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Hello. My name is n3rd_dash. But you can just call me Dash. I found TV Tropes a while back when I was bored and have become addicted since. It's very nice to see so many people who are fans of the same shows I liked from my childhood and like to this day. This place has greatly helped me with writing, world building and such and has helped me get into plenty of shows I would not really care for otherwise. So, I'm thankful for it. I mainly spend most of my time in the Forum Games and occasionally talking about shows I like on other forums.


You can find my troper wall in the top left corner. The underscore in my name makes it difficult to link.

    Tropes That Apply To Me 
  • Big Eater: Oh, you have no idea.
  • Chubby Chaser: Yes, I will admit, I do have a thing for chubby girls. It's just an odd fetish I gained.
  • Nice Guy: I at least like to think I am.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: I love horror. I really do. But I'm also a bit of a scardey cat, so even though I do like horror, I'm still not brave enough to not have to hurdle up in a ball when I sleep.
  • Self-Deprecation: I like to make fun of myself.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: McDonald's Egg and Bacon McMuffin is a personal favourite of mine. I also like pizza, cheeseburgers and burrito dogs (hot dogs, but replace the bun with a burrito wrap)

Stuff I Like

    Anime and Manga 

  • Giiva Sunner. It takes some pretty decent effort to make meme music that's so good, it might as well just be normal mashups and remixes.
  • Vaporwave: Whether it's memes or not, most Vaporwave produces a generally chill groove that I quite enjoy.
  • Carpenter Brut: Riding on the 80's train, this man is basically a synth god.
  • Pogo. A very unique way of producing very catchy music.
  • Bo Burnham

    Vidya James 

    Web Video/Animation 

    Western Animation 

Original Characters

I have a fair amount of OCs that I use in role playing. I'd recommend checking them out, so you could get a better understanding of them.

Artwork by Megadrivesonic

Potential Voice Actors: Noel Wells, Michaela Dietz, Grey DeLisle

Elvira is probably the character I've spent the most time on. A resident of Hell, before eventually moving up to the surface world, Elvira is a demon with an obsession over human culture, being a big fan of video games, movies, tv shows, comic books and the like. She currently lives in a small suburban home, with her mother, Medusa. Not the Medusa, but a distant cousin from her that shares her name. Medusa adopted Elvira when it was revealed she was unable to get pregnant, and when his husband broke up with them for such reason. Despite this semi sad story, Elvira and Medusa have a good relationship, even if Medusa does often end up embarrassing Elvira in front of her friends. Elvira herself has a closet crush on Beezlebeth (Beth for short), Satan's biological daughter. They are relatively decent friends in general, but Elvira does personally see more of a connection to the two. She was able to find and book an apartment for her two human friends, who were considering moving into her hometown.

  • Author Avatar: Downplayed. As I developed Elvira further and further, I noticed that she was a bit similar to me in terms of personality and opinions. Regardless, I don't ever plan on turning her into someone like Brian Griffin, and just keep it to simple jokes and stuff.
  • Big Eater: Elvira has a very huge appetite herself.
  • Cyclops: As you an clearly see.
  • Cool Big Sis: She kind of serves as a big sister figure to Clara.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Well, I think she's cute. Opinions may vary, as I've seen on some of the forums.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Being a demon and such, you'd expect Elvira to be evil, but in reality, she's relatively peaceful and relaxed.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Elvira tends to joke around with friends, especially with her two human friends, Clara and Felicia. Due to Clara's big ego and childish mannerisms, Felicia's obsession with the 80's and frequent daydreaming and both of their lack of familiarity with monsters, demons and such, which their new home has an abundant of, Elvira, being relatively familiar with the city, likes to tease them on occasion.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Playing into her Big Eater habitats, Elvira's teeth are so strong that they're able to cut through steel.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Has a nice set of razor sharp teeth.
  • Nice Guy: Elvira is usually pretty chill and calm, most of the time. She's relatively understanding, but can definitely be stern with others.
  • Precious Crush: Beth. Having been friends with her for so long, Elvira grew to develop a crush on her.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Being the Big Eater that she is, Elvira has many favourite foods, but her top five are.
    • Cheeseburgers
    • Cookies (Especially her mom's homemade ones)
    • Cupcakes
    • Bacon
    • Chocolate
  • Shout-Out: Her shirt has a graphic of the iconic Space Invaders alien.

Artwork by reimarisakuya

Whereas Elvira is a resident of Hell, Beth is a manager of Hell. Beth is basically in charge of management of the fiery pit below us we all know and love. She's in charge of plenty of various resources that make Hell what it is. However, ironically, with her management, Hell has become less of a...well, hell, and more of a small island surrounded by lava, with a large city, small suburban area and a high class prison for sinners to spend their eternal lives in, or be reformed as a demon for good behaviour, where they can roam around the city like others. She manages things like sins, construction, visitors and even hosts the weekly morning announcements. She happens to be very good friends with Elvira.

  • Ascended Demon: Eh...kind of. Hell was your typical pit of hate and torture until Beth stepped in, inspired by her first glimpse of the human world as a child and her hopes of turning Hell into something much similar.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Despite working for Hell and being Satan's Number Two, Beth is one of the chillest people you could ever meet.
  • Extra Digits: Beth has exactly 6 fingers on each hand.
  • Number Two: To Satan, in a typical boss/right hand man style. Beth just suggests ideas and sends him deeds or contracts, and Satan gives the yes or no.
  • Rock Me, Asmodeus!: Beth herself is a huge metalhead and likes to practise guitar in any spare time she gets.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, I wanted to make Beth Satan's daughter rather then his secretary of sorts. I changed it because, considering Elvira has a closet crush on Beth, I didn't like the implications of the Antichrist being gay.


Other Stuff

     Favorite Tropes 

  • Cool Big Sister: This is one of my favourite character types. I love girls who are cool and calm and collected.
  • Crapsaccharine World: Especially when played for horror. The idea of a game or movie or show looking very innocent at first, but then turning into something right from hell is very interesting to me.
  • Dark Reprise: Very few things can send a chill down ones spine then hearing or seeing what was once a happy moment be turned into a terrifying or depressing moment.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: They look terrifying, but are actually rather chill. It's an interesting subversion for creepy characters, even when it's played for laughs in some occasions.

     Head-canon Voices 


Super Paper Mario


     Buddies and pals 

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