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The following is a detailed list of Shout Outs that occur in the fanfiction series Harmony's Warriors.

Due to the rapidly expanding nature of the universe, and it's status as a Crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with the Marvel Universe, Shout-Outs abound, either as direct references to other characters within the Marvel Universe or other, non-Marvel references, with everything from Pink Floyd to The Bible being referenced in one form or another.


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Phase One of the Harmony's Warriors universe acts as both the first wave of stories and functions to act as a foundation for subsequent stories. It focuses almost exclusively on the Mane Six and their origins as superheroes.

These are the shout-outs contained in those stories.

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warriors: Iron Mare 

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warriors: Flutterhulk 
  • The street gang that assaults Fluttershy early on is a clear shout out to A Clockwork Orange.
  • The gang of griffins who get killed by Gilda are named Roger, Nick, Rick, Syd and Dave, which are the first names of the band members of Pink Floyd.
    • Speaking of, there are several Marvel cameos in this story. Gilda the griffin is Wolverine and gets into a bar fight, and Zecora saves Fluttershy from a timber wolf and takes her in for a chapter or two, but she is secretly the Black Panther. Babs Apple is Rogue, a future X-Man, and meets Fluttershy on the subway, and Cherilee is Dr. Curt Conners aka the Lizard, a future Spider-Man villain who tries to help cure Fluttershy.
  • The griffin motel owner/part time artist that Fluttershy meets is named after political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.
  • Fluttershy and Hoofcuff's encounter in the sewers is quite similar to the one between Kimble and Gerard in The Fugitive.
  • Pony versions of Sam and Dean show up in the epilogue as N.E.I.G.H. agents interviewing Hoofcuff about the events of the story.

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warriors: Soar 
  • A pony (who is not explicitly named but fits the description of Mjolna) shows up in the first diner scene and mimics Rainbow Dash's action of smashing her mug against the floor. The character is intended to eventually become Beta Ray Bill, a Thor supporting character.
  • When Rainbow Dash is captured by N.E.I.G.H., she's interrogated by a detective named Fetlock and his assistant Trotson, the former of whom can tell nearly everything about her just by looking.
  • A donkey version of William Shatner (named Tiberius) cameos in one chapter as a diner owner.
  • A local chain of grocery stores is named Firth of Fifth
  • Rainbow's father, Siegfried, is named after the hero of the Wagner's opera Siegfried
  • Trixie's nightmare was based off the dinner scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warriors: Captain Equestria 

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warriors: X-Questrians: First Class 
  • The village that a young Carrot Cake lives in at the beginning of the story is named "Prospekt", which is a reference to an EP by the band Coldplay
  • One of Gustav's soldiers is named Fassbender, after Micheal Fassbender, the actor who played Magneto in X-Men: First Class.
  • One of the survalience reports on Carrot Cake is written by an agent whose number is "24601", which is Jean Valjean's prison number in Les Misérables.
  • When Carrot calls out Gustav on killing his mother, Gustav replies "I killed my mother too, but you don't hear me whining and crying about it."
  • The dragon village that Carrot goes to in order to look for some of Gustav's former employees is named after Smaug.
  • The scene where Twilight interrogates one of Gustav's minions is based on the opening of Zero Dark Thirty.
  • At one point, Spike and Strong Hoof argue over which is the better sci-fi show, To Boldly Go or Adventures in Time and Space.
  • Daring Do's father, the history professor at Canterlot University (where Cupcake attends), is named Professor Jones (fitting, since Daring is viewed as a pony expy of Indy).



Phase Two of the universe focuses on characters outside of the Mane Six, and builds on events that occurred in Phase One.

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warriors: The Spectacular Spider-Colt 


Due to the projected size of the Harmony's Warriors universe, side stories are frequently used to help fill in the gaps and tell a story that otherwise might not be enough to carry an entire full length story. So far, there is only one side story, but more are planned.

These are the shout-outs contained in those stories.

     Shout-Outs present in The Collective History of Equinsgard 

     Shout-Outs present in Harmony's Warrior's Longbox Anthology Vol 1 

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