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  • The Princess and the Frog has... Heck, basically every character with any significance in the bayou is shipping Naveen and Tiana. Ray shows up and quickly creates a She Is Not My Girlfriend moment, and soon he and Louis team up to create a really romantic dance number for the duo. Then Mama Odie shows up and quickly catches on, eventually being the one who marries the couple.
    • And Lottie willingly passes on her dream to marry a prince when she realizes how much the two love each other. Given how she's rather clueless for most of the movie, this is saying quite a lot.
  • In Disney's The Little Mermaid, Eric's dog Max loves Ariel and tries to help bring her and Eric together. By comparison, he despises Vanessa (Ursula's disguised form) and growls at her when Eric almost marries her.
    • Not to mention Sebastian, who sings to Eric so he will "Kiss The Girl". Although it's partly because he knows about Ariel's Deal with the Devil. He becomes a true shipper, by the end though.
    • Add Grimsby to the list of Eric/Ariel shippers: he not-so-subtly tells Eric that a lot of people are expecting him to marry soon and doesn't that redheaded girl he found on the beach look awfully attractive enough for him to take on a tour around his kingdom?
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  • The Enchanted Objects in Beauty and the Beast are eager to see Belle and the Beast fall in love, because their love will break the Enchantress's spell and turn them all human again.
  • Mulan:
    • Grandmother Fa definitely ships Mulan and Captain Shang.
      Mulan: [to Shang] Would you like to stay for dinner?
      Grandmother Fa: [from offscreen] Would you like to stay forever?
    • The Emperor of China ships Mulan and Shang as well, and gives Shang a particularly eloquent "Go after her, you idiot" speech after Mulan leaves.
      Emperor: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
      Shang: Sir?
      Emperor: [suddenly very serious] You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.
    • From the sequel, it becomes clear that Mulan's father, Fa Zhou, also ships them when Shang proposes to Mulan:
      Grandmother Fa: I win the pot!
      Fa Zhou: Actually, you bet that he would propose before sunset. I bet that he would propose before noon.
  • In Tangled, Cool Horse Maximus clearly ships Rapunzel and Flynn, despite of how started his relationship with the latter. He even gives him a little push. Literally.
    • Pascal, as well.
    • In Tangled Ever After, everyone cheers when Rapunzel and Fynn get married. Even the Stabbington Brothers are crying of joy.
  • Genie in Aladdin ships Aladdin and Jasmine, to the point where he is willing to give up his freedom to see them together:
    Genie: Al, no problem. You've still got one wish left. Just say the word and you're a prince again.
    Aladdin: But Genie, what about your freedom?
    Genie: Hey, it's only an eternity of servitude. This is love. Al, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years. Believe me, I know. I've looked.
    • Also Magic Carpet, who literally pushes Aladdin into kissing Jasmine.
    • And the Sultan, who rejoices when Jasmine says she wants to marry "Prince Ali". Later, when he sees how much his daughter loves the real Aladdin:
      Sultan: (to Aladdin) You have certainly proven your worth as far as I'm concerned! It's that law that's the problem.
      Jasmine: Father...?
      Sultan: Well, am I Sultan or am I Sultan? From this day forth, the princess shall marry whoever she deems worthy.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph, the Laffy Taffy in Sugar Rush are fans of Calhoun and Felix, even forming a heart symbol to frame them in the scene where they serenade the couple.
    • The soldiers in Calhoun's squad approve of Calhoun x Felix too. When Felix and Calhoun first meet, the marines are glancing at each other and smirking knowingly. Also, in the epilogue, during Calhoun and Felix's wedding, the soldiers all actively ensure they get a happy ending, compared to Calhoun's previous romance.
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  • Max and Roxanne in A Goofy Movie have two shippers. PJ supports Max from the sidelines and does things that could get him in serious trouble with his Abusive Father just to get Max to impress Roxanne (for no compensation) and is repeatedly shown to be happy for Max when things go right in their relationship despite having other reasons to be unhappy. Stacey actively pulls strings in order to get Max and Roxanne together after she notices the look on Roxanne's face, pushes away another girl who tried hitting on Max saying, "Forget it, girl! He's Roxanne's!" and gives Bobby a Death Glare when he makes a comment that suggests Max lied to Roxanne (which he did, but that's not the point).
  • Frozen (2013) has Kristoff's adoptive family of trolls shipping him and Anna — with an entire song about why Anna should choose Kristoff. They don't even care when they find out she's engaged to someone else and proceed to try and marry them on the spot anyway. After all, this IS the first girl Kristoff has brought home!
  • How to Train Your Dragon:
    • Toothless ships Hiccup and Astrid, helping him bond with her after she calms down from learning he has a pet dragon.
    • Stoick in How to Train Your Dragon 2 is quite the Hiccup/Astrid shipper as he proudly declared Astrid his future daughter-in-law during the dragon race.
  • The Book of Life:
    • Chuy appears to support Manolo/Maria.
    • Manolo's father, Carlos, advises Manolo to fight for Maria if he really loves her.
    • Manolo's grandmother, Anita, gives Manolo key advice on how to woo Maria. And according to Word of God, the thing she was knitting throughout the entirety of the film were socks for Manolo and Maria's future children.
    • By the time Manolo dies in the film, all of the Detention kids are rooting for him and Maria to marry.
    • La Muerte wagers Manolo and Maria will marry.
  • Griselda from Strange Magic ships her son the Bog King/anyone, so she's quick to hop on Bog/Marianne. Her attempt to make them fall in love with tacky romantic decorating works unexpectedly well since the two of them bond over how much they hate it.
  • The Aristocats has Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz, who adore O'Malley and very much want him as their new dad. Their mother, Duchess, comes to agree with them and O'Malley himself decides that being a family tom and pampered house pet is a good deal.
  • In Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, Manny thinks that he is the last mammoth on earth. Until he encounters Ellie, who is a mammoth that thinks she's a possum. In short, Manny isn't particularly keen to travel with her and her "brothers". Sid and Diego though see a chance for Manny in that.
    Manny: Why did you invite them?!
    Sid: Because you might be the only two mammoths left on earth.
    Diego: He has a point!
    Manny: I'm sorry, when did I join this dating service?
  • Despicable Me 2: While all of the girls want Gru to get out and meet someone, Agnes in particular hones in on Lucy Wilde, asking her if she's single. Much to her delight, Gru does fall in love and marry Lucy.
  • In The Prince of Egypt, Jethro is ecstatic when Tzipporah (his eldest daughter) and Moses decide to get married. Of course, Moses had helped Tzipporah escape a life as a Sex Slave in Egypt and then defended Jethro's other daughters from brigands, so he had proved himself worthy.
  • Shrek: Donkey is this to Shrek and Fiona. He attempts to convince Shrek to admit his feelings to Fiona after seeing them share a romantic moment around the fire (which he interrupted to comment on the romantic scenery) and then goes into the windmill and tries to convince Fiona to not marry Farquaad and be with Shrek. After their falling out, Donkey reconciles the situation and convinces Shrek to admit his feelings to Fiona. He's delighted when he sees them fall in love and get married.
  • Subtle example in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as on the bus ride Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy are get cozy while the older Peter B Parker is seemly sleeping, then it cuts to Peter whose actually wide awake listening to their convo with a big smile on his face. You can even interpret this deeper as Gwen Stacy likely died in Peter’s universe (considering he’s meant to be Earth 616 Spider-Man), implying he’s glad to at least see a different version of Gwen find love.


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