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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Actually managing to fully reform Germany through the Gang of Four. You fight off the hardliners, Schorner and even Speer's own ambitions to preserve Fascism in one form or another. Your reward? A Germany that has successfully sidelined both Speer and the NSDAP, and well on it's way to embracing some form of democracy once Speer dies, and hopefully Nazism with him.
  • Reuniting Russia as Valery Sablin and sticking true to your ideals. It's a long and uphill battle, but if you've mostly kept true to your ideals, you will have created one of the most wholesome and hopeful incarnations of the Soviet Union to appear in this mod.
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  • Should you choose to play as Rurik II, he can deliver an absolutely SCATHING "Reason You Suck" Speech in a letter to the Führer of Germany, in which he lambasts the supposed "Master Race" as a horde of uncivilized barbarians, says the Reich's Cult of Personality is simply desiring validation for their insecurities, claims that their attempts of scapegoating Jews and other "subhumans" will inevitably fail when the people realize their real enemy is "the ugly man whose face is plastered all over their walls", and that the reason their terror bombing of Russia is born out of fear that a resurgent Russia would wipe their Reich from the face of the Earth.
  • Russian reunification in itself. In a decade, a Russian warlord clique which rules over a small region of Russia unites Russia under its banner through using both diplomacy and force to create a new Russia under its leadership and banner. Doubly so if the unifier is one of the more morally upright factions: Russia is not only free from the horrors of the warlord era, but is about to experience a new age of freedom and prosperity.
  • Being the Sociopathic Soldier he is, most of the death events for Oskar Dirlewanger are a mix of this with the occasional Black Comedy sprinkled on top of it.
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  • Putting a man on Mars with John Glenn as President. Take that Nazis!
  • While most of the text accompanying the defeats of Russian warlords are appropriately downbeat, the one for the Aryan Brotherhood reads "There remains some justice in the Russian Anarchy"— an appropriate send-off to one of the most evil warlord factions in Russia, and one of the worst paths it can go down. It's even better if you're the one who defeated the AB.
  • Any of the harder paths, if successfully pulled off, is this, even if these paths are dark paths like Long Yun driving out Japan, Heydrich winning the German Civil War, or Omsk reuniting Russia.
  • Even in the post-apocalyptic events, it's revealed that a group of soldiers and other survivors from Nowa Polska on a quixotic journey back to their lost homeland meet up, to their shock and pleasant surprise, with a group of Poles. Not only is this a long-awaited reunion of a broken people, but there's the implication that not even nuclear Armageddon could destroy the idea of Poland.
  • Willy Brandt's Slave Revolt is a triumphant resistance against Nazi tyranny, and their super-event is accompanied by a chorus of Einheitsfrontlied, showing the absolute solidarity across nations, languages, and even ideologies, all in the name of liberating Eastern Europe and returning it to the people.
  • Winning the Battle for Italy can be this for either the OFN or CPS. In a single stroke the respective alliance has gained a powerful ally in Europe, control over the Suez canal, and dominance over the Mediterranean. This will undoubtedly give a large advantage in handling the Oil Crisis.
  • Iberia isn't doomed to fall into civil war or totalitarian malaise. With the right choices and some luck, it's possible to not only save the union but reform it into a functional democratic federation. The Iberians could even complete the infamous Gibraltar Dam while at it, in the process succeeding where the Nazis have failed.
  • The superevent for Goering's invasion of Russia features Sacred War playing in the background, illustrating how the Russian people will fight to the bitter end as the Germans invade their country once more.
    • Likewise, the Fall Rockwell event, in which Goering invades the United States, utilizes Battle Hymn of the Republic to symbolize the will of the American populace to resist tyranny, even at the cost of nuclear war.
  • The least likely help for South Africa against the Nazi hordes arrives from the North, in the form of a hundred Russian volunteers, all from different warlord-states with opposite alignments, throwing aside their differences to unite against a common foe and make sure what happened to their country will never happen to another.

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