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Tear Jerker / The New Order: Last Days of Europe

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  • The Iberian Divorce events are written in a very melancholic way, even considering that they are written from the perspective of two pseudo-fascist dictators of Iberia. Marked by nostalgia for the times when the Spaniards and Portuguese fought together and worked towards the same goal, the events, at the same time, capture the somber feeling caught by both sides that the things can't continue anymore as they do, to the benefit of all nations involved. As the Iberian federal flags are lowered down and radios across Spain and Portugal broadcast the last days of the Union, the two Caudillos understand they have to let it go and say their final goodbyes to the dream unfullfilled.
    "Goodbye, and for all that it is worth, I am sorry"
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  • The event option for the Thermonuclear War superevent, about the horrifying demise of the human civilization as we know it, is as laconic as is concise. "So long"...
  • Quite a few of the post-apocalypse events can be heartbreaking— such as the priest who has to listen to children die as the nukes fall, or the couple struggling with their insulin supply ultimately dying together.

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