all actuality, Zara's probably toast, but I really like her actress so this WMG is more wishful thinking.
      • Ah. I suspected that was part of the reason people in general were debating over all this, tbh.
  • Jossed. While Zara does survive being dropped in the tank, she is then eaten by the Mosasaurus.

Human DNA being a component in the Indominus rex's genetic code will be revealed relatively late in the film and treated as a twist.
Naturally the viewers won't be shocked at all, because it was already rumored prior to the film's release, but Owen will be furious. For bonus points, it'll turn out that the human component was added without Claire's input, so she'll be just as angry and horrified as Owen would be.
  • Jossed. No human in it.
  • It would make sense if the DNA Came from a serial killer considering it's mindset.
  • There real dinosaurs with thumbs so it could have actually have come from one of them.

Self explanatory.

The film will end with a Sequel Hook.
According to the website's page for the Jurassic World Aviary, the pterosaurs' hunting grounds would "extend far off Isla Nublar and into the mainland if they ever left". Considering the fact that the I. rex let the pterosaurs out...Oh, Crap!...Jossed because of the lysine contingency.
  • Wait, you mean the lysine contingency which was outright proven to not have worked in Lost World, or, now the Jurassic World has proven to have the same T-Rex, in the original Jurassic Park either? (The Lysine Contingency would have never have worked, because animals can't produce their own lysine anyway and get it from the things they eat, plants or other animals.) As it is, it's Jossed because most if not all of the pterosaurs were tranquilised and likely put into some temporary containment by the ACU.
  • Dr. Wu leaves the island with some of the embryos though, so that could be the sequel hook.
  • Tim would probably appears in the sequel as the paleontologist.

the I Rex's human DNA comes from Claire.
Just a complete guess with no real evidence. We know the I Rex has human DNA and I keep coming across articles speculating that it's Owens DNA but it seems more plausible (and cliche) for the human DNA to be donated by the person responsible for creating the creature. That and the promotional image that has Claire and the I Rex's face to nostril makes me think awkward mother child reunion scene.
  • Jossed. No human DNA

Owen is the kid from the beginning of the original Jurassic Park.
When Grant told him to "have a little respect" for raptors, he really took it to heart.

How Rexy kills the I-Rex....
Rexy will begin going on rampage, but Owen will use his skills from the raptors to control Rexy, and then he commands it to attack I-Rex in an epic showdown to the death.
  • Jossed. Also, Owen can only control the raptors because he imprinted them on him and acts as their alpha, and they're intelligent enough to be trained(to some extent - they still come very close to eating him when he rescues the "new guy" who falls into their paddock).

Barry will be the Big Damn Hero
Unlike previous Jurassic Park Films, in this one, the Black Guy will live, not only that, but he'll save the day, with help from the raptor squad. Also, only white people will die.
  • Word of God did confirm that Barry won't die in the movie so this is definitely a possibility. Plus it would be awesome.
  • Partially jossed, partially confirmed. While most of the people who die are white, Simon Masrani, who is portrayed by an Indian actor, is also killed, as well as Hamada, commander of the Asset Containment Unit, who is portrayed by a Japanese-American actor. However, Barry does survive.
    • Also somewhat jossed in that he isn't the big hero.

The movie's ending
The government comes to shut down the park, but the pleas of all the people, including Owen, will cause the government to pardon the park and allow it to stay opened. Sure, it's cliched, but it's a happy ending to all the adults who watched through an entire franchise, and clearly this'll be the final film, so why not give us an actual park?
  • Very Jossed. The park is completely abandoned (again), the final scenes do not show any government officials, AND this is not the final film at all. A Sequel Hook with Wu escaping with dinosaur embryos was put in the movie, and they've stated that a sequel is planned.

There are multiple T-Rexes.
The website states implies that there are multiple, as the park has not seen a "family" feud. Clearly there must be at least 2.
  • Perhaps there's a baby one, like in the original book wherein there was an adult and a baby.
    • Probably jossed, though the I-Rex is mostly T-Rex.

There will be a Marvel reference.
Aside from Owen (To the point where Lego used the Star-Lord face for the JW minifig), Claire was Gwen Stacy in the Raimi Spiderman Films, Hoskins is Kingpin from Daredevil, Barry is the Bishop from DOFT, and Gray is Harley Keener from Iron Man 3. Also, Universal distributed the Incredible Hulk MCU film, and has a portion of their island of adventure park, the same one with a Jurassic Park area, dedicated to Marvel. It's just so obvious that they have to do it!
  • Jossed. Sorry.

IT will be a Superhero-esque Action film

Despite being advertised as a horror film, it'll actually be more action based. Why? Because unlike previous films, in this one, the heroes confront the dino instead of running. Sure, it'll have Jurassic park elements, but it's mainly action.

  • Actually kind of correct.

Claire has OCD

This one's too obvious.

Claire has mild autism
  • Gray was written as having autism which is known to have a genetic component, so it's possible his aunt could have it too.
  • It would explain why she brought an itinerary on her date with Owen - it could be a sign of her need for routine and of a certain social blindness.
  • When we first see her, she is rehearsing what she is going to say. This could be her way of dealing with her social difficulties.

Hoskins is the real villain

Hoskins will be revealed to have caused everything, such as removing I-Rex's tracker. Naturally, Owen and the raptors will team up with Rexy and the I-Rex to stop Hoskins before he can bomb the island. Bonus points if he's actually the secret owner of Bio Syn or something.

  • Partially jossed, partially confirmed. Hoskins didn't remove the I-Rex's tracker; the I-Rex figured out how to remove it on its own. Hoskins did intend for the I-Rex to escape all along, though, so that he could test it against the raptors; depending on who won, he could either sell the I-Rex or the raptors to the military. So he is indeed the real villain.
    • Hoskins may also be responsible for the I-Rex turning out to be a sadistic psychopath, as she was deliberately raised in isolation in too small an enclosure with no relationships of any kind barring the crane that delivers her food, and her containment was likely specified by Dr Wu, Hoskins' mole.
    • Jossed, while he is indirectly responsible for the creation of I-Rex to use either her or the raptors as weapons, it's clear that the I-Rex is by far a much more dangerous threat and clearly too intelligent and evil to allow a coward like Hoskins to control her - just look at what Delta did to him, and imagine what would happen if he attempted to use the I-Rex as a weapon. It's clear that she's the true threat here, and he wouldn't be able to control her, even if he is responsible for the project.

The raptor squad will team up with the descendants of the original Isla Nublar raptors

In the trailers, Barry says the raptors are communicating. Perhaps it's actually with fellow raptors, attempting to convince them to spare the humans and help take down the I-Rex. Bonus points if someone says clever girl afterwards.

  • Jossed. Besides, there was only one Nublar raptor left by the end of the first film, hardly enough for them to breed.
    • Then again, Grant did find hatched raptor eggs and tiny little raptor footprints on the island in the first film...

The Spinosaurus skeleton in Main Street was not a fossil...
It actually came from the Spinosaurus from JP 3. Her burns finally killed her and people studying Isla Sorna discovered her bones sometime afterward. Deciding not to waste them, they propped the skeleton up in JW's Main Street.

Jurassic World will re-open in some manner
If anything just to ensure the dinos remain well-fed, particularly the Mosasaur, and don't go on wild rampages and slaughter each other, possibly by getting Rexy back into some kind of containment. Hell, the park could even re-open in it's operational capacity prior to the incident, as the escaped asset was dealt with, and by comparison to the sort of events that the park would be expecting to occur during the park's operation, regarding a carnivore escaping and killing people, Indominus was an anomaly, a genetic hybrid driven mad by the solitude it was forced into as part of a deliberate gambit by an 'things aren't useful unless they can be militarised' idiot. Jurassic World went 10 years without serious incident, and provided no more hybrids are grown (or at least, are developed with precautions and with full knowledge of what's in the mixture - and then handled properly during their growth to ensure something like the Indominus won't go mad from the isolation and want to escape) further incidents will carry less risk.

The sequel
The sequel will be called Jurassic World: Betrayal, and it'll be about Henry Wu, and how he's creating a deadly bioweapon for the US government. Bonus points if Jurassic World reopens in the ending, or if it ends with Owen and Claire getting married.

Alternatively, the sequel will be a film adaptation of the "Chaos Effect" toyline
And it will be glorious.

If there is a sequel Zara will have an identical twin sister
Admittedly some fan hope going on here, but one can dream. Bonus points if she is bitter and vengeful over Zara's death.

The T. rex's motives (spoilers, so beware!!)
The T.rex knew the whole movie exactly what was going on and was looking for a chance to leave its enclosure to hunt and kill the indominus to secure its dominace. Notice, she was already waiting by the door when Clair had it opened. And on top of that, she didn't eat her even though she could easily have done so, and immediately left after the deed was done

I. Rex can jam radio signals
Much of the plot is driven by Poor Communication Kills caused by radios and cells phones breaking up at the worst possible times. There's no real explanation of why this happens in the film, but with the reveal that I. Rex was designed to be a weapon, and with all of the other powers it has, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that they might have given it a way to disrupt communications.

Delta survived
Delta is only thrown off-screen a bit before Claire shows up with Rexy, and is never shown to be explicitly dead or exploded (unlike poor Charlie and Echo). Also, as Blue is leaving after Owen sends her on her way, Blue heads in the direction Delta was thrown and calls out. It's possible Delta was just knocked out and recovering, much in the same way Blue was from the start of the fight with the Indominus until she came in to help Rexy.
  • Jossed Delta was thrown on the grill and Echo was the one thrown off-screen. They both died.

Claire, the boys, and/or their parents are related to John Hammond
How can they not be?
  • Just like that.

Dr. Grant and Ian Malcolm started a pool when Jurassic World first opened...
along with the other Park survivors betting on how long before another dinosaur related disaster closed it down. Admittedly, they were all impressed when it lasted the first week, but Malcolm definitely saw it coming when they announced their first hybrid exhibit.

At the film's end, Blue wasn't calling for her dead pack
...She was calling for Rexie. The two of them will team up and rule Isla Nublar together.

Additionally, Rexie's roar at the end was her responding to Blue's calls.

Owen and Claire don't actually get together
Despite having The Big Damn Kiss moment after she saves him from a Dimorphodon and walking off together into the sunset at the end, they both only go out for a little and have really awesome adrenaline pumped 'we survived' sex for awhile. Then they recognize that they're still two very different people despite any character development, and simply stay good friends. With the occasional booty call
  • Jossed as of the sequel.

Owen was serving in the Navy at the time of the San Diego Incident (The Lost World: Jurassic Park).
It is indicated in the film that Owen served in the Navy, so it stands to reason that Owen was on one of the escort ships for the mother T-rex and her baby being transported back to Isla Sonara. After this experience, Owen left the Navy and entered the field of Palaeontology. After a few more years pass, Owen is hired by the Jurassic World staff, or possibly InGen, to train the raptors, due to his Navy experienceand peripheral encounter with Jurassic Park's history.
  • Not sure if he was old enough to be in the Navy 18 years ago, but he very possibly was involved in the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program, which is based in San Diego.
    • Chris Pratt was 36 at the time of the movie's release. Assuming his character Owen is the same age that would've made him 17 or 18 during the events of Lost World. Since you can join the military at 17 with parental consent, it's possible Owen was a Seaman Apprentice or Seaman (E2-E3)who had just reported to his first duty station.
Zara survives after all
This is just me being hyper optimistic, but there might be a chance, however slight, to argue for Zara's survival. Crocodillians tend to bask with the mouths open and let birds pick their teeth, often immediately after a meal. Assuming the Mosa does the same, Zara could make it out alive if (a) she managed to keep herself from going down the Mosa's throat which would take a Warrior Princess effort in itself, but the drive to survive gives us amazing strength in some situations and (b) the Mosa actually allowed it's teeth to be cleaned between meals (i.e. between the time it engulfed the Pteranodon and snagged the I. rex). Before everybody jumps on me, I'll again note that I am being hyper optimistic and that I also acknowledge that even if Zara did get out, she'd have to hope she could make out of Mosa's expansive enclosure without Mosa taking a snap at her, or the pterosaurs having another go at her, but hey a chance is a chance, however slight.
  • Either that, or maybe the Mosasaur training/handling staff saw what happened and were able to tranq the Mosasaur long enough to mount a rescue attempt. Considering this happened during the noon/afternoon and it's night by the time all JW personnel are ordered evacuated, there would have been enough time for emergency/veterinary staff to herd the Mosa into a smaller enclosure, tranq it, and possibly get Zara out of there before she suffocated or got digested. Another long shot since it assumes, above all things, that they'd have the proper emergency equipment and preparation for situations where the Mosasaurus swallowed something it shouldn't have but considering how valuable the creature is to Masrain Corp, such protocols would make sense. If nothing else, it's good fanfic material. Plus it would explain why the Mosasaurus was hungry/pissed off enough to do what it did at the end.
Clair is facing years of litigation
Clair not only failed to prevent a breakout that got countless people injured and killed, but ignored a contingency offered to her that would have killed the I-Rex before it did any further damage or death. She is going to be up to her neck in subpoenas, and there are plenty of people, including Owen, who could testify that she ignored a plan to kill it.
  • Owen's last quote to Claire was about "sticking together for survival", implying that they would have to face whatever legal problems lay in store for them together and possibly collaborate to cover each other's backs. That said, most of the lawsuits would likely target InGen and Masrani Corp. as a whole, similarly to how lawsuits from the previous films went after InGen as opposed to targeting John Hammond. Legally and financially speaking, it would be more lucrative for litigants to go after the entire company, although Claire would likely be blamed directly during the proceedings.
  • Claire would definitely still face one wrongful death lawsuit directed solely at her, from the family of her deceased personal assistant, Zara, and probably at least two more from the families of the workers she ordered to enter I. Rex's paddock without first ensuring whether it was or wasn't still in there.
  • ¨There were no signs of the "I. rex", there was no way for anyone to know it was there.
    • Doesn't matter since it was still her responsibility. She was also ignoring Owen's advice at the time.
  • Actually, due to the way the legal system works, Claire is fine. InGen/The Masrani Corporation on the other hand....
  • Claire never ordered anyone into the I. Rex paddock, or at least not on-screen.
The events of the movie will lead to a new Jurassic Age for the world, only the dinosaurs are just as smart and deadly as humans.

The sequel will about retaking Isla Nublar.
  • Let's face it, the "things go increasingly wrong" angle has been played out across four movies. Instead, the next film will start with things about as bad as they can get (dinosaurs running completely amuck) and gradually show them getting the situation back under control, coralling the escaped dinosaurs, and eventually bringing Jurassic World back online. After all, this pretty much had to have been done ten years ago when Jurassic World first opened, so it can certainly happen again. The miltary interests in raptors and I. rex form a subplot/Outside-Context Problem that leads into the third sequel.

  • Indominus Rex is shown blinking several times, but the blinks don't come from the eyelids. They seem to come from nictitating membranes on the sides of its eyes, which indicate at least part of its DNA is from a water-adapted creature. I. rex has an epic, off-screen battle with the mosasaur, and is patiently waiting for people to return to try and retake Isla Nublar. . .
    • Small problem with this theory; nictitating membranes are not automatically a water adaptation. Sometimes they're the opposite. Desert dwelling animals can also have nictitating membranes to keep sand out of their eyes.
    • Almost every predatory animal on Earth with eyelids has nictitating membranes. We're the only ones that don't.
      • Not to mention that humans are not predators, biologically speaking.
      • Not true. We predate on many species of both animals and plants. Also, nictitating membranes are very common among birds and crocodiles (as well as most amniotes, it seems), so it doesn't at all necessarily indicate aquatic capabilities for Indominus.
    • Jossed the latest trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom shows the Indominus's remains in the mosasaur's lagoon.

Dr. Wu will go on to continue making genetically modified hybrid creatures, but not for military applications.
  • After the horror story of the I. Rex gets out, no government in their right mind would want anything to do with "Dino-Weapons." So instead he will go into the designer pet market, headlining with his soon to be patented Pocket Raptor (which is actually more Velociraptor than the InGen "Velociraptors" by a fairly wide margin).

The Indominus Rex:
... Was in on the plot the whole time. 1) When she, perhaps accidently, got out of her pen she didn’t turn around when she couldn’t find a feeding crane 2) she suspiciously makes a bee line for Hoskins like a walking Diabolus ex Machina or Disaster Dominoes 3) when she temporarily usurps the position of alpha Hoskins doesn’t actually seem concerned. Therefore the reasonable, if crazy, explanation is that she got help breaking out of dino-prison-solitary and was working under Hoskins plan to have her militarized perhaps as a carrier for smaller zoological weapons.

The Spinosaurus from the previous film was actually a forerunner of the Indominus Rex.
  • In the third film, Dr. Grant mentions that the Spinosaurus was not on InGen's list of approved dinosaurs. That's because it was actually one of the company's first forays into weaponizing dinosaurs, which explains its seriously aggressive behavior throughout the film. The Spinosaurus was actually another hybrid, like the I.rex, but one that more closely resembled the real world Spinosaurus (or at least, the real world Spinosaurus as a lot of people believed it was like at the time the movie came out).
    • Perhaps a hybrid of Baryonyx (which, according to the Jurassic World site, is represented in the park - and would explain the bipedalism) and the 'real' Spinosaurus (hence the fin)?
    • Given that the 2001 Spinosaurus has a very different build than the JW skeleton, this could be very likely. Compared to the 2001 beast, the JW skeleton has a completely different crest, is much less heavily built; and has a different, more realistic sail. If the 2001 spino was a hybrid, this troper would guess it's a mix of Suchomimus tenerensis (given that species' size and it being distinguished from Baryonyx in JW) for general body layout, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus for boosted size and sail (which was diminished by the other additions); and Allosaurus fragilis for the arm design and crests. Given the 2001 Spino also seemed to be vindictive towards humans and had the intelligence to snap a Tyrannosaur's neck as oppose to mauling it; who knows what else is in the mix?

The Sequel will be about dinosaurs somehow making it to the mainland and is reproducing on a rapid scale the planet literally becomes Jurassic World.
  • Or maybe InGen's plan to weaponize dinosaurs goes horribly wrong (as it always do).
    • Given that they've managed to stop the 'sex swapping' thing with the Nublar dinos and the Sorna dinos aren't gonna offer anything new in terms of new dinosaurs, the latter seems more likely.

Nick the Supervisor, not Owen, is the little boy from the first film all grown up.
Admittedly this isn't a serious one, just a random goofy thought this troper had, based purely on the fact that kid was kinda rolly polly and so is Nick.

There will be a sequel or a spin-off featuring Ice Age mammals and other megafauna.
This site indicates Masrani Global was attempting to recover carcasses from the Cenozoic Era, possibly for cloning. A Spin-Off will probably focus on a new "Cenozoic Park" (maybe under the assumption that animals chronologically closer to humans would be easier to control) and include a few nods to the original Jurassic Park/World; a sequel might pit the dinosaurs against the mammals or against megafauna/dinosaur hybrid bio-weapons.

The sequel will briefly sum up the possibility of cloning a Megalodon.
Only for it to get shot down by a scientist (for the sake of argument, lets call, Dr. Brody) who will list of a number of reason why it would be a bad idea.

Jurassic World is the precursor to Monster Hunter.
Not a huge leap, since a lot of the monsters in that game look like dinosaur hybrids after several generations of existence. Civilization crumbles and humanity has to adapt back to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle seen in the game in order to survive.

The park's website will reset back to normal when the film's hype dies down
I.E, the park cams will go back to normal, park capacity will go back up to the 90s, the wait times will be displayed, etc.This isn't to indicate that the park itself has recovered from the incident, it's more to indicate that once the hype for the film isn't as big as it used to be, all the film-related craziness won't be needed anymore.Also sort of wishful thinking, since I'm starting to miss the old version of the site.
  • UPDATE: Oddly enough, confirmed! The website is pretty much back to normal now, though the newsfeed still indicates the "technical difficulties".

In at least one of the sequels, Henry Wu will pretty much go completely insane
Bonus points if calling him a "Mad Scientist" becomes a Berserk Button for him and he responds to it in an insane way.
Owen: You've become a mad scientist!

Like Rexy, the Mosasaur is the same one from 1993
As seen in Telltale's Jurassic Park - The Game. She was much smaller then, but now she's all grown up.

Until Owen was hired, the JW team had not been producing any raptors at all
The raptors were in the restricted area, considered too dangerous for public display. Owen's job seems to have been pitched to him as both an experiment gauging raptor intelligence and also a test to see if they could be "tamed" enough to be exhibited safely to the public. We later find out that his true purpose was to test the feasibility of raptor "shock troops" for military applications. Either way, there is no reason to have any other raptors running around the park and worrying the tourists, as they certainly must have a bad rep after the original JP and the incident at Isla Sorna. These four raptors were cloned specifically for Owen's pack, probably with alterations included. Is it possible, depending on the state of the "wild" dinos on Isla Sorna, and excluding any of Dr. Wu's embryos, that Owen's pack were the only raptors anywhere on earth at the time. Poor Blue really IS alone at the end. (Unless Delta did survive.)

Echo survived.
The grill she bounced off of is one that is likely designed to flare up for dramatic effect - she could easily have survived that with only mild to sort of severe burns, painful but not life threatening.
  • If she does return in the sequel this could be a plot point, with her now suffering acute pyrophobia as a result. We could even have a scene were she undergoes a full distressing panic attack when she sees flames.
    • Jossed and Delta was thrown of the grill and died. Echo was thrown off-screen but still died.

The dinosaurs will start breeding the way Komodo dragons and some other reptiles can without males present
.I think it was said somewhere they they used lizard DNA this time to fill the gaps, instead of the frog DNA that caused the gender changes in the original dinosaurs. But we know now that some lizard species can still reproduce via parthenogenesis. The dinos will start producing eggs that hatch into more female dinos.

This is the final straw marking the end of the "Jurassic theme park" idea.
Instead they breed some nice herbivores like stegosauruses for individual zoos to put in climate-controlled environments. Yeah, it's not going to happen, but this is the WMG page!

The baby dinosaurs in the petting zoo were evacuated along with the humans.
It's not like the staff could just leave the helpless babies there, could they? Additionally, there's no sign of them after the Pterosaur Attack or during the Main Street showdown.
  • Not so sure about the babies being evacuated, but the film does show the JW petting zoo staff hauling ass to get them to safety.

InGen will try to cover up the nature and/or role of the I. Rex in what happened
That may sound crazy, but an interesting thing about the way that the park's failure turned out was that only two non-InGen/Masrani employees ever saw (Or at least survived seeing) the rampaging I. Rex - Claire's nephews. All the chaos that the park guests saw was due to the flock of panicking pterosaurs, and they also saw the park's security personnel shooting the pterosaurs out of the sky as quickly as they could to protect the guests. If the company can get a few key employees of the park to stay silent, they can spin the whole thing as just an accident causing a massive breach in the pterosaur's nesting area, claim they've developed better pens and new security protocols, and possibly be able to reopen the park and their covert research facility after paying some fines. It would be much more survivable to the corporation than the revelation that they were performing bioweapons research in an amusement park.

The egg that hatched in the film's opening was actually the I. rex's sister.
Her look of fear was because the Indominus was hatching right next to her. And she was hungry...

The raptors never switched sides.
They were already on edge thanks to the dozens of unfamiliar, heavily-armed InGen mercenaries around them. Plus, they could almost certainly read human body language well enough to pick up on the animosity between Owen and Hoskins. Then, while they were "negotiating" with the Indominus rex, the mercenaries started shooting in their general direction. Any intelligent animal in that situation would be terrified out of its wits, and a frightened animal is always the most dangerous - especially one smart enough to systematically eliminate anyone who seems to be a threat.

Hoskins was right.
If the sequel doesn't involve a return to Isla Nublar, it will show specially-bred raptor in use with military units, as big, scary, military attack dogs. Because a soldier and his raptor would just crank the heartwarming awesome up yet another notch.

The $100-million mentioned by Ludlow in "The Lost World" wasn't used to dismantle Jurassic Park but was either embezzled or used to create the division for developing weaponized dinosaurs

There was a boardroom meeting scene in "The Lost World" where Ludlow tells the board all the various expenses in the aftermath of the first movie, including the cost to dismantle the park (which clearly didn't happen). Either someone stole the money and Ludlow didn't know, or Ludlow lied and used to money to start a new division of InGen; the same group that developed the I.Rex and got Wu and his research off the island.

Prehistoric creatures that may appear in the sequel (or later in the franchise).
Feel free to make suggestions.
  • Paleozoic
    • Anomalocaris
    • Sea scorpions
    • Meganeura
    • Dimetrodon
    • Moschops
    • Gorgonopsids
    • Dunkleosteus
  • Mesozoic
    • Shonisaurus
    • Deinosuchus
    • Microraptor
    • Elasmosaurus
    • Lioplurodon or kronosaurus
    • Cearadactylus
    • Hatzegopteryx
    • Baryonyx
    • Giganotosaurus
    • Allosaurus
  • Cenozoic
    • Gastornis
    • Andrewsarchus
    • Megistotherium
    • Brontotherium
    • Indricotherium
    • Chalicotherium
    • Basilosaurus
    • Platybelodon
    • Deinotherium
    • Smilodon
    • Diprotodon
    • Argentavis
    • Haast's eagle
    • Moa
    • Megalania
    • Thylacoleo
    • Woolly mammoth
    • Woolly rhino or Elasmotherium
    • Glyptodon
    • Megalodon
    • Leviathan Melvilli
    • Gigantopithicus
    • Megaladaphis

The next movie will involve dinosaurs escaping onto the mainland.
Because one could make the (actually accurate) joke that JP 3 and JW were made by recycling discarded elements from the two Crichton novels, why not do it again one last time with arguably the biggest unused plot thread from the books? Perhaps it's because they dinosaurs have been moved off site or created off site by Dr. Wu and several escaped, or maybe they'll use elements seen in the start of both novels and the Topps comics, and have dinosaurs arrive from the islands. It was a plot point brought up by Dr. Hardings in the Telltale game that some species could conceivably swim all the way to the mainland, so a mix of that, stowing away on ships, or washing ashore in storms is all perfectly possible. One possible idea could be that Owen is either brought in or arrives to investigate and finds one of the escaped dinosaurs is Blue.
  • And of course, the pterosaurs can just fly there.
  • Confirmed The human Antagonist evil plan was to bring to the mainland [[spoilers: Sell them off for seed money]] and the end up being released into the wild.

You play as Masrani in Operation Genesis.
JPOG is a proof-of-concept that Hammond directed Masrani to create in order to prove he could rebuild the park on Nublar. This is why the game allows you to pay so much attention to the little details like guest happiness and dinosaur behavior: it's Masrani's passionate, micro-managing nature coming through in the gameplay. The one problem is that Ludlow, Arnold and Muldoon are alive for some reason...

The DNA used in Idominus's creation includes that of an executed human serial killer.
For one thing, she has a remarkable, almost human intelligence. She seems to recognize humans, despite never being around them in her early life. She kills others for sport, which is something no animal does.

This is why her genetic info is kept classified. If it became public that the DNA of a psychopath was used in the creation of their new dinosaur, there would be a Category 1,000 shitstorm.

Gennaro gave Rexy indigestion
Which is why Rexy didn't just quickly gobble Claire up before attacking the I. rex or eat any of the group after finishing it. Rexy still would totally eat a human but if given the choice she'd rather go after literally anything else.

And the only reason she does eat Mills in Fallen Kingdom is that the only food they gave her was that lone goat we see her eat in the movie. And depending on what happens in the next movie (as in, depending on if her body count exceeds two by the end of it) she either got indigestion again or Gennaro was an outlier.


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