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Nightmare Fuel / The New Order: Last Days of Europe

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  • The entire premise of the mod is that the world has turned to this because of the Axis victory. Our modern world was forged in the aftermath of World War II which saw Nazism and Fascism discredited for the horrors they inflicted. The creators of the mod hold no punches in showing how fascist ideology has corrupted practically everything in the Crapsack World it has created— a dark mirror to the world we live in, a world forged by the Allies' victory. With all the creepy narrative events and focus trees added, TNO turns Hearts of Iron into a horror game.
  • One of the few songs from TNO's OST currently released is Burgundian Lullaby, and it is a perfect lullaby for the nightmare that is the world of TNO. Light bells play an SS marching tune on top of deep and oppressive bass, while muffled electronic echoes provide a suitably dreadful ambiance. It's a lullaby for a nightmare, and perfectly suited for the oppressive world of TNO.
  • The Thermonuclear War Superevent. The BGM suddenly grows silent and is replaced by a horrifying ambience, complete with Interface Screw and the final screen which is showing images of a child jumping a rope reminiscent of a nuclear shadow, two creepily grinning children playing with their toys, a destroyed city corner and an EAN network screen, all flashing faster and faster and faster. This is then accompanied by an SFX of nuclear sirens blaring, nukes detonating and people all over the world screaming in terror, as the in-game world slowly dies out in nuclear hellfire, represented by darkness spreading across every single country until the entire world goes black. After all the horror is over, it forces you either to observe a dead world (there are several post-apocalyptic events for those who wait a while after the end) or simply quit the already doomed campaign. If you're playing as Himmler's Burgundy, this is your victory condition.
    So long.

  • The existence of Ordenstaat-Burgund and all the horror it entails. A state within Nazi Germany, it has its own ideology known as the Burgundian System— a nightmarish, totalitarian, oppressive dystopia where the SS controls every single aspect of life, only the barest necessities of life are granted, and the population is controlled through fear and brutality. It is even worse for non-Aryans, who are forced to be slaves. Even worse, little is known about Burgundy's plans and its focus tree will be hidden if you're not playing as them. Meaning you won't know what Burgundy is up to until it's too late.
  • And should you play as Ordenstaat-Burgund, the focus tree and every decision will be a tanker full of Nightmare Fuel all around, a complete opposite to politically neutral base game. Even the earliest societal decisions will post events upon completion about how a German mother's baby was executed, the news delivered by the apathetic nurse who clearly ignores her agony. It only gets worse with every plot focus: initially unlocking death camps using "skilled workers", a.k.a disposable, educated Frenchmen pre-WW2 being worked to death to build Burgundy's Brutalist cities, weapons factories and infrastructure. Then as Ukraine is freed from Nazi control, more Burgundian population is needed to be worked to death to produce food to offset the upcoming famine. The game makes it very clear that the locals need to be worked to death to cull their numbers so the player doesn't experience a rebellion, and investigate and interrogate slave workers who are reported off-hand as "having their weak hearts not withstand a mere seven-hour torture".
  • Burgundy's Hostile Terraforming of Rouen into Rodomo will need "skilled workers" actively shipped per month in later foci as the factory complex will collapse and damage your industry otherwise. You have to literally sacrifice people each month there to improve your production, feeding human lives into work conditions that are beyond inhumane as if they were merely grist for the mill.
  • The focus tree of Burgundy itself. Unlike the focuses in vanilla HOI4, which are bright and colorful, Burgundy's focus tree is almost all colored a monochrome purplish-gray broken up by the occasional flash of bleak violet lighting or black shadow. Combined with the copious use of the Burgundian swastika and the Black Sun, as well as the recurrent motifs of skulls, watching eyes, and mushroom clouds, it creates an ominous, oppressive look as befits the most evil nation in TNO.
  • Combining with Fridge Horror, Burgundy not only shows parallels with North Korea in terms of abject horrors on display, but also demonstrates how Himmler’s policies and reliance on slave labor would entail the deaths of just about every educated Frenchman and Belgian, and the total destruction of the old social structures. In the process, being very reminiscent of the Khmer Rouge, except that unlike Cambodia, there might not be enough locals left alive to restore a semblance of society once Himmler dies or the dust settles following a civil war.

    Germany and the German Sphere 
  • If you expect the most anti-fascist faction in Ostland to be the least terrifying one, think again. Abba Kovner's apocalyptic Reign of Terror in Ostland is a testament to how the Nazi regime has warped his noble goal of liberating the Jews into a vile shadow of itself. Growing more and more vengeful against Germany for its 20-plus years of genocide and oppression, Kovner has become every bit as cruel as the Nazis he opposes, if not even more so.
    • Even Kovner's face in his portrait speaks to the immense horror of the situation. Although it's a real-life photo of him, the way he's digitally altered is surprisingly unnerving. The long years he's spent as a partisan have left him a haggard shell, to the point where there isn't a single trace of basic kindness or human warmth left in his visage. His cold, vacant expression reflects how all of his humanity has withered away. Where there was once a man, only a vindictive, pain-filled monster now remains.
    • His execution events that appear every time another faction is defeated are very brutal and unpleasant, even for such Asshole Victims as the other contenders. Truly, woe to the vanquished...
      • One of his most horrifying executions is Televised Torture, during which the suffering and the pleas of prisoners are recorded and sent to Germany before they are killed. It becomes even more gruesome when the partisans execute Meyer-Landrut's loyalists, as most of them are young people who still have their families in Germany, who will listen to their last moments before death. Even worse, Meyer-Landrut and his supporters are reform-minded progressives who are very vocally opposed to the excesses of the Nazi system. Kovner's rampage will spare no one, even people who are by accounts just as committed to dismantling the cruel Nazi hierarchy (albeit in a far less extreme and hypocritically violent fashion).
      • While Jeckeln and Meyer-Landrut are simply torn apart by an angry mob, Drechsler is burnt alive, while Stahlecker experiences long hours of torture and humiliation on a radio tower before he is shoved off.
      • Jeckeln's defeat event strongly implies that Kovner's partisans aren't above sexually assaulting women in enemy territory.
      • While Vituska manages to avoid his fate, the same can't be said about his supporters, who are mostly made up of the native population of the German colony. Kovner seems to listen to his native supporters as they ask him to spare their "brothers" and "sisters"... but promises to himself to "deal" with them later.
    • And what is Kovner's endgame in Ostland? It's simple... burn it all down. He is perfectly aware that he can't stay in power for long and that his state will be crushed by Germany as soon as they turn their attention to it after the Civil War, and the only purpose he has in Ostland is to kill as many Germans as possible (which includes not only systematic murder of the German settlers in the Baltics, but also poisoning food going from Ukraine and other colonies to Germany during the Civil War). Only then will he escape with his Jewish henchmen and the chosen natives who proved their loyalty to him, leaving Ostland a torched and uninhabitable land so the Reich can't make any use of it. Only in genocide and destruction that would affect not only German civilians, but the natives too, will Kovner's hunger for revenge be satisfied. It's the kind of extensive, intricately-planned inhumanity that could only come about under prolonged Nazi rule.
  • If Goering pushes through with Fall Rockwell, a haunting rendition of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" plays amidst the sounds of gunfire and soldiers dying, culminating in a rousing charge as the song reaches the climax. While representing American defiance in face of the Nazi foe, it might as well also symbolize the last days before the nuclear warheads are launched, sparking Armageddon. Fall Rockwell sits at the end of Goring's focus tree after he's done conquering Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, so the superevent drives home how apocalyptic the war is about to become.
    • Should the Second German Civil War drag on for too long, with neither Goering, Spiedel or Schörner able to stop it, the situation devolves even further than another Anarchy into an outright German Collapse. As the name suggests, the Reich falls apart into nigh-perpetual warlordism that's even worse than Russia's, with the various factions too busy squabbling over the ruins. The hardline militarists, thus, get their Forever War, but at the cost of destroying the very concept of a German nation-state and people.
  • Combining this and Fridge Horror, a successful Speer run that ends in him consolidating power and purging the Gang of Four is one of the most unsettling endings for the mod, even if it doesn't seem terrifying at first glance. Not only does Fascism remain in place in Germany, but the reforms cast off the most blatantly self-destructive and overtly violent aspects of Nazi ideology, allowing it to exist well into the future and potentially win the Cold War.
    • The Reichslands, which function like the old Reichscommisariats in all but name, aren't due to German settlers coming in combined with genocide and mass enslavement as they would be under a more purely Nazi regime, but the racial supremacist laws and the notion of Aryan dominance will still remain, being codified and continued through other less noticeable means. While they may look free on the surface, the Slavs remain second class citizens subservient to Germany, and potentially given harsh jobs to be taxed to death by a government that finds cheap labour more effective as a source of revenue believes them to be incapable of self-governance.
    • And in setting up the KdN (TNO's equivalent of the United Nations), Speer subverts the goal of one of the potentially hopeful organizations in the setting by making it a instrument for Fascist dominance. The KdN could sanction nations for having racial integration or being led by left wing governments while funneling aid goes to pro-German parties, tinpot banana republics and generalissimos, governments with racial stratification, and outright fascists. This essentially allows Fascist governments to be strengthened by international institutions on the world stage, an ending that is potentially worse than global nuclear holocaust. This time, fascism and National Socialism, philosophies which OTL regards as inimical to civilization, are codified as the accepted way of life.
    • It gets worse if Speer actually falls during the 70s....but to a Russia led by Matkovsky or Shafarevich. Even if Germany loses round three with Russia, Fascism lives on, under people equally pragmatic, competent, and willing to sugarcoat their ideology rather than self-destructive nutcases. Europe not only remains Fascist, but remains dominated by an ideology that has both ruined and transformed the Russians into the New Order’s new hegemon.
  • Should Ulrike Meinhof’s DSR win the German Civil War, it might seem at first glance that her antifascist and socialist cause might be an improvement. It soon becomes very apparent, however, that she and her lackeys would give Abba Kovner a run for his money in just how far they’re willing to go to cleanse Germany of the fascist taint. Given that after decades of Nazi rule, that would ultimately mean purging just about everything and everyone in the former Reich. All while being just as ruthless and brutal as their erstwhile foes.
    • Even if Meinhof doesn’t succeed in winning the Civil War, she and her clique (as the Red Army Faction) can still cause mayhem through brutal terrorist acts, especially in a Bormann victory scenario. On top of echoing what the RAF did in real life West Germany and ironically, the Brownshirts of the SA, these further underscore how, not unlike Kovner, their hatred and spite for all things Nazi have made them just as vile as their enemies.

  • The initial situation in Russia is nightmare fuel enough by itself. Take a post-apocalyptic setting with warlords, and make it cover an entire continent where life, security and liberty hangs by a thread; in South Urals, if the rapist bandits of Dirlewanger don't get you, then the insane scientists and their NKVD goons will. West of central Siberia is Bosnian Siege on steroids: Luftwaffe pilots will drop a bomb on anything that looks bigger than a house (and sometimes they aren't even that picky), just claiming to do their job to terror bomb entire cities and exterminate thousands of innocents per week. Even the children are inured to the horror of the very possibility of being blown up any time, and one cannot even farm potatoes in peace to avoid starvation as shown in WRRF foci.
  • The scientists' abode in question, Magnitogorsk is an industrial factory of horror.
    • Most of events and focuses of Magnitogorsk are written in a very dry, technical style, similar to those of SCP Foundation. Cruel torture and lethal experiments imposed on masses of "test subjects" are written as mundane scientific reports, making the whole affair even more horrifying as you read the text of events and focuses more and more thoroughly and realize the whole implications behind it. It doesn't help that many parts of the reports remain edited out, leaving the whole process solely to the imagination of the reader.
    • One of the experiments of Lysenko is a direct reference to the infamous creepypasta about the Russian Sleep Experiment. If you have read it before, you know how it goes: five subjects, under the promise of freedom by the end of experiments to calm them down during the whole process, are forced to stay awake for a duration of several weeks in an isolated chamber. At first the prisoners show no signs of discomfort during the first five days, but at the sixth day, they start to experience serious psychological issues, including paranoia and psychosis, only for symptoms to suddenly cease near the end of the experiments. When the NKVD guard personnel and researchers try to enter the chamber, expecting the experiment to be finished, the subjects attack the entering group and murder most of them in cold blood before they are terminated by the NKVD guards.
    • In one of the final events for Magnitogorsk, there is a list of captured documents. One of them is a letter of a child to his father held in Lysenko's laboratories, which is discarded as "propaganda".
  • The warlords of Omsk, the Black League, are one of the most brutal factions in Russia. Fanatical ultranationalists to a man (with many of them being brutal KGB officers historically, even if historically, they did not champion destroying Germany or killing every German in the world), they seek to avenge the suffering and humiliation Russia has gone through in the past 20 years by exterminating the Germans and destroying everything else that stands in its way. Absolutely nothing will make Omsk stop, not even a nuclear apocalypse. It's even worse for its founder, Dmitry Karbyshev: he founded the Black League on the idea that Russia needs to build its military might in preparation for the coming battle against Nazi Germany, only to helplessly watch as the hardliners of the League transform it into an engine of genocidal war.
    • Unlike most of the Russian unification events, which feature triumphant or joyful music, the Omsk reunification event is set to a sinister tune ("The Battle on Ice" from Prokofiev's "Alexander Nevsky") and the prompt says "The End Begins", hinting at the apocalyptic goals of the Black League. The only other reunification events that have the same sinister feeling to them are the ones for both branches of the Aryan Brotherhood and the one for the Burgundian System adherent in Komi.
    • Should the Black League actually instigate the end, one post-apocalyptic event heavily implies that it not only survives the ensuing holocaust, but pushes through with the Great Trial. The only reason why Omsk doesn't overrun the world is because Yazov finally comes to his senses, realizing too late the devastation he helped caused. While he ultimately fosters a sense of collective guilt on his surviving citizens, who pass it on through stories to the generations to come, it's still harrowing how it took Armageddon to finally snap sense back into Russia.
  • The Aryan Brotherhood follows an insane ideology which claims that being Aryan is a mental state and that Russia needs to "Aryanize" (read: adopt the ways of Germany) to survive. The warlords of the Aryan Brotherhood are stated to be even worse than the revenge-obsessed ultranationalists of the All-Russian Black League in Omsk, a category not even Rodzaevsky's insane regime in Amur, which is "merely" Omsk-level bad, reaches, which says a lot about the horrors of the Aryan Brotherhood. Oh, and the Aryan Brotherhood's generals and leaders (except for Vagner and Schultz) were historically Heroes of the Soviet Union stripped of their medals for crimes like murder (of superior officers or their wives/children) or rape.
    • Emphasis on how the Russkiy Reych (a Russia reunited by the Aryan Brotherhood) somehow achieves a level of horror and dystopian totalitarianism worse than the Russian National Reclamation Government (a Russia reunited by Yazov's Omsk) or the Russian National State (a Russia reunited by Rodzaevsky's Amur): The Aryan Brotherhood carries out massive purges of all their political opponents, enslaves anyone in Russia they declare to be non-Aryan, and wants to erase non-Aryan cultural elements and ban the Russian language. Their beliefs regarding being Aryan also claim true Aryans are fearless warriors who believe Might Makes Right, which in practice means initiates end up killing each other to demonstrate their "Aryan" ruthlessness.
    • Even worse is if Zigfrid Schultz (Valery Yemelyanov) leads a coup against Gutrum Vagner, and imposes an even more openly batshit crazy society with Hyperborea - while he does free most of the people that Gutrum Vagner's AB enslaved (due to his Slavo-Aryan belief that Russians are the true Master Race, and the Germans being Jew-controlled "Asiatics"), he's still overall more brutal than Vagner, going from National Socialist to Ultranationalist. Under Schultz, now calling himself "Velimir", Hyperborea can start Project SVETOVID in order to create their own nuclear weapons and possibly trigger the nuclear apocalypse by making plans to invade the spheres of all three superpowers (Germany, to destroy false Aryanism; Japanese Asia, to subjugate Asian subhumans; USA, to depose the "Jewish citadel" of the world), and the "Aryan homeland" of Palestine, making the regime as much a danger to the world as the Black League in Omsk. What's even worse, is that much of that aforementioned Slavo-Aryan batshit craziness is unchanged from the man's actual views in real life.
  • The image for Yagoda uniting the Russian Far East shows an NKVD executioner pointing a gun at the screen. Even if Yagoda is not the worst communist warlord in Russia (let alone the worst warlord in Russia), the image is still somewhat terrifying, especially considering the executions of Sablin, Ochirov, Mikhail, Rodzaevsky, and Matkovsky which occur after Yagoda defeats them. Not helped by the reaction text:
    “The Reign of Terror marches on.”
  • Regarding who has the dubious reputation as the worst communist warlord in Russia, Kaganovich's Tyumen idolizes Joseph Stalin and seeks to implement the vision of his mentor and idol when it comes to the reunification of Russia. As such, his regime burns books Kaganovich deems to be full of "anti-Party thought", including Russian literature, history books and certain foreign novels, and a Russia united under his banner has been stated to be basically be Stalinist Russia, complete with totalitarian communism.
  • Konstantin Rodzaevsky, the warlord of Amur, is a mentally unhinged lunatic who leads the "All-Russian Government of Amur", a brutal fascist dictatorship which openly collaborates with Imperial Japan and believes that Nazi Germany is a useful ally in eliminating Bolshevism in Russia. He is a paranoid maniac who's regime, if it unites Russia under the Russian National State, is comparable to a Russia reunited by the Russian National Reclamation Government under the rule of the All-Russian Black League in brutality and cruelty towards its citizens and has Tsar Mikhail publicly hanged while he begs to be allowed to go home to Australia after torturing him. What is worse is that he kills Matkovsky without a second thought even if they were allies for decades and even punches him in public and constantly purges the government of Amur of anyone he deems insufficiently loyal to him, which ensures that Amur does not have much of a competent government.
    • What's even worse than that is how, as time passes and almost in a perverse reversal of Taboritsky's Sanity Slippage, Rodzaevsky begins to get more composed, drop his more self-destructive habits and generally become much more sane, though no less vile. Russia united him would not only be a totalitarian danger to the world, but it would be one that's run by someone stable. This makes the Russian National State possibly worse than Yazov's Russian National Reclamation Government, Velimir's Hyperborea, or Taboritsky's Holy Russian Empire in how it is a more viable entity than either of them. While both the Russian National Reclamation Government and Hyperborea have a high likelihood of ending the human race in nuclear flames and the Holy Russian Empire will collapse when Taboritsky dies, the Russian National State will probably remain a stable entity after Rodzaevsky dies and have relatively restrained goals regarding reclaiming lands from Germany, giving it a longer life expectancy than all three regimes.
  • The Ultravisionaries in Komi, under Andrei Zhdanov, are basically totalitarian communist mad scientists driven by a belief that a utopian communist society requires large-scale technological development and the pursuit of science. The results, to put things mildly, are suboptimal as many of their scientific experiments end in catastrophic failure and end in the horrible deaths of the human test subjects who serve as unfortunate guinea pigs for the mad scientific ventures of the Ultravisionaries. The worst part? Unlike Lysenko in Magnitogorsk, whose experiments are localized to a single region, the Ultravisionaries could potentially reunify Russia and torment millions For Science!.
    "Accept no Limits"
  • Before the release, the devs hinted at one particular path in Komi which they said would be "the worst path for Komi and Russia as a whole". Considering some of the unifiers included the crazed ultranationalists of Omsk's All-Russian Black League, the Stalin-idolizing totalitarian communists of Tyumen, the Nazi fanboys in the Aryan Brotherhood, the NKVD securocracy in Irkutsk, and the unhinged All-Russian fascists in Amur, the fans were left to wonder just what sort of horror was to be unleashed. Come the release and the reveal of Sergei Taboritsky, the Burgundian System adherent in Komi, their questions were answered in the most horrific way. In addition to believing that a prince who has been dead for fifty years is still alive and in hiding, Taboritsky wants to implement the Burgundian System in Russia, creating a theocratic totalitarian dictatorship which purges anyone he deems not to be a "true Russian", with special emphasis on the Jews. His constant brutalization of the populace gets so bad that he eventually gets a -100% population growth debuff from all the killings. Taboritsky also begins deploying copious amounts of Deadly Gas from the Syktyvykar Arsenal, ranging from tear gassing Komi's legislative assembly to locking Mikhail Suslov and his inner circle inside Suslov's own house before turning it into an impromptu gas chamber. As Taboritsky grows in power, he commissions the creation of deadlier chemical agents: the worst of them, called "Taborite", is so potent that it melts people's flesh into slurry.
    • In case one needs proof that TNO is essentially a horror game, Taboritsky's entire shtick is going further and further into utter madness, hallucinating and rambling incoherently as he crowns himself regent and "purifies" Russia for the long-dead Alexei Romanov to take over. Once Russia is under his thumb, an ominous clock begins to tick, and once it reaches midnight, a mad Taboritsky sees a vision of Alexei as a grown man ready to take over, only for him to turn into a pile of little bones topped with a skull with a bullet hole and rags of blood-stained finery, a reminder that he was shot as a boy back in 1918. The revelation drives Taboritsky to die from shock and despair, and his portrait becomes a looping graphic, as if it was being broadcast by a disrupted signal. In addition to that, a reference in a certain political compass posted by a developer (aptly named Post-Taboritsky Meta-Horror Neo-Warlordism) and the very specific name of his pan-national 'creation' strongly foreshadows that what happens next is going to make the warlord period look like heaven compared to the utterly broken, dysfunctional and horribly twisted hellscape that is now Russia which Taboritsky has created, as well as "his" post death ability, "The Silent Regent", apparently a cover-up of his death by his officers; it cripples everything Burgundian Komi can do, and as a mechanic slowly, permanently decays the Burgundian System's own control and guaranteeing the collapse of the regime in the near future. The dev team has mentioned explicitly that what Taboritsky does to Russia is so deeply awful in terms of casualties, destruction and ideological madness that it basically kills the very idea of Russia as a nation.
    • The Superevent accompanying Taboritsky's successful unification of Russia is nightmare fuel in itself. While most Russian unification Superevent are underscored by a triumphant musical fanfare, Taboritsky's is underscored by a combination of loud clock ticks, a lone bugle, discordant piano keys, and "Psycho" Strings, fitting the absolute nightmarish insanity that Russia has become.
    "God save Russia, for no one else can."
  • The Dirlewanger Brigade is infamous in OTL for their brutality and many atrocities. In The New Oder the Dirlewanger Brigade escaped during the West Russian and destroyed any towns they encountered during their travels before settling down in the Urals. The Black Bandits, as they are now known are feared across Southern Russia and seek only to pillage and loot as much of Russia as they can.

    Japan and its Sphere 

  • Crossed with being a Tearjerker, but there's a grim sense of finality should the Poles, whether in Poland itself or Nowa Polska, fail in their struggle for independence. As a loss would almost certainly mean the destruction of the entire idea of a Polish nation, and perhaps the end of the Polish people; horrifying considering how Polish nationalism is literally intertwined with the Polish identity.
  • It gets worse for Nowa Polska if they are conquered by Aktau, who are basically Kazakh Nazis, for they cannot escape the Nazis even in exile in Central Asia.

    British Isles 
  • Should the Resistance win the English Civil War, the ensuing Oxford Trials have the potential to devolve into a Kangaroo Court should the victors give in to their thirst for revenge. Just about all of the captured collaborators, with the exception of Margaret Thatcher, could wind up facing summary execution regardless of what they did. Instead of justice, what ensues is a showcase of man's inhumanity to man, especially as the victims of the Oxford Trials, with the exception of A. K. Chesterton, were not ideological collaborators with the Nazis.
  • The cut English Catastrophe Superevent plays a dissonant and particularly chaotic rendition of "A Day in the Life", amidst the sounds of gunfire. Said to have been set to play after Claude Auchinleck is assassinated by Burgundy, thanks to HMMLR relying too much on their aid to fight the collaborationist government. Claude's death would result in another civil war starting right after the previous one with the BUF, the Socialists, and the militarists all going at it. The choice of music truly underscores just how much of a death spiral England's failstate would've been, from which the British Isles may never recover.
    God Save England

  • Crossed with being a Tearjerker, but if Francis Yockey wins the US Presidency, what plays is a Dark Reprise of the "Star-Spangled Banner" amidst the sounds of screams, gunfire and police sirens. With policies that make Wallace's attempts to institutionalize segregation look tame, it's made clear that with his ascension to power, Fascism has finally triumphed over the American Dream. Unless some other major power has reformed, whoever wins the Cold War from then on, everyone loses.
    • There is an Early-Bird Cameo of Yockey if Margaret Smith splits the NPP; she gets the option to reunite it through hardlining with Yockey... a Deal with the Devil if there ever was one, because he achieves it through spewing fiery anti-Japanese rhetoric and generally uniting the nation against Japan in the most virulent way possible, which results in hate crimes in city streets and general assaults on Japanese immigrants. One of the events even shows a couple of Japanese-American store owners burning to death in their own shop when an angry mob sets it ablaze. And the game relishes in rubbing it in Margaret's face.
      A picture of a burning building flashed through her mind, along with the names of the victims: Taichi and Miyoko Tomoro, a family of two. The roar of the crowd, spurred on by her lies, came crashing back.
  • The Superevent for Gus Hall's Presidency is just as unnerving, with simmering unrest and riots lurking beneath a cover of "Which Side Are You On?" A foreboding taste of the nightmare America is about to enter, which it might never recover from.
    • His very first events revealed later on show just what kind of path he's taking. One of the first things he does is purge the FBI and CIA of reactionaries of all sorts, including the heads of both orgs pretty much on principle. Admirable idea in paper, worrying in practice because of timing; taking the CIA out of the global picture for extensive maintenance while the Reich, the Empire of Japan and Burgundy are running their own plans cannot bode well.
  • Another American example is not in the game yet, but nonetheless foreboding. The developers have confirmed if Francis Parker Yockey or Gus Hall becomes president, something in America has gone very wrong. While the specific details are unclear, the expectation? A Waco-level event every week. While not as downright hellish as some other events, that level of domestic instability will certainly be horrific for the American people and may prevent the US from being able to continue working on containing fascism overseas.


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