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Funny / Harmony's Warriors

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  • When talking with Surprise on the train, Applejack learns that Surprise wants to go into movies. What kind of movies exactly?
    Surprise: Porn!
  • Gilda doing a Brief Accent Imitation on Applejack, and her interactions with Surprise.
  • When Fancy Pants interrupts Rarity and Sweetie Belle building the suit, Rarity tries to pass it off as simply modifying her old robot design, with Sweetie Belle spontaneously adding that they're actually turning it into modern art, to the confusion of both Fancy and Rarity.
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  • Pip and Dinky's interactions with each other are adorably funny.
  • Applejack's acceptance letter to Project Rebirth is worded like she just won a sweepstakes prize.
  • A big part of "How Do I Shoot Web".

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