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  • The Cast Show Off: Some of the show's cast members have showcased quite the singing talent:
    • Casey Moss, who has played JJ Deveraux since 2013, has performed at least a half-dozen times since his run on the show began. In real life, he is the lead singer and founder of the band Eyes of One.
    • Then there's Thia Megia, who played Haley Chen from 2017 to 2019, who was a top-11 finalist on American Idol in 2011; Megia was, at 15 at the time she was on the show, the youngest Idol contestant to reach the live performance episodesnote . Incidentally, both times Haley sang on the show were in duets with JJ.
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    • Olivia Rose Keegan, who played Claire Brady from 2015 to 2019, released a six-song EP (in 2016) and a single ("Queen is King," 2018) during the course of her run. Claire's initial storyline with Keegan in the role, incidentally, was crafted to showcase Keegan's singing chops, having her pursue a music career stewarded by, of all people, Eve Donovan.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Days of Our Lives was last rerun on SOAPNet in 2013. Otherwise, there has been no reruns or DVD release of the series. Not helping matters is that there are tens of thousands of episodes, and its not clear that all of them are intact in their entirety due to the practice of "wiping" (the reuse of videotapes to tape over previously recorded episodes, a practice common in network television at the time of the show's debut). Among the few early episodes known to be intact is the November 8, 1965 premiere episode, which SOAPNet aired in 2010 in commemoration of the show's 45th anniversary and has been made available for streaming in the past on the now-defunct SoapCity website.
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  • Large Ham: Many. Joe Mascolo (as Stefano DiMera), Drake Hogestyn (as John Black/"Roman Brady," though in a not as overt way, given his acting delivery), Lauren Koslow (as Kate Roberts), Judi Evans (as Bonnie Lockhart, but not as Adrienne Johnson), but above all, honey-glazed with a side of biscuits and red-eye gravy, Louise Sorel as the flamboyantly-insane Vivian Alamain.
  • The Other Darrin: Par for the course for the series' genre, many characters have been recast throughout the years:
    • The most notable, and one which partly contributed to the character's age retconning, was Mike Horton, who was played by a total of 13 actors between 1968 and 2010note .
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    • Recent ones that come to mind are Bradynote , Philipnote , Belle note , Shawn note , Willnote  and Evenote . Roman was recast in 1997 by Josh Taylor, after having been played by Wayne Northrop for several years (sans the five starting in 1986, when Drake Hogestyn played the version that was retconned into John Black), but some fans still do not accept his version.
    • Of the current cast the following are all being played by someone other than their first adult portrayalnote  though some would be hard pressed to name the original: Abby, Belle, Ben, Brady, Chad, Ciara, Eric, Eve, Gabi, Hope, Jack, Julie, Kate, Kayla, Rex, Roman, Sarah, Shawn and Will.
  • Prop Recycling: One primetime special (guest starring David Ruprecht) reused the car-holding staircase from fellow NBC daytime stalwart Classic Concentration while that show was on a taping break.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Initially played straight by Melissa Reeves, after she quit the series in late 1995. It was later discovered that her husband, Scott Reeves, had walked in on her and co-star Jason Brooks (who played Jennifer's co-worker, Peter Blake, at the time) having sex in her dressing room and had demanded that she quit the show right then and there if she wanted to save their marriage. The result was a tearful early-morning phone call to the show's producers informing them that she would not be reporting to work that day or any time in the near future. After several years of considerable uproar—along with the personal fallout, Days sued her for breach of contract—not only was their marriage saved (they're still together as of November 2014), but the trope was eventually averted when she returned to the show in 2000 for six years, and returned again in 2010.
  • Screwed by the Network: In 2019 Days did one of the biggest risks in Daytime ever with a Time Skip and a week with very important flashbacks needed for fans to understand what in the world was going on. This same week half the episodes were pre-empted by live news coverage of American political drama.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Josh Taylor as Chris Kositchek and Roman Brady. Oddly enough, his role on fellow NBC series Valerie was not initially responsible for Taylor leaving his role as Kositchek, as he remained on Days while working on other series projects during the 1980s (including the short-lived Riker in 1981); his Days departure in 1987 came after his Valerie role of Michael Hogan was expanded amid a Retool (as Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family) caused by Valerie Harper's firing from the series amid financial and production disputes with the show's producers. Taylor returned to Days as Roman in 1997.
    • Wayne Northrop as Roman Brady and Alex North. In this case, Northrop's return to Days in 1991 for a second four-year stint, resulted in the Retconning of Drake Hogestyn's iteration of Roman into John Black. With Josh Taylor playing his former role of Roman, Northrup returned to the show in 2005 in the newly created role of Alex North, part of an unpopular storyline in which the therapist (who was helping the amnesiac Marlena regain her memories) was revealed to be Marlena's abusive ex-husband. His short-lived role as Andre DiMera in 1983 also fits this trope.
    • Judi Evans as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis and Bonnie Lockhart.
    • Tamara Braun as Ava Vitali and Taylor Walker.
    • Kyle Lowder as Brady Black and Rex Brady. Like the Josh Taylor/Wayne Northrup situation above, when he was brought back to the show in 2018, Lowder's former role of Brady had already been played by Eric Martsolf since 2008 (shortly after Martsolf ended his run as Fox Crane on the then-recently-cancelled-again former NBC soap Passions). Lowder's characterization of Rex received a lukewarm response from viewers and was written out in August 2019.

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