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Heartwarming / Harmony's Warriors

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  • If Pinkie Pie's empathy for Fluttershy over hurting innocent ponies isn't heartwarming, I don't know what is.
  • For all of Trixie's issues, it's been commented how touching it is that she genuinely loves her children.
    • Judging by Rainbow Dash's interaction with Fenrir, even after his transformation into a giant, bloodthirsty wolf, it would seem she was pretty close to her niece and nephews as well.
  • Cupcake hears a noise downstairs and finds Fleur de Lis (this universe's version of Mystique). After a brief journey through Fleur's mind, Cupcake befriends her, even giving her a hug when she and Fleur convince Cupcake's mother into letting her stay.
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  • The strong friendship that develops between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.
  • Rainbow Dash reassures Pinkie Pie over the latter's fear of wolves.
  • Rainbow Dash initially refusing to fight Trixie, even after finding out she's a changeling, only fighting when she realizes that Trixie won't stop.
  • Rarity putting aside her earlier dislike of Sweetie Belle and properly bonding with her.
  • Gilda's implied Big Sister Instinct towards Apple Bloom.
  • Twilight and AJ bonding before the experiment.
  • Twilight apologizing to Cup Cake about her Jerkass behavior.
  • Pearl trying to apologize to Rarity.
  • Rarity going into action after the Ten Rings use the ransom money from handing her over to cause havok.

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