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Based on the cards which appeared on the Duel Masters anime, which in turn were based on the Magic: The Gathering cards that appeared on the manga, the Duel Masters TCG proved popular enough on its own to compete with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering as one of the most played trading card games.

Gameplay-wise, it is quite similar to its Spiritual Ancestor Magic: The Gathering, having 5 Civilizations (Fire, Water, Light, Darkness and Nature) with cards that should be played by paying "Mana" from your "Mana Zone". Decks must have a minimum of 40 cards, and a maximum of 4 copies of an individual card.

One big difference from Magic is that it does away with Mana-supplying Lands by allowing players to put any card into the Mana Zone for Mana. This gives the game more flexibility against "dead draws" than almost any other card game, at the price of forcing players to make decisions on which card should be used for Mana, and which ones to keep.


Another variation is the absence of Life, which is replaced with 5 Shields, and players themselves. Players can only be damaged after all Shields are broken, and landing any amount of damage on a player will result in a One-Hit Kill. Victory can be obtained via 2 ways: destroy all your opponent's Shields and ultimately, do damage to them, or when the opponent runs out of cards in their deck to draw from.

It spawned a few games for the GBA and for the PS2.

While the game was canceled in 2005 in America (and worldwide), it still keeps on running in Japan.

Not to be confused with the American remake, Kaijudo TCG.

Not to be confused with Duel Monsters


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